‘Paranormal Activity 4′ Spoilers Discussion

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Paranormal Activity 4 Spoilers Paranormal Activity 4 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Paranormal Activity 4 review, this is the place where you can discuss Paranormal Activity 4 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Paranormal Activity 4 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Paranormal Activity 4 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Paranormal Activity 4 is Rated R for language and some violence/terror. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. The movie did have a huge build up to not much, but the end still lef my mouth open. Everyone is being huge critics about the storyline, which they should’ve implimented more, but there are movie serieses out there where on of the movie is tied to just a small aspect or meant to push from the story a bit. This is their’s. I mean, the next movie is going to be partly Spanish, that is a huge twist, considering the other families were just white American’s, so they had to push it toward something there somehow. Just hope for them to have the next packed with scares AND storyline. I don’t think it was a bad movie whatsoever. I think you are all entirely to skeptical. If you love and trust te producers so much for the previous ones that you loved, then put some trust into them because you know this was just a huge lead-up movie.

    Another huge thing no one seems to understand, saying well maybe Toby was this person then locks her up and switches to this person and he has to take turns on who he possesses… He is a DEMON. He does what the hell he wants. He doesn’t have restrictions. He’s not playing a video game as one character at a time. He could have 18 hands and use each one as a puppeteer’s hand. So, never rule out anything. I mean, did you not see the 100 possessed ladies at the end?

    • The next family/sequel is not going to be Spanish, that part at the end of the credits was for the spanish version of the series. It won’t air in the U.S.

      • actually it’s not going to be in Spanish, it’s still hispanic-themed, but it is in english

  2. Ok so this installment is getting a lot of criticism and i can understand why but i dont at all think its as bad as its being made out to be and i liked the direction the franchise can now take.

    my theory on Robbie is that when Katie kidnapped Hunter in PA2 she realised after some time that its not actually Kristi’s kid and that maybe there was a baby swap at the hospital when she gave birth. if this were true it would be a stretch to think it was an accident so that would mean there is someone out there trying to keep this family safe possibly Katies Biological father or grandfather

    i strongly believe now that Toby is not the only demon in the franchise and that maybe Hunter isnt simply a boy that was offered to Toby but instead Hunter is like a Conduit for ALL demons and we’ve just had to deal with Toby this would explain the ending to an extent

    i think the most important parts of the mythology of the franchise is gained when in each movie there is a scene when the protagonist does research Ali in PA2, Dennis in PA3 and Alex in PA4 its these bits of information that further the story somewhat.

    does anybody agree??

    • Thank You, finally someoone who thought this movie was great, I strongly agree with what you’re saying.

  3. Saw the movie last night and I’ve been thinking.

    To explain Hunter living with another family: Hunter likely wasn’t just “given up” for adoption. I’m guessing Katie may have been hospitalized earlier (similar to what happens in the beginning of PA4), sometime after kidnapping Hunter (PA2 events). Child services or whomever sees baby Hunter living in poor conditions and with no other family members to put him with, put him up for adoption.

    My thoughts on Robbie: Katie says he’s her son. We assume it’s a lie, but why couldn’t he be? Let’s say Micah gets her pregnant before he is killed in PA1 – which took place in 2006. If Katie did have a child, that would put him at about 5 years old (possibly how old Robbie is??) in this movie. This would also coincide with what I mentioned above; Katie is hospitalized because she is going to have Robbie, Hunter is taken away.

    Robbie would then be the 2nd born male in the family and grow up inside this coven. I can’t really remember the details of the mythology thus far, but I think the demon wanted the 1st first born male of the family. Robbie thus is ready to “get stuff done” and wants to get Hunter/Wyatt ready to be given to the demon to complete the pact.

    • I don’t think Robbie was a real child. I think he was a demon in child form sent to lure Hunter to the dark side.

    • Robbie is not real, just another demon manifestation.

  4. What I came up with regarding the ending, is that all the “demonic women” are the women or the daughters of the women who’ve made a pact with Toby. Remember in PA3.. It showed Katie and christie’s grandmom in a cult meeting with ALL those old women?!! What if all those women made a deal with Toby and has promised has to give him, there first born male offspring.. So let’s just say that the women kept having girls, that would explain all the demon ladies.. Remember hunter was the FIRST boy offspring born in a very very long time.. And also we never saw Christie die in PA 3. She herself may be possessed or demonic.. Just a theory of who all those possessed women are at the end…

    • At the end of pa3 it says Christie and her husband were found dead by their daughter

      • I never saw that anywhere.

        • I think she means PA 2

  5. To me, it’s a pretty simple explanation, all the complaints about:

    1) things not being explored (key, locked closet, expensive fork, old stuffed animal)
    2) inconsistencies (in the earlier movies humans had to be possessed by the demon, now it just seems they are under his “control”, etc. etc.)
    3) plot holes (Hunter is Robbie no wait it’s Wyatt, wait, why would Toby/Katie have given him up?)

    Are related to the same point: the director, the writers, the studio have gotten lazy…they know they dont have to do much here in order for all of us to go see these movies. The profits are huge even with a half-ass job.

    And I know I’ll go see PA5 next year even though I’m still pissed about parts of PA3 (wait nothing was stolen, wait, something was stolen, wait I thought the mom was alive, wait, where was the fire from the preview, wait, I thought Toby haunted Katie, no now it’s Kristi, wait, what?) and freshly pissed about PA4. The comparison is the smartness of PA2 – a sideways sequel that happens right before and after PA1 – brilliant. The PA2 kitchen scene – brilliant. PA4…now we get a….flying knife?

    Damn I was waiting for that bookshelf to explode!!!!

    • I thought PA4 lacked imagination up until the last 7 minutes. The last 7 minutes or so represents the best PA finish (with 2 being number 2). That was GREAT stuff…our audience went nuts after sitting on their hands for 80 minutes. PA5 will have to get more intense earlier…IMO.

  6. Ok. So what about Wyatt being drowned in the bathtub? Maybe, the parents were in on the Hunter thing and mommy was in the coven but hiding it somehow. That was why they got mad about daughter asking questions about his adoption. I am guessing Robbie is one of the covens son. He is used to gain access to Wyatt/Hunter and scare Alex. The more she is scared the stronger Toby gets. Maybe Hunter is a power source for Toby to bring demon friends over.
    However, did you notice when Wyatt was yelling My name is Wyatt not Hunter a little kid spirit was coming up behind Wyatt. Dad interrupts and next time Wyatt gets attacked in tub. Comes up weird and all Hunter is my name…..Maybe Robbie locks himself in the closet when Katie goeToby on him…..Mexico…..did Katie flee to Mexico? Hunter given up for adoption makes no sense if that is the case, why did Toby act instantly instead of waiting for Hunter to grow up?
    This was my least fav of the series. Makes no sense.

    • That doesnt work….

      “Maybe, the parents were in on the Hunter thing and mommy was in the coven but hiding it somehow. ”
      Except they also clearly didnt know what was going on, and all wound up getting killed.

      ” He is used to gain access to Wyatt/Hunter and scare Alex.”
      Why would they need that with mommy already in the coven?

    • Just a thought but Im guessing the women speaking in Spanish at the end after credits was katie and kristy grandma, especially since she was saying its the beginning. I would think PA4 will dive into the cult more and how it all initiated. Not so much that katie flees to Mexico.

      • No that has nothing to do with Paranormal Activity’s main series, it’s hinting at what is going to happen in the Latino-themed spin-off

      • I agree, and wonder if she traveled somewhere to get help reversing what she has done.

    • I think Wyatt being underwater for an extended period was the “proof” referenced by Alex that he could do something supernatural.

  7. Heres my theory which makes complete sense when you think about it.

    In Three Toby was stalking Kristi getting her ready for some ritual. In 2 Toby was trying to processes Kristi to take away the first born male to do who knows what to him. Her husband however transferred the demon to katie. The now demonic katie under Toby’s control returns to take hunter away and put him up for adoption to live a normal life but kept a close eye on him until he was ready to go under a similar ritual as Katie and Kristie went threw when they where kids, and that is where Robbie comes into play. Rather hes human or not Robbie’s job was help hunter to be able to see/acknowledge the demon to get him ready for the ritual katie and her sister went threw. Once his job was done, he leaves never to be seen again. Katiy gets rid of the family because there no longer needed and will get in the way. Alex boyfriend was way snoopie. Curiosity kills the cat.

    It matches perfectly to me.

    Now if they expect me to see 5. They need to tell us what the hell is this demon’s big plan!? He has something up his sleeve and the writers are leaving us in the dark! Is he building an army? Is he going to end the world? WHAT IS HE DOING!?

    • Oh that makes perfect sense, ya…just that the execution is horrible and still leaves so much open, unexplained, and unexplored that it’s just terrible and still full of plot holes. It also makes the story lame.

      I mean for starters, what’s the deal with Katie and Kristi’s mom? What about Ali? She should be in her early 20s by now, I doubt she just decided to forget Hunter ever lived. Of course there is still the fact that by now Katie is wanted for half a dozen murders and two kidnappings. Remember demon guy from 1, what happened to him? I doubt he wasnt interesting on following this one up.

      I mean, there was just so much to work with..and instead we got nothing.

      My final piece:
      What made the first one Great was the realism of it. It was so simple. All the elements were there in the right balance. There was enough story to make you really interested without jumping the shark and it was executed in a way that you went to bed feeling like it was something that could happen to you right now (I dont even believe in ghosts and I felt a bit creeped out in bed the night I saw it).

      The second one was a very smart follow up, that placed the events of 1 in a larger context. It gave us the story, but did it in a way that left us wanting to know more, and again without jumping sharks. It also was executed great (the creepiness of possessed Kristy with Hunter was wow).

      The Third gave us the back story, and ya we started to jump the shark a bit. It started getting a bit too complicated, but it was still simple enough, and no matter what it was saved by having some of the best scares and creepy scenes (Katie and the camera guy in bathroom while the bedroom goes crazy was really intense, the hair pulling scene, or the complete and total creepiness of the ending complete with a child demon wedding that we know is going happen but is left for us to imagine this really evil thing….)

      Then comes 4….where everything has been leading to….except it felt like a big filler. Either they just stopped caring or they needed some kind of stepping stone to get to the really really awesome place they wanted to take the story, and this provided that stepping stone. Either way, a waste of money and time. The “scares” where not there…at all. None of it was spooky. None of it felt “real”, and so none of it was scary. It was too convoluted, the simple concept started getting way too complicated and ends in a mess that leaves you underwhelmed.

      I loved the first 3….I hated this one.

      • BTW, by “demon guy in 1″
        I mean the demonologist

        • @James – lmao! Autocomplete get you?

      • i have to agree with everything you said to be fair with exception of hating the 4th, i was disapointed but it was still worth the watch.

    • Excellent post

    • I think your right Robbie is just a puppet of the coven chosen to get Wyatt / hunter to see toby

  8. Okay.. so how did one of you come up with a priest driving the car away? The car looked exactly the same as the one the Dad and alex just got out of, or the car that was in the garage… What I was thinking is that one of the cult members drove off in the car instead of letting it sit running in front of the house.

    • The ‘priest’ part was when Alex followed Toby & Wyatt back to Katie’s house, which took place during daytime. If you remember a car drove very fast, with the window open and I believe it was a male driver.
      If I heard right Alex addresses the person in the car as a ‘priest.’ I could be wrong though…it may have been a different word.

      • oops I meant Robbie not Toby

        • It was Prius as in Toyota Prius.

          • haha thanks for clarifying!

      • She said “Prius” which referred to the car he was driving lol

      • it was “Prius” what Alex yelled. Because its hard to hear electric cars so you can easily get hit by them.

        Not priest.

  9. I think this movie was okay. In my opinion, it was relatively suspenseful, not so much scary. I agree with those who stated there was so much more they could’ve done with the plot, they kind of threw a lot of tiny pieces of information at the viewers without going into depth for any of them.

    After getting back from the theater, my friends and I were up for hours discussing the movie and what the possible explanations were to some of the plot twists that happened:

    1. We decided that Robbie probably isn’t Toby. He might be under the influence of the demon, but if he WAS Toby, like the physical manifestation of him, why would he refer to himself in third person, or have to “get [wyatt] ready to meet him”? The part about the drawing symbols all over Wyatt wouldn’t make sense, seeing as he had, seemingly, already met the demon(Robbie). So, Robbie is probably a child of the coven or maybe a pawn for another demon.

    2. Bringing into thought of another demon, it would make sense as when Wyatt is yelling at Toby, telling him he isn’t Hunter, there was another figure behind him. Now, given that Toby is a demon and can do whatever the heck he wants, the figure might be of Toby as well. But it COULD be another demon, just trying to help Toby.

    3. The bath scene cause dme some grief. When thinking about seeing him under the water, it made me think of a baptism. Baptisms, while usually used in a religious context, means becoming something. The almost drowning scene seems like a baptism, like Wyatt was *becoming* Toby, or the pawn he needed him to be. Evidence that supports this is after, when Alex goes into his room and sees the “hunter” written in his closet, they have the little “who is hunter” conversation.

  10. I thought the ending was outstanding…the best yet! The audience felt the same way based on the reactions. Unfortunately, the first 80 minutes produced no new ideas or demonstrated any creativity. Hoping PA5 gets more intense throughout next time.

  11. Katie probably had to put Hunter up for adoption because she could not travel or live with him. She’d just killed 3 people and kidnapped a baby. Amber alerts all over everywhere and her face in the news. She dropped the baby off somewhere safe and then hid with the coven. Where Robbie comes from I have no idea. My guess is this family isn’t the only ones to make a deal with Toby so there are other women who’ve given willingly or by force their first born sons to Toby. So Robbie could be from any other family that made a pact with Toby in the past.

    • I think Robbie is not human. His disappearing and miraculous reappearing suggest that it’s probably a lesser demon.

  12. Some of these comments are pointless. One thing I keep reading is about a priest. You are incorrect. Alex says ‘Prius’ as in the car, not priest.
    Another big topic is about Robbie and Wyatt. Which one was hunter? They made it perfectly clear that Wyatt was in fact hunter. Why was he adopted? That isn’t revealed yet. So where did Robbie come from? I read an interview with the director in which he explains that they did actually film the back story on Robbie, yet cut it out of the film to keep people guessing. So, Robbie isn’t some demon child. He has a story too. One theory i read was that Robbie’s real mother did go to the hospital that night while Katie told Robbie to hide in the playhouse. This way police would not know about a child. Then Katie steps in and acts as Robbie’s mother. This theory does explain Robbie’s character background.

    • The theory that Katie was not posing as Robbie’s mother until his mother went to the hospital (maybe she’s the reason mom is in the hospital?) Is interesting. I realized Wyatt was Hunter when she said he looked so much like his mom- the scene where she showed up was so weird. Wyatt hugging her, her looking amazing for someone whose been hospitalized, Alex being like, “She called you?!” It was all … Like, “Pay close attention!” Though it doesn’t explain his association with the coven.

  13. Am I the only one who thought the boyfriend was a complete douche-bag; and that I actually clapped when Katie snapped his neck. What’s with these movies having the dudes be complete jerk offs? First Micah, now this Ben? Kinda makes you want to cheer for the Demon.

    They should really call this movie Para-Plot Hole 4.

    • Ben was the most appealing male in the entire series. He definitely did not fit the mold of the typical PA d-bag.

    • Ben was great , you’re way off man.

  14. I would like to know what was with the newspapers on the window at the end?, any ideas?

    • I JUST left the movie. I know that there are some less than positive reviews about this movie here, but I think it was the best so far. The ending is REALLY COOL. If you remember in the trailers, Robbie tells Alex that he didn’t want her to get hurt. I have a hunch that the coven either turned her into one of them or is keeping her a prisoner for some reason. This movie was just a necessary part of the storyline that will lead up to the grand finale’, I hope the last one is in 3D. I only wish that this one was shown in D Box seating.

      • 3D? I’m voting no.

    • Well correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure those newspapers were in Spanish….which again points to that latino-themed spin-off. But how they got there, I’m not sure. Maybe they’re old articles from the events that will occur in the next PA, that we’re possibly put there by Katie or the other members of the coven. I guess we have to find out!

      • The newspapers are probably just old papers used to cover up the windows of an old/not in use house. Maybe they’ll end up having something to do with the spin-off, but in a easter egg sort of way.

        • For the newspapers, I definitely saw a picture of Katie on one of them. So I assume they’re all articles relating to the murders of all the other PA’s.

          Another thing. There was a child ghost that Robbie calls his friend. When I saw this, I started to think that something may have happened to Hunter and maybe he died; this ghost was actually Hunter. Some people say that the child ghost could be Toby but when Wyatt goes downstairs in the middle of the night, he is talking to someone (I believe it is Toby) while the child ghost is behind him and he keeps saying I’m not hunter, but the ghost was right behind him. When Wyatt is in the bathtub, he looks at something in the tub, then there is a bang, then he gets sucked under. So it’s seems like the child ghost (Hunter) is in the tub with him and then possesses Wyatt, because after his drowning, he starts saying he is Hunter.

          I really wasn’t pleased with movie and if questions don’t start being answered in PA5 I’m going to loose interest in the movie series.

  15. It makes sense that Hunter be given up for adoption. The whole state of California prolly had Amber Alerts, and Wanted Postings all over. Which is why Katie dropped him off in Nevada. I watched all 3 before seeing this one, and I’m pretty sure that Robbie’s house is the same one from PA3, where the Grandmother lived. I could be wrong though. It was mentioned in the film that it was a very old house.

    Flash forward 5 years, and Katie’s Murder/Kidnapping case is most likely gone cold. Being out of state, nobody is going to really recognize Katie. I bet Hunter was dropped off at an Orphanage in Nevada, and never really ID’d. Then gets adopted by a family that just happens to live next door of the old house.

    My question is, who the hell is Robbie, and why did he just up and vanish halfway through the movie? Why these weird things in his backpack? Why the tease with this locked closet, then having no significance whatsoever?

    Also, if you’re going to make a Spanish teaser at the end, at least maybe put sub-titles in it so we know what the hell they are saying.

  16. The lady in the after credit scene, is that the nanny from part 2?

  17. this entire movie doesnt make sense. if hunter isnt ready to be possessed until a certain age, then the ENTIRE premise of the franchise could have waited until he was of proper age to start. instead we have the demon possess kristi right after she delivers him, then get sent to katie, then katie somehow is separated from hunter after kidnapping him?? there is a whole coven to care for hunter as a child to wait until he is of proper age and also to care for him if katie has to be in the hospital to deliver robbie-as some theories say. but this is a coven and katie is possessed-i doubt she went to a hospital, this is a home birth situation. katie had to have taken hunter to the coven right after kidnapping, and who’s gonna stop her? she’d just kill anyone getting in her way, an amber alert isnt going to stop a demon.
    so my biggest problem-why adopt him out until proper age? either wait to take him from kristi until proper age or raise him within the coven.
    gahh! i cant wait a year for answers!

  18. What I’m wondering right now is if they deliberately did not move forward all that much because they already had the whole “Jacob Degloshi” angle planned. It ties into both 3 and 4. His daughter is a friend of Alex from 4 and he’s finding old VHS tapes from the time of 3 that shows stuff AFTER Julie and Dennis died.

  19. Dude, good find on the Jacob Degloshi thing. Looks like they are trying to satisfy the masses that were largely in satisfied with PA4.

    The directors and everybody else decided to throw something together for the mean time.In PA5 im hoping most questions will be answered.I hope they made this movie because they needed a little more time to perfect the final installment.The story in this one is totally side tracked from the main story.Everybody wants to know the back round of Robbie but if that happens they might as well stop here and do a reboot of Robbie’s life and how he got into this. They need to focus on keeping Hunter and Katie the main characters so everything can connect.I hope they did this movie on purpose just to get ready for the finale in PA5.

  21. Dude, good find on the Jacob Degloshi thing. Looks like they are trying to satisfy the masses that were largely unsatisfied with PA4.

  22. what hapens to wyatt does he drown and die or what

    • I’m guessing you didn’t watch the movie…

  23. as a big fan of the paranormal activity franchise i am a bit disappointed with the 4th instalment, please understand that i did enjoy the film, but that was more through obligation of loving the first 3 films then because of good storytelling.

    My problems with the film.

    the first 2 movies made you ask questions (why are they being haunted, what does the demon want with hunter and why? etc) and the third slowly starts to answer them leaving room for the next film to finally answer these remaining questions, however they have chosen a path that makes you ask more questions without giving satisfactory answers to previous ones. . it appears that there maybe flaws starting to appear through the films when previously you believed they were tying them up.

    the film is watchable and i will be buying it when it comes out but like previously stated i was a lil disappointed with it :-(.. lets just hope the next one gets back on track.

  24. Like many, I was disappointed in the lack of the plot advancing the storyline. But even though more questions were added than answered, I thought the movie was good overall and certainly sets them up for some highly anticipated sequels.

    A couple of things about the plot holes we’re all discussing:

    1) How did Wyatt/Hunter get adopted? I’m going with most and guessing that Katie had to hide amid the coven and lay low for awhile, being wanted for murder/kidnapping after all. Not sure why the coven didn’t just raise the boy.

    2) Who the heck is Robbie? A similarly possessed child from some other woman of the coven seems the most plausible. Is that ghost-child from the xbox Robbie or Toby or other?

    3) Was expecting the girl from 2 to be a part of this movie, looking for her borther, that seemed to be where it was heading last time, didn’t happen, maybe next time.

    4) What happened to Alex? Seemed to suggest a virgin sacrifice, maybe we’ll find out.

    5) I think the house across the street was the same from PA3 where the grandmother lived.

    6) I know he’s a demon, and probably doesn’t care, but not sure why the family with no chalk in the game had to be murdered. Seems like Wyatt/Hunter was getting out at night anyway, he could have just run away with Katie and Toby. I suppose the dad who ran across the street to investigate was gonna get his, but the mom did nothing but open her home to Robbie and still got smote. What is it that pisses Toby off? seems like he has a plan he’s been churning for generations, why off someone who isn’t standing in your way? Demon stuff I guess.

    7) Need answers to several questions:
    - what happened to Katie and her sister after thier parents were killed in PA3?
    - why was Hunter adopted? And what did Katie and him do for 5 years to be undetected?
    - who the heck is Robbie and how does he fit in to all this?
    - who or what was that “other” entity child figure ghost on the xbox?
    - where is hunter’s sister from PA2? need some closure on that.
    - what is Toby’s end-game? So he got the child he was promised in PA2, then throws him back into circulation and murders to get him back. What’s the goal? Why does he need him? What’s the big plan?

    • I forgot to ask last night. Has anyone else seen the hidden image in the final scene of PA3? Right after the boyfriend’s back is broken and the girls go upstairs with the grandma, it appears that Toby steps on the camera and then there is all static. On You Tube, there are two guys that have posted a video where it appears that there is an image of a bedroom in the static. There are no people visable, but something on the bed is on fire. Also on You Tube, there is a video that claims to be the original ending of the first movie where Katie doesn’t throw Micah into the camera and just leaves his body downstairs after stabbing him. She then goes back into the bedroom and sits on the floor until police finally show up, search the house and then shoot her when she advances toward them with the knife. At first, I thought it might be fake and posted by a fan. If it is fake, someone did a REAL good job of copying the bedroom. Opinions? By the way, if anyone knows anyone who speaks Spanish and might be going to see PA4, ask them to hang around for the scene after the credits and translate it. Tell them thanks for me.

      • There were two alternate endings to PA1, the one you’re speaking of and another where Katie kills her friend who is first to arrive at the house after micah is offed. Both were on youtube around the original release.

        Much like the “fake” trailers we’ve gotten on the subsequent films, I’m guessing that’s just the directors trying to keep the spoilers at bay.

      • The ending you are seeing is 1 of 2 original endings that were filmed and shown at film festivals. However, when Paramount got their hands on this movie, they decided to change the ending to the one that was used in the wider release of the movie. I am guessing that this change was made so they would be able to make sequels. Surprise, surprise, that is exactly what they have done. If they would have used the ending where the police shot Katie, or the one where she slits her throat in front of the camera, then they would not have been able to make the subsequent movies. It was actually Steven Spielberg who suggested the ending of PA1 for the wide release of the movie.

      • The lady at the very end says this is just the beginning

      • The spanish lady at the very end says this is just the beginning

  25. In fact, I thought I read after PA1 that even the actors were kept in thet dark about which sequence would be the actual ending so as to eliminate any spoilers and speculation

  26. I think another important idea that some people are missing is that when the boyfriend is in the house after the mother is killed, he calls Alex and leaves a message saying that he found something that she needs to see. Then he goes up to her room to pull it up on her computer and then Katie takes him out. What did he discover?

  27. This is twice in a row that a Paranormal Activity movie has failed to use the scenes shown in the trailer in the actual film. WTF? And I think Robbie and Wyatt could have been used so much better; creepy kids have always weirded me out.

    • I was under the impression that they use “fake clips” in the commercials so it doesn’t ruin the movie. The franchise is built around making you jump, but if you have already seen the scenes that make you jump, it won’t have the same impact when you see the movie. I remember hearing that the commercial clips are just unused takes – like after filming one way, they changed their minds and filmed it a second way. Edit the second take in to the movie, and use the first take as a commercial.

  28. Can somebody please spoil the ending for me after the Boyfriend has his neck snapped? All the usual sources I go to don’t have spoilers yet for PA4.

    The theater I was at had a power outage, and then the movie resumed for a good 5 minutes without sound so we ended up getting our money back and some free passes. Let me tell you though… the creep factor goes away when there is no sound on this film, the sound editors really deserve some props for making this movie so creepy! From the sound of it, looks like the good stuff happened after we left

  29. I was really let down by this i wanted more of the story instead what i got had nothing to do with the series and raised more question where did katie get robbie from why was Hunter adopted. This could be showing the demon on a killing spree between the years 2006-2011. I hope the 5th one answers questions