‘Paranormal Activity 3′ Clips: Lot of Static, Creepy VHS Footage

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paranormal activity 3 clips Paranormal Activity 3 Clips: Lot of Static, Creepy VHS Footage

Pretty much everyone who plans to see Paranormal Activity 3 this year knows exactly what to expect: intentionally “amateurish” footage, minimalistic scares that suggest the presence of supernatural forces, and a final scene that packs a big punch. So, if the PA formula is so predictable, why watch it being executed a third time?

The answer? Because, based on the Paranormal Activity 3 teaser and a trio of freshly-released viral clips, this new installment in the franchise looks to be one of the most legitimately spooky films of the year.

If this past spring’s sleeper hit, Insidious, was the cinematic version of a high-end haunted house attraction, then Paranormal Activity 3 looks to be the film equivalent of walking through the woods at night: Every mysterious noise and spooky shape you pick up on leaves you feeling anxious, even though you realize there’s virtually no chance that something terrible is going to happen to you. Well, until you stop paying attention and walk face-first into a tree, at least. icon wink Paranormal Activity 3 Clips: Lot of Static, Creepy VHS Footage

Point being: These viral clips from the third Paranormal Activity flick don’t tread on any untested territory – they feature static-filled VHS footage, full of mysterious events and brief snippets of characters screaming in terror – but they’re nonetheless quite effective, all things considered.

See what we mean by watching all of the Paranormal Activity 3 clips below:


For those late to the party: Paranormal Activity 3, as far as we know, takes place primarily in 1988, back when sisters Katie and Kristi (whose adult versions were played by Katie Featherston and Sprague Grayden in the previous PA films) were both just young girls. The threequel is therefore actually a prequel that promises to shed light on the siblings’ early encounter with a demonic entity – a traumatizing incident that, for reasons soon to be revealed, the grown-up versions of Katie and Kristi cannot actually remember in detail.

Paranormal Activity 2 scriber Christopher B. Landon penned the screenplay for PA 3, which features¬†Catfish filmmakers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman in the directors’ chairs. Seeing how all three of these gentlemen are now well-versed in the art of the (fake) documentary format – and have previously exploited it for maximum effect – there’s good reason to think they’ll deliver a horror film that’ll keep fans of the PA series happy… and, probably, one that also rakes in more than enough cash to ensure that Paranormal Activity 4 happens (for better or for worse).


Paranormal Activity 3 arrives in U.S. theaters on October 21st, 2011.

Source: Paramount Pictures (via BD Horror News, Dread Central, and STYD)

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  1. I saw #1 in the theaters and left feeling a bit robbed so I rented #2 for a buck and STILL felt robbed (at least time wise). I think I’m going to pass on this one altogether.

    • Feel exactly the same way. I just don’t like these ideas. My two cents.

  2. I feel the same way @mongoose. I saw both in theaters and will admit i jumped the first time with the first one, but these movies are not effective outside of the theater and with 2nd viewings (unless youre in some freaky basement … whole other story lol). The third one caught my intrest with the bloody mary thing. Im wondering if theyre going to be incorporating the bloody mary urban legend into the series!

  3. YES!

  4. PA1 et 2 are OK, I had a good moment in theaters, I’ll propably see the 3rd too.

    But what I REALLY want, is an Insidious sequel !! :( That was a true horror movie.

    • YES to Insidious 2. Even though it felt a bit low budget in places (most notably the end), it was still thoroughly creepy and worth seeing once. I can only hope that they take their gains from the first one and invest in a FEW more pricey special FX for the sequel.

  5. I find these to be really boring. The whole home made horror novelty wore off before the first one was over. I will admit to watching a boot leg of part 2 on line as a last resort for entertainment though. Please put the money and effort into something else!

  6. I’m a fan – and this new one has two scary-looking little white girls in it. Sold.

  7. Did I say “money and effort”? You know what? Not much of either of those things went into these films. Forget what I said. Make another one. If all it takes is a couple of no name actors and a weekend of filming to make millions, good for them.

  8. Creepy… if you’re an 8 year-old girl that scares easily…

  9. If you guys don’t like the series, then why do you go to a story about the series? Just so you can prove how ‘tough’ you are since it didn’t scare you? Go away. If you don’t like it that is fine, but don’t click on a story about it just so you can bash it. That is just dumb.

    • I see, so we aren’t “allowed” to post negative opinions? Now that would be truly dumb if all you were supposed to post was positive comments.

  10. WTF,could someone please explain because that was boring and annoying.

  11. I really liked the first one. Didn’t like the second. Not terribly excited for this one.

    • aw whatever…you’re still seeing it anyway.

    • If you were bothered by that, you should see what I wrote about the Lone Ranger article.

  12. I havent seen 2 yet but I thought in 1 one of the sisters were dead…

    Is that correct? Dont have to tell me anything else other then YES or NO. ;)

  13. i am deathly afraid of demons and such, saw the first 2, wanted to die for weeks after, definitely not watching this one… in one of the previews it said the last 15 minutes will mess you up for life… yea, id rather find out from my friends how all this came to be than poop my pants in the theater and every night after. i have also tried the bloody mary thing when i was little, scared laughed the whole time and never looked in mirror after so idk if it is true or not but i dont intend to try again XD

  14. I, personally, find these movies to be quite freaky. Just what if they were true? I am not saying I am some complete psycho that believes them, but if you watch them if that “what if” mentallity, they will leave you the same way. How is it that most of you believe there is a spirit called God, but do not believe that faith works both ways? That is what scares me the most!

    • I have zero belief in god or anything supernatural. I believe when you die you cease to exist and thats it.

      And yet I find these movies (and others like them) super effective.

      To the folks who say ‘yawn… BORING!’, Im not sure what to tell you. I really wonder what you *do* find “scary”. I have friends like this and they say ‘movies dont scare me’, which is really a pretty pointless response. It’s like saying “XYZ wasnt funny” and following up with “i dont find humor amusing” Good for you but who cares.

      Personally, I thought Insidious was a massive disappointment and fully ruined by the crap effects and the totally lousy makeup. The beginning started off strong and it rocketed downhill.

      So Im guessing some horror fans are more disturbed by what *isnt* shown and by subtlety (me and other PA fans – probably why i liked the intro to Insidious) and others like to see CGI/monsters/whatever (which is why they like the end of Insidious) which, to me, are absolutely never effective b/c they always look lousy. At the end of Insidious I was wondering when Obi-Wan was going to jump out and fix the little problem they had in about 2 seconds. And of course others are only “scared” by slasher flicks which, to me, are the least scary of all. Any problem I can end with a 9mm in the first 5 minutes isnt frightening for me personally.

  15. I saw paranormal activity 3 last night at the theatr why doesn’t the version in theatres show any of the scenes that are in the trailer for the movie that really stinks people are getting ripped off watching the trailer then seeing the movie and none of the stuff in the trailer is in the movie.