‘Paranormal Activity’ Creators Know How the Franchise Will End

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paranormal activity1 Paranormal Activity Creators Know How the Franchise Will End

The Paranormal Activity franchise faced a major challenge this past weekend with the theatrical release of Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. The spinoff marks the fifth entry in the series and the first attempt at expanding beyond the core storyline of previous films (read our review).

Every studio, it seems, is intent on transforming their most popular properties into interconnected webs of storytelling (especially in a post-Avengers world), and while it remains to be seen whether or not this fall’s Paranormal Activity 5 can keep the franchise afloat, it looks like the creative team behind the films certainly has an endgame in mind.

According to Slash Film, Christopher Landon – the writer and director of The Marked Ones – has revealed that he, along with producers like Oren Peli and Jason Blum, are planning a grand finale somewhere down the road. Here’s what Landon had to say:

“We’ve always been looking ahead. I’ll say this much. There is a very specific end goal and I’m hoping we have enough time in the franchise to get there. We have a really big idea that’s at the finish line but we need time to get there. So we’re hoping the fans keep coming back and allow us to get them there.”

Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones Katie Kristi Paranormal Activity Creators Know How the Franchise Will End

The ending of The Marked Ones does lend some indication about where the Paranormal Activity series may lead going forward, though it’s anyone’s guess exactly how Landon and company plan on developing the series’ mythology in ensuing installments.

The director did reveal, however, how the plan evolved from the self-contained original film into a more intricate tale:

“The beginning of that started in [the first film]. I don’t think Oren realized it then, because when he made the first movie it felt like a standalone movie, but then when we started making 2 and we started to see the potential and possibility there for a franchise, that’s when the real think tank element came in to play and we really started to throw out crazy ideas. Then, over the course of the last couple movies, we came to a really good, interesting place.”

The past has proven that, when done right, such universe-building can pay off handsomely for both studios and moviegoers, resulting in a fun, quality product that earns heaps of box office cash. However, there is also the chance that such big-picture thinking could exhaust the existing Paranormal Activity fanbase. Here’s hoping that the creative team’s ambitious goals for the franchise can keep it alive long enough to please devoted fans with a memorable conclusion.

Where would you like to see the Paranormal Activity series go in future films? Let us know in the comments section.


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is now in theaters. Paranormal Activity 5 will be released on October 24, 2014.

Source: Slash Film

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  1. It will end when it stops making money.

  2. The only place this can go is either stopping the grandmother from making that pact or somehow defeating Toby. Either way, this franchise should’ve ended at number 2.

    I will say this though. Apart from the found footage slasher flick idea I’ve been toying with for the last 5 years, I’ve also had a neat idea for found footage that somehow winds up in Hell itself, it’s just working out how to realistically get to that point without it becoming one of those crappy found footage possession movies.

    • What is the idea?

    • Didn’t they do something like that with “As Above So Below”?

  3. Three was my favorite but after seeing how the marked one ends. All I gotta say is. Tell me what the hell happened on that 1998 tape and then NEVER make another PA movie again.

  4. God I hope they know by now, theyve made like 3 prequels.

  5. ‘The Marked Ones’ is actually the 6th film in the franchise. Is everyone forgetting ‘Tokyo Nights’? Not part of the main storyline, but still a legitimate spin-off.

    • Not sure where you are getting that from as Tokyo Night shares nothing with the American Franchises production; they aren’t even the same studio. At best, it’s a remake / unofficial sequel that was commissioned by a completely separate production company.

      Currently, however, The Marked Ones is the only official spin-off.

      • Agreed!

  6. It will end after Paranormal Activity: The Quest for Peace.

    • And The Quest for Peace will follow Paranormal Activity: The Search for the Robot from Christmas’ Past

  7. They should end PA with detective’s linking all of them together visiting present tenants of each home receiving pictures and footage of strange events happening around the homes and linking it all to some kind of final resting place for the marked one’s with some sort of show down evil gets defeated by who ever and a detective escapes with footage that gets leak out to the media that reveals what happened to all the missing person’s involved. Honestly didn’t expect PA-5 to go the way it did :-/ really???

  8. I am sure, the one who can stop this all is only ali rey. She is the only one who survives in katie and kristi’s case. Even, she knows about the ritual ceremony, and the process about how the demon make an army. And now, what she was doing is still investigate hunter’s missing.

    • What if Ali was brainwashed by the Coven of witches? Maybe they use her to lure anyone whose suspicious of what’s going on. A final ritual ceremony, how would she know where it is and why would she to begin with? Wouldn’t she go herself to investigate, but even if she did the Coven would’ve caught her since it’s clearly guarded heavily. Also it’s been years since Hunter’s been missing, surely she would’ve found him by now since all the movies take place in some area in California.

  9. So many unanswered questions!

    What happened upstairs at the end of PA3? How did Kristi and Katie forget everything that happened when they were little?

    What happened to Alex and Hunter/Wyatt at the end of PA4? What’s that Alex in the marked ones locked up in the cage at grandmas house?!

    How did that Spanish woman get the tapes that were stolen at the beginning of PA3? Will we see the house burning down?!

    I think because so many different filmmakers have been used, these questions will have been forgotten about and will be left unanswered. The only thing I can think of that they could do is (as already mentioned) bring back Ali, who could save Alex. Also, did we actually SEE Kristi die? Nope. We saw her pushed against the ceiling, which may not have killed her. That could be interesting. Also, Martine who went missing during the end sequence of PA2 – she could lead some sort of army against the witches, I bet she has a connection with the characters in the Marked Ones…

    • *was that alex

    • If you watch closely in PA3, Dennis catches the Coven in the garage then flees and once inside the camera points to a bonfire going on outside in the yard, this indicated that there was some sort of ritual to be taken place. Maybe it was preparing Kristie and Katie to have their memories wiped out or a better chance to bare a first born male.

      From what I’ve read online and noticed, Alex seems to be dead or the Coven kept her as a sacrifice since it is stated in the Marked Ones that the women are brainwashed/forced into becoming pregnant. However, the girl in the cage isn’t Alex as IMBD has shown that another actress was labelled as “captive girl”. Hunter is most likely with Katie or could be placed with a new family, with Katie and the Coven close by.

      Anna most likely had the Coven ransack Kristie and Dan’s to acquire the tapes, but what I noticed is that the bracelet that Katie gave to Kristie is also stolen but not heard of after in the movies. But Kristie is dead as Ali found her cold body when she returned from her school trip, she wouldn’t be laying there for days if she were alive and it wouldn’t make sense to bring her back into the series since Katie is a host for the demon now.

  10. i love all paranormal activity films will there be one where the demon is defeated

  11. They should get sam and dean they will end it qUik

  12. If the demons are starting an army to what purpose that must be explained you could take a biblical stance such as Armageddon ending with judgement day. However with the final movie take away the one person camera it may be more costly in production but would definitely be much more interesting.

  13. Ok let me start off by saying that I saw the first PA when I was nine years old and it scared the living daylight out of me. I own all the movies and I thought it was absolutely genius how they connected The Marked Ones to the first film. And I as well have a lot of questions about where the series is going but please if anyone like the creators of the films read this please give the audience who watches the very last PA film nightmares and allowing them to leave the theater and just say wow. These are the horror movies I crave and can’t wait till the next one comes out. Horror movies today are so stupid and cheesy and not even scary anymore and the found footage type does not work out for any other movies besides these one and I believe a lot of people can agree with me. Please Creators and Makers of these movies please get your money’s worth and go out with a BANG!

  14. The are quite a lot of things that don’t make sense. I love the PA franchise, however there are a few things wrong with it. In PA-1 Katie states that there was a fire at her house (which, okay, is feasible), but she said everyone got out alive, even though there wasn’t a fire when they left for their grandmothers house in PA-3. So, maybe the Coven brainwashed them? Again, feasible… But then Micah in PA-1 said to Katie when they were guiding the psychic around the house, “Maybe we should’t let your Mother come over…” Well how could she…SHE’S DEAD! We see her dead at the end of PA-3 when Katie was little…! I can let it go, but it still bugs me. But then again Oren Peli, when filming PA-1 he didn’t have others in mind as he didn’t even think the film would make it to theaters… In addition, there are many other questions that need answering, already mentioned at the top. AND IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO GET SOME!!!!! However, I still cannot wait for the next PA and I still hold on by my idea that Katie and Kristi’s Grandma is stopped before starting the Coven when they were little and everything will revert to the way it should have been in all PAs…

  15. YOUR EXACTLY RIGHT, CAMERON! I think so too…!

  16. I say bring in Sam and Dean Winchester to end it.

  17. Ali Rey is the soul (pun mostly unintended) of the series. She has to be pivotal in the final installment or I will barely care how it all ends. I wish she’d been given a little more to do in the Marked Ones, but if that was a prelude of sorts, I’m happy. Hopefully Molly Ephraim doesn’t find major stardom first, because a recast won’t work at all. If Last Man Standing is the pinnacle of her career, there probably isn’t much to worry about, lol.

    Unfortunately, it seems Mr. Landon’s concerns about time are quite valid, now that the release of part 5 is seemingly up in the air. I’m hearing it might not see theaters until 2016 now…ugh!

  18. I love the series but am getting impatient of waiting to see what happens.

  19. What is Toby’s true height? Kristi said that he was really tall, but when the babysitter Lisa was studying, the blanket showed Toby being short? Or is that another Demon? Will Paranormal Activity 5 explain the real appearance of Toby? Toby’s real name? Who is the actual leader of the Coven? Does the Demonic Symbol in Pararnormal Activity 2 mean ‘fertility?’ Who is Robbie? Why did Katie even smell Micah’s body in PA1? In Paranormal Activity 1, when Micah used the Ouija Board to communicate with the Demon Toby and when they left, what did Toby say on the board? All I saw was maybe a drawing of a claw, a demonic claw. Will Toby be back in Paranormal 5? The picture of the young Katie was found in the attic of Katie’s and Micah’s home in ‘Paranormal Activity 1,’ when I thought it a house was burnt to the ground to ashes. If the husband ( or boyfriend ) of Kristi burned the picture of young Katie, how did Toby get the picture and how is it not in ashes, or how did it get into their attic? The picture of the young Katie was found in the attic of Katie’s and Micah’s home in ‘Paranormal Activity 1,’ when I thought it a house was burnt to the ground to ashes. If the husband ( or boyfriend ) of Kristi burned the picture of young Katie, how did Toby get the picture and how is it not in ashes, or how did it get into their attic? Truth be told, I actually like Toby and rather not have him defeated so soon. Maybe when Toby is in need of assistance, Lucifer may come and complete the deal?

  20. Coming in late with my two cents…

    What I Don’t Want to See:

    * Anymore catering to sleazy misogyny. The gratuitous nudity, goony/plain-looking guys with gorgeous girls, amazingly hateful sexism (i.e. in The Marked Ones), etc. etc. has GOT to stop. Yeah, I know that the guys are arsehats is somehow part of the story (The coven only “harvests” goons?), but it’s all getting really, really old. Women and girls are as much a part of the PA audience, yet we’re still somehow invisible. Unless we have big breasts and a skimpy shirt, of course.

    * Unexplained footage. Sure, it’s been fun wondering exactly where all this footage came from, and who or what did all that bizarre editing, but, enough. It’s time to know, within the film’s world, how this collection of footage came to be. Is it law enforcement? A demon messing with the audience? What?

    What I Would Like to See:

    * It would be great to see Ali take this on again. She’s been the smartest mind in the franchise so far (not necessarily saying much, there).

    * I hope the real Katie can somehow be salvaged, or, at least, redeemed/saved/released. Poor thing. Ditto Hunter, of course.

    * An explanation of the whole female v. male vibe going on. (If that turns out to be just catering to sleazy teen boy fears or some such crap, I’m going to demand Blumhouse refund me at least fifty bucks for theater tickets and movie purchases. Seriously. If they don’t get a clue on the gender issues, Grandma Lois’ coven will look like a quilting bee.)

  21. I find myself less and less likely to watch the next PA movie. It’s the Same formula every time. Nothing happens, foreshadow foreshadow foreshadow, some stuff happens, lots of stuff happens, everyone dies.