Paranormal Activity 3 Confirmed With Release Date

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paranormal activity 3 Paranormal Activity 3 Confirmed With Release Date

[Check out the first Paranormal Activity 3 trailer!]

After playing at a few film festivals and eventually getting a limited theatrical release, Paranormal Activity rocked the box office through a mind-blowing and plague-like spread of positive word-of-mouth and some innovative marketing. It was able to bring in nearly $200 million worldwide on a budget of a mere $15,000, making it one of the most profitable films ever made.

From there, Paranormal Activity writer and director Oren Peli earned himself a fast-tracked sequel for which he produced, and it debuted last month. While this time they had the cashflow to play with, a similar success story occurred and Paranormal Activity brought in $150 million+ on a $3 million production budget. Using rocket science-like deduction, that meant Paranormal Activity 3 would be on its way and now it’s confirmed.

Our friends at Dread Central have the exclusive after talking to Oren Peli directly and he was able to confirm for them the official release date of Paranormal Activity 3. The third installment of the supernatural-horror franchise will hit theaters October 21, 2011!

That makes it three Octobers in a row and Paranormal Activity is now a full-fledged franchise – if it wasn’t already. Paramount and Peli will have to be very creative in order to deliver another interesting sequel that can offer a similar success to that of its predecessors, in quality as well as financially.

Can Paranormal Activity be the next annual Halloween movie franchise, taking over for Saw which apparently ended with Saw 3D last month? Can they extend the story down new paths or tell different stories entirely that will keep the fans coming back for more? Our own Kofi Outlaw discussed the topic of Paranormal Activity 3 and whether the found-footage format will still work, offering an intriguing idea for the next film and its characters.

What would you like to see in Paranormal Activity 3?

Share your thoughts with us on TwitterΒ @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

Paranormal Activity 3 hits theaters October 21, 2011 and we’ll let you know more about Micah Sloat, Katie Featherston and others as the talent officially joins the project.

Source: Dread Central

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  1. Grand! I don’t know what the world would do without another one of these… πŸ˜›

    • I completely agree these movies are amazing. I think the third should go back to when Katie and her sister were younger but it has to somehow top the 2nd. I think it should go back to when they were young because throughout the first 2 Katie and her sister continelly refer to when they were younger and what they went through so really πŸ˜› your gunna have to make a movie of that before its all said and done πŸ˜› It was aswome how it worked out though because the movie came out around the 22 of october i believe it was and my birthday was the day before so it was an amazing birthday present hahah i was totally scared and it takes alot to do that usually.

      • I completely agree but that movie should be the last, I think this one is going to be of when the baby in the 2nd movie is older, and I think they should make these movies longer and twice as scary and different because after a while I can predict what is going to happen next, I also think that they should make all nights really scary but the last couple with the most action!

  2. Hahaha, who didn’t see this coming?

    Well, I’ve enjoyed both movies. They’ll have to be creative, but yeah, if it looks like they do it justice (and I hope they do), I’ll go see the third movie.

  3. Paranormal Activity 3: kiss my a$$ saw franchise!

    • There are 7… πŸ˜‰

  4. Im not a fan of paranormal activity,i mean i saw and loved the first one but the second one sucked i hated it. There will be a fourth and a fifth i can almost guarantee it… *sigh*

    • What if they did a crossover like, harry potter and the paranormal activity!

      • Um…NO lol πŸ˜‰

        • What if it was set in hogwarts and Emma watson was the lead actress you no you would go see it in a heart beat lol

          • I’d pay good money to see that! Especially if she was naked.

            • Lets have scarlett as a sexy teacher to lol

              • Oh god yes!

                • I knew you would like that lol since I wrote that I’ve come up with some interesting HP adult movie inspired titles all of which I can’t write on here but they all involve miss watson private areas πŸ˜› Ricky if your reading this fo get an Oct cold shower ok haha

                  • Yes, there are many rude Harry Potter jokes to be made…Ricky might also be interested to know that the first 40 minutes of Deathly Hallows has leaked online…

                    • DrSam ive known about the leak the second it happend and i havent seen it 😎

                      Only i can talk about Emma i think you two are too old for her!!

                    • Hardly. I’m 26, only a few years older than she is.

                    • Really? I thought you were in your thirties LOL!

                    • Well, I certainly havent watched it……

                    • For some reason I can’t reply ro the below comments. I’m 29 so your doin ok dsb lol younger girls love the older guys so your screwed Ricky lol

                    • LOL i see…well im just 2 years younger.

                      DRSAM good for us,some ppl saw it,i cantbelieve them….

                    • Sorry to upset ya Rick, but I was kidding. Of course I watched it!!!!
                      I’m not getting to see the film until Tuesday now, so I thought it couldnt hurt :) It’s not like I’m not going to pay to see it at least twice and buy the dvd.

                    • DrSam WHY? I mean you could wait i CANT it should be the other way around!! *sigh* well im happy for me. The first time is gonna be at the cinemas,and i cant freaking wait!! Well i hope that doesnt ruin the experience!

                    • You might not feel that way if you had to wait until Tuesday!!!!

                    • LOL maybe..

      • that would just destroy the movie if the crossed potter and PA coz ones realistic the the other fictional so NO from me, they should go back to there chidhood or even further back to when they referred to there grandmother i think it was? and go from there, or we should find out what has happned to the kid and to the daughter who came home from school like the boy “Hunter should either be possessed because he was the one the “Demon” wanted and haunt the girl or somthing so we really need to know about Hunter and the daughter.

        • Ok this is a pain for part 1 of parnormal actitvity 1 it was entertaining scared the living crap out of me. Part two big disappoint I thought it was goi ng to be awesome boo it wasnt . Ok now nuber is coming out this yr awwww shiit. We all know what’s going to happen either psycho auntie katie and demon child hunter is going after ali becuz she was selected just like kristy and katie. Or they going to do jprequel with selfish great grandma story wanting to be rich and forward to katie and her sister being young. Ok now all I gotta say to producer get sumthing original and gro w sum balls becuz stuff. He is coming up with is nuthing like saw franchise

      • Harry Activity?

    • i guess i agree wth u de second movie sucks big tym jo!!

    • I havent seen the second film yet, its sometimes cheaper to wait for DVD these days than going to the cinema.

      • Yeah I agree films I’m unsure about or the gf dosent want to see if she is wi me I always wait till the dvd come out then rent it or buy it r.e.d is a prime example of that

  5. i would have bet my house on this happening after watching the 2nd film

    • Same here lol :)

        • she’s like 20

  6. Looks like they are going to take the place of saw in seeing how many movies they can put out each year lol


      • well than dont go see it let the rest of the world enjoy it without you

        • @Andrew:
          Yeah you say you’d like a third one now. Wait until the 10th Paranormal Activity is out, and you whine because there are too many.

  7. another1????

    • made me cry to i was so scared it was much more agressive than the first i was terrified :O I LOVED IT!!!

  8. the trailer*

  9. so guys is this movies rial o wat!!!

  10. They should go back to there chidhood or even further back to when they referred to there grandmother i think it was? and go from there, or we should find out what has happned to the kid and to the daughter who came home from school like the boy β€œHunter should either be possessed because he was the one the β€œDemon” wanted and haunt the girl or somthing so we really need to know about Hunter and the daughter.

  11. Well i think that they should do it kinda like a slasher flick mixed with the classic PA. The way i could see it happening is that Ali goes to spring break with a group of friends and she doccuments everything on a camera…but kattie and hunter follow her and haunt her and her friends (whoever they may be). she also may take pictures and later looks at them and hunter & kattie are in the back. the way night footage would be is if one of her friends don’t trust the room service so they set up a camera while they’re out, and captures the activity. then at the end her and her friends get killed, but in very creative and bloody ways (being ripped apart, people being thrown from balconies, maybe a face gets ripped off) but yea i think that would be a good way of going at it :)

  12. Considering you killed off everyone in the second movie, and the second was a prologue anyhow.
    Do you people even remember the Saw franchise? Saw and Saw 2 were good. Saw 3 was boring, and Saw 4 summed it all up. And now there are, what, 7 or 8 movies of Saw?? They get very boring after a while and less and less creative. And just more and more stupid.
    No, I say leave PA alone. It was a good thriller, but two movies is good enough for the world.

  13. You know,I think this should be about katie and kristi when the were little,Or Ali when shes grown,OR maybe even BRADS FAMILY BEING HAUNTED πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ BEASTTTT!!!!

  14. I think it should go back to when Katie and kristi are young or even farther back about the grandmother wantin to be rich.

  15. It hasnt been confirmed, but Oren Peli has shown interested in doing a 4th film as well to be filmed and released in 2012. For future films, I think they should really focus more on the actual character development and all the research the characters do about Paranormal disturbances in the films.

  16. Story idea :What if Katie and Kristi come back from Hell in number 3 butt naked wearing high heels and red capes!! hunh! hunh!

  17. I have just watched PA 2 and oh my god i can’t even go downstairs on my own now it was awesome. I just hope they do go back to the sisters childhood, in which case they could do PA 4 going back to the mother (must have happened to her as she was mentioned about freaking out) then back to the grandmother .I love the way it all interlocks with the first and i jumped about twenty times . Only thing i am confused about is where in the film does that person appear in the bathroom door in hunters room as showed in the trailer .

  18. The only path I see making a 3rd movie(and final) would be to do a multitasking story. In the sense that it jumps back and forth between ali and katie with hunter. Read on before you trash this! So I was thinking they should do this: Ali is now out to find her little brother using what resources she can. She calls paranormal investigators, police, blah blah blah. As she gets closer to finding them the demon starts to mess with her and eventually gets bad. Which falls in line with the other 2 movies. But this time they should show katie and hunter ever so often. Maybe have her hiding him in a closet in some abandoned house or something like that. She could be using micah’s camera or something. I know she would be possessed but maybe the demon is up to something with this camera. I like where the idea goes. It could definitely be a baseline for a good story to build on.

  19. well. i never get scared in any horror movies. i will have to say tho that i was scared sh**less in the first one and the second one. i would really like to see more scary moments where it makes you jump outta ur seat and more moments like in the 2nd one when the mom was in the kitchen and all of a sudden all the doors and cabinets open…. more like that ….. all i gotta say is keep it up i love the paranormal activity movies

    • i litterally almost $hit my pants when the cabinets flew open and i am surprised Kristi didnt!

  20. hi i love paranormal activity <3 xxxxx

  21. I loveeeeee these paranormal activity movies, and hope you guys do keep it going with them. The first one I watched, the power turned out in the middle of the movie and I definitely couldn’t sleep without a light on for I don’t know how long. Sounds silly, but I do have a belief in this whole paranormal stuff. I would really like to see how Katie and Hunter go about what’s happening and where they plan to go. It’d be cool if the third was a prequel of Katies childhood and the fourth paranormal movie leading to a sequel of the second. Just a thought, and I can watch them over and over again… Love it!

  22. Paranormal Activity is the best movie ever and there should be a 3 one to find hunter and see if he is going to make it out of life and also the sister for that mater.

    I know for fact the ghost won’t leave Katie’s body untel everyone is dead for that mater

  23. i hate when people are like that movie wasnt even scary like yea the first one toook a while to get to the scaryer parts but it was still good i just hope all the paranormals stay good and not get to boring in witch people would stop watching themm i love paranormal !!

  24. i love both movies when i saw the 2nd one i was jumping every time something crashed or bumped. poor hunter i wonder whats gonna happen

  25. I am in LOVE with the Paranormal Activity movies. I wonder what`s going to happen with Katie, Kristi, and Hunter! I want Ali to find Hunter, then get possessed by the Demon, and get killed. Or something along the lines of that! So excited for the new Paranormal Activity to come out! I`ll be one of the ones in the theatre, definatley. ( :