Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

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Paranormal Activity 3 Ghost Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

Paranormal Activity 3:  The Unanswered Questions

Here’s the entire Paranormal Activity movie trilogy summarized in chronological order, with the connections between the films pointed out. It should go without saying that THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS IN THROUGHOUT THIS ARTICLE.


How does Paranormal Activity 3 tie into the other films?

Paranormal Activity 3 is set in 1988 when sisters Kristi and Katie are young (5 and 9, respectively). It is meant to chronicle the events that the girls cannot fully remember in the first two films – namely the demonic entity first coming to haunt them. The girls’ mom has a boyfriend, Dennis, who begins to film the phenomenon happening in their home. The mom, Julie, has decided not to have any more kids – much to the chagrin of her mother (the girls’ grandmother), Lois. A mysterious symbol drawn on a crawl space ceiling in the girls’ room leads Dennis to a book about a coven of witches in the 1930s who served demons by brain-washing girls of child-bearing age into having sons for the demon to collect, before wiping away the child-bearer’s memory of the event. Dennis tries to show this explanation to Julie, but she will not buy it.

The demon makes a bond with Kristi, in particular (which she refers to as her friend “Toby”). After repeated attacks, Kristi eventually promises to do the demon’s bidding in order to save her sister from harm. Kristi begs her mom to take them from the house to grandma’s house (apparently, the demon’s request), but Julie, still in denial, refuses. For “motivation,” the demon then tears apart the kitchen in front of Julie, which sends her running off to grandma’s house with the kids. Thinking they are finally safe, Julie awakens in the night to the sound of cars pulling up to Lois’ home. It is then revealed that Lois is part of the coven of witches from the ’30s that Dennis saw in the book, and that she serves the demon terrorizing them (she had the same symbol hidden on her wall that the demon drew on the crawl space ceiling). Gathered with the rest of her coven, Lois watches as the demon kills Julie and Dennis. She then leads her granddaughters up the stairs to an unknown fate, with the demon in tow.

Paranormal Activity 2 Kristi and Katie Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

Paranormal Activity 1 & 2

Jump to 2005, when an adult Katie delivers stuff from Lois’ old house (Lois has seemingly died) to a pregnant Kristi and her husband Dan. This includes a necklace and a box of old video tapes (Dennis’s 1988 tapes AND a set of tapes labeled “1992″).  A year later, after Kristi has given birth to her son, Hunter,  a “burglary” occurs at her home. Every room is completely trashed except for Hunter’s bedroom, but the only things stolen are the necklace and the video tapes. Soon after, strange paranormal events begin to occur in Kristi and Dan’s home. Their housekeeper Martine claims it is an evil spirit, tries to protect the family via prayer and incense – and gets fired for her trouble by Dan, who will not even begin to entertain thoughts of the supernatural being real in any form. Upon visiting, Katie and Kristi reminisce about that mysterious period from their childhood (which they cannot recall) that led to their family being broken, and their childhood home burning down. The events happening in Kristi’s home seem vaguely similar to deep-seated feelings the girls have of that childhood trauma; Katie is worried Kristi will ‘end up like their mother.’

Kristi’s step-daughter Ali begins to research demonic mythology, and discovers that humans could make deals with demons for wealth and power, in exchange for the soul of their first-born sons (a deal seemingly made by Lois and her coven, or Lois’ mother – possibly the founder of the coven). If the deal maker didn’t have a son, the demon would haunt the deal maker’s family until a male heir could be collected. Kristi’s infant son Hunter is revealed as the first male heir to be born into their family since the 1930s (Lois had hoped Julie would break that cycle, and encouraged her to have more children – but no such luck).

Paranormal Activity 2 Dragging Scene Kristi Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

The paranormal activity in Kristi’s home begins to escalate; at one point, Kristi herself is dragged down into the basement by the demon and is kept there for hours. When Kristi is released, her family finds the basement door covered in scratches, with the word “Meus” (Latin for “Mine”) scratched in the door (either meaning Kristi or Hunter or both belong to the demon). Ali becomes convinced that Kristi has been corrupted by the demon and convinces her father of this by showing him footage of Kristi being dragged into the basement by some invisible force. Dan calls in Martine (the nanny he previously fired), who informs him that he cannot exorcise the demon completely – but he can pass the demon off to another family member. To protect his own family he decides to sacrifice Kristi’s sister, Katie. After a frightful confrontation with a possessed Kristi, Dan, Ali and Martine succeed in their plan and free her from the demon using a cross. Dan burns a photo of a young Katie (that Julie took on the girls’ first day of school) to complete the ritual (this seems to be the same photo that a few weeks later shows up in the attic of Katie and Micah’s home). Afterwards, Kristi has no memory of being possessed.

Paranormal Activity Katie and Micah Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

Katie, meanwhile, has just moved into a new home with her boyfriend Micah. When strange paranormal activity begins to occur in their home, Katie confesses to Micah about the strange events from her and Kristi’s childhood - events which repeated when Katie was a teenager (age 13) and now and again throughout her adult life (a time we still haven’t seen in the films). She says that it’s felt like she’s always been haunted by something, though Micah is skeptical. Nevertheless, Micah begins to record the happenings and Katie eventually hires a psychic to assess the situation. The psychic (who states his expertise is not in demons, but in ghosts) reveals that the demon feeds off of negative energy; emotional friction between Katie and Micah is only strengthening it. Events escalate as Katie finds the photo of herself that Dan burned (she thought it lost in the house fire from her childhood) and starts to show signs of being possessed by the entity. Katie visits Kristi (3 weeks after Dan sent the demon her way) and explains the strange events occurring in her home. Dan reveals nothing about what happened to Kristi.

As more and more havoc is wrought, Katie and Micah try to reach out to a demonologist – but he is out of town. Frightened, they meet again with the psychic, who is instantly panicked by the malevolent presence in the house and flees the scene. When Katie is eventually physically assaulted by the demon, she and Micah decide they will flee to a hotel. Before they can leave, however, Micah discovers Katie gripping a cross (the one used to free Kristi) so tightly that her hand is bleeding. He burns the cross and the photo of Katie in anger, and an eerily tranquil Katie then informs him that all is well. Micah believes her, reluctantly.

paranormal activity 2 review Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

The next night, Katie awakens in bed and watches over Micah sleeping before disappearing downstairs. Micah awakens to the sounds of Katie screaming as if being murdered/attacked and runs downstairs to aid her. Heavy footsteps are heard on the stairs, and then Micah’s corpse is flung at the camera, revealing a fully-demonic Katie as his murderer. The next night, demon-Katie appears at Kristi’s house and murders Dan and Kristi, before taking young Hunter into her arms and disappearing (Ali was not home at the time), with her whereabouts still unknown after three films.

And now, on to the unanswered questions of Paranormal Activity 3…

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  1. There is really only one thing I don’t understand, that I really care about. Why does Micah bother with the baby powder foot test thing? He says that will prove there’s a demon (no it will not), when he just saw a ouija board move on its own and set itself on fire! I feel like I’m the only one thats noticed this! Is he mentally challenged or something? Thats not even the only problem with this! A demon is a spiritual being, meaning it doesn’t have “feet”, and even if it did why would it bother leaving footprints?

    • I think it was an excuse for the screenwriters to show that the entity in the house was not a human soul. The footprints were clearly not human. A demon is not bound by the confines of physical or spiritual, it can exist (and take shape) in both realms. It probably left footprints just to mess with them. Agreed, Micah (and his weird name pronunciation) is a moron.

    • The demon is an extension of ego. It’s there to f*ck with them and to probably assert someone’s will, someone who is weak and lacking. Prob the hippie mother.

      So it seeks any opportunity to mess with them. Footprints would freak them out – and they do – so it leaves footprints. It’s egotistically toying with them/Micah.

      • I think defining Tobi as an extension of anyone really takes away from his power. It looks like he’s in the driver’s seat to me.

    • It leaved footprints in the powder, to make them find the burned picture of Katie in the attic.

    • Maybe he was just out of ideas and wasn´t willing/able to admit that (an exaggerated comparison would be the supposed inability of man to ask for directions)
      At one point in the movie he said “This is my house, you’re my girlfriend, I’m going to f****** solve the problem.”.
      So, doing stupid, unnecessary things, just to avoid an admission of failure doesn’t seem that out of character to me :)

  2. I thought that katie bit him several times then flung his body at the camera. after that Then killed him. correct me if I am wrong please.

    • What are we trying to figure out here? In the version you saw, Micah’s cause of death wasn’t detailed. I assumed he was just beaten to death downstairs. It sounded like more of a tussle than the broken neck Katie administered to Kristie’s husband. He may have been bitten, I don’t really know. Katie did sniff his lifeless body after she flung it at the camera so maybe that’s where you’re getting the bitten idea from.

  3. I have never had to try so hard to follow such a convoluted, confused, and poorly pieced-together story. This series bears all the hallmarks of a “decent movie” that caused producers to see dollar signs, which led them to hire a team of writers who desperately tried to piece together something coherent to keep the money flowing. All of this was clearly not planned in the beginning–these “yet to be explained” moments this “explanation” refers to… They’re not “yet to be explained”. They’re “yet to be fixed.” They’re plot-holes. Mistakes.

    They’re not bad movies in and of themselves, though. Don’t get me wrong. I liked PA3. The only real gripes I have with it are:

    A) It takes far too long to get interesting. I don’t want to play on my phone for an hour while I wait on the movie to get good.

    B) It relies too heavily on the assumption that the viewer watched prior films. My sister hasn’t seen 2, and this movie made zero sense to her–which is how I ended up here. Sequels have to be capable of providing enough information to stand alone; most people, if they haven’t seen 1 &/or 2, will skip out on 3 (and certainly 4) altogether since the plot is unintelligible without seeing them all.

    • A) Get off your phone in the theater, some of us are trying to watch a movie here

      B) Why would you watch part 3 of a series without seeing the first two and expect to be “caught up” by the screenwriters? Seriously, donate 90 minutes of your life and catch yourself up.

    • *just in case my comment gets “moderate”

      A) get off your phone, I’m trying to watch a movie here

      B) Who goes to part 3 of a series and expects to be filled in about part 2? Seriously! The screenwriters have a limited amount of time to tell a story (these movies are all less than 90 minutes, right?) and you want them to catch everybody up to speed? Did you guys skip The Two Towers and jump straight into The Return of the King?

      • A movie, sequel or no, should be able to stand on it’s own and be able to tell the story with minimal back logging. Take star wars (the first trilogy, not the add on) while knowing the backstory helped, you could watch each movie independant and still not get confused. Now i’ve watched all 3 movies and will eventually watch the 4th, but that is the first thing i noticed in 3. It relied waaay too much on you knowing the other 2 movies to not get confused by some of the parts. Also as for TT and RotK, those are very complex stories, but guess what. Peter Jackson fixed the problem of not watching the other two by giving a synopsis of the previous movie at the beginning. Unfortunately that’s something that can’t be done with a found footage film. But their are ways to inform people of the other storyline for the newcomers to the series.

        • I don’t know if using the greatest trilogy of all time is a fair measuring stick. Needless to say, I disagree. Jumping into a series in part 2 or 3 and expecting to be caught up is still bush league. Character motivations are sometimes subtle and absent background from previous installments, they are totally lost on the noob viewer.

          • What’s the greatest trilogy of all time? You’re not talking about LOTR are you? I mean each to their own of course…

            The PA films can be watched over and over, there’s no rules. I don’t know who ever imposed rules. So dipping in and out or having trouble catching what’s happening… whatever. If people don’t like them, fine, go and watch something else.

            • Star Wars

  4. ‘play on phone’. Honestly you only get one life, you sure you’ve got nothing better to do than write ‘ironic’ messages on sites like this?

  5. What has bugged me since watching PA3 is the end scene where the boyfriend spine is snapped like a book being closed, obviously killing him.

    However, in PA when they find the burnt photo in the loft Katie phones her dad and is clearly heard saying “the picture YOU took…”

    In PA3 the mums boyfriend is clearly shown taking the same picture of katie at the front of the house, in the same dress etc.

    Also in the 1st PA film when the expert tells Micah and Katie the entity feeds off negative energy Micah jokes, “We shouldn’t let your mother come over anymore.”

    So how can her mum and dad (which I assume is the b/f in PA3) both be killed in PA3?

    Stuff like that is just a classic example of the writers not caring anymore and not even bothering to remember what happened in the previous 2 films.

    PA3 was a very weak and cop out film, a real shame as it could have been great. Hate to think what they’ll do in PA4!

    (and I much prefer the original ending of PA where Katie gets shot… makes a much better ending)

    • I think it’s safe to say you stumbled upon one of the things the writers couldn’t make gel in the series. Katie said her dad took it, the bf takes it in PA3.

      Now on to your other points:
      1) We don’t know that Julie is dead. While it certainly appears she is a goner, she may have just been out cold and now, severely injured. It’s not likely but hey, it’s PA.
      2) Dad is still very much alive, he was referenced in PA3 by evil grandma. Dennis is not dad.
      3) It’s possible that Katie & Kristi were placed with Dad after the “incident”.
      4) I prefer the real original ending where Katie slit her own throat. That was brutal dude.

  6. ‘Stuff like that is just a classic example of the writers not caring anymore and not even bothering to remember what happened in the previous 2 films’

    I’m not making a big point here but if you’re not happy with the standard of writing in films then surely you can do something about it? PA in general is a ‘handheld’ film. You’ve just written a block of text… on the internet.

    So why not get a camera, write something, and make your own film, show them how it’s done?

    • Yeah look where you are, we’ve already seen what happens to privately funded art films. So let’s say he does get a camera and makes something good. Well you end up with the loop happening again. Hollywood picks it up and the creators original plot gets dumped down the drain in exchange for what the public will go see.

  7. There are so many instances within the stretch of the 3 PA films that Katie and Kristi have been brainwashed or ‘mind-wiped’ into thinking that they had a relatively normal childhood with a slight memory of unusual occurrences, because, think about it, if their grandmother Lois hadn’t sent them to a ‘replacement family’ the two girls would be considerably more psychology f*cked up than they are, so that covers up the whole ‘We should stop inviting your mother round’ problem that everyone seems to have – she and Dennis probably were killed in PA3 and then the two girls were taken to a substitute family in order for Lois to protect herself from being found out about her witch meddlings. ‘Dennis’ is not dad and therefore dad is still alive but absent from the family – makes sense that he would remove himself from such messed up family seeing as Lois is from Julie’s side of the family (clever move really as this allows for an opportunity in another film to get the real dad involved at some point). It’s quite illogical to assume these are simply parts where the writers cocked up or ‘forgot’ parts of the storyline – it IS confusing, true, but surely that works in it’s favour as the characters in the film (the brainwashed Katie and Kristi) are trying to piece together why they are victims whilst you try to figure it out at the same time. I won’t ruin PA4 for you or include any spoilers, but my only issue with it is it doesn’t seem to move the plot along at all and possibly just does more injustice although maybe they’ll make a 5th and it’ll save it – however the first 3 I think really do explain themselves. :)

    • There is no “probably” about Dennis, that dude is super-dead. Julie may have survived and may very well be the “mom” referenced in PA1. Highly unlikely but stranger things have happened in this series.

      • Could be or as is commonly the case in franchises, they forget a small detail in the past movie and accidentally put something in a later movie that runs counter to that small detail. Now i haven’t seen 4 but since it looks like they are going with what happened to hunter after 2 i kind of doubt they are going to fill in the standing plot holes that 3 created and unless they really answer a lot of questions i doubt they’ll break even enough to see a 5 next october. That’s the thing from what i can tell 3 was supposed to bring to a close katie and kristie’s story. Fill in the questions from the first two, so that way they could move on to other storylines that had been created, demon possessed katie and hunter’s story. But now they’ve left too many questions in that story arc they are no doubt going to have to revisit that arc.

    • I agree! I think we are just not used to these kind of movies. It reminds me of a novel, the first couple chapters are really boring because it kind of has to set up everything and explain to the reader/watcher whats going on, then things get intresting. I personally think 1 and 2 were a little boring. I enjoyed them of course, but 3 and 4 deffinitly had more scary moments, which I also enjoyed. The ‘plot holes’ deffinitly leave alot for future movies to answer questions (like they have been doing) and they are kind of the first movies of their kind, I just think were not used to this much thinking and waiting for a movie.

  8. I love the ‘I won’t ruin PA4 for you etc BUT’… I call this the ‘Prometheus Syndrome’, like the loud guy at the party who simply *has* to put his view across about new films, despite others’ experience/expectations.

    I knew absolutely NOTHING about the PA films before seeing them except that half the civilized world seem to diss them from the comfort of their fatty bloaty facebook pages. Not saying this about you but hey.

    • You saw an alternate ending

    • there are 3 endings total, the original where the demon releases her when the police arrive and she gets shot by them, the alternate where she slits her throat after she killed micah, and the canon storyline where she goes demon face into the camera. The third one i mentioned is the one created to open it up to the sequels we are seeing now.

    • I’m not sure if you saw it in the theater or on DVD but what you saw was one of the three endings. Katie lunges at the camera in one, kills her friend and gets shot by the cops in another, and slits her own throat in a 3rd version. Some people got to see your version in the theater but most saw Katie attack the camera.

    • re the cop ending (and who’s worse, the demon or the cops??? I mean ffs!) it’s worth not only comparing the timings at the end (if you are VERY sad like me) between PA1 and 2 but to compare the behaviour of the sisters too as both films go on.

  9. I heard the end of the first one has more that one ending. I have only seen on of them though.

    • you heard correctly

    • You are a lucky man if you’ve got the rest to come. I haven’t seen PA4 yet though. One thing that always gets me I must say… how f*cking massive the houses are. I mean if a part-pact was made for wealth then that sure happened huh?

  10. Where is hunter and ali now?And in the 1st place why they did not ask for help,ask for paranormal experts????how sad they all died.

    • @cholo I think they are on Paranormal Activity sites, trolling people to get a reaction. Yes very sad. You are sad too huh? Really sad.

      • I’m just melancholy, haven’t progressed to sad yet

  11. My issue is this, in part 3 the girl’s mother is killed along with her boyfriend. However, I went back and watched part 1 and Katie or Kristie whichever one it was talks about her mother and Micah says something about her coming to visit. She was killed when they were little according to part 3. I think the Writers screwed up. Am I missing something? These movies have such potential. The creepy paranormal stuff in the beginning scares the crap out of me but the endings leave the viewer totally confused.

    • While Dennis is super-dead, we don’t yet know Julie’s fate. She appears to be dead but she may just have been out-cold and injured. That’s the first explanation. The second one is that Kristie & Katy were placed with an entirely new family or back with their father. The mom referenced in Part 1 would either be an unknown adoptive mom or a step-mom. The last explanation is that it was an “oops” on the writer’s part.

      • bb what you’ve described makes total sense. However it’s just not good enough. Sagplayer says that these movies ‘have such potential’. Using words like that, Sagplayer must be a teacher of some sort, giving out wise judgement. They also think that ‘the writers screwed up’.

        This is not tolerable.

        So you, me, the entire cast and crew and anyone who ever looked at these films positively should be persecuted, blacklisted, given heavy fines and should also stay after school. It’s just not good enough.

        • What do you mean “it’s just not good enough?”

      • @bugboy yo you seen pa4 yet? Good hey.

        • Opening night baby. All my buddies bailed but I was all in from Day 1. I enjoyed it thoroughly but it’s probably the least favorite of the series for me. Ben & Alex were a nice change of pace though. I found it quite refreshing to have two truly likeable leads with nary a shred of d-bagness hanging around either.

          Also, the mom was incredibly hot. It’s pretty creepy how her husband in the film was actually her real life husband and he died a few weeks before it was released.

          What does “good hey” mean?

  12. No, as you said ‘the writers screwed up’. The films ‘have such potential’. So all in all it’s a sad day for the film industry when such things aren’t rectified, in order that you, Sagplayer, get YOUR total film satisfaction. They should all be sacked really. Get it done right.

  13. Wow, all I said was that the girls talk as if their mother is alive in the first 2 films but in part 3 she was hanging in the hallway. That is called a screw up. I’m not sure why you are getting all bent out of shape by me saying that.

  14. I thought the original ending for PA1 was when Katie turned into demon and lunged at the camera??

    • You saw the ending from the major theatrical release so it’s prolly considered the “original” ending.

  15. i watched all 3 parts of the movie and its still sketchy and hard to follow. until i came here i didnt even know the parts were linked together. just thought they were random scary hauntings… stupid i know

  16. Wow how did you know all of that what I still don’t get it is why show the picture of kirsiti looking in the mirror and also why are there 2 different trailers to pa3 also why did Katie have to throw him at the camera? By me reading this has helped me understand all the films but yet still leave me with questions this is something I would follow thanks :)

    • There’s no rules to films and there’s no rules to trailers. They’re playing with your expectations. You expect something to happen in the film,get ready fopr it, then it doesn’t. Then people get annoyed/angry/frustrated (so many people on this site alone get FURIOUS about the trailer thing). In other words they feel emotions. Which is good. On top of it all I think tat many went to see a stock, basic, ‘scary’ film with the PA films and got something totally different, they still freak me out these films, and that’s after countless viewings. The hippie granny dressing the little girl as a bride in PA3, think on about what it’s all about, that is seriously f*cked up. Dressing a kid up in offering to a demon, to get power.

    • I think the multiple trailers is PA3′s “bit”. PA1 was marketed as real found footage and many folks swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. PA2 is the origin story so I may need to drink more to ID the bit in this one.

    • I think the police were more that they didn’t know where Katie came from… they had walked into a house and were investigating something, then some weird woman comes out of dark with knife, imagine that (that’s another great detail of how these films mess with you, gives me the creeps) The cop has to justify actions on radio so says it out loud.

  17. In PA3 Katie and Kristie are kids in PA2 they are adults how did they go to being adults to kids??

    • Good afternoon Rip! In addition to indoor plumbing, they also invented the concept of prequels. How far does this rabbit hole go btw?

  18. In regards to the lady figure, when kristi and Katie were younger they summoned Bloody Mary in the bathroom so it could be her.

  19. Gyys perhaps if you guys reallly want to know the real straight. Up stories try playing the movies pa1-2-3 by seeing the date and the time lapses in the movie shown bottom rigth. Then u will know what katie do when she leave after killing micah is it relevant or enough time or maybe the time between katie went to kristi house and abducted hunter? And return to katie home again just to get killed by the cops

    • yeah good point. I think that Katie could do whatever she wanted to really: when the demon instructs about the possession video (who knew that demons liked the internet btw?) it is asserting that ‘you guys have no chance, she’s mine and that’s the end of it.’

    • Katie getting capped by the cops is a non-canon story. She’s in 4.

  20. I really thought that these movies were the real recordings of real people it also messed me up at the end of paranormal activity 2 when the girl( who thought was the daughter) comes in and kills the man and the woman.

  21. I would have thought somebody would have mentioned this but in the end of PA3 I saw two different endings. 1) being that of Katie throwing micah body toward the camera and then sniffing him 2) being that after killing micah, Katie comes back upstairs as if in a trance and sits at the end of the bed rocking back and forth. Then the police comes and she suddenly snaps out of the trance and the police shoots her dead because she comes at them with a knife in hand looking and asking about micah. am I the only one who seen this and or questions it?

    • Have a read back Anita, it’s mentioned here a lot.

      There’s probably things about PA4 that will mess with you too, re Katie, and how it all links.

      (I would say re the police ending – and sorry if repeating myself but hey – that, no matter how scary the demon is, he doesn’t just shoot to kill! BLAM and she’s gone!)

  22. I still don’t understand well katy goes missing with baby hunter in PA 2 but is killed in PA 1?

  23. I still don’t understand well katy goes missing with baby hunter in PA 2 but is killed in Paranormal 1?

  24. I still don’t understand well katy goes missing with baby hunter in Paranormal activity 2 but is killed in Paranormal activity 1?

  25. Katie dies in paranormal 1 but she goes missing with hunter in2?

    • It’s a demon thing. Steady, he may appear less cool in PA5. Are you an industry troll?

      • paranormal activity 5 is already out?? i did not know that but if it is i really WANT to watch it so bad!!

        • negative ghostrider

    • Please read the above comments – it’s been repeated many times that PA1 had three different endings. Hence why we have sequels with Katie appearing in them. FFS

    • Please read the above comments – it’s been repeated many times that PA1 had three different endings. Hence why we have a sequel with Katie appearing in it.

    • Read the above comments: it’s been repeated many times that PA1 had three different endings. Hence why we have a sequel with Katie appearing in it.

    • Read the above comments. It has been repeated many times that PA1 had three different endings. Hence why we have a sequel with Katie appearing in it.

    • Read the above comments. It has been repeated many times that PA1 had three different endings. Hence why we have a sequel with Katie appearing in it.

  26. Also, in PA3 during the scene that the girls are playing dress up at their grandma’s house, there is a clear photo of Lois with her coven in the background on the wall. Just pointing that out.