‘Paranormal Activity’ Latino Spinoff Set for 2014 Release Date [Updated]

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paranormal activity 5 release date 2014 Paranormal Activity Latino Spinoff Set for 2014 Release Date [Updated]

[UPDATE: The project in question is actually the Paranormal Activity Latino spinoff. Read on for more details.]

Writer-director Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity was the mico-budgeted indie flick that could, starting its film festival run in 2007 and culminating with a $193 million global theatrical gross (on a $15K budget) in 2009. The horror movie’s runaway success gave birth to a new tradition, where a subsequent installment in the found-footage series would release around Halloween each year thereafter (much like the Saw franchise did from 2004 until 2010).

Paranormal Activity 5 was set to continue the tradition, back when Paramount had plans to release the film in theaters by October 2013 (which became semi-official news mere days after the fourth installment had opened to $29 million and scathing reviews). The studio has since decided to delay the movie, by going so far as to remove it from 2013 altogether and schedule it for January 3rd, 2014.

It’s a curious move on Paramount’s part, seeing how – at this point in the series – it feels like a significant percentage of the Paranormal Activity crowd keep turning out for these movies as an All Hollows’ Eve tradition (i.e. in order to celebrate the season with a “scary” flick); as opposed to, they’re still expecting to get a decent explanation for the convolutions in the franchise’s over-arching continuity.

Paramount has filled the October slot left empty by the fifth Paranormal Activity movie with Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, which will open a week after Carrie. PA5 was previously lined up to face off during its first weekend against Ridley Scott’s The Counselor (a potential awards contender) and Spike Lee’s Oldboy (a remake gunning for cinephiles’ attention). That is to say, PA5 wasn’t facing much direct competition for attention from the scare-hungry demographic.

Paranormal Activity 3 Spoilers Paranormal Activity Latino Spinoff Set for 2014 Release Date [Updated]

On the other hand, January has proven to be a lucrative month for releasing concept-based horror genre installments and additions to the found-footage sub-genre in recent years, as we saw with the lackluster The Devil Inside back in 2012 and the better, but flawed, Guillermo del Toro-produced Mama earlier this year.

That track record doesn’t exactly suggest that Paranormal Activity 5 could be a return to form for the minimalistic supernatural horror series, but it does bode well for the film’s box office prospects when it opens next January (leading to the “Latino Paranormal Activity spinoff,” which is also due to arrive next year).

UPDATE: Actually, it turns out that the Latino-targeted Paranormal Activity spinoff IS Paranormal Activity 5, for the time being. According to The Wrap, the film is being written and directed by Christopher Landon (writer of Paranormal Activity 2-4) and will take place in a parallel universe, relative to the previous movies. The next straight-forward installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise is reported to have neither a writer nor director (for the time being), but is still expected to hit theaters in October.

Let us know if you’re still planning to see Paranormal Activity 5/the Paranormal Activity Latino spinoff in theaters in the comments section.


The Paranormal Activity Latino Spinoff opens in U.S. theaters on January 3rd, 2014.

Source: Paramount [via Box Office Mojo]

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  1. How about pushing it back to the end of times?

    • Can we just put some salt on this and set it on fire? I thought the last flim…I mean, film…was suppose to be it. How long can someone milk a franchise?

      • Exactly.

        Both Saw and Paranormal Activity were just single movies that worked unexpectedly and should’ve been left as just a single entry.

        Instead, we get pointless sequels that didn’t need to be made telling stories that didn’t need to be told and making things even more convoluted and ridiculous just to earn a profit from stupid people who actually make the decision to pay money to see them.

      • Friday the 13th.
        Nightmare on Elm Street
        Pirates of the Caribbean.

        Do I need to go on?

        • Well, there are franchises that show things worth watching… and then there is the franchise that shows surveillance cams recording cabinets opening and closing and lights going on and off. Every single one of the franchises you listed is in a whole different league than Paranormal Inactivity.

        • Agreed. Everyone seems to forget that their favorite, beloved horror franchises are only around because the first one did well and hollywood execs wanted to milk the hell out of it, making a ton of sequels.

          • Didn’t know Hollywood execs forced Raimi to make more Evil Dead or is that an exception?

            Because a majority of my fave horror movies were standalone (The Shining, Maniac Cop, The Thing etc) and the only exceptions are the Evil Dead franchise and the first two Alien movies.

            • Actually Maniac Cop had to sequels after the original.I had both of them on VHS.I heard awhile ago they were planning on making a prequel to the first one to show why he became the way he did.

              • Two sequels

            • That’s why I said franchises.

        • How about the James Bond 007 franchise? 23 and counting. I’m not sure but I think this is the longest film franchise in history and it’s still going strong.

  2. I prefer staying in and watching The Horror Channel or another movie channel’s Halloween Season than going out to watch a movie, especially one as boring as this series.

    At this point, I watch them purely to see if any of it is going to make any sense at some point other than an ok movie with pointless sequels (like Saw).

  3. they should call it Parannual Activity

    • Mark Kermode calls it “Para-snore-mal Activity” due to the lack of anything happening a majority of the time.

  4. The pushback signal the end of that franchise. Isnt january a DOA dumping ground?

    • It was until Cloverfield was released in January and changed the focus of that month being a dump month. I would say September and March are the two main dumping ground months but in reality there are not months like that anymore because the film industry has changed so much. Studios and distributors are more fearful of a bomb now and will pretty much focus on making movies that they think can turn a profit.

      • One movie doesnt change it away from a dump month.. gangster squad was dumped till january and it was awful. Idk whats worse january or april

        • April has seen Prometheus, The Avengers, IM3 and Evil Dead to balance out the bombs like Battleship and….um….failing to think of another April bomb.

          • Pometheus was May, unless you live overseas. Then I stand corrected.

            • Yep, Prometheus was early April here, Avengers was late April. I remember wishing they released the other way round so that the greatness of Prometheus could soften the blow of my disappointment with Avengers.

  5. First one was awesome, scared the crap out of me. The fourth one was very anticlimactic, barely anything happened. The one thing I actually enjoyed in the movie was the boyfriend, he was pretty entertaining. I don’t have faith or anything for this sequel, but I do believe they can rejuvenate this franchise and make it fresh and exciting once more. Chances of that actually happening though? Maybe 5%.

    • Wow.

      I thought the boyfriend was just like every other annoying teen boyfriend character we see in movies. Couldn’t wait for him to die.

      • It’s easy to overcome the fact that he wasn’t very unique when the rest of the movie was terrible.

        • It’s not even that he wasn’t unique, he just seemed like the kind of d-bag that I hate but yet seems to be popular in movies.

  6. I am still messed up over the Final Exorcism..Part 2.

    • I prescribe a couple of steaks and call me in the morning. 😀

  7. PA4 was soo horrible !!!!

    • You’re saying it didn’t….Kinect…..with audiences?

      *puts on sunglasses*

  8. lol

  9. Oh, really? I’m the only one who liked PA4? Huh. I thought it was better than the second one actually. Eh, guess that’s life.

    Anyway, I actually think this is a good move for the franchise. Not necessarily pushing it to January, but pushing it back. I think anytime you make something an annual thing, whether it’s movies or games or whatever, it just loses its original quality after a while. I think they should push this back to Halloween 2014, focus on coming up with something really good for it, and give us a good final movie.

    • First one was ok because it was a unique and blatantly low budget movie that the majority apparently hadn’t seen before (forgetting Cannibal Holocaust, The McPherson Tapes, Blair Witch Project, The Last Horror Movie etc, all in that order of release).

      Second was only good because of Sprague Grayden.

      Third…decent, the 80s setting could’ve done a lot more with it and maybe showed a little more activity but not that good.

      Fourth….only thing I liked was the garage scene, everything else about it was trash and falls into the “lets promise a lot and give very little” trap that the others did too.

      It really is like Saw. A unique movie with unexpected mainstream success that then gets milked to death by sequels and prequels that exist purely for profit and not to tell a story (or in Saw’s case, was just an excuse for profit as well as gruesome ways to kill people off with zero plot or character development or even logic).

      Reminds me of the Snakes On A Plane phenomenon where the movie studio execs sat around trying to come up with the dumbest title ever to turn into a movie.

      • Actually, I think my biggest problem with PA2 was that out of all four movies, it had in my opinion the worst characters. But overall for the series, I guess I just liked them more than most people, even though I will say first is still definitely my favorite.

        I guess then I should also admit I liked the Saw movies a bit too. Those movies I mainly liked for story though, not the traps. Overall, I thought the first one was good, 2/3/6 were okay, and then 4 and 5 were pretty bad. I have yet to see 7 though.

        And I also liked Snakes on a Plane haha. It’s not a movie I ever remember until someone brings it up because it was nothing special, but I enjoyed it while I was watching it. I’m like this with a lot of movies though, I like some other people seemed to hate (like…dare I say it, Iron Man 3). Sometimes I do think critics/popular opinion is dead on though. For example, last night I watched The Last Exorcism Part II. I thought the first one was decent, but the sequel was as horrible as everyone made it out to be. I dunno, we all have opinions though I suppose.

  10. i really like all the movies and i know this one will not disappoint. I coe from the latin culture and beleive that these type of Scenarios do happen. comment if you like about my beliefs but its just how i feel.