‘Paranormal Activity 4′ Spoilers Discussion

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Paranormal Activity 4 Spoilers Paranormal Activity 4 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Paranormal Activity 4 review, this is the place where you can discuss Paranormal Activity 4 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Paranormal Activity 4 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Paranormal Activity 4 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Paranormal Activity 4 is Rated R for language and some violence/terror. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. This movie was sssoo disappointing! I thought they would make an effort to frighten us since every sequel of this has gone down hill badly. Don’t waste your time or money !!

  2. They’re not sequels, they’re all just yarns, accounts of the same subject. The films are awesome. Go get a camcorder and make your own film if you’re on such a pinnacle you feel that you have the right to put down something like this.

    • Damian, that’s a good point about
      these films not being sequels.
      In fact, I finally, just tonight watched
      the original movie, via Google Play
      download rental.
      To your point, the first installment is
      actually taking place simultaneously
      with PA2.
      Anyway, I did like PA4 especially because
      of Alexandra Lee, the red-haired mother.
      Good night all.

  3. Basically after watching all the Jacob D videos especially the last one , he starts watching a video and you can tell by the audio of it that alex was raped by her father therefore she was no longer a virgin as a result the covenant did not need her any more therefore she was killed in PA4.

    In my opinion PA4 was very disappointing and im hoping PA5 will alot of lose ends otherwise the franchise could lose its value it gained from the previous titles.

    • ‘the franchise’, ‘value’, ‘gain’… wow, I’d imagine that you, sat there in the cinema with so much industry expertise are just so wasted? Why not offer the writers your expert services, so they can drag this hugely successful series out of the gutter of your personal disapproval ‘momo’?

  4. Following Jacob Degloshi he posted a link of a symbol. I got to the original page that it’s from and found The Lesser Key of Solomon. It was by Aleister Crowley and some other guy. The point is Aleister Crowley was a famous occultist. Also Robbie had a key around his neck and this text is The Lesser KEY of Solomon. It’s all about conjuration and the occult. This might explain a lot and make the movie even creepier since it’s from a real text.

    • Thismovie not awesome this movie not s*** amd if i did hav a camcorder i will do a better job than them damn directors

  5. Well considering this seems to be the only place discussing jacob degloshi. I am trying to figure out the last tape. Who is it that is talking/crying. I’ve listened Over and over, it kinda sounds like alex apologizing to ben for something but its hard to hear. Anyone have any thoughts.

  6. Wait why did they post so many videos on youtube about that man Jacob D. when they’re making a fifth movie?? please explain!

  7. And if I want to watch all of this stuff, who are the videos being posted by? Thanks

    • Soph it’s a well known marketing technique to post simply anything to youtube, to get people talking about the film/music release or whatever. Advertisers love it too as it means lots of people see their ads.

      Even the Paranormal film makers used youtube… they put up trailers including stuff not in film, to get people talking. So it’s nothing new.

      So you’ve just plugged youtube twice I note. So in answer to your question it was probably you that put it up!

  8. just wondering what the tape says in jacobs last video??

    • Damian , STFU, dont you have anything better to do then constantly criticise people oh wait you’re probrably there stuck to your computer waiting for to be a prick.

      If you don’t think this movie was flop look at all the reviews even given by their hardcore fans .

      • What does ‘STFU’ mean? If it’s an internet term, is it profanity as I thought that that was banned.

        Perhaps say it to my face? Especially the comment, as you put it ‘waiting for to be a prick’ (ha ha! What does THAT mean?!)

        I was going to look, where’s a link to the actual takings for the movie, regarding it being a ‘flop’? I didn’t realise you had access to this and to hardcore fans across the planet…

        • Just replying to this proves my point.

          Id happily meet you and say it to your face.

          Typical keyboard warrior.

          • I take it I’m not allowed to reply? By your rules.

            I like your signature though: ‘Typical keyboard warrior’. But this is obvious, no need for you to state it about yourself?

            Maybe get out once in a while?

            Just chill!

  9. Lot of explanation needed, especially the kid Robbie who stalked Wyatt/Hunter he is 100 years old wtf? I watched because I wanted an ending to the story. More questions than answers in this film.

  10. This movie was so boring….like doll

  11. This movie is HoTtt mess dont waist yo money the ending is stupid !!! And it will make u want to throw your tv out the window the director should be ashame and embarrased of this cause i know if i was a director i will not signed my name to this mess at all

    • if you arent interested in that type of movies then dont bother to watch it it is simple like that

  12. “”!!! This movie is a disappointment save ya money and go c scream ! And send the directors a letter asking what the hell !

  13. “”!!! This movie is a disappointment save ya money

  14. The film made some mileage out of our current infatuation with media and teenage silliness. That boy she was with was so annoyingly suburban. The film is basically made for the times and constantly has moments when the main characters find constantly new uses for their handhelds or laptops. It also illustrates how the internet is all powerful in giving the answers. However, it was very confused. I do not understand why if the girl had the house filmed it didn’t show all that sh*t she saw and her father could believe her. Also he took her out (was the mom with them?) and had obviously gotten a new car easily.

    • It’s explained in the film. She tries to open the files on the various laptops to view the footage and can’t get any of them to work. This is either due to the daemon or she couldn’t remember the username and password because she’s thick.

  15. Hi what’s with the generalisation about ‘our current infatuation with media’… how do you know this? I don’t. Are you a wizard, with global awareness?

    Also re you being confused, so was I: what does your last two sentences mean??? I keep reading them and get more and more confused.

  16. Only €10 voor this dvd? Couldn’t refuse ofcourse. I’ve bought it last weekend and yesterday I’ve watched it for the first time. (Well actually it’s my purpose to wait to buy it until the prise gets cheaper time by time… :P)

    I’ve bought and have seen al of the PA-movies and just like all of you, I have so many questions about this “vague” story…

    Ok, I think this is going to be a long post, but since I’m not the only long poster here I think you won’t mind.

    The first movie was actually the easiest and most logical I think with the the young couple. Katie who believes she gets haunted, Micca who first is skeptical about all of it, but decides to install camera’s and later realises it’s serious, then one night the girl apparently stands right behind Micca’s side of the bed and stares right at him for 2(?) hours and the next morning she can’t remember anything about it… (Which is a very creepy idea and a good one for the movie I think. Imagine it’s yourself who’s standing there and not remember anyhing, or being the person who has been watched!) I wasn’t surprised about the possession of Katie, because the demon was haunting her for a while already, and so she killed Micca…
    Seems all logic.

    The second one already starts to confuse me a bit (but that’s also just me, ofcourse). First I didn’t even realise this was about Katie’s sister and her family because it didn’t mention in the synopsis on the back of the dvd. I thought it was about another random family who didn’t know about the murder and just buyed Katie en Micca’s house. When I saw Katie back (“Hey, doesn’t she look like somebody I… O, it’s Katie!”), I realised she was Hunter’s aunt and so Kristie’s sister. I thought “Hey, is she acting normal again or what…?”, but after reading “PA 3: ending explained” on this website, I started to understand stuff better and also realised the storyline of PA2 was befóre the possession in PA1 actually happened.

    So, already one plothole gets solved in PA2: how Katie got actually possessed by the demon. Like I said, I thought it was just the demon itself who did it, but I was surprised to see it was actually Daniel who did it because of this photograph-burning ritual, to save Kristie from possession. Still we don’t know how the same picture got in Katie’s house. Was it the demon? The Coven?

    The third movie is interesting because the demon gets a name: Toby, the “imaginery friend” of little Kristie. We also learn to know their parents and it’s actually really disturbing to see how they get killed at the end, by Toby, but also by… the grandma. (well, I guess at least Dennis is officially dead. I’m not sure about the mother, because she gets mentioned in the first movie…) It’s even more disturbing and creepy to see the two sisters being hypnotised by grandma and Toby (or both of them) and not even seem to know/realise their parents/only Dennis got killed. It gets also obvious that grandma is actually a witch (and she does look like one, too). This gives the story an interesting occult atmosphere, whichfor I was so curious and hoped to learn more about in the fouth movie, but unfortuantely…

    Fourth movie: who is Robbie? When I saw the trailer I was sure it was a possessed Hunter; because Katie kidnapped Hunter and probably raised him in that house? I didn’t even think about it. (But also I didn’t see the boy’s face very well, so…) Why did he suddenly disappear? I’m almost sure this “figure” can’t be humanic, because a human can’t disappear in thin air?!
    Later I realised Wyatt was probably Hunter; not only because Katie and Toby called him like that, but also because I think the boy actually looked like Hunter…
    So, the first question stays unanswered. Maybe Katie’s son? Maybe she got pregnant of Micca, like somebody else already suggested here?

    Why did Alex and her bf first look at the tapes, but later like… Stopped it? (Like when they saw the fast passing “light” behind Robbie at the infrared and the parents who didn’t want to take it seriously.)

    At the last (terrifying!) scene, was why Robbie standing there with something on this head? What was it? Why?

    Why did they kill the mum? She was even skeptical about it and I really hated that character. (What a b****…)

    What’s in the locked closet?

    What’s on the Spanish newspapers on the wall, or doesn’t it matter for the plot?

    About all of the movies: why are they all sleeping with their doors opened? It’s like on purpose or something.

    How can they even yet sleep with all of this terror at their house? (Ok, in the fourth one Alex apparently couldn’t anymore, but then that bitchy mum gave her a sleep pill…)

    Ok, fine for now I guess. :$ 😛

  17. Oh and by the way: the cat was so cute. :) The animal seemed very interested in the activity and therefore I was actually afraid that she… but luckly it didn’t happen.

  18. 2 months later, but I’m still wondering about the plotline/plotholes…

    I didn’t mention the little ghost yet, which followed Wyatt/Hunter downstaires. (I’m glad it didn’t look disturbing, because I pee my pants easily. :$ :’) I still can’t forget “Captain Howdy’s” face (The Exorcist) for example.)
    Am I the only one who is 99,9% sure this was the figure underneath the white sheet in PA3 (which freaked me out completely)? Although I still think the little ghost looked smaller and thinner… but anyway.

    I’m wondering about it’s purpose… Would it possess Wyatt/Hunter by “walking” into his body?

    Could it be possible that “Toby” created this little ghost to seek the kid into the evil plan?
    First I thought it was Toby himself, but then I realised W/H wasn’t talking to it, because he looked another way and was talking to “something” he apparently was able to communicate with and watch, “Toby”. The little ghost was just walking behind him. (Strange it was caught on camera, but “Toby” wasn’t, by the way!)

    … Am I the only one who thinks the name “Toby” sounds that ridiculous and idiotic for a demon? :$

    I really hope we’ll find out more in the next movie. I’m serious. If the makers create more new plotlines again instead of solving plotholes, this time it really wouldn’t be fun anymore. Come on…

  19. I think Toby is short for Tobias. One thing that bothers me about these movies is Toby, according to either Katie or Christie, is “old like grandpa” so, maybe 3 and 4 had more than 1 demon / ghost throughout the movie. Also, for all that are bashing pa4, it is supposed to be half of a story, 5 is supposed to be the latter half. That being said, there is probably a script rewrite being that they put it off an entire year. Marked ones is supposed to hold us over but idk how i feel about the drug cartel getting haunted lol.

  20. pa4 was epic i loved thr extended scences and the whole movie and can’t argue if you didnt like it or not but you should just be happy that it came out then just end it at number 3

  21. pa4 was epic i loved thr extended scences and the whole movie and can’t argue if you didnt like it or not but you should just be happy that it came out then just end it at number 3 :)

    • Yeah good point… what did you make of The Marked Ones, Shannon? I loved it, the movie was a setup to mess with the cinema audience… and to prepare you for that awesome ending, I loved that!