What about the house burning and other scenes that were in the Paranormal Activity 3 trailer, but not in the actual film? Were they part of the story?

The Paranormal Activity 3 trailer controversy is a big one. There was SO MUCH shown in the trailers that didn’t make it into the actual film, and fans have been left scratching their heads. This includes:

  • The girls’ house being on fire.
  • Julie being aware of the demon’s presence and being attacked by him.
  • The girls’ “Bloody Mary” game revealing a female ghost in the bathroom.
  • The girls playing other games (jump off the ledge, the “knocking game”) with the demon.
  • A visiting demonologist being violently attacked by the demon.

Watch the trailers below and see what we mean:

Now, in our interviews with the Paranormal Activity creator, we learned that often times they just film a bunch of material and decide what scares are the best ones to put in the film. In that sense, certain occurrences – like Julie seeing water splash over the demon or being thrown on the bed – the demonologist being attacked – might have once been shot as possible devices to advance the plot (namely, giving the family an excuse to run to grandma’s house), but those moments might’ve been trumped by the scenes we actually saw in the film (the demon finally scaring Julie by dropping everything in the kitchen onto the floor). The best scares were used in the film, the rest was left on the cutting floor and eventually recycled for the trailers. No mystery there.

However, the house burning is a big deal when it comes to unanswered questions. As stated, we may see this explanation in future installments – but why the video tapes were kept intact at all is a big question mark (why not just burn them?). As stated, we still don’t know what happened when Katie and Kristi were teenagers, so those explanations could indeed be coming with subsequent films in the series.

How do the trailer scenes not included in the movie relate to the events shown in the movie?

Again, the scenes in the trailers for Paranormal Activity 3 are clearly time stamped, so they do take place around the time of PA3. It is strange that many of the missing trailer scenes have later dates – more than likely, a previous cut of the film had them placed there. Again, these Paranormal Activity films are constructed by shooting a bunch of different “scare moments” before the filmmakers step back to see which ones are most effective. Paranormal Activity‘s ending was drastically changed from the original cut (in which Katie kills herself after killing Micah) to the theatrical cut (Katie heads off to kidnap Hunter). Paranormal Activity 2 also had trailer footage not included in the film, so this issue is not really a mystery – more like tactics of movie marketing. Paranormal Activity 3 simply took things to the extreme.

I say all that to say: things you saw in the trailers are moments they could’ve used to advance the plot, but in the end, they chose to use the material we saw in the film instead. Those trailer scenes aren’t “missing” – they’re simply the fodder you’ll find in the deleted scenes section of a DVD/Blu-ray. The only thing that really needs to be explained is the house burning down (but again, there’s strong implication that we will get that explanation at some point).

The only ting really left to discuss, then, is – Paranormal Activity 4 and where the story goes from here. Stay tuned for our post. ;-)

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