‘Paranormal Activity 4′ Trailer: There Goes the Neighborhood

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Fans of the Paranormal Activity franchise are looking for some answers from Paranormal Activity 4, considering that the ending of Paranormal Activity 3 - a film which promised to fill us in on backstory – only left us more confused than ever. We still don’t know what happened in the period between Katie and Kristi’s demonic possession in childhood and their seemingly normal adult lives viewed at the starts of PA 1&2 - and we’re no closer to finding out what, exactly, demon-Katie plans to do with her kidnapped nephew, Hunter, last seen during the final moments of PA2.

For those of us who have been following the exploits of sisters Katie, Kristi, and the demonic force that has haunted them since childhood (as last explored in prequel flashback form via Paranormal Activity 3), there are plenty of plot points and explanations that still need to be unraveled. Today’s Paranormal Activity 4 teaser tailer previews manage to answer…some of it.

With PA3 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman returning for the fourth installment, there needed to be some quick establishment of what this film will cover in terms of subject matter (the girls’ adolescent years or the present, after the events of PA2) and whether this chapter will be tying up all loose ends, or simply stringing us along for another ninety minutes.

 Now we know that the film will at least partly focus on where PA2 left off, as we pick up some five years after the events of PA2, in a new neighborhood where our young female protagonist is commenting on the creepy nature of a certain familiar-faced little boy who lives next door. Are we seeing demon-Hunter? Judging from the photo below, his aunt, demon-Kaite, won’t be far behind:

 Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer: There Goes the Neighborhood

Of course, I wouldn’t be too quick to assume that this “neighbor POV” is the only thing we’ll be getting in Paranormal Activity 4. Personally, I’m betting that we could even see a lot of smaller segments strung together in the film, with the “found-footage” format being exploited to bounce viewers between multiple perspectives – possibly even different time periods (i.e., more footage of Katie and Kristi’s life in the past).

I say that because the directors responsible for the ’80s exploits of chapter 3 are heading up chapter 4 (so that era of the story is still fair game); the found-footage sub-genre has been forced to branch out and get more creative, lately (as seen in films like Chronicle and the upcoming horror anthology V/H/S); and finally, there are just a lot of questions that need answering, and suffice to say if the account of “neighbor girl” is all that we’re going to see in PA4, the filmmakers will officially be shooting themselves in the foot. Here’s hoping they’re smarter than that.

Paranormal Activity 4 will be in theaters on October 19, 2012.

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  1. Before the Paranormal Activity hate starts, I would like to say I am a huge fan of the series. This series is very polarizing though. You either love it or hate it. There really isn’t any middle ground there. So far, from what I saw in the trailer, the movie looks promising. Although I agree, the idea of just sticking with the neighbors may be a bad idea. Breaking the format and bouncing around houses will be fun. I am calling it now though, the movie will end with some people or someone breaking in to Katie and Hunter’s house to save Hunter. Maybe we will get some answers through the journey int he demon’s own house. High hopes for this one.

    • Iagree, I love the movies but I’ve never found myself saint “gee whens the next paranormal activity gonna hit theaters” but I hore we get some sort of explanation as to what hunter and katie/tpbey? Have planed

    • same here and js lol i wanna bang that blonde

  2. I wouldnt mind some POV with my neighbour if she looked like that ;)

    • That’s a child…

    • Looks at least 16-17 unless you’re that age group then ok….. :S

    • all I want to say is, I really despise Demons, I mean honestly they can do all that crap to you when you can’t do a thing to them.

  3. my wife loves these movies .. i liked the third .. the second was ok but tried to be too funny with the whole mexican nanny .. and the first was boring if you ask me … i hope the 4th is a good movie and not just a cash grab like the saw movies ..

    • I’m so excited!it looks great. yeah I do kind of think the fact that, apparently, everybody in the paranormal activity universe feels inclined to record there lives and the goings in their homes a bit far fetched but beside that It looks great.

  4. I think that the trailer hasn’t shown what’s going to be in the real movie. Remember the trailer for PA3? And Paramount are trying to keep everything about PA4 in the down low since they want to surprise the audience.

    Here’s the questions that are running around my head:
    1. Who’s the girl?
    2. What did Toby want from Hunter?
    3. Why is Hunter still alive?
    4. What happened to the fire from 1988?
    5. Where’s Ali Rey from PA2?
    6. Where’s Katie?
    7. Who’s the neighbor?
    8. What happened to the cult ladies and grandma Lois?

    • Let the film come out first…

    • 1. We don’t know.
      2. We don’t know, but probably for something twisted.
      3. Again, we don’t know, but perhaps the demon has to wait for Hunter to ‘mature’ in order to use him.
      4. The 1988 fire happened, it just wasn’t shown in the movies YET. At the end of PA3, when the static starts to come on, you can briefly glimpse what appears to be Julie and Dennis’ bed on fire.
      5. No idea. =P She could be in PA4, but I doubt it.
      6. Katie is one of ‘the new neighbours’ that have moved in next to the blonde girl. Because this film is set 5 years AFTER the events of PA2, it can be presumed that she is still possessed.
      7. I’m assuming it’s Katie and Hunter.
      8. In the start of PA3, when Katie gives Kristi the tapes, Katie mentions that she received the tapes when Grandma Lois had died. It hasn’t been mentioned HOW or WHY she died, though. In PA2, Katie tells Kristi to ‘stop talking about the weird stuff going on’, otherwise she will end up ‘just like Mom’. However, at the end of PA3, it appears that Julie has been killed by the demon. Popular theory is that Grandma Lois either got Kristi and Katie adopted, or masqueraded herself at the girls’ mother ie. Lois pretended to be Julie.


  5. 1RST of all, THIS CAN’T BE A MERE ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVE, since the date and time of time WEB and whatever CAMS pop up this time around….INDICATES THE EVENTS OF PA 4…..TAKE PLACE ABOUT 5 YEARS AFTER PA 2 ( Micah, Kristi died in 2006 ) THERE’S A DEMON POSSESSED GIRL running around with a kidnapped 5 YEAR OLD NEPHEW and GOD knows what KATIE did
    to him and HOW MANY PEOPLE SHE KILLED…The only thing waiting for the poor girl…is a SWAT TEAM.

  6. So I wonder if these scenes will actually be in the movie. Or if they’re just fooling us like they did with the trailer to Paranormal Activity 3.

  7. Im a fan of these movies I like to watch them and I enjoy them. The thought of that stuff happening freaks me out more then what’s in screen and I’m just excited to see the next one. Hopefully it kinda ties the series to a close and we can get a different family in on this or not who knows. To me their just fun movies.

  8. wasnt this due for a reboot?

    really? are you REALLY gonna spend your hard earned dollars on this AGAIN?!?

    THE LAST EXORCISM was better………

  9. .

  10. I always go to see these movies in theaters with my girlfriend. Why? Because there a blast to see on the big screen. Pure entertainment and suspense. I’ve seen 2 and 3 both in theaters and never watched them again after that (really no point). To me it really isn’t so much about the story as it is just about the fun experience. Everyone who keeps whining about plot holes and looking way to hard into the time line, chill out. These movies are fun, quit taking it too seriously.

  11. omg…you people cleary arent paying attention to the films, and should also do some research on cults and pagan relgions. First off the grandomather cleary was a witch and part of a cult who whorpised a demon, toby, who wanted a first born male as a scrafice. The grandmother got rid of her daughter and the boyfriend bc they didnt want to have any kids bc the grandomther needed a first born male. So the grandmother cleary tampered witht the two girls heads, and left it up to them to have a first born male in the family, which one of them did. Since the boy was born toby comes back to claim the boy…so he posses the sister who kills her boyfriend (the first film) and goes to claim the boy(second film)….and what are they goign to do next is to be found out in this film….I dont understand why you people feel as if things have been left out from the first three films….the third film cleary filled in all the missing pieces and provdied the back story. you people have to pay attention to the dialouge and whats going on in the story, instead of expecting a mask murder to come out of the closet..this is not a slasher teen film. this is a well thought out suspensful film thats plays upon the use of the single camera linear method of filming…TOBY IS A DEMON WHO WAS BROUGHT ABOUT BY THE GRANDMOTHER WHO IS A WITCH AND NOW TOBY HAS THE BOY!…ANYTHING ELSE USE YOUR IMAGNIATION.

    • For the most part you are right. But there are still plot holes. In the first movie Micha says something along the lines of “Your mother is not allowed over any more”, and in the second movie Katie says to Kristi “You will end up like mom”. Now the second one could be referencing Julie’s death, but the comment Micha says is clearly not talking about Julie, unless somehow Julie didn’t die. Which means either Julie is still alive, or the girls were brainwashed (which seems more likely) and pawned off to a set of adoptive parents. I say brainwashing seems more likely, because the girls seem to have forgetten exactly how bad it was as kids. They seem to forget how it started and how bad it actually god (Dennis’s death, Julie’s possible death). If they did remember this, Katie would have been more persistent about having the Demonologist come over and take care of the situation. And again, the fire still has not been covered in this series, as this seems to be a big event in the girls lives, we should see it at some point. It was obviously filmed (shown in previews) but it has not appeared in any of the movies. Although some may believe these are not huge plot holes, they do contribute to the story, and to me it is the ever winding story of these movies that keeps them interesting for those of us that are fans, because essentially they are all the same movie with the same progression, but its the questions that we all have that keep us coming back for more….

      • I don’t think that Julie is dead at the end of PA3. Sure, we see her body fall into Dennis, but we have no proof that she is actually dead; she could just be unconscious. My theory is that she was still alive, and looked after Katie and Kristi. However, she still had the knowledge of the demon haunting etc, but Katie and Kristi had been brainwashed, so they didn’t remember any of it. This made Julie seem crazy, which is why Micah refers to her ‘not being allowed over anymore’, and why Katie warns Kristi to not talk about the paranormal activity because she’ll ‘end up just like mom’. Julie appears senile after talking about Toby, which is why Katie warns Kristi.

        That’s my theory, anyway.

        And we do know that the fire still happens, because near the end of PA3, during the static, you can see that Julie and Dennis’ bed is on fire. There’s a clip of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnq4lk_6Xuw. So the fire still happens.

        It’s unexplained what’s happened to Lois though. In PA3, Katie mentions that Lois is dead, which is why she received the tapes. If so, why did Lois have the tapes? Surely she should get rid of them, as they are proof of the demon? What purpose do the tapes actually serve for Lois to keep them?

        I think that the films are open to interpretation by the viewer, but I think that the main questions will be answered (such as what happened to Julie and Lois, the role of Hunter with the demon etc).

  12. I still need to watch the last one, looks like fun tho.

  13. Does anyone else feel like this is completely fake?!

  14. Don’t forget there was a substantial amount of footage in the trailer for PA3 that was NOT in the actual film, something I find both refreshing and frustrating at the same time! It’s nice that expectations were completely derailed, I think we have gotten used to all the best bits of films being in the trailer so we know what to expect. It means that you don’t really know what to expect at all anymore!
    I for one hope that some of the mythology surrounding Toby is explained more (hints in a demonology book in PA1)
    …and what did Kristi carve into the basement door when she was dragged down there in PA2??

    I think that Ali (Hunter’s step-sister) should come back, her storyline was kinda forgotten (from what I remember) PA2 which I felt was a shame.

    **BTW whats with the plug for Blockbuster? I lol’d at how blatant and unashamed it was!

    • Kristi scratched the word ‘Meus’ into the door, which is Latin for ‘Mine’. We don’t know if demon is referring to Hunter being his, or Kristi being his, but I believe it’s the former.

      And I agree, Ali should return, they kinda just left her out with the ending.

  15. Is it possible that the ‘weird boy’ the neighbor chick is video taping is hunter, older or something? because there’s no important male kids or characters that any of the previous movies that pv4 would be focusing on. and the spirit following the original family around is pissed the neighbor chick is filming it? I don’t see why we would need to see the girls grow up–it’s obvious the grandmother just brainwashed em or whatever. The prequel was good and provided all the information we needed–I want to see what happens after she takes the kid.

    • “Is it possible that the ‘weird boy’ the neighbor chick is video taping is hunter, older or something? ”

      It’s been all-but-confirmed that the little kid is Hunter. In fact, we can take it as certain fact that he is Hunter.

      “I don’t see why we would need to see the girls grow up–it’s obvious the grandmother just brainwashed em or whatever.”

      ‘Or whatever.’ See, that’s the issue. For some people, not knowing what EXACTLY happened is annoying. I’m fine with it, I like using my imagination, but for others, it has to be specifically stated. That’s not a bad thing, I’m just saying.

      • I totally agree with it being Hunter, but you never know……

  16. Am I the only one who thinks that the little boy might be Hunter??

    (Or if not a demon thing lol)




  17. Okay The film takes place five years after Paranormal Activity 2, which ended with Katie kidnapping Hunter. Now, Katie and Hunter (now called ‘Robbie’) have moved into a new house and their neighbours, Alice and her mother, begin experiencing paranormal events taking place in their home.

    • Okay.. but why the hell is Hunter and Katie haunting the sexy blond neighbour and her mother?

      What is the connection ?

      I need to know before watching haha so i know what to expect when i watch it in the cinema.

  18. because that family have adopted hunter he has a different name at the start, robbie is some random kid

  19. paranormal activity 5 is announced, reason why they left us clueless/confused like this…I guess that will exlpain everything…