‘Paranormal Activity 3′ Trailer Is a Demonic Prequel Tease

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paranormal activity 3 Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer Is a Demonic Prequel Tease

Paramount Pictures’ Paranormal Activity is the ultra-low-budget horror franchise that could, with the first two films bringing in about $370 million worldwide on a combined budget of less than $4 million. So it was a no-brainer when studio heads gave the green light to a third installment, this year’s Paranormal Activity 3.

Now an official teaser trailer has been released for the third Paranormal Activity flick, answering the question: Where can this “found footage” franchise take us that we haven’t already been before?

The answer, as it turns out, is back in time. Similar to how Paranormal Activity 2 ended up being by and large a prequel to the events of the first film, PA 3 delves even further into the past. Specifically, back to the year 1988, when VHS camcorders were all the rage and sisters Katie and Kristi were just little girls who had yet to learn about the dangers of taunting malicious supernatural beings.

Catfish helmers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are calling the shots on the third Paranormal Activity movie, which was scripted by PA 2 writer Christopher Landon. The directing team looks to imitate the approach of the second installment in the supernatural horror series by splicing together different bits of (fake) home video footage in order to tell the story this time around – once again, a slight upgrade from the single camera approach of the first film.

It was established in the second Paranormal Activity pic that adult Katie (Katie Featherston) and Kristi (Sprague Grayden) had in fact been tormented by a mysterious demon when they were children, but had blocked out the memory of said supernatural event. So, rather than attempting to chronicle what happened in the aftermath of its predecessors, PA 3 aims to further explore and expand upon that aspect of the franchise mythos.

For more, check out the Paranormal Activity 3 teaser trailer below:

Horror prequels are often a tricky proposition and Paranormal Activity 3 seems like no exception. We already know the fate of certain characters (specifically, Katie and Kristi), so there will naturally be less tension and suspense during any scene that involves them being endangered or threatened. Plus, it’s hard to say whether or not the previous Paranormal Activity films really suggested that there was a whole lot more that needed to be said about the events that led up to them (this fall’s The Thing prequel is in the same boat, for that reason).

Can PA 3 throw us some curveballs and reveal that there’s much more to Katie and Kristi’s backstory than we were previously led to believe? We’ll just have to wait and see, for now.

Paranormal Activity 3 arrives in U.S. theaters on October 21st, 2011.

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  1. They should have stopped with the first one. Loved it, but now it’s jus… oh why do I even need to say it. They did the same thing to the Saw franchise.

    • I agree.

      • Hmm I wonder if the boogyman is gonna be in the 4th installment.

  2. I want to hate this. Just for my love of the others to remain untampered with. But damned if I didn’t get shivers when they started saying “Bloody Mary”. Who hasn’t done that and hoped for some horrible thing to happen?

    • I havenĀ“t done that.

      • lol


        • Want a cookie?

          • Uh, yeah. Chocolate chip, please. :-)

    • I did that, gave me a few shivers!

    • Hell yeah Dan! Big time shivers. It brought back all those memories of wanting to see if Bloody Mary was real or not, but when the time came, you just couldn’t do it. The hair on my neck stood up at that moment and I said, “wow”. Granted the rest of the film was so, so and to be honest, it didn’t catch my attention. But that Bloody Mary moment has me intrigued and I think it will touch a lot of others for the same reasons.

  3. Loved the first one. loved the second. This is overkill. If they’re going to throw a PA3 at us, at least move forward with the story to interesting new places. Don’t rehash this trash at us..

    • I like the early home movies if it is going to stick with the same, better than forcing it to drag preposterously on and on…. HOWEVER, they could just as easily start an entirely NEW story keeping with the found footage style. There are plenty of different people and places to be haunted!

  4. I like this franchise. I like the found footage thing these movies do. They’re no masterpieces but Im enjoying seeing the new movie every Halloween. My guess is that it’s not going to be that they blocked out memories but they have forgotten certain events because of something sinister happening to them ;)

  5. Who cares. Done.

  6. Hmmm. Not sure I want to watch a full movie in theaters in VHS-quality. I wonder if they’ll even attempt to justify an HD version?

    And anyway, how can you have no idea what happened when you were a kid if (presumably) your parents recording every thing on tape?

    • The first one was just about VHS quality.

  7. At first, before it was posted here, I thought this was fanmade lol

  8. Did anybody see that shadow? lol first time they did something like that right…

  9. i don’t know, i kinda like the idea. There’s something about the VHS quality of the film that makes it a little closer to home.
    *shrugs* seems like it could be a fun ride. Wouldn’t go to the theaters to see it, but i would rent it for sure.

  10. It barely worked for me the first time (saw it in the theaters) and I was just bored out of my skull for 90% of the second one (redboxed it) so if it’s more of the same (90% mundane activity waiting for that spooky 10%), I’m not going to even bother renting it.

  11. they should just stop making these films coz the 1st film sucked and im pretty sure the 2nd film sucked as well so that’ll make this one suck even more

  12. I was going to ask when they were releasing footage of this, since October is coming up and we hadn’t heard a word, up until now.

  13. Looks interesting but I will probably skip it for the same reason I didn’t see PA2: too scared. The first one was enough.

  14. I don’t know why people have such a problem with this. The second one, in terms of the movie, the promotion for it and the way it was released, remained completely true to the spirit of the first movie. And while it wasn’t as scary as PA1, I thought it was a damn good sequel. Plus, for the first time ever, we actually see “something” on the camera which seems really cool.

  15. One of the few movies that makes me jump or fear whats next (i get into movies, even cry at good ones). Insidious was scary until that stupid “dream” or “further” sequence. And they screwed up when the little boy was flinging them around lol. But as long as it’s scary it does it’s job. Remember, there are still newcomers to the franchise.

    BUT why put a 3 on it if it’s a prequel?

    That baffles me with movies/videogames. Why not call it Paranormal Activity: The Beginning or SOMETHING! A change of director is always a bad sign. Never change directors mid-way through a franchise. Hollywood never learns and only wants your money.

    • The second one had a diffrent director.

  16. Still haven’t even seen PA2 yet or that other Haunted house movie Insidious. It gets to you after, when you try to sleep especially when you watch it alone at home lol. Still I get quite a thrill out of them so I might watch this.

  17. I wouldn’t mind finding out the reason why the demon attached itself on to them in the first place, but apart from that im not too keen on the premise of this film and prequels in general. I would have liked to see the story moving forward. Lets see a knowledgeable character actually taking this thing on for once, playing it at its own game… lets have a winchester bros cameo, take them 5 mins to sort it out.

  18. Would someone wake me up when this is all over. Like mongoose said, 90% of these movies are boring. They should just continue after the woman kidnaps the kid; maybe a flashback to how it all began, but continue the story, but with more scares.

  19. I know they where going back in time… I just knew it

  20. I’ve been a fan of the series – and this trailer creeped me out. I’ll be there. Then again, it’s kind of my job to be there :-P

  21. I never got around to watching PA2. But I do love the creep factors they are able to throw at the audience. PA1 freaked me out right well and good. There’s something to be said for that.

  22. You all are full of it that say this movie is not scary or creepy… You are the same ones who turn off movies in the middle because you are too scared to watch the rest and then later tell every one how dumb and boring they were… My wife and I are huge horror film addicts… and the 2nd PA is one of our favorites… It is actually much better then the 1st… So please save me the BS about how you are not going to watch it when you obviously took the time out of your day to come view a trailer of a movie that you say you are not even interested in… PLEASE… Save me the time of reading your BS remarks…

    • PA3 was actually really bad, up until the last half hour. Im glad that you think your opinion is fact tho, you dont come off as a dumbass or anything ;)
      Just because you get scared more easily than other people doesnt mean that youre automatixally right. Get over yourself.