‘Paranormal Activity 4′ Spoilers Discussion

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Paranormal Activity 4 Spoilers Paranormal Activity 4 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Paranormal Activity 4 review, this is the place where you can discuss Paranormal Activity 4 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Paranormal Activity 4 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Paranormal Activity 4 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Paranormal Activity 4 is Rated R for language and some violence/terror. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. I would say Robbie is a “child of the coven” but he does disappear after the scene when Alex sees him and Wyatt at the playhouse. So either the writers didn’t have any use for him after that or it was intentional and he was something supernatural. Now, if that’s the case, I wouldn’t say he was “Toby in human form”, otherwise Toby wouldn’t need Hunter. From the clues given throughout the movies, someone makes a pct with a demon for power and wealth and in return has to give the demon their first born male. I thought it was for feeding purposes, like eating his soul, but it seems it’s for the demon to gain human form. So maybe Robbie was an apparition, or an illusion used to attract Wyatt?

    The bathtub scene represents the dragging scenes in 1 and 2, when Katie and Kristi are dragged and bitten. We know Toby can control or possess humans, so that was done to Wyatt so he’d accept he’s Hunter.
    Maybe the “small figure” in the Kinect scenes is the apparition or illusion that would take the form of Robbie? Because Toby has always been said to be tall.

    The Jacob Degloshi story is moving along: he found a tape that probably was in the box stolen in PA2. That shows Julie and Dennis before the events of PA3, then the girls being filmed by Lois. Kristi is shown wearing her wedding veil and saying she’s pregnant, and that her baby’s name is Hunter. I don’t know why Lois would keep documenting their deals with a demon, but anyway… After finding the tape, strange stuff has already begun around Jacob’s house. His equipment was disconnected, he heard someone running on the stairs, he saw his front door open and the door to his daughter’s room was ripped from its hinges.
    He published a picture that shows his daughter and Alex are friends. Since Alex “died” in 2011 and this is current, maybe they’ll address it.

    I’d love if the brought back Ali and/or the psychic from the first movie, or at least make some sort of reference to them. There was a digital comic released right after PA1 that shows the demonologist they tried to contact performing a search for Katie, and he runs into a cult or something. That was never addressed again, and theoretically it’s canon. As for Ali, she must’ve found out Micah was also dead and Katie had disappeared at some point. Both PA1 and PA2 thanked the police and the families of the victims for the footage. So it was “common knowledge” that all that had happened. Katie was at least wanted for question, if not a prime suspect for the murders and the kidnapping of Hunter. She probably hid amidst the coven and either her or someone from the coven put Hunter up for adoption. But Ali has to be around still wanting to find her aunt and brother.

    The footage from PA3 is from the tapes, and I believe the coven has it, they were probably the ones who got it from the Reys. The same can be said about the footage from PA4. Alex couldn’t access the files, so she never saw all the paranormal stuff going on. I have NO idea where or how PA5 would work. Maybe Ali finds all this extra footage and tries to save her brother from the coven?

    And finally, PA4 is in Nevada. Jacob Degloshi also lives in Nevada. I’ve read some people mentioning they think his house is Katie and Micah’s house, or that it’s Lois’ house, but those were in California, right? So not even the “coven’s house” can be Lois’ house.

    • Notice how Robbie had very old style for his clothes? Highwater sweat pants, socks with sandles….and the very proper hand shake? Is he an older spirit? And the key around his neck….is that to the locked closet in his house? Just adding some thoughts.

    • So Degloshi has now been killed by Sarah and her mum Karen, but I’m sure a third person comes out of another door and turns the Camera off at the end. Who is this?

      • I don’t think it’s any established character from the franchise. It looked like an older woman, but not Lois. So it could be a) Sarah’s grandma, also connected to the coven; b) someone from the coven; c) someone connected to the new Paralatin Activity spin-off.
        I believe it’s safe to say at this point that Karyn, Jacob’s ex-wife, is also connected to the coven, and seing as she arranged for her daughter to be possessed, maybe she (or maybe her mom, who would be the final person showing up on the last video) made the same sort of deal that was made by Katie and Kristi’s family.

      • I was wondering the same thing too? Who was that last girl at the end who turned off the camera?????

    • In the box of tapes Katie brings over in PA2, there are 2 different ones: one marked 1988 and another 1992. In one of the films, Katie also mentions how the demon haunted her when she was a kid and also as a teenager. Since the years would matchup, i’m willing to bet the next movie will be another one in the style of PA3, only this older footage will be of Katie as a teenager.

  2. I wanna see this movie sooo bad!!!! :)

  3. Can anyone fill me in about Jacob Degloshi? was he in any of the other movies? theres a huge thing going on with him via twitter and facebook. hes a farther of a daughter who was friends with alex?

    Also, I really want to know what was in that locked door in robbies house. i havnt seen anyone post about it yet. Robbie wore a neck-less with a key on it. maybe it was the key to this locked door?

    Also, i think katie killed robbies real mom because the night she got taken to the ER robbie was in alex’s treehouse, maybe because kaite told him to go there and stuff.

    I also wanna know about all those people who were at robbies house that one night when that creepy lady scared alex by saying “hi”

    • Jacob Degloshi’s daughter was in the beginning of Paranormal 4 when Alex is having her little party shin-din thing. She is one of the friends playing Wii.

  4. I was just wondering what you guys thought of the subtle rapist hints between the father and Alex? Me and my boyfriend were discussing after the movie that it seemed like the father was acting kinda inappropriately towards Alex. We found it strange that he was all: “For the 15 years that I’ve known our daughter, she’s never been so knocked out! Like really knocked out!” Like why would he say those exact words, wouldn’t a normal father who checks on his daughter just see that she is sleeping and move on? Just seems dodgy coz he would have had to try to wake her up or something. And the one on one dinner date was suspicious, (even though the mother and him weren’t on good terms and didn’t believe the daughter).

    Also, what was the fathers role in the “he was the only one that Wyatt/Hunter would allow to touch him when he was up screaming in the middle of the night? Was he involved somehow? We didn’t really see him die in the end. I know its not really 100% grounds for this kind of accusation but I just had a weird feeling since I don’t know any dads that still check up on their daughters at 15.

    Anyone want to add their two cents?

    • I would think that maybe Alex is a light sleeper, and most parents know if their kids are light sleepers or heavy sleepers – my parents always joked with me because I’ve slept through two tornadoes, haha. I just assumed he was checking in on her because she’d been so upset the last few days in the movie. I also think the going out to dinner was normal, too. I mean, if daughter and mom are fighting, and dad sides with the daughter, she might feel more at ease talking to him if she knows mom isn’t going to overhear and interrupt and say she’s over-reacting.
      My view of the dad being the only one Hunter/Wyatt would let hold him was just that his mom (female) died in front of him, his Aunt Katie (female) kidnapped him, and he was probably around the coven for a while (females). If he woke up crying in the middle of the night and a female picked him up, it might just freak him out more, so dad is the only one that could touch him.
      Just my opinions :)

    • It’s SCARY how some people nowadays can turn anything into something so dark and twisted. So a father cannot care for his daughter because she’s 15? Please…
      Now the movie shows us that the couple was having problems. Personally, I was rooting for the mom’s death. Sh was a TERRIBLE mother. She gave several examples of bad parenting throughout the movie.

    • I am sorry but this is idiotic. The father was extremely upset that the mother had given Alex a sleeping pill!! Were you high or just in the bathroom for the argument between the parents?

    • Hi, I’m a dad of two little girls. I can tell that the father Alex is fine. There weren’t any subtle hints. Alex is well adjusted. Dads check on their daughters at age 15. Dads have special relationships with their kids. There’s nothing improper suggested in that film regarding the dad.

  5. That whole idea of the father being a petaphile is definitely a stretch, but it could explain where Jacob degloshi comes into this. Alex and her boyfriend find that the demon needs a virgin to sacrifice, which we would assume would be Alex because she says she is. But if that dad theory were true…..which hopefully it isn’t, Alex wouldn’t be a virgin and there would have to be another virgin. The demon may have chosen this virgin while Alex was throwing that “kick back” in the beginning of the movie. This could be the reason that the tape was put into Jacob degloshis daughters luggage, because Toby intends on using his daughter as the virgin sacrifice.

    Also I’ve been watching the Jacob degloshi videos and the one where you see his house and front yard makes me think I’ve seen this house before. Does anyone else recognize it?

    • I think he’s living in the house Katie and Robbie were “living” in.

      • Props on the visual. I have watched all video and instagram footage and concur that is the house Katie and Robbie were in. The only problem with it is why would Sarah move into the house across the street from were her friend’s family died or disappeared?

  6. That whole idea of the father being a petaphile is definitely a stretch, but it could explain where Jacob degloshi comes into this. Alex and her boyfriend find that the demon needs a virgin to sacrifice, which we would assume would be Alex because she says she is. But if that dad theory were true…..which hopefully it isn’t, Alex wouldn’t be a virgin and there would have to be another virgin. The demon may have chosen this virgin while Alex was throwing that “kick back” in the beginning of the movie. This could be the reason that the tape was put into Jacob degloshis daughters luggage, because Toby intends on using his daughter as the virgin sacrifice.

    Also I’ve been watching the Jacob degloshi videos and the one where you see his house and front yard makes me think I’ve seen this house before. Does anyone else recognize it?

    • Thanks guys,

      As I said before it was ever so subtle and I don’t 100% believe it either but was just an interesting thought. I said it based on the fathers that I know and past experiences. I think that she may have lost her virginity sometime in the middle of the movie (either with the bf or dad) [There was a “Big Ben” reference lol). I just feel like after Hunter/Wyatt was “turned” in the bathtub scene he would have been ready to sacrifice his sister? But we see her get lifted by the demon and played with- maybe hes annoyed that she’s not a virgin and thus can’t take human form or whatever Tobys plans are.

  7. if PA4 takes place in 2011, would the 5th take place in 2012? it would make sense with this degloshi guy and his twitter posts. my idea is that these posts are actually a prelude to next years movie. why waste time indroducing new characters for a finale, right? they introduce him on a social networking site and youtube instead of putting his story in the film. i think he finds these tapes, becomes obsessed and tries to uncover the whole thing because he’s having the same experiences. hes posting about setting up security cameras, so i guess in my head it makes sense. degloshi and his daughter are the main characters in the 5th movie.

    PA4 had me so frustrated with how little they explained about the plot of the series. i may be piecing together things that arent there but its a cool idea

  8. Can someone please explain who Jacob Degloshi is? I have seen several posts with this name. I have seen all 4 PA movies and I have never heard the name before. After PA4 I have more questions than answers and am a bit frustrated after seeing it.

  9. The incest theory isn’t even a “stretch” it’s just absolutely disgusting, and something you pulled out of thin air. Didn’t they go to dinner after she was almost killed via carbon monoxide poisoning? If her parents were worried she was acting out or trying to hurt herself that’s pretty common. When I was a teenager both my parents were very well aware of my chronic insomnia. She was often up at 3 am. I do wonder, though, if she was raped by the demon when she levitated while she was knocked out. The coven wants virgin girls of child bearing age.

    • That doesn’t make sense either. If the demon raped her when she levitated, in hopes to impregnate her, why would he try to kill her later in the movie with the carbon monoxide. What would make sense is that he levitated her to make sure she was a virgin, and when he found out she wasn’t, he had no use for her and decided to take her out. In this case he would search for a new virgin for his plan, which would be why he is targeting Jacob degloshi and his daughter, who I assume is a virgin.

      And in no way was I encouraging that father theory, I was simply saying that could be a reason that she is not a virgin and she doesn’t know about it. And in case you people, who are criticizing the person who posted that theory, haven’t seen many horror films today, many of them are taking that sick route, the most recent I can think of is silent house.

      And for the people asking about Jacob degloshi, I found out about him on here and looked him up. If you haven’t already, add him on Facebook or twitter because he is posting the beginning to his paranormal activity adventures which I believe are going to be featured in PA 5

      • The levitating was step 2 of the possession, Proving the supernatural powers.

        I personally have 2 theories, that would be related..

        1. The camera is either how this thing lives, or is whats fueling it.
        This all started when 1 the mothers boyfriend started taping it, then again
        when grandma lois died. The tapes she delivers hold the thing.

        2. Either katies been possessed this whole time, or grandma lois possesses her after she dies.
        Eitherway katie has more to do with the demon when they where kids then they show.
        The video tapes show the girls 1988, when their parents where murdered (and whatever happened to their mother remains unknown, she clearly didnt die or they would make a point to say she did.)
        then JUST katie
        1992, she mentions she was haunted when she was 8, then again at 13, they say they dont remember
        much but them saying they dont want to end up like their mother sugests they know more
        about the coven then they tell their spouses.. also, the coven takes these young girls,
        waits until they are old enough to get pregnant, then brainwash them…
        13 is when most girls are able to get pregnant. thats when grandma lois decides to start
        taping again..
        The pics(if you fallow Jocob) show that the videos stolen from the family had the triangle symbol
        which is used to contain demons on it, its obviously contained to the videos by grandma louis, maybe she contained herself in them knowing she was going to die, maybe that was her deal, then gave the videos to katie, possessing her.

        • I think your on to something with the symbol holding some power. Like when Alex and the boyfriend walk in to Wyatt’s room and Robbie painted the symbol on his back and said hell be ready soon.

          But as for the camera theory, other than the ray family, who got cameras due to the break in, every other family said weird things were happening which led them to start recording.

  10. Who is Jacob Degloshi??? I have seen some videos on youtube and are the videos for real???

    Or is it just a thing for PA 5??

  11. So… I’ve been following the Jacob Degloshi story and of course I also saw Paranormal Activity 4. How many of you noticed that the girl who Alex is playing Konnect is Sarah Degloshi? Jacob’s daughter. I’ve watched it again today and I just realized it.

  12. Plot hole

    After Katie abducted Hunter in PA2 why would she give him up for adoption?

    Will this be explained in PA5?

    Anybody have any thoughts?

  13. Its not a plot hole, They wouldnt be that lazy, Its turned into a puzzle more then a movie.

    Jacob Degloshi is def just a marketing thing, lol not a actual person being haunted… Come on..

    Everyone always asked what it would be like if these people had Facebook, If they where real,
    They are just letting us be involved. Its really fun..

    As for the Adoption, He simply wasnt ready, Its obviously not a blood sacrifice, maybe they couldnt use a infants body. Im sure katie didnt take him to the adoption agency, But still, why not just wait untill he was old enough, he did start right after Hunter was born.

    I STILL Think Katie was impregnated at 1992, 13. To much proof, Something happened to her at 13 and the grandma documented it, And not krity.

    Heres a pic of the tapes that they got before it started up again.. Its not all of them but the only linkable one i could find.
    Keep in mind the parents died in 88. The only one who could document them is the Gma.
    Well we dont know that the mom died.
    That leads me to believe the girls know about the cult, And everything els. “Dont want to end up like mom”
    Katie says to kristy, I believe the grandma cursed their mom after that night because she wanted to tell,
    And Katie’s telling her sister to ignore the demon, because if not the cult will take care of her.

    Heres a pic of the tape Jacob got right before he started getting haunted..

  14. I have noticed on different sites that people believe that Jacob Degloshi’s house is the house from PA 2. I have seen PA 2 500 times or so and even though the pools are quite similar, everything else is way off. The facades of the houses, the fencing, the kitchens, the staircases, the master suite, and the location of the closets are all completely different. If you sign on to Jacob’s Facebook page there is a photo of him and Sarah in front of the house, it is definitely the house we saw in PA 4.

    • To me, the main argument about not being either Katie’s house from PA1 or the Reys house from PA2 is that those were in California and PA4 is in Nevada.
      As for Jacob’s house being the “coven house”, I agree with whoever said it’d be weird for you to move across the street from where your friend and her family disappeared/were murdered.
      And for those following Jacob: the tape triggered the events, and the kid already seems possessed. She sleepwalks, tried to blend her own hand, etc.

      • Thanks for that. I just watched PA4 again (posted on Youtube) and I was wrong. The Degloshi house is not Katie/Robbie’s house but I still insist that it is not the PA2 house. Different state and all the differences in the floorplans that I stated earlier. I didn’t think the Degloshi’s would move into a home across the street from Alex’s family being murdered/disappearing.

  15. First, I would like to say the houses are NOT the same. PA4 coven house- single door entry. Jacob Degloshi house- double door entry. Porches are different. One is a single level home, the other two. Carpet versus wood floors. I could go on and on about the differences, but to sum it up I’m pretty damn sure they aren’t the same.

    Second, I have a theory regarding the house fire. In the Jacob videos, one of the ones he posted yesterday show Kristi saying how the hauntings and weird stuff stopped happening after the house fire. My theory: Grandma Lois is watching the girls, and as they grow older, Grandma Lois freaks and realizes she doesn’t want Toby bugging them/harming them anymore. So, using her skills and knowledge, she burns down the house to get rid of Toby (why a house fire would get rid of Toby, I don’t know). It works…until she dies and Toby can come back to claim the first born son of the bloodline.


    • If I had to guess, I’d say the house fire was the coven getting rid of Dennis’ and Julie’s bodies. We know the girls have been brainwashed at least once since the events of PA3, so it’s possible they don’t even know their mom died on that fire. Same way as they never mention their dad. Maybe by the time they’re grown they just figure they’ve always been raised by Grandma?

    • I wonder if that is the grandmother in the store, explaining why she looked so troubled. She may be trying to undo all of this, and traveled down there for help.

    • You may not have noticed my posting right above yours, but I retracted my original thought that the Degloshi house was Katie/Robbies house. I know they are completely different. Sometimes people make mistakes. I will once again state that the Degloshi house is NOT the house from PA2. For many reasons-the spa is not positioned right, there is no island in the kichen, the master suite is wrong-oh and they are in DIFFERENT STATES. It is posted all over the web that the Degloshi house should be very familiar, but once again IT IS NOT. Please do not tell me I am wrong on a posting where I am admitting I am wrong. IT IS RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • How was I rude? Many people on here have been stating that the two houses were the same, I was posting reasons why they weren’t. I don’t think I specifically called you or anyone else out or called anyone names, which would have been rude.

  16. I think Robbie is katies kid. If you remember from the first movie, her and Micah had sex. Just doing some math he should be little younger then hunter. In the movie I thought Robbie acutually did look a little younger then Wyatt or hunter. But that may not of been on purpose. Also I don’t know in the Katie actor did this on purpose or not but she looked like she lost weight. After child berth Many people do. So all in all i think Robbie is Katie s kid

    • Bgzizzle

      Wow! Very good theory. You problaby have right on that one!

  17. About the woman in the store somewhere in Central or South America, could that have been Julie?

  18. Oh and who is this person Jacob Degloshi????lol

  19. Jacob is dead..watch his last video on facebook..:/

    • RIP Jacob Degloshi

  20. Dear god, honestly how can people dig so deep into this?
    I admire everyone here who does, because, for me, to watch these movies is.. terrifying. Just watched PA4 and it’s just creepy. After each movie all i get is a rush to my heart because of the ending scenes. Feels like my heart will pop one of these days.
    And where do you even get all this extra info?

  21. Who is Sarah talking to/killing in the last video post before Jacob Delgoshi’s death?

  22. Julie:

    I don’t know, but this hole jacob thing is just a marketing thing for PA5 right?

    Its very creepy, the last video. But I don’t understand, now when Jacob is dead he isn’t a part of PA5?

  23. Julie:

    I don’t know, but this hole jacob thing is just a marketing thing for PA5 right?

    Its very creepy, the last video. But I don’t understand, now when Jacob is dead he isn’t a part of PA5?

    So what do you the plot of PA5 will be then?

  24. EDIT: What do you think”

    • JW-I am still working out any preconception of what PA5 will be? Will Sarah be there, Kristie and Hunter-the ideas go on and on. I have seen alot of postings that people really want answers to the many puzzles. I agree with someone up above that the demonic lady at the end of Jacob’s death video, she may be just a member of the coven. Did anybody see when Jacob was being tormented in his bedroom and went to leave, Sarah is standing in his bathroom-same outfit, etc-but her mom is not with her. I just want to know who was apologizing to Sarah at the end of the video and Sarah ends up killing her. Too many mysteries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Julie,

    Yes, I wonder to what going to happen and if we’re going to get some answers in PA5..

    But the biggest question is..who is this toby? We now hi is a Demon, but who is he? In PA3 we got the information that Toby is old like grandma..but who is he??

  26. Okay, all in all, this was a terrible movie. Not bad, terrible.

    The acting was shallow at times, the writing was bad and the story is all askew. There was no real scare factor, not to mention a lot of logic is thrown out the window. The CGI was decent, but the moments in which it was used made it seem cheesy.

    WARNING: Long explanation incoming!

    There are quite a few plotholes.

    A. Robbie. This character alone is a major plothole. The entire point of this witch’s covenant and all of these things they’ve done is to have a male for the demon to possess. So, who is Robbie and why not him? By the way he talks and acts, it is made clear that Robbie is older than Wyatt/Hunter. So why couldn’t the demon possess him? Of course, the obvious answer is because he’s not apart of their family. However, if you state that, then we have to ask where he came from. Also, Holly immediately allows him to stay over while his mom is in the hospital. They haven’t been neighbors for a week, yet she has no problem watching Katie’s “son” while she’s gone. He’s a random kid, inserted simply to move the plot along. Once that is done, he literally vanishes from the rest of the movie.

    Another thing about Robbie, he has brings key elements into the movie that end up being nothing. There’s a hundred year-old stuffed animal and an antique fork that are NEVER seen again. There’s also the key around his neck that is never used. At best, all these things did is add an atmosphere of unanswered mystery.

    B. Convenience. I find it unbelievable that everyone in the family leaves all of their computers on every night. I also find it weird that Alex wouldn’t invite Ben over everyday to check out the footage. Isn’t that important? Also, aren’t their other families on the block that could visit Katie’s house? What happened to them all? Shouldn’t they be just as curious?

    C. Alex. Her character is immediately unbelievable in several instances. First thing, she’s a goody two shoes in all respects of the word. She plays with her little brother constantly. She isn’t too interested in a relationship with Ben, despite his more-than-obvious let-on. And she seems to be all around friendly. SUDDENLY, she loses all of that simply because Robbie shows up one night. Now, she’s creeped out all the time, even before anything supernatural occurs. Not to mention, she misses the boat on a couple of moments. For example, your garage has windows. It would be much smarter to break one of those windows and let air filter. Yet, instead, she breaks the car window and backs out of the garage. This is something that is much harder to explain than a broken garage window. She constantly investigates things alone for unexplained reasons, despite knowing the level of seriousness things take. She never once goes to her neighbors for anything. That’s something you should probably do in this situation. Maybe, just MAYBE they could help. She’s a Mary Sue of plain stupidity.

    D. Inconsistency. Come on. One minute, it seems like the ghost is trying to kill Alex, but they need her for Hunter to sacrifice. Great tasking, Toby. Similar to how Christie was killed at the end of 2 (beginning of 4), but was commanding the ghost in 3. Robbie and the ghost seem to be toying with Alex at first then suddenly, she’s a non factor for awhile. Then, against all things through the movie, Katie shows up and just kills Ben. Just to do it. Not apart of the family or anything. A lot of moments like that are in the movie.

    It all adds up to a horror film cliche that doesn’t even give you a good fright.

    • Did you ever wonder that maybe Katie killed Ben because he had sex with Alex which no longer makes her a virgin, so she’s no longer needed for the sacrifice.

  27. I think that PA5 will be a spin-off like PA Tokyo Night. You know, how Toby or the coven would end up in south america?
    But there’s one thing that’s making me think these days, when that woman says “It’s just the beginning” What does it means? May all these stuff that hapenned in the PA’s movies were just steps for a Toby’s plan for something bigger?I think that PA5 will be a spin-off like PA Tokyo Night. You know, how Toby or the coven would end up in south america?
    But there’s one thing that’s making me think these days, when that woman says “It’s just the beginning” What does it means? May all these stuff that hapenned in the PA’s movies were just steps of a Toby’s plan for something bigger?
    (Sorry if I misspelled something, I’m brazilian and I don’t speak english very well)

  28. Though I have not seen PA4 yet due to it being rated R (I’m 13 and have seen PA2 and PA3. I understand what’s going on). Though my brother might take me since he’s 21, I don’t really see the complete connection of PA4 to the first three movies. If someone could explain this to me, that’d be great!

  29. Robbie is the kid that disappeared with the woman in the last movie.

    • Hunter is the kid that disappeared. Not Robbie. That was established in the movie.