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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode sixty-two of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we review Paranormal Activity 4, roundup new Marvel film news including the return of Agent Coulson and X-Men: Days of Future Past details, as well as discuss confirmation of DC’s Justice League in 2015.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 62 – Paranormal Activity 4

In episode 62 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we review Paranormal Activity 4, roundup new Marvel film news including the return of Agent Coulson and X-Men: Days of Future Past details, as well as discuss confirmation of DC’s Justice League in 2015.

[0:00] News: Marvel film news (the return of Agent Coulson, Deadpool update, X-Men: Days of Future Past details, and Captain America 2 casting) & Justice League movie confirmed for 2015.

[1:00:00] Rants and Raves Segment: American Horror Story, Workaholics: The Other Cubicle, Alex Cross (read our full review), Homeland, Once Upon a Time, and A Serbian Film.

[1:33:30] Pre-Review Box Office Battle.

[1:38:10] Review: Paranormal Activity 4 (read our full Paranormal Activity 4 review).

[1:56:25] Paranormal Activity 4 SPOILERS conversation (join in the Paranormal Activity 4 spoilers discussion).

[2:16:34] Listener E-mails, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information.

[2:18:14] Game Rant News Brief: Halo 4 Live Action Trailer, BioShock Infinite and Call of Cuty Black Ops 2 Trailers, Microsoft Surface pricing details, Skyrim updates, and future Mass Effect details.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw – with special guest Andrew Dyce.



Next Week’s Review: Cloud Atlas

Last Week’s Reader Box Office Battle Winner (Argo Opening Weekend): Kevin S.

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  1. SHIELD show prequel makes most sense for bringing back Clark Gregg explains why say all the Avengers aren’t talk about for the most part and allows you introduce characters that can impact the MCU later on say they introduce Wendell Vaughn, Carol Danvers, Peter Quill and the list goes on…

    Emily Blunt would be good as Carol Danvers she’s definetly a strong actress & she was up for Black Widow and Josh Holloway I feel makes a better Peter Quill just based on his Sawyer character being similar to Quill…

    Deadpool would be awesome especially if they can get Ryan Reynolds and a hard R rating…

    • The more I think about Deadpool, the more excited I get about it. Could be a great diversion from all the more traditional (albeit great) superhero movies we are getting.

      • The only reason I’m more excited for the movie than the game is the R-rating they’re going for. I’m still not convinced Fox won’t bring down the lame-hammer on that, but the game is certainly not what I had always hoped for. I wanted ‘WET’ meets ‘Wolverine.’

  2. Lookig forward to Foxs Marvel Universe even though I think it will fail because its Fox. Coulson back from the dead! Awesome but confused. Deadpool, heck yeah! As for Justice League, I’m with Ben and Rob because hen Avengers 2 comes out, people will go to it because they know and love characters whereas when they see Justice League they will have no prior connecions to Flash or Wonder Woman and laugh at Aquaman if he is in it. The only selling points are Batman and Superman. As for Green Lantern we need Simon Baz the new 52 arab american Green Lantern. Icons mean nothing, people unfamiliar with comics are going to have no care for any of the Justice Leagues characters other than Batman or Superman when they can go watch Avengers 2 with familiar characters they love. A Justice League movie will be awesome but WB would be more better off with solo movies and Justice League would be even more epic in the long run. Besides, WB has’nt even earned a team up movie yet and probably are unable to handle a shared movie universe anyway.
    Box Office Battle
    1.Paranormal Activity 4
    2.Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
    3.Cloud Atlas
    4.Chasing Mavericks
    5.Fun Size
    10.Pitch Perfect

    • I still want to see the Aquaman movie that was being made on the show Entourage – directed by James Cameron. It’ll never happen but… that thing looked amazing (in the five seconds they show).

      • James Cameron was going to make Aquaman!? Holy…

        • Haha – only on the show. He has a cameo.

  3. This ep was great, you guys should argue more often.
    The colossal dc one just got me excited but I lovez chaos.

    And the crap on PA and the awkwardness of looking at a 15 year old.

    • Haha we were hoping that shouting match would at least be interesting to listen to. Glad to know you enjoyed it.

      • Yeah… you guys are like the Avengers. Kicking the ass of bad guys (bad movies) and fighting with each other too. Fun stuff………

        One question: Who gets to be the Hulk?

        • LOL if the Hulk ISN’T Anthony I’ll be disappointed.

          In thias argument, I’ll have to say….

          Myself – Captain America
          Kofi – Thor
          Rob – Iron Man
          Anthony- Hulk
          Ben – Nick Fury


          • I agree. Anthony has to be Hulk…… for the rest?

            Ben = Thor
            Kofi = Captain America
            Rob = Iron Man

            Andrew? How about Hawkeye…. since you’re a DC traitor, but will soon be back on the team.
            Vic = Fury
            Roth = Black Widow?

            • @Heustis – Can I be Antman?

              Paul Young – Moderator

            • Bahaha alright I’ll agree to that.

              “You know what it’s like to be unmade?” – Me.

      • Ben usually keeps the peace but Im glad he took a side this cast.

  4. Ben you make a good point that just doing a JL movie isn’t really earned and it would definetly be better with a build up but Kofi & Andrew got it right that WB characters are more iconic in that everybody knows who the big 3 are for DC, even today they are in so many pop culture references and Ben don’t forget that some of those Phase 1 movies from Marvel you felt were weak and if WB were to do some weak Wonder Woman or Flash movie than people would kill them and might put the Kibosh on a JL movie…

    The way I see it if you Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in 1 movie with set pieces with Flash using super speed and add a something with Aquaman controlling ocean or Green Lantern creating constructs and that will make the whole thing rock and then people will want see more of the scene stealing characters, similarly to how Hulk movies were basically dead until people saw him in Avengers and now everybody wants to see more of the Hulk and now maybe we’ll get more Hulk movies…

    • Im pro JLA film
      All or nothing, it doesnt need to be “earned” if its good and decent like the Avengers(which wasnt that great, cmon).
      If they put alot of effort into it, cast the right people, do test filming, hire the best writers it could be amazing.
      I mean what makes marvels slow pace so much better. The huge numbers that made the Avengers a success clearly outnumbered those of the individuals meaning many just skipped right to watching it. And by the time Caps movie came out, people were more interested in the avengers trailer than the actual movie. You cant tell me the general public cared that much for Thor, Ironman 2 wasnt that great and the Hulk films had absolutely nothing to do with it.

      And thats the proof right there, the best most likeable Hulk was just in the avengers. Nothing to do with previous films(cause they were horrible), different actor and just introduced as the Hulk in the film and nobody cared because people just want what they want, they dont care how.

      Its all about marketing(commercials and to kids), being clean yet an edge, having an adequate competent script, effects and cast of characters
      and this will spawn repeat viewings, spread by word of mouth and therefore success.

      • I was just thinking that, alot of my on-comic book reading friends jumped straight to the avengers movie and most might have only watched the first iron man movie previously. I’m a massive Marvel fan girl but I actually had to will myself to watch Thor (which turned out to be one the most enjoyable phase 1 films). I feel like its the same with the comics. You don’t need to follow all individual tie in of each Avenger to pick up the dynamic between them, nor do you have to jump back to the beginning. A smartly written movie could convey everything it needs to without having 10 hours of homework to watch before hand

        Finally, I’m just kinda bored of origin stories for comic book characters. I didn’t go to watch Drive to see how Gosling learned how to drive. I saw it because it was an interesting character in that time and space

        • Couldn’t agree more. I think “smartly written” is what will determine its success, more than how much of the origins people know going in.

    • That’s a great point Ben made… from reading my Twitter ;)

      That’s his thing.

      • I did give you credit in the podcast ;)

  5. Box office battle
    1. Silent hill revelations
    2. Paranormal activity 4
    3 cloud atlas
    4. Argo
    5 chasing mavericks
    10. Here comes the boom

  6. 1) Cloud Atlas
    2) Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
    3) Argo
    4) Paranormal Activity 4
    5) Chasing Mavericks

    10) Frankenweenie

  7. I’m with you Ben, regarding the Justice League movie. I think they should at least make intro movies for Wonder Woman and Flash.

    It’s all a WB cash grab. That whole conversation about the people who might be involved with making the JLA movie is pie in the sky. I predict you are NOT going to get a real fan like Bruce Timm in charge. Prepare to be disappointed.

    And speaking of Justice League….. Kofi….. I apologize in advance for pointing Ben towards the JLA TV pilot. It’s horrible. Not even in the “so bad it’s good” category. Cheesy bad. Not campy fun. Though to be honest, a small part of me is looking forward to a Kofi style smack down on the piece o’ crap. Te-hee…..

    • I agree. I’ve been saying all along, Flash and Wonder Woman could/should get their own origin stories, proven heroics, before teaming up.

      • Yes. I would love to see quality movies based on some of DC’s other characters, like Wonder Woman and Flash. There are plenty of interesting choices from the DCU. Green Lantern sucked because the people involved with making GL were NOT hardcore fans of the character. And not even comic book fans. Movie makers with zero passion about GL cranked out a rote formula superhero movie and then look at the result.

        Also, I’m tired of Superman and Batman reboots, and Marvel’s recent successes, is in part, due to the fact that they are showing us new heroes with new ideas, new stories, new powers and with new flaws and problems. I never imagined that Iron Man would be made into a good movie, or Thor, or Captain America. That took some balls to fully commit the resources to such “B” list characters. It took passion to make those into good movies. If Marvel can make a decent movie about a goofy character like Thor then DC should be able to get behind Wonder Woman right?

        I’m more excited to see Ant Man, than Man of Steel or even the next Spiderman.

        Bring in some new blood.

  8. 1 Silent Hill
    2 PA 4
    3 Argo
    4 Cloud Atlas
    5 Fun Size
    10 Sinister

  9. Great podcast love them every week guys.

    Okay love the marvel/dc sulerhero news the best lol. I think it will be a filler series like you guys say and thys how it should be.

    And xmen. I talked bout this with a coworker for three hours today (that’s how we spent the remainder of the day today lol) and well first fantastic four needs a proper awesome reboot before fox even thinks bout a crossover. Make references whatever but before te human torch talks to cyclops they need a proper movie first with a strong cast ( no Jessica alba please!) and xmen needs to be for carefully. Whatever they do it has to continue where first class left off and bring in a young team like jean cyclops and gambit. That’s what we need. Keep havoc and all that but we need a solid team to run a franchise. If they do days of future past right it will be awesome! Get Juno back and follow the story. That or treat first class as a reboot and start new.

    So as far as dc goes if they start with justice league there is no origins. We need to know where they characters come from and why they are heroes. We can’t do a justice league movie that has no back story. They can’t do a prequel. The flash, Wonder Woman and aquaman would sell. A green arrow movie would sell. People would go see that in the right hands. Idk I have a feeling the justice league may come back to stab them in the back. Also you can’t change Reynolds as green lantern even though the movie sucked when justice league comes out and idris Elba is green lantern if he is just for example people are gonna go what happens to the other guy. We need to follow a similar formula with marvel. They has to be a reason for them to fight. Bruce Wayne has to appear in man of steel and Wonder Woman has to be teased.

    And good discussion on paranormal activity. I agree with rob actually on the film. I mean I enjoyed it but idk. It could have been better.

    Box office battle
    1. Silent hill
    2. Paranormal activity 4
    3. Cloud atlas
    4. Argo
    5. Chasing mavericks
    10. Pitch perfect

    • Yah, I really think all of this talk about both the ‘X-Men’ as well as DC shared universes really is a response to all that Avengers money.

      I know a lot is riding on the Justice League film and X-Men: Days of Future past but I am worried that it’s too much too quick. I’d love to see good team-up films but there’s a fine line between awesome and convoluted.

      • THe approach that Fox is going for now is the one reason I’m most relieved right now that DC has just said, “yeah, we’re not doing that. JLA in three years.” So I know that THAT movie at the very least will get the best talent and focus.

  10. 1. Paranormal activity
    2. Cloud atlas
    3. silent hill
    4. Argo
    5. Chasing Mavericks
    10. Alex Cross

    What would this podcast be without Anthony?? He makes the show! Probably the best moment since you’ve started the podcast’s was when he came in for a Serbian film review haha another great podcast guys!

  11. Warning… PA4 SPOILERS


    correct me if am wrong please but in the end of PA4 when Alex escapes from Demon Katie and jumps out the window she finds Wyatt/Hunter in the garden ok an the brief ending happens but now am thinking ok she turns sees Demon Katie swings the other way and sees Demon bitches and then its over.

    is that kind of like Toby and/or Demon Katie vs the Demon bitches and Hunter is the prize are they going down the road of better the devil you know than the devil you dont????

    does that makes sense or am i reading too much into it??

    • In Paranormal Activity 3 they demon and witches were on the same side – so I assume it’s more of the same.

      • yeah i think am reaching at this stage after having seen it this far i just want them to come together and give one story that makes sense and closes everything out.

  12. PA4 Spoiler Alert:

    70% Pottery Barn Ad
    +10% trying to find the demon each time they changed cameras
    +5% unnecessary shaky cam
    +5% boy trying, girl not putting out
    +5% parents not listening to daughter until their dead
    +5% freaky demon stuff
    = 100% of Paranormal Activity 4

    • HAha I’m so relieved I wasn’t the only person thinking “…man, that is a really nicely accessorized house…good lord.” Middle-class families in horror movies have houses that could be featured on the cover of Good Housekeeping with ZERO preparation.

      • My wife loves that house, which means she wants it. This scares me more than the movie.

  13. This week:

    1. Paranormal Activity 4
    2. Cloud Atlas
    3. Silent Hill
    4. Argo
    5. Chasing Mavericks
    10. Pitch Perfect

  14. 1 Cloud Atlas
    2 Silent Hill
    3 Paranormal Activity 4
    4 Fun Size
    5 Argo
    10 Here Comes the Boom

  15. 1.PA4

  16. 1.PA4
    2. Silent Hill
    3.Cloud Atlas
    4. Argo
    5. Fun Size

    10. Here Comes the Boom

  17. 1. Paranormal Activity 4
    2. Silent Hill
    3. Cloud Atlas
    4. Hotel Transylvania
    5. Fun Size
    10. Frankenweenie

  18. 1st-Cloud Atlas
    Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
    Paranormal activity 4
    Taken 2
    10-Pitch Perfect

  19. Kofi, please let the “photage” thing go. There are so many words that are part of modern language that didn’t retain their original meaning and yet you use them every day without ever thinking about it. Why should “footage” be any different? Do you want to get rid of the verb “to film” as well, even though movie productions rarely use film stock anymore? But we could use “shooting” instead, except that the DP doesn’t wield a gun. And why is a coke a coke, even though there is no coke in it anymore? That’s semantic shifting for you. So, you see… there is nothing wrong about calling digital moving images “footage”, especially since there are no actual feet involved, despite the name. ;)

    • *Do you want to get rid of the verb “to film” as well, because movie productions rarely use film stock anymore?

      I was tired. ;)

  20. People love Agent Coulson so much that it wouldn’t matter if they brought him to life….Have you read the fan fiction.

    1. Silent Hill
    2. Paranormal 4
    3. Cloud Atlas
    4. Argo
    5. Taken 2

    10. Pitch perfect

  21. 1. Paranormal Activity 4
    2. Cloud Atlas
    3. Silent Hill
    4. Argo
    5. Chasing Mavericks
    10. Sinister

  22. #1 Cloud Atlas
    #2 Paranormal Activity 4
    #3 Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
    #4 Fun Size
    #5 Argo
    #10 Sinister

  23. I’d hire Mark Waid to write Fantastic Four.

  24. Weekend Box office:

    1. Paranormal Activity 4
    2. Argo
    3. Cloud Atlas
    4. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
    5. Fun Size

    10. Here Comes the Boom

  25. Screenranters,

    Just catching up on thhis weeks podcast.

    I was shocked to hear you speak of Lana Parrilla (Queen in Once Upon A Time) and you never mentioned one of the best roles she has ever played. Look up the TV series Boomtown (2002-2003), I believe was on TNT. You heard it here first and you can thank me later :)humana humana humana…

    • Sorry, it wasn’t Boomtown. She was in ‘Swingtown’ in 2008.

  26. I keep hearing rumors that Justice League is NOT going to be part of a shared movie universe. I saw a recent article that the Superman in Justice League will have nothing to do with the Superman we see in next year’s Man of Steel.

    That would be the biggest mistake ever. It would confuse casual moviegoers and upset the die hard comic book fans. So not only would you have to sell people on a new Batman so soon after Nolan’s trilogy, they’d also have to get the public behind a new Green Lantern and TWO actors playing Superman at the same time.

    I think WB is just going for a cash grab here. I keep saying that I’d rather Man of Steel be it’s own separate trilogy with no Justice League film. Solo superhero films can still be very successful, as The Dark Knight Rises showed. Snyder and Nolan could really make an amazing Superman trilogy I think. I wonder what direction WB will decide to go with. Shared universe or everything be separate?

  27. Dear Screenrant,

    Can you guys please talk about your all time perfect movie?

    For example, mine is Aliens and Batman begins.