‘Catfish’ Duo Set to Direct ‘Paranormal Activity 3′

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paranormal activity 3 Catfish Duo Set to Direct Paranormal Activity 3

Now that the Saw series has finally run its course (at least for now), it looks like Paramount’s Paranormal Activity franchise is prepared to take over as October’s annual horror film staple. With the first two films in the series taking in a combined gross of over $370 million, it came as no surprise when the studio announced last year that Paranormal Activity 3 was already in development.

Since then we’ve heard little to nothing about the production and many fans are curious which direction the filmmakers will choose to steer this next installment in. The found-footage genre has experienced a significant resurgence in the last few years (thanks in no small part to the success of the original Paranormal Activity) and even the higher-ups at Paramount have admitted that they might need to utilize a new bag of tricks when it comes to Paranormal Activity 3.

Our own Kofi Outlaw previously offered his thoughts on how the franchise might continue, but he also acknowledged the creative limitations of the series’ established aesthetic. Paranormal Activity 2 scribe Christopher B. Landon is tackling the script for the third film and although there isn’t currently any information regarding its plot, we may have a fairly substantial clue regarding the film’s format.

Bloody Disgusting has learned that Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman have been hired to direct Paranormal Activity 3. If you don’t immediately recognize their names, you’ve probably at least heard of their controversial documentary Catfish (which actually inspired a rare dual review here at Screen Rant).

The debate over Catfish‘s authenticity rages on, but no matter which side of the fence you fall on in that debate – we can probably all agree that you don’t hire documentary (or mockumentary) filmmakers unless you’re aiming to ape that style to some degree.

Paranormal Activity ending Catfish Duo Set to Direct Paranormal Activity 3

At this point, it seems unlikely that Paramount would risk deviating from the franchise’s proven business model. Paranormal Activity 2‘s $3 million budget may have been a huge step up from the original’s $15,000, but it was still paltry by Hollywood standards. So bringing a pair of up-and-coming (i.e. cheap) directors on board and taking a similarly low-tech approach to Paranormal Activity 3 shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Low budgets and high grosses are what this series is all about, after all.

Joost & Schulman certainly have their work cut out for them, though – Paranormal Activity 3 is set to be released a mere six months from now. The first sequel did an admirable job of expanding the mythology and took a pretty innovative approach with its timeline of events. Will the third film be able to find an equally satisfying way to play with the audience’s expectations?

We’ll find out when Paranormal Activity 3 hits theaters on October 21.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. God, why do I care! Paranormal Activity is overrated

  2. Wow looks like theyre going to rush this. It comes out this October, they have 5 months.

  3. Huh.
    To be honest I completely forgot this movie was being made until I read this. Ricky to be fair I think Paranormal Activity 2 had an equally rushed production and it ended up being pretty good. Hopefully they at least have the script ready and aren’t writing as they’re filming.

  4. I loved Catfish so I have no doubts in these fellas.

  5. Hm interesting. My guess, wich I based off of Kofi’s ideas for the 3rd installment, is that it’ll be a documentary style of a group going after the girl/demon.

    Think about it it Would be able to be outdoors, maybe more handheld stuff. But obviously still have mounted cams b/c they are making a documentary and weird stuff is happening.

    If done right this could be an awesome addition to the series. The original was such a refreshing horror flick, I was so sick or the torture sub genre like saw. And the sequel was just as good if not better.

  6. Whatever happened to Area 51?

    • Yeah any news on that movie?

  7. I agree with Ace on the first P.A. being a breath of fresh air and on Catfish being made (in my opinion) very well. But I think the studios are going to ruin another movie. This October the 3rd one comes out and then next year another, then another, then another. I understand sequels are attractive right now and especially with Paranormal being only $3 million to make, but I think they should let well enough alone…

  8. paranormal activity 2 was terrible

  9. TBH honest PA1 barely worked for me. It had just enough creepy elements that I didn’t feel completely ripped off but 10 mins of creepy sprinkled in 2 hrs of yawn is not what I was hoping for.

    PA2 used the same formula and this time it didn’t work because I knew what to expect. Going through 15 mins of video footage of rooms for a brief creepy moment gets stale quickly. After watching it I felt as if I knew how the Ghost Hunters felt after reviewing all their audio/video for a session.

    PA3 needs a much greater ratio of creepy to mockumentary or I will pass on it completely. Well ok, if it shows up on TV next year I will watch it ;)

  10. Yeah PA1 & 2 were basically the same. For the majority of the movie you have all the talking, some laughs and a few doors opening and shutting on their own, then the last 15 minutes is where all the crap happens. It wasn’t bad but I don’t see all the hype. I hope they switch it up because I really don’t want to pay to sit through a movie with nothing happening until the last 15 minutes again. Say what you will about Saw, atleast they had things going on. It may have got old, yes, but they held it down for 7 straight Halloweens.

  11. Paranormal Activity 2 bored me to tears for literally the first entire HOUR… Though I must admit, once the big…. Jack in the box style “kitchen cabinet scene” occurred, I was more than satisfied with having endured the torture.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing this series take on an unrelated group of people who experience an entirely new and original haunted situation.

    Nobody cares about continuity as long as it’s a good movie.
    (See Terminator 5)

  12. Hiring these 2 has spiked my interest a little because IMO even if it was fake or not Catfish was like a horror movie to me. It really creeped me out. But I just can’t seem to get onboard with these “found footage” types of films. I enjoyed the 1st a bit but if it wasn’t for all hype I would have completely forgotten about it a week after I saw it. So maybe some new blood & ideas can change my opinion.

  13. i have to admitt catfish was good but not scary. it had a more creepy feeling to it. now with the PA movies – please die. they werent scary the first time, they werent scary the second time, do they really think they might actually pull off a scary movie the third time?

  14. no information regarding the plot? I didn’t realise any of the paranormal activities had a plot.