Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

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Paranormal Activity 3 Ghost Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

Paranormal Activity 3:  The Unanswered Questions

Here’s the entire Paranormal Activity movie trilogy summarized in chronological order, with the connections between the films pointed out. It should go without saying that THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS IN THROUGHOUT THIS ARTICLE.


How does Paranormal Activity 3 tie into the other films?

Paranormal Activity 3 is set in 1988 when sisters Kristi and Katie are young (5 and 9, respectively). It is meant to chronicle the events that the girls cannot fully remember in the first two films – namely the demonic entity first coming to haunt them. The girls’ mom has a boyfriend, Dennis, who begins to film the phenomenon happening in their home. The mom, Julie, has decided not to have any more kids – much to the chagrin of her mother (the girls’ grandmother), Lois. A mysterious symbol drawn on a crawl space ceiling in the girls’ room leads Dennis to a book about a coven of witches in the 1930s who served demons by brain-washing girls of child-bearing age into having sons for the demon to collect, before wiping away the child-bearer’s memory of the event. Dennis tries to show this explanation to Julie, but she will not buy it.

The demon makes a bond with Kristi, in particular (which she refers to as her friend “Toby”). After repeated attacks, Kristi eventually promises to do the demon’s bidding in order to save her sister from harm. Kristi begs her mom to take them from the house to grandma’s house (apparently, the demon’s request), but Julie, still in denial, refuses. For “motivation,” the demon then tears apart the kitchen in front of Julie, which sends her running off to grandma’s house with the kids. Thinking they are finally safe, Julie awakens in the night to the sound of cars pulling up to Lois’ home. It is then revealed that Lois is part of the coven of witches from the ’30s that Dennis saw in the book, and that she serves the demon terrorizing them (she had the same symbol hidden on her wall that the demon drew on the crawl space ceiling). Gathered with the rest of her coven, Lois watches as the demon kills Julie and Dennis. She then leads her granddaughters up the stairs to an unknown fate, with the demon in tow.

Paranormal Activity 2 Kristi and Katie Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

Paranormal Activity 1 & 2

Jump to 2005, when an adult Katie delivers stuff from Lois’ old house (Lois has seemingly died) to a pregnant Kristi and her husband Dan. This includes a necklace and a box of old video tapes (Dennis’s 1988 tapes AND a set of tapes labeled “1992″).  A year later, after Kristi has given birth to her son, Hunter,  a “burglary” occurs at her home. Every room is completely trashed except for Hunter’s bedroom, but the only things stolen are the necklace and the video tapes. Soon after, strange paranormal events begin to occur in Kristi and Dan’s home. Their housekeeper Martine claims it is an evil spirit, tries to protect the family via prayer and incense – and gets fired for her trouble by Dan, who will not even begin to entertain thoughts of the supernatural being real in any form. Upon visiting, Katie and Kristi reminisce about that mysterious period from their childhood (which they cannot recall) that led to their family being broken, and their childhood home burning down. The events happening in Kristi’s home seem vaguely similar to deep-seated feelings the girls have of that childhood trauma; Katie is worried Kristi will ‘end up like their mother.’

Kristi’s step-daughter Ali begins to research demonic mythology, and discovers that humans could make deals with demons for wealth and power, in exchange for the soul of their first-born sons (a deal seemingly made by Lois and her coven, or Lois’ mother – possibly the founder of the coven). If the deal maker didn’t have a son, the demon would haunt the deal maker’s family until a male heir could be collected. Kristi’s infant son Hunter is revealed as the first male heir to be born into their family since the 1930s (Lois had hoped Julie would break that cycle, and encouraged her to have more children – but no such luck).

Paranormal Activity 2 Dragging Scene Kristi Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

The paranormal activity in Kristi’s home begins to escalate; at one point, Kristi herself is dragged down into the basement by the demon and is kept there for hours. When Kristi is released, her family finds the basement door covered in scratches, with the word “Meus” (Latin for “Mine”) scratched in the door (either meaning Kristi or Hunter or both belong to the demon). Ali becomes convinced that Kristi has been corrupted by the demon and convinces her father of this by showing him footage of Kristi being dragged into the basement by some invisible force. Dan calls in Martine (the nanny he previously fired), who informs him that he cannot exorcise the demon completely – but he can pass the demon off to another family member. To protect his own family he decides to sacrifice Kristi’s sister, Katie. After a frightful confrontation with a possessed Kristi, Dan, Ali and Martine succeed in their plan and free her from the demon using a cross. Dan burns a photo of a young Katie (that Julie took on the girls’ first day of school) to complete the ritual (this seems to be the same photo that a few weeks later shows up in the attic of Katie and Micah’s home). Afterwards, Kristi has no memory of being possessed.

Paranormal Activity Katie and Micah Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

Katie, meanwhile, has just moved into a new home with her boyfriend Micah. When strange paranormal activity begins to occur in their home, Katie confesses to Micah about the strange events from her and Kristi’s childhood - events which repeated when Katie was a teenager (age 13) and now and again throughout her adult life (a time we still haven’t seen in the films). She says that it’s felt like she’s always been haunted by something, though Micah is skeptical. Nevertheless, Micah begins to record the happenings and Katie eventually hires a psychic to assess the situation. The psychic (who states his expertise is not in demons, but in ghosts) reveals that the demon feeds off of negative energy; emotional friction between Katie and Micah is only strengthening it. Events escalate as Katie finds the photo of herself that Dan burned (she thought it lost in the house fire from her childhood) and starts to show signs of being possessed by the entity. Katie visits Kristi (3 weeks after Dan sent the demon her way) and explains the strange events occurring in her home. Dan reveals nothing about what happened to Kristi.

As more and more havoc is wrought, Katie and Micah try to reach out to a demonologist – but he is out of town. Frightened, they meet again with the psychic, who is instantly panicked by the malevolent presence in the house and flees the scene. When Katie is eventually physically assaulted by the demon, she and Micah decide they will flee to a hotel. Before they can leave, however, Micah discovers Katie gripping a cross (the one used to free Kristi) so tightly that her hand is bleeding. He burns the cross and the photo of Katie in anger, and an eerily tranquil Katie then informs him that all is well. Micah believes her, reluctantly.

paranormal activity 2 review Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

The next night, Katie awakens in bed and watches over Micah sleeping before disappearing downstairs. Micah awakens to the sounds of Katie screaming as if being murdered/attacked and runs downstairs to aid her. Heavy footsteps are heard on the stairs, and then Micah’s corpse is flung at the camera, revealing a fully-demonic Katie as his murderer. The next night, demon-Katie appears at Kristi’s house and murders Dan and Kristi, before taking young Hunter into her arms and disappearing (Ali was not home at the time), with her whereabouts still unknown after three films.

And now, on to the unanswered questions of Paranormal Activity 3…

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  1. I watched this movie and it was good. Sucks that they took out so much out of the movie. I was expecting the priest scene and the evil drawings. Specially the burning house. The ending was good but should have added the grandma burning the house or something :/

    • Wher else can you see these deleted sceans you mention.?

  2. As a scary movie I thought it was very good. As a conclusion to the series I felt it didn’t work as well as I hoped. I think it added plot holes that needed to be resolved. For example:

    1) who is watching the tapes? It was established early in the movie that they were stolen.

    2) Why didn’t the mother know what was going on if the grandma was part of this demon cult?

    3) Why could Christina remember what happened if her memories were erased?

    I thought about this and I came up with a few solutions:

    1) Think of it like a detective story. We are the detectives and we are investigating this horrible murder. We see that there are cameras all over the house. We see one of them refer to something that happened when they were kids. We find these old tapes so we watch them hoping to make sense of what happened.

    2) I have no answer for this one. It’s big. The movie would’ve been much shorter if the mother knew what was happening so it makes for a better movie, but it’s a gap in logic.

    3) Instead of being a memory, have it be something that reminds her of a bad dream. Then we can imply that it was a repressed memory.

    I also felt there were too many boo scares. Here’s my thoughts on boo scares. They are good but only if used sparingly. Think of it like firing a shotgun. The movie builds up all this tension and in a split second it explodes. We feel startled by it of course. But how do you feel afterwards? The tension is gone. It works as a relief from the tension. Tension is the whole point of the Paranormal Activity movies. It’s the creepy tension atmosphere that scares us. I’m not saying don’t ever do boo scares, but there had to be about 10 in the first 30 minutes.

    Another thing that made the other two movies so good was the lack of CGI. The hair pulling scene in this one was laughably bad. I’m surprised they didn’t cut it. The opening reveal of the spirit/ghost/demon thing also didn’t work. It looked so out of place and could’ve been done much better. Here’s how. We want the dust to indicate that there is something physically there. Ok. Here’s what you do. Instead of having the dust stick to the ghost and having it brush it off, instead just give a general outline of something standing there. Don’t labor the point. Half a second will do. You get the same effect but doesn’t look forced.

    Despite how long I just went criticizing the movie, I really liked it. I think the script needed some tweaking but it had my heart beating a little higher. I’d recommend it.

    • John, you have a wonderful review and have made some very good points. I’d like to comment on them.

      1 & 3) Whose to say that “we” are the ones watching the tapes? It could be that the tapes were missing but they found them and it’s Christie or Katie re-watching them to try and explain what’s happening in their own homes. Perhaps Christie’s memories were suppressed until things started happening and it sparked her memory and reminded her of the tapes. OR it could just be that only the events of the “paranormal” nights were wiped from her mind. In which case, she would still remember Dennis being a wedding videographer, which in turn could explain why she seems to “remember” even though she had the mind wipe. She tries to recall if anything like this has ever happened (because Katie seems to remember it vaguely) but she can’t, then she thinks of Dennis and his cameras, which leads her to search for the missing tapes.

      2) This is actually very simple. Did you know your mom smoked pot once when she was in high school? Me either, I didn’t know that about my mom. How do we, as the audience, know how deep their relationship goes? Perhaps Grandma’s past was never openly discussed with Julie. Parents don’t always tell us everything.

  3. um, what the hell. first off, that was probably the shortest movie i ever saw. second, how did a lot of the previews, including the bloody mary scene, not make the final cut?? everyone left that theater in disbelief waiting for more to happen. it had some great sequences but was way too short, and felt like there are two different versions. not happy

  4. I am so dissapointed in the outcome of this movie. i agree that it went by too fast with a build up of nothing but a bunch of old ladies creeping around, then katie and kristi completely ohkay with everything. i dont understand how toby and the grandmother were basically working together. and i also dont understand why half of the trailers were not in the movie. good movie untill the last fifteen minutes which was the lamest part… pretty bummed. better make another movie to make up for this dumb ending.

    • If you remember in the second movie, they believe the demon is going after Hunter because someone in the family line made a deal with the demon for wealth. In the movie there is a part where the grandmother makes a comment about Denis not having money and spending the families money. So I believe that it is connected. She may be possessed and not know that she is working with the devil. If you remember in the 1st movie Katie doesn’t know what she is doing in multiple scenes. They did leave a lot out of the movie that I saw in trailers and because of this and the way the movie ended I think there will be one more to wrap up the series. There is too much still hanging out there in the plot that needs to be brought into the light.

  5. I am extremely disapointed in this movie I don’t know if there are other versions of the movie that different cinemas showed or if that was just the whole movie but what I saw did not satisfy me over half the stuff that I saw in the trailers wasn’t even in the movie eg.

    1. The bloody Mary scene with the two girls in the bathroom.

    2. The scene where the old man (I have no idea who is is, maybe he’s like the other old man from the first movie who came to talk to them about ghosts) is going through the house and looking in the small closet in the girls room.

    3. The scene when that same old man and the rest of the family are sitting at the table and talking and then his head suddenly gets smashed onto the table.

    4.The scene where the step dad and the girls are in the girls’ bedroom with the camera and Kristi is knocking on the mirror closet door and there is someone knocking back.

    5.The scene where the mum gets thrown onto the bed.

    6. The scene when the mum gets dragged down the hallway.

    7. The scene when Kristi is jumping off the railing of the stair and then walking back up the stairs (unharmed) and doing it again.

    8. The scene when Kristi and her mum are talking and her mum is telling her that Toby isn’t real then Kristi says yes he is, he’s standing right next to you then throws a glass of water at him then everything in the room starts to get thrown around.

    9. The scene at the very start of the trailer with Katie on the trampoline.

    10. The scene where Kristi is sitting in the back of someones car.

    11. The scene where there are lights smashing in the house.

    12. And finally the scene where it shows the whole house on fire.

    The ending of the movie that I saw was completely different to what I saw on the trailers it left you sitting there expecting something else to happen to help explain what had just happened but instead it leaves you in your seat more confused about the movie than ever.

    • I agree with you all. The first two movies had a lot of build-up about the fire and how they lost everything they owned. I feel like that should have been explained way better. Also, the movie was too short. Most of the scenes from the trailer were cut out and we were left with so many unanswered questions. We were so confused that we ended up staying till after the credits just to see if there was anything else but nothing happened! I really hope this isn’t just a weak prequel to a Paranormal Activity 4.

      • I’m just going to throw this idea up there. Many people are saying how this movie has “left scene’s out”. I disagree, I don’t think this movie has left them out, but rather released scenes as a hook in trailers. These movies have not exactly been fluid, but rather cut up clips put together, as were the trailers. (Note the chronological date stamps). In my opinion, the trailers were intentionally showing clips not in the movie, almost like an extention. Also, from a storytelling point of view, this makes us expect something to then be “surprised”. Although despite all that I’ve just said, yes it is disappointing to not see what we expected, and it does leave a lot of gaps, not meaning to bash people’s opinions, simply saying that I feel it was intentionally left out.`

    • My fiance and I just saw this, and we were very excited because we loved the first two. We thought this one was great too, except that the entire trailer was a bunch of BS. It’s pretty much false advertising. We were also really disappointed with the ending, but hopefully there will be one more to make up for this. We are hoping that we’ll be able to see the uncut movie when it’s released on DVD. We are really upset that EVERYTHING in the trailer was missing.

    • From what I have read, the directors did this on purpose so that you would get interested in seeing the movie but not know what was going to happen before even seeing it. I know I said before going in that I wished I wouldn’t have watched the trailer because I was afraid that all the good parts were going to be given away. So I was definitely happy that they were all new scenes. They had to leave out quite a few of the scenes if you go back and review them because they had the mom not know that it was happening. The scene where Kristi jumps over the stairs you can hear that the mom is watching the tape. She would also have to know if she threw water or Toby or if she was thrown onto the bed. They also wouldn’t have had the priest there if Kristi didn’t believe there was a ghost. Some of them just didn’t fit with the story. I for one liked the bloody mary scene they included better and it wouldn’t have made sense to show both unless they did the one with both sisters first because there’s no way katie would have done it again after the experience she had with the Dennis’ friend. It would have nice to have some of the trailer scenes in there but I figure it’ll add some fun to the deleted scenes on DVD

    • i half agree. if you saw the pa2 trailer you would notice parts missing as well. like when hunter ended up on the road. i think most of the scenes left out of pa3 didnt need to be in the movie.
      1. the bloody mary bit wasnt as good as the bit they used in the movie. although they could have used that part before the time with the guy.
      4. i think that bit would have been good in the movie
      2,3,5,6. all these bits could have been used. but in the same way. when everything in the kitchen went to the roof, then dropped. it made the mum want to leave. these parts would obviously act the same way.
      7. stupid
      8. also stupid. and that would probably persuade the mum to leave the house as well.
      9. her jumping on the trampoline has nothing to do with anything.
      10. doesnt really connect to anything.
      11. not that important
      12. this is the main thing that i think should have been in the movie. they could have linked this to clips 2,3,5 and 6. probably more to clips 2 and 3. toby obviously wouldnt be happy that a priest was there. bash his head a few times. throw the family members and other objects around a bit. ignite the house in fire but they all get out ok and have no where to go except grandmas. i think that would have been a much better ending. but i think most of these “missing scenes” will show up on dvd. i am thinking there will be an alternate ending as well. just like the first 2 movies

    • Thank you so much for posting this! I was so upset driving home after watching this movie. Now I know the movie I saw was not the movie I went to see. I wish they had both edits out so I could see the movie I originally set out to watch. Up until your post I thought I was the only one who saw this version thanks to you I know I am not crazy. My honest opinion is that this version sucked and I think the other version would have been worth seeing.

    • the scene where she jumps off is in the film

  6. What the heck? Beyond disappointed with this movie right now. I thought the second one was a good sequel and that this one would tie up some loose ends but NO! First, most of the clips from the trailer weren’t actually in the movie (knocking game, burning the house down, priest, etc) and second, in the other movies it’s always Katie saying “the house was burned…I don’t want to talk about it…” but it seemed like she was the one who would of had her memories erased and kristina would have remembered…DUMB

  7. Quite oblivious they left so much stuff unanswered for they can make a 4th movie.

    At this point I believe the reason adult Katie and Kristie can not remember this is because they were brain washed by the cult to forget. As for the house fire. I assume there going to decide to do that to the Grand mother’s house in the 4th movie… After all There grand mother’s house is there home until thee adults now…

    For the huge amount of scenes that were in the trailer but not in the movie. Well Ive read In PA 2 that while they had a script… alot of the scenes were improved. So you can assume the same can be said for this movie… improving allot of scenes and then trimming/ cutting them together to make a plot. (This actualy how alot of the work was done in District 9.) I mean there is ALOT of deleted scenes in District9.



    I disagree with you and there use for CGI… The hair pulling scene was IMO one of the scariest scenes of the movie and the dust from the earth quake scene was an awesome way to give us some what of a look of the demon. The CGI was used well in this movie.

    • Bio, i hope you are right about the fire – i have to admit this is the part of the story continuity issue that is really getting to me. i rewatched PA1 and Katie says to the psychic that visits, “there was a fire but we all got out, nobody was hurt or anything” and right before that Micah jokes that mom can no longer come over. So…if mom is in fact dead at the bottom of the stairs (maybe shes not)…dennis is obviously dead…well im confused.

      i guess i can trust the filmmakers on this for PA4 but i already dont in the opening scene of PA3 when they say the vhs boxes are missing…we already know from PA2 that only the necklace is missing.

  8. @Caitlin I’m not sure why the scenes you mentioned from the trailer weren’t in the movie, but I do have somewhat of a theory. First of all, I find myself really annoyed by horror movie trailers considering that the whole nature of what makes a horror movie scary is not knowing what’s going to happen. The trailers gave you a taste of the sort of things that would be in the movie without giving away anything, which I can appreciate.

    Secondly, think of how much money these movies make in theaters, yet the DVD sales (I have no idea exactly how well they sell, but it’s not the kind of movie I’d really shell out to buy since the scares are spoiled the first time through) are important too, and having a lot of alternate versions and/or deleted scenes will be great marketing tools for selling copies once it’s out.

    @John I agree about the plot holes, but for me the biggest plot hole is what on earth the grandma’s motivation would be for killing her daughter and her new husband. The husband I guess I can see since he went snooping around and was kind of a deadbeat, but what did Julie do to deserve being killed? Plus the fact that she’s apparently tethered a demon to Kristi/Katie for life, just waiting for a son to be born for sacrifice. Plus why would she have kept all those tapes? I mean, given, not having done so would have made the movie impossible, but it seems pretty weird for grandma witch to keep an extensive catalog of video footage incriminating her for sicking a demon on her daughter’s family.

    • I said this so many times to other people. They had all of theyes things unanswered so they can make another movie… Besides it adds to the story. Each movie they revealed more and more of the demon’s motives and by doing so it adds more questions at the same time.

    • I think that the movie makes sense. When the granmother is asking the mother why she doesn’t want any more children, when she always wanted a large family, and asked if she still wanted a son. the mother says no. so if it is going on the fact that a baby son was a part of the devil wealth pact brought up in the second movie,it makes sense. after the mother makes that claim everything starts going crazy, with kristi saying no to tobi.( obviously going to grandmas where the power is strongest and killing the non reproducing parents.)the children were then kept by grandma n the hope when they grow up, one of them will have a son, fulfilling the pact.

    • I agree that it’s odd she kept the tapes but pretty much required for the movie and not enough of a hole to really ruin the movie. I think there’s going to be more explanation why the grandma was so motivated to work with the demon. But obviously she is. Her motivation to kill the mom was all in the bed-making scene. She obviously was realizing that she didn’t want any more kids and that would ruin her ability to produce a boy. Therefore, she was useless to her (as horrible as that sounds). So then they changed their focus to the girls and obviously the demon chose Christi as she is the one he doesn’t torment and even protects her(notice that he harmed Katie when she was chasing her through the house). Once it became clear that the mom wasn’t going to have a boy, they changed their sights on Christi, killed Julie and Dennis, burned down their house, covering up the murders to the authorities and to Katie and Christi and wiped their memories.

      • @Laura – they burned down the house??? When? That did not happen in the movie.

  9. I just watched the third film and read the story online for the first two, I figured since the thrid is the prequel to the prequel of the present, I’d get the answers straight away . . . But Noooooo . . . I left the theater confused, lost, and disturbed (I was scared out of my mind but being left in the dark with no answers to the real issues like the demon itself, the cult, and the killing . . . I wait excruciatingly for the climax only to be baffled by the secrecy . . . I’m particularly bothered by the cult, demon, daughters and mothers thing! This movie reminds me of a of “Wickerman”, “The Blair Witch Project”, “Insidious”, “cloverfield, and some others. I liked how the film freaked me out and scared me out of my wits. It’s just that the answers to my questions were left unanswered! Sure make a 4th one to increase anticipation! Trailers are always better than the movie itself! That’s how they get you to watch it!!! Har-Har!!!

    • I am also angry at yhis cult !?!?! I mean come on where this cult came from !?! How does it link… This is stupid the film scared me in the cinema and i left angry

      • What most ppl don’t realize “I JUST remembered this morning” that in the second one, the daughter was doing research and how someone in the family made a deal w/ the devil that they have to produce a son. Maybe the grandmother killed the mother because she only has daughters and said she was done having kids. Now remember, the grandmother in the 3rd one would be hunter’s GREAT grandmother.

        • (I just remembered this morning)**

  10. Paranormal Activity 2 had a few scenes which were in the trailer, but not in the final cut. It was a little annoying, but didn’t detract from the final movie experience.

    Paranormal Activity 3′s trailer, is something else.

    There is SO much of this movie that isn’t present that I assume they were trying to keep the movie spoiler free for all of us, but I was sat there last night during the final scenes thinking ‘wheres the psychic’ and ‘wheres the fire’ – which completely spoiled the ending.

    Also, the cult element gave the demon a backstory and took it away from being unexpected haunting to simple worshipping. I kinda stopped being scared after that. I suppose I always imagined the Grandma being an innocent old lady who contacted an evil demon.

    I assume the DVD/BluRay will be double disk – the film we just watched and the film they used to make the trailer. They better do, or they’ll be demons to pay!

  11. ok my thoughts
    maybe as mentioned the grandmother and cult brain wash the kids but dont take into account how powerful tobey is hence the fire?
    just a thought but might work as a bridger
    personally thought the graphics e.g. hair pulling was AWESOME
    some very obvious moments but other than that good
    was disapointed with the trailer missing moments but when i think about it ill buy the dvd now just to see them in aswell
    lets face it if we see a directors cut or uncut version we always go for it.
    oren peli is quite possibly the new king of subtly in horror.

  12. first of all yes i really hated how at least half of the trailer scenes never made the final cut and the only things i dislike about is tha there wasn’t enough new action. we are basically seeing the same stuff from previous films. Like i was really looking forward to when kristi did like backflips of the blacony but they cut it out of the movie. by the way when the movie ended it felt like there should have been at least another 20 mins left it went really fast. What i did like abbout the movie was the ending it was messed up i hope that grandmother died a horrible death that heartless jerk

  13. Isn’t there some element of False Advertising in presenting clips from a movie that aren’t in the movie. Food packaging can’t include images of the food being sold that isn’t accurate. Commercials cant say things about products that aren’t true. I don’t know or care when promotional materials or commercials/trailers get made with regard to when the movie is released…but it feels cheap and like cheating and is a lame tactic to get people into the theaters.

    Does ANYONE know why ‘they’ are allowed to do this? I don’t get to the theater much and was genuinely excited to see this film…. partially because the first 2 installments really worked TOGETHER… and partially because the commercials (or some of the clips in the commercials) got the hair on my arms to stand up. And ultimately was disappointed (by the film I saw, and by the clips they omitted).

    Weren’t we maybe going to find out what happened to Katie and Hunter? Didn’t the lingering “1/2 burned photo of Katie as a child” make another appearance? Wasn’t there going to be some explanation of Katie and Kristi’s grandmother’s involvement?” I don’t make movies or write them…. but according to this example of “cinema”….maybe I can.

    • Take a look at Highlander End Game’s trailer and you see a lot is missing from that movie based on the trailer too. It’s not something new, it’s a tease of things to come. Announcement trailers are very similar. None of what was said in the first Batman Begins trailer was actually said in the movie. It’s how they market films, not an issue so long as what they are marketing matches what’s on screen. I’d hate to have been fed a horror story in the trailers only to see a stupid romantic comedy with Kristi and Toby as the leads.

  14. I know the majority of you are upset about the scenes not being added…I havent even been able to see the movie yet, but I thought maybe a little thinking outside the box might help the conversation & the direction its going right now.

    Quite possibly did yall think maybe these scenes were shown & PURPOSELY taken out because the film company knows that people are going to buy the unrated film that shows ALL of these cut scenes just so they can bank even more money on this film. They knew people were going to come see this & it was going to be a blockbuster…that was a given. They want to ensure the movie CONTINUES to sell even after the first couple weekends of its debut.

    …Food for thought! Glad I could twist the direction a little bit…the box was made to be broken! EXPLODE OUT TO THE OTHER SIDE! :)

    • It will lead more people to go the “bootleg” route to make sure they are not duped again.

    • I’m trying to reply to Erin’s post but it wont let me do it for some reason. But the 2nd trailer that came out felt like it was a totally different movie. If they would have added those scenes, then it would have been an entirely different movie. They never call a priest in because Julie is completely against the idea that somethings in their house. The 2nd trailer contradicts a lot of what’s shown in the actual movie.

  15. I think the movie was incredible and scarier than the first two films. However the “Cliffhanger Ending” kinda pissed me off a bit I was hoping for more explanation of the storyline with the demon and this family’s bloodline. The fact that the trailer showed some great scenes and they were not not incorporated within the film such as the house fire and the investigator explaining to Dennis and Julie about the demon etc. was a little disappointing but I am sure the DVD will have those scenes restored. The thing about the ending was a little surprising and then again it wasn’t. The first two films have endings where the audience is kept guessing “What Happened” such as the first film where Katie kills Micah stares into the camera, smiles, and the demon lunges her body toward the camera with that evil, raspy growl. It left the audience wondering what happened to her?? At the end of Paranormal Activity 2 we find that a day later what happened to Katie after the first film when she goes to her sister Kristi’s house possessed by the demon and kills her and her brother-in-law.

    With Paranormal Activity 3 I expected like so many others that Katie and Hunter’s outcome will be explained but with this film it took it into another direction. I personally feel that they needed to explain the origins of the demon with this family and basically tie up the somewhat “Loose Ends” from the first two films. The events of Paranormal Activity 3 were mentioned in the first two films and I think before we find out where Katie and Hunter are we need to see where the demon comes from. We learn that all along Katie and Kristi’s family are witches something not known in the first two films only speculation that their great-grandmother “May Have” made a deal with a demon for wealth and/or power. Let us not forget the ending of this new installment with a witch coven out in the back of the barn surrounding a roaring fire. Dennis himself stated upon research that this coven would brainwash their children in not remembering so obviously that is what happens because Katie and Kristi barely remember what happened and I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn in Paranormal Activity 4 that they have no memory of Dennis and perhaps even of their mother’s death. Who knows maybe their Grandmother erases their memory through a ritual or traditional brainwashing etc. and perhaps their are two people from within the coven who pose as Katie and Kristi’s parents after the events in this thrid film and they grow up with no memory of their mother. There is also their actual father who is briefly mentioned in this film but it leaves you wondering if he is dead, or simply that the girl’s mother Julie is divorced from their father.

    As far as Katie and hunter’s unexplained story my guess is we needed to see where it all came from first. I have a feeling we will see Katie show up with baby hunter at her Grandmother’s farm house in Paranormal Activity 4 to sacrifice the baby or something along those lines. If we saw this farmhouse with Katie in it and coven of witches not knowing who they were it wouldn’t work. This film is simply a link to the story line of the fourth film preparing us for the truth about everything!!

    • Very good and clever observations Brian. Nice review.

  16. They didn’t put any of the scenes that were in the commercials in the movie because it would spoil the scare. Which I dont know if thats okay because they should’ve shown the house burning down.

  17. Just saw it and i agree with most of the people hear when they say it was the scariest out of the three. Tbh i was disappointed when I saw the trailer again and realised that most of it was cut from the movie but overall still quite good.

    Personally I feel like they could still put all them scenes into the dvd like a directors cut. I think that possibly everything from the trailer did really happen and the reason that they went to their grandmothers was because of the fire. In my opinion I think that the cult ending would still go with the rest of the movie and Ii really hope that they make a Paranormal Activity 4 to tie it all together.

  18. This movie rattled me to my core. It is a movie that sits with you the next day as your mind begins to make all of the connections to the previous two movies. I found the movie to be one of the best found footage movies ever made. The use of vhs reduced the lag (speed up time during the nights)less which in increased the intensity of the movie. The use of old school tension camera turns where things show up suddenly enhances the tension of the audience.

    There is one issue that I would like to discuss. The trailers reveal the house burning down. this is eluded to in both previous films, but this seen does not make it into the final movie cut. Other scenes were deleted and used in the trailers as well. I think that they had another day/night sequence that they cut and used for trailers. I really wish they would have included this day/night sequence. It would have given the plot a thicker storyline rather than just jumping to them pulling up in the car at the Mother’s house.


    • The house needed to be burned down to dispose of the mom and boyfriend’s bodies. The coven transported them back to the house.

  19. Overall I liked the movie and then again I didn’t. There was a lot of scenes cut from the movie that ultimately caused me to go see the movie in the first place. I think the reason why the took out the girls’ bloody mary scene is because they came up with a better one. Obviously Katie wouldn’t do it again if she just experienced it at its worst. I too also believe there was not enough connecting to the 1st and second movies. They said everything was lost in the fire when they were kids but then when we go back and see them as kids there is no fire. And in the second one they discussed about how they would wake up to a shadow only standing at the foot of kristi’s bed and how she would be so terrified. But she wasn’t terrified of it at all it was basically like her best friend. The part about the tapes going missing doesn’t make sense either because if they went missing how were we viewing them? Also in paranormal activity 2 the demon comes back to haunt and hurt Katie, it had no intentions of being friends with her or whatever you want to call it. Which made no sense because it was always nice to her. These are just some of the many things that didn’t make sense in the movie. Now with that being said it was still a great horror film. It always kept you on your toes and guessing what scary part was going to happen next. I think my favorite part in the movie was where she walked out of the kitchen and then came back and everything was gone. Then all of the sudden it comes crashing down, I found it very clever but also felt like they were copying the previous movies kitchen scene. I also loved the part where they are both running up the stairs and then she just smacks right into “toby” and then he pulls her hair. I couldn’t stop laughing about it. It wasn’t a bad movie I think it was just sort of rushed and not thought out and put together well. The ending was great I think it made the movie because everything came together. Like when the dad or boyfriend asks if toby was young like him or old like grandma and she said old like grandma made the ending make sense. Because that sort of gave you a hint that it had something to do with the grandma. And when the old ladies were in the garage, that was a good scene also. I just feel like the girls were way to happy at the end… There parents were both just gruesomely murdered right in front of them and they are just fine and the other girl even says “come on toby” and then he wrecks the camera. I think they will end a lot of the speculations about what happens next and everything like that by coming out with a 4th movie.

  20. I remember when the second movie came out, I read a few theory blogs on what might happen in the series. The best one I read was that Ali (Kristi’s stepdaughter and Hunter’s half-sister) goes to rescue her baby brother Hunter. My want from this third entry into the series was for that theory to somehow come to light into the fourth. If Ali is indeed still alive (and from all summation, she should be) I would love for her to have found these disjointed video tapes, to piece together what has happened to her stepmother and step aunt to bring this evil into their house, and for her to go get Hunter back. I could not sit very well with the idea that Hunter is lost and gone, sacrificed, or son of a demon, etc. I want the baby to be rescued. I do not exactly sit well with the idea of a witch’s coven, and I am more interested in the ancestor’s demon pack without typical occult dealings. We have seen in series like Supernatural, or that really horrible yet awesome movie “Lo”, that demons can act outside of “the Devil” or forms of Satanic worship, and it would be a better turn to take out the witch business. Especially with the grandmother. As far as Toby, our little invisible friend … the previews have made this invisible enity seem like a woman (i.e. Bloody Mary) so …. it’s almost as if there is more that one entity in the house. A mother and a son, perhaps? Maybe a mother and son demon? Who knows. All I can say again is … Ali! Go Save Hunter!

    • In the ending scenes it said that Ali was away on a school trip, so she is still alive.

    • wait what if Toby is like one of the previous coven members that died, and the deal was made before their death or something? possibly lois’s mother?

  21. I see two more movies happening. The tape marked 1992 and what Josie was talking about.

    • I don’t think that Ali will specifically go out there and try to save Hunter, these movies aren’t about people setting out to find demons and be heroes in saving their loved ones. They’re more about people that just happen to be involved with demons by the demon’s choice and having to deal with the problems that the demons cause. The 1992 tapes are MOST likely a go for the 4th film but if they were to make an entirely seperate film just to explain Hunter’s whereabouts it doesn’t seem like they would have enough to make an entirely seperate film for that so they’d probably have to just make brief mention of it in the 4th film and end the series there unless they want it to get too drawn out and overdone like the “Saw” series.

  22. I actually enjoyed this movie. I left the theatre freaked out and a little bit shaky. It didn’t seem like the other ones where you were just watching them live their lives while little by little weird stuff started happening. In this movie right from the get go, things started happening. Mostly all of the characters were likable.

    I just wish that certain questions were explained/answered more. For example the house burning. The fate of the girls’ mother (did she die, or did she just end up going insane?) what did Kristi mean by saying (SPOILER) she’ll do it?

  23. I loved reading all your comments. The movie theater I was at didnt start the movie on time because they said they were doing a last minute download because there were changes to the movie and found my self disappointed that the movie wasn’t all that special after a thirty minute wait that was only suposed to be five. The only scene I was really egar to see was the little girl jumping down and walking back up, although I did love the sheet situation. I found it to be okay not upset at all about the money spent.

  24. I still believe the first one was the best one but paranormal activity 3 was definitely better than the last one. I do not see how they can make another sequel though

  25. Overall, I thought it was a really good movie. It was worth going to the movies and spending the cash during these hard times, however, the crowds to see the midnight showing were ridiculous. I had some loud teenagers sitting behind me trying to predict the next scene. Talk about annoying. If I would have known, I would have waited to see it when there were less people. My suggestion, try the matinee in a week.

    • Same for me. The crowd was out of control. Getting scared and laughing afterwards is something I can tolerate, but constant talking and failed jokes are something else. I’m guessing that most of those loud teens weren’t spending their own money, or just don’t care about throwing their own away.

  26. People who are complaining about the trailer scenes not showing up in the final release obviously never lived through the 80s porn era and the fact that the girls they showed on the box often weren’t in the movie.

    • Good point Dave. I was thinking the same thing.

  27. For those of you asking who is watching the found footage, my guess is it’s the coven. This is why the start of the movie is with Katie storing the boxes of footage she received after her grandmother died in Kristi’s basement. They also show us the PA2 footage of Kristi’s house ransacked with the additional mention of the boxes being stolen.

  28. Can someone please explain to me a few of the things that had happened?

    1) What was the little girls task that Toby required her to do? She said no and all hell broke loose. Finally when she had said yes, everything was good.

    2) If Toby is supposed to be a tall old man, why was the sheet behind the babysitter draped over someone who is 4 feet tall?

    • I’m guessing it was give up her firstborn son? This is probably why the demon kills Kristi in the second movie (while posessing Katie) because she reneged on the promise she made as a child. Even though she doesn’t remember it, she did make some sort of deal.

    • @Matthew
      Your first question 1) I believe the request by “Toby” was to ask the little girl to get the parents to go to the Grandmother’s house, so that they can complete their ritual. She continued to refuse to allow her parents to go there because i’m sure she knew he was up to no good. So the demon took it upon himself to scare the family as much as possible so they would leave the house and go to the Grandma’s. The only person stopping his plan’s was the Mother and her stubborn way’s. Hence he knew he had to do something dramatic to get her to leave. (kitchen items falling to the ground)
      2) Demon’s have many power’s i am sure. I dont think it would be difficult for a demon to create a 4foot entity. Thats probably a cake walk power for him =)

      Hope that helps

  29. Okay, my initial freak outs have now worn off and I’m starting to question things more.

    First, let me say something about the trailers vs. the final cut of the movie. Micah flying into the camera. All the cabinet doors opening at once in Kristi’s kitchen. Two of the main jump scares in the first two films. Both given away by the trailer & tv spots. I made a deal with myself after seeing PA3′s official trailer to not watch ANY tv spots. If they came on, I’d leave the room. I didn’t want any of the scares to be ruined. I kind of regret not seeing them now. But it was nice going into the movie not expecting anything but to be scared.

    I’ve seen some people allude to the “burning house” scene being in the tv spots. This was the only thing that actually struck me when I was watching the movie. Where was this scene? It seems like a cop-out to only put that in as a deleted scene. That’s a major plot point in the first two. Now, without having seen these tv spots & additional trailers, I’m left to wonder if these are not glimpses of our next Paranormal Activity experience?

    As for the coven and that whole backstory, when they brought it up, I instantly thought of Ali & her boyfriend from PA2 discovering that on the Internet.

    The fact that there were so many unanswered questions and holes in the plot basically sets us up for a Paranormal Activity 4.. and if that’s the case, leave all the really good stuff we wanted to see out of the PA3 DVD and close up the whole shebang in PA4.

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