‘Paranormal Activity 4′ Spoilers Discussion

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Paranormal Activity 4 Spoilers Paranormal Activity 4 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Paranormal Activity 4 review, this is the place where you can discuss Paranormal Activity 4 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Paranormal Activity 4 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Paranormal Activity 4 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Paranormal Activity 4 is Rated R for language and some violence/terror. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. Okay I saw this movie at the midnight premiere last night, and I can honestly say I was expecting so much more for this movie the ending was just awful there was barely any suspense unlike in the other movies. What made me just walk out of the theater after the movie shaking my head was that the ending was done so terribly in all the others the ending sequences were at least 8 minutes long and it had crazy build up to the end but in this one it kinda built up a little bit then the ending sequence lasts 2 minutes then it ends. Also it did nothing with the mythology which also made me mad. They’ll probably make another hopefully learn from there terrible mistake.

    • I agree, it did end a bit abruptly. This one had the worst characters, I think. The suspense was still there, for sure, but 2 and 3 are still the best ones in my opinion.
      One thing that wasn’t very clear: was Wyatt actually Hunter? Or was Robbie Hunter and they were just trying to trick Wyatt…

      ALSO, did you see the little clip after the credits?

      • the movie was axually good and like others i kept waiting for the build up then a less thn 2 minet scene and it was over, finales make films

        • Dude really……ACTUALLY not “axually”
          and MINUTE not “minet” lol I’m sorry but no ones gonna take your comment seriously if you spell like that

      • The clip after the credits was in Spanish. This dude walks into an urban weird store and he looks at all this witchcraft which he then realizes and says “OH s*** this is pure witchcraft I’m getting out of here” then this lady which I’m assuming is a witch says its just the beginning

      • Yes, Wyatt was Hunter.

    • The movie sucked really bad, the worst I have ever seen. I wasted money don’t make anymore movies at all. They suck bad.

    • Ok so I have a couple theories that may be way out there, but tell me if you agre…

      1. Kristie is still alive, because they didn’t really show her “die” in the 3rd one. What if she is part of the cult and will re appear in the 5th one?

      2. That Robbie is Kristies other son. I’m going out on a limb on this one, but he does look like her. The girls also made a pact as children and a promise to Toby, so maybe she was just behind the scenes on this one and will re appear.

      • obviously you have not seen previous movies. kristie only had ONE son which was hunter. and movie did stating that ali found daniel and krisite’s body hence kristie’s dead sorry to pop your theory

  2. 1. Who is Robbie? He kind of just disappears half way through. I have a theory he’s a demon kid cuz that scene with the kinect and hunter there’s a ghost child next to him could that be Robbie somehow?

    2. Why did Katie give hunter up for adoption just to hae to win him back later?

    3. Why didn’t Alex look at videos every morning? She put all this effort to set this stuff up but then never looked at all the footage..

    And my thoughts on the film it was good just as good as 3 I think 3/5 for me. Wish they tied things up more since I think this was made to be the last installment bout hunter. Cuz I think he was getting “ready” to e sacrificed at the end.

    I liked the apple electronic setups.

    • Good theory on Robbie BUT… You know when there chasing something in the middle of the night and the mom comes down stairs to yell at them? well right before they turn the lights on. There was a little kid ghost picked up by he tracking dots. Then the kid shows up again when Wyatt is yelling at some one off screen that his name is not hunter. Toby is not the only demon in this franchise any more.

      • Yeah I remember that scene after I posted. Maybe Robbie brought more then just Toby into the house.

        I liked the characters lot more this film I felt scared for Alex al points and nervous so that was a nice change.

        They got to do a five and properly close out the franchise then spin off on to other families of that’s what they want to do.

        • The characters where well acted but the parents where such meaningless characters compared to the parents in the other 3 movies.

      • I agree with you once i seen the ghost/demon kid running with Robbie and Wyatt i thought ok maybe its not just Toby and then with the ending i thought holy s*** thats alot of possessed women Toby is DEFINITELY not alone

    • My friends and I have discussed a few theories to that after watching the movie and they may not be right but they may answer some of the questions or get you thinking.

      1. We aren’t quite sure about this one since there was so little information to go on. Some include him actually being Toby or at least Toby taking over, but that wouldn’t explain why his friend was Toby. Another is that he may have been raised strictly by the coven to get him back since he’s more likely to trust someone else that is his own age.

      2. Katie basically had to give Hunter up for adoption. She was a “missing” person at this point and one that had murdered people on camera. she wouldn’t have been have able to take care of Hunter without people noticing. It would have been easier to drop him off and find him at a later date, especially with a demon’s help.

      3. She didn’t look at the videos because she couldn’t figure out how to work the thing. In one of the scenes where it’s being set up she said it looked very difficult, meaning she isn’t very computer savvy. Another scene shows her trying to log into the thing to view the video but not being able too. It wasn’t a matter of her not wanting to, but not being able to.

      Hope this helped!

    • None of those looked like Macs to me.

  3. Okay well, I saw this movie when it came out on Wednesday, first of all I thought it would be much better, it was very VERY slow to begin with, slower than any other of the films within the series. There wasn’t really a big wow factor during the film like number 3 when they play bloody Mary, or in 2 when Kristi gets dragged down the stairs TWICE :O, or with the huge roar and thump in paranormal activity 1 :/ but I can say that the ending was pretty awesome :D even though it was really short :/ and it just stopped with no information to gain from, I can at least say that dragging the dad across the house was intense and awesome, and Katie’s demon face was really cool.

    I do believe that Robbie is a demon child, maybe taken from another family like hunter, but there to help Toby with this situation because of the interruptions through time (in number three, the mum saying she doesn’t want any other kids etc) and that I think who you say though the kinect because he seems to disappear. But I think the reason why Wyatt/hunter is with this family, and not with katie, is because hunter had to prove himself to the demon “Toby” to maybe take over the role of Toby in the future or what not.

    I think it will be pretty cool if the fifth film was another prequel of who Robbie is and what his story is on how he became a demon child that maybe hunter will later become.

    However having this family and storyline within the series is a small step forward and a little dissapointing. However there are some good scare, weird and freaky scenes however I found myself waiting for something really cool to happen to find out that either nothing happens or something makes you jump that isn’t a demon.

    Although the characters where very funny and engaging, very well acted I still think there position and role within the series isn’t needed. Finally I think they need to up there game for the next installment and make it the best on yet, give more scares, more intense moments that lead somewhere, creepy moment, story progression and questions answered, I would also LOVE to here the huge demon roar that you heard in the first two films so effectively.

  4. I liked it. The kids did a great job at being creepy and i actually enjoyed the twist that Wyatt was really hunter. Not Robbie. How ever the ending kind of bugged me. The last 5 seconds with all the creepy women walking up to Alex. Just to cut away then and there. I jumped out of my seat yelling WHAT THE HELL!? YOU CANT JUST END IT LIKE THAT! Its too sudden.

    I do agree with one critic that said they played it too safe this time around. That is exactly what the problem was. It was too safe. They where afraid to push them selfs like they did with 3. Now this movie is getting torn into by critics. I believe found footage has so much more in it that has yet to be tapped into. I didn’t hate 4 how ever if they expecting me to see 5 in theaters… They need to not only push forward and test the limits of the franchise but give us answers. They need to tie these things together to build a more respectable lore. If they promise to do that. I will go See 5.

    • Also I think my favorite scene was when Alex was trapped in the garage and the car turns on and she begins to suffocate. Its not scary but it still kept me at the edge of my seat.

  5. I actually didn’t want Alex to die which is a change compared to the other character since Katie and Meecah in 1. She was really likeable and I agree that it was WAY too safe. The Knife thing was sort of awkward but I did like the Kinect dots thing. Every one of these movies have a gimmick, escalating activity at night, baby thing, moving camera at night and now the Kinect dots.

    If they do the Latina spin off movie, I hope it dives into the background and it messes with the religious background. Maybe something like Devil Inside (but hopefully not disappointing)

    Regardless, this one was much better than 3 for sure. 3 was very disappointing to me

    • ” We need to start learning about WHY these things are happening! ”

      What kills me is that they had SO MANY good chances to do that.
      More time and dialog between Robbie and Wyatt would have been a great way to do that. Robbie is a perfect exposition character, use it!
      How about that door in “Katie’s” house with the pad lock…? Heck, here is an idea, somehow get in there and find the “lost tapes” from the 80s? That would have been great! Hell, link up the daughter from 2 with the daughter from this one. I got it, they then bring in the authorities and we can see a forensics investigation of the “witch house”, maybe even have Katie arrested which would make from a really neat interrogation (hay police stationed have lots of cameras).
      I’m just spitballing, but any of this would have greatly improved the film. They had literally so much to work with story wise, and pisssed it away.

      • I like the Katie arrested idea, all the weird stuff happening in the police station over a couple of days while Katie is locked up in a jail cell the whole time acting weird in a posessed by deamons way.

        They could also do it from a hospital. Just let it be something other than here is this random family, from a random suburb, in a random house, and wierd stuff starts happening for no reason, and they just happen to have 18 different cameras that they decide to document it all with

        They also need to work out better in the future how/why the characters have the cameras and why/how they use them. Like in this one it seems like they decided to video things but never ever actually checked the footage.

      • Well for starters we do figure out why these things are happening. If you pay attention, you realize that this is all based around a witch coven from the 1930′s who made a deal with a demon for power and fortune. The demon wanted the first born male in the family and hunter is that first born. Katie takes it and realizes she can’t keep it for now and so she puts it in adoption. Hunter is finally of a suitable age and so they send Robbie in to help him prepare for the possession. Once possessed Hunter or Wyatt then goes through the 3 stages of possession.

        As for WHY this is happening to this family in particular, its just an unfortunate luck that they adopted Hunter.

        • finally someone who is using the facts and logic

          • And that explains Robbie how? And Katie leaving Hunter for adoption is just a theory, not canon. If Katie couldn’t take care of it, maybe the witches could have. But we get nothing, not even a clue.

  6. 1. The film was garbage and not worth seeing.
    2. It’s a waste of money.
    3. There was not really any storyline for the film at all.

    I think that Wyatt was supposed to be Hunter and Robbie was supposed to be TOBY, manifested in human form. When Alex found them in Robbie’s house and started to leave she runs into Katie. Who is for some reason the mother of Robbie. When she mentioned “he looks like his mother” and Alex replied “yea, ok” with a confused voice. The makes sense then as to how Katie knew without being told that Wyatt was adopted. Alex “how did she know you were adopted”. Wyatt “She just knew”. After the confrontation with Katie, Wyatt(hunter) along with Alex leave and you never see Robbie again because TOBY has gone back to his deamon form because Wyatt(hunter) is almost ready. When the Kinect was on with no lights, I believe that Wyatt(hunter) was arguing with TOBY’s voice and at the same time TOBY tried to get into Wyatt(hunter) but failed. In the Bathtub scene I believe that the reason why TOBY pulled him under was because TOBY was reminding Hunter of who he really is. Also because after the bath, Wyatt no longer answered to Wyatt. He answered to HUNTER. Alex “your name is not Hunter” Hunter “it used to be”. After TOBY reminded him of who he was he then jumped back into Katie and AGAIN showed his ugly @$$ face. The ending was really, really really STUPID. Alex (the victim) did not have much of a chance to run for her life.
    I also don’t like the fact that the DIRECTOR put childrens lives at risk. 1 scene is the tub scene. The kid is very young and you don’t pull or put a young child under water like that. As for Alex, all were given the scene of a girl trapped in a garage with all doors closed and a car running. You don’t make any attempt to poisen or make a child suffer. It’s not right at all. The Director is R*T**DED for even thinking of have that in a film. The film had no real storyline what so ever. The DIRECTOR I feel has DESTROYED the series. It is a waste of money. DO NOT SEE IT. NOT WORTH IT. Now he has to make another film since he did not finish the story here.

    • You don’t watch many movies, do you? This was tame by most horror film standards. Do you really think that kid was under the water like that? Are you that naive? And who cares if Alex was trapped? How was that bad? Don’t bother watching horror films if you can’t handle something minor like that.

  7. I give the film a 0 out of TEN. With no star what so ever.

  8. I think PA4 was less scarier than the the other 3 but I loved Ben’s jokes and as PA always does it left intriguing unanswered questions…

    Why was Wyatt (Hunter) adopted, when we saw possessed Katie leaving with Hunter at the end of PA 2?

    Why did the unseen entity throw Alex when she went to check on Ben’s dead body in her bedroom? By this time a possessed Katie had already taken Wyatt (Hunter) back to her own house.
    Isn’t this all about taking and possessing Hunter?

    Did I hear right that Ben and Alex were reading on the internet that a Virgin must be sacrificed. Is this why Alex seemed to be lured towards her death at Katie’s house?

    Also why did Alex see a priest speeding off in his car – was he probably escaping after finding out he would be completely outnumbered when performing an exorcism?
    (Katie may have escaped the hospital and the hospital staff witnessed her possessed state who then informed a priest)

    Judging by the ending I get a little feeling they’re going to turn PA 5 into a Zombie acopalypse like film, and also juding by the ‘surprise ending’ perhaps a return of the Hispanic Housemaid Martine from PA 2?

    • wait how do you even know that was a priest speeding off in the car? It chould of been any one. You never saw what was inside.

    • Prius not priest

    • The answers are all there mate, you just have to listen.

      1. Wyatt or Hunter was put for adoption as they couldn’t take care of Hunter without raising suspicion and, well, he wasn’t ready to be possessed so they sent him away to prepare.

      2. Toby, the demon – his job is to protect Hunter and to get anyone who would mess with their plans out of the way.

      3. Yes, Kate was going to be a virgin sacrifice, however when she was levitated, they probably checked if she was a virgin and they would’ve found that she wasn’t. This can be found out when the joke is made “Big Ben” or something like that.

      4. It wasn’t a priest, it was a prius. Although the rest would’ve made sense if ti was a priest, so nice job piecing that together.

      5. This will never be a zombie type film, that was just a demonstration of power and well, there are a fair few demons and witches that are a part of this deal between the 1930′s witch coven and Toby the demon. The surprise ending was also a plug for a latino spin-off film which is being directed by the same dude who did the last 3 movies.

    • LOL priest? What are you talking about?

  9. I think the reason “Wyatt” was said to be adopted was because Katie kidnapped him from the house in the other movie, so she may have told him or got him to believe that he was adopted so that she didn’t have to answer questions about his real family. Which would also explain the “you’re name isn’t Hunter” “it used to be” conversation because he may remember being called Hunter even though he was just a baby, or Toby has told him the truth. Another possibility is that Toby is switching between Hunter and Katie’s bodies when he takes human form. just a thought, overall i wasn’t that impressed with the movie and i think that P5 should give us more answers. The movies are all tying together in very small ways, but there is more to the story that we’re not getting and being told.

  10. I will start by saying I did like the movie, mostly because it introduced some new ways of creeping out the audience as opposed to the door closing, stuff moving around, etc. that was prevalent in the first three movies. However, I didn’t like that essentially no questions left from the previous movies were actually answered as the trailer so anxiously implied. I also agree that a majority of it was rather slow. I feel like the previous three movies were roughly 80% suspense and 20% outright scaring whereas this movie felt like 90% suspense and 10% outright scaring.

    I was confused about Robbie as a character because up until the idea that Wyatt was hunter was introduced, I had assumed it was Robbie who was hunter. That’s the main thing that bugged me about the movie- the confusion about who the two little boys even were.

    I’m not sure if any of the other critics happened to see the short scene following the credits but, assuming the next movie pertains to that last scene, it will only delve into another different topic that will only leave audiences more confused.

    • What you saw after the credits was for a spanish spin off currently in the works.

  11. Holy crap! I went to the wiki page and the guy who played alex dad dies on 9/14/12…whoa!! He was also really married to the onscreen wife WTF!!

    • Makes sense of the in loving memory “insert name here” at the end.

    • Agreed,Renee. This is not an instant gratifaction movie where you’re going to get an the story and closure in one setting. I could see this easily going to parts 7,8 or 10 even. Lol and if they are like the first 4, I will probably see them all!

    • Posted in the wrong place for response sorry.

    • Sorry to hear about the actor playing Dad. Rest in peace.

    • It was his birthday :((((

  12. well one of my main questions that i completely forgot about until reading these comments, is what is the deal with the padlocked door in the bedroom that we are specifically shown only to be forgotten. i mean robbie is carrying a key around his neck almost the entire time we see him and they didnt do anything with it!? what the hell.. this whole movie just seems like a copout. a waste of time for the makers and for the viewers.

  13. I found myself wondering after the first 10-15 minutes how long the movie was going be because I could tell it was going to be a slow starter. Many of the scare tactics they used were trivial, and in the case of this franchise, trite. The times I jumped were because of the idiots behind me screaming. There were some good moments, don’t get me wrong. I actually really enjoyed the parts with the Kinect, but the directors need something fresh, like some freaky impressions of the demons face on a wall as he haunts his victims. Or the demon could almost be blatant in his hauntings, i.e. pick s*** up and move it around while the person is watching, not just have their back to it.

    And it was a priest driving away?? How the heck could you tell?!?

    Also would have liked to have known what the chick said to Alex after ‘hi’, if there was more conversation.

    Ending was just meh. Only good point was Katie’s demon face.

    Someone pointed out the key around Robbie’s neck= maybe key to that closet. Interesting observation, would love to see that played out.

    Next movie actually needs to answer some questions… If I even decide to see PA5 that is after this disappointment.

    • She said Prius not priest.

  14. Some of you Piss Me Off! The Movie was great regardless of it’s flaws.
    I honestly Hope they make TONS MORE!! I’m looking forward to the spin-off that is coming up!
    I give this film 9/10 so yeahhh :P
    Awesome Ending

    • Agreed,Renee. This is not an instant gratifaction movie where you’re going to get an the story and closure in one setting. I could see this easily going to parts 7,8 or 10 even. Lol and if they are like the first 4, I will probably see them all!

  15. I saw this movie a few hours ago now and like most of you, I am disappointed. I give the film maybe a 6 out of 10, because it did make me jump a little bit.

    But beyond that, I left with even more questions and the ending was a huge letdown. I am a type of movie goer that enjoys a good storyline and with the first two films, the storyline was on fire (demonic possession interests me). The third film answered some questions, but not many. I was hoping the 4th film would have went into Katie and Kristie’s teenage years, thereby explaining more of what happened to them after they were brought up to be prepared by Grandma Lois in # 3.

    If they do make a number 5, which I have no doubt they will do, they really need to finally answer all of the plot questions we have and then just end the franchise / expand out into other films like the latin one. This is one series, I think most of you will agree, that we don’t want to see become like the Saw series. Sometimes, you need to know when to end a franchise. People should want to see the movie because they are excited for it, not because there is nothing else better to see.

    Now that they have let us down with this installment, they owe it to us to properly explain the mythology and give us some real scares (the kind that make us wake up in the middle of the night).

    As for my thoughts on some aspects of the film:

    The xbox thing was pretty cool. Gave us a chance to really see the forms of Tobi and others. In the one scene where Alex goes into the kitchen and Katie rises from the couch to go up the stairs, was Katie down there the entire time or did she just materialize as a demon would?

    I believe Robbie was just another possessed or chosen child given to Katie to watch / use from one of the Coven. He was used to get Wyatt aka Hunter prepared (the three steps) and was cast away after he was of no more use. I do think that Robbie was still around however, as he seemed to be there in Hunter’s room on the top bunk as the mom was killed and Katie was waiting to kill Ben (which was cool, another neck snap).

    As for the ghost child, I am not honestly sure. I honestly believe that was Hunter (the Hunter that Wyatt is supposed to be) and that is who possessed Wyatt in the tub.

    The family members were all pretty stupid. Sure, it was cool that the father believes his daughter, but you don’t just go into a neighbors house after finding out there is some seriously creepy stuff going on lol. Alex was stupid for going over there without calling for some kind of help, especially after finding Ben and her mother dead (I am assuming the body of the mother is in the same closet). Might have been kind of cool to see the cops get attacked by Tobi or the Coven beating them down (might have added some of the action that the film was lacking).

    Needless to say, I was waiting for a good scare from a recently impressive series (all the other paranormal flicks lately have been laughable at best).

    Please learn from your mistakes film execs and make # 5 true to the nature of the first two films and make us, the audience, happy!!!!!

  16. I pooped at the end, I don’t not know if I can wear these pants again. Pretty slow moving movie…but it was scary. Some of the scares were really fake but effective. I was left with a lot of questions but I guess they are just gearing me up for PA5. CAN’T WAIT! AGHHH!

  17. Was any one else had so many questions surging threw there head when the last shot before katie ate the camera (Again) was hundreds of women charging after Alex? That shot is why i was so bugged about the ending. Those werent witches we saw at the end of 3 and this one. Those where demonically processed women like Katie was.

    • You made me laugh so hard with those comments. Also what got me in this movie, like in the 3rd( although for me the 3rd was the best of the series) the girl is running around with a camera! Who in their right mind would follow their father being dragged along a stranger’s house and still be able to tape it. Scratch that, being attacked by a demon and still be able to tape everything? If this girl would have survived, she should go to a career in storm hunters or something.

  18. Also, can they please have a special screen at the theater devoted for people who arent special ed children who scream like idiots at everything and then laugh about it for 10 minutes in between texting and trying to be funny? Like nobody under 21 allowed in screen 3 or something would be a good start.

  19. s*** movie, needed to answer more questions from the previous films, also needed more plots and twists, like what is the witches covern?, what is the mysterious padlocked cupboard in “the witch house” and does this have anything to do with the key around Robbies neck? many questions still to answer, PA5 better deliver.


  20. I don’t remember them saying that Robbie was the same age as Wyatt. Is it possible that Robbie is Katie’s child? Hunter is taken by Katie right after Katie killed her boyfriend. Maybe she was pregnant and didn’t know it yet and then was possessed. That could explain why she gave Hunter up for adoption; being a fugitive with two kids under 2 would have been too hard. I don’t know.

    I didn’t like this one nearly as much as the previous three.

  21. anybody know a clear translation of the after credits?

    • Takes place in Mexico

    • The man enters a voodoo store and as he try to leave the witch tells him it’s only the beginning l

  22. A post end credits scene filmed in Mexico shows a man with a video camera filming inside a voodoo store, calling the items “witchcraft”. Just as he’s about to leave, an elderly blank-faced woman appears saying “it’s only the beginning” before the man walks out.

  23. I personally think the reason for Hunter’s adoption is because he would need a loving family in order to grow up ‘properly’. If Toby-Katie had to bring him up, it would’ve been very difficult, as I’m sure that the demon is inexperienced in looking after kids.

    I thought the film was excellent. Scares were great, characters were likeable and believable. The plot was very interesting, and the ending was superb. Roll on number 5!

    • Why not let his real parents, kristi and husband, raise him properly? Start franchise when hunter is proper age and not newborn?

  24. The movie did have a huge build up to not much, but the end still lef my mouth open. Everyone is being huge critics about the storyline, which they should’ve implimented more, but there are movie serieses out there where on of the movie is tied to just a small aspect or meant to push from the story a bit. This is their’s. I mean, the next movie is going to be partly Spanish, that is a huge twist, considering the other families were just white American’s, so they had to push it toward something there somehow. Just hope for them to have the next packed with scares AND storyline. I don’t think it was a bad movie whatsoever. I think you are all entirely to skeptical. If you love and trust te producers so much for the previous ones that you loved, then put some trust into them because you know this was just a huge lead-up movie.

    Another huge thing no one seems to understand, saying well maybe Toby was this person then locks her up and switches to this person and he has to take turns on who he possesses… He is a DEMON. He does what the hell he wants. He doesn’t have restrictions. He’s not playing a video game as one character at a time. He could have 18 hands and use each one as a puppeteer’s hand. So, never rule out anything. I mean, did you not see the 100 possessed chicks at the end?

    • Actually the last part is for a mexican spin-off. There already is a japanese spin-off, and the scene at the end is for the next spin-off.