‘Paranormal Activity 2′ Trailer as Mysterious as the First

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Paranormal Activity 2 title Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer as Mysterious as the First

The first trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 has been released and it emulates all the suspense of the first movie by showing next to nothing and raising questions.

The minimalist focus of the trailer is exactly what works for it. But when you extend this quiet suspense to 90 minutes (especially after it’s been done once already), the gag can wear off quite fast. It will be interesting to see how the minds behind the sequel keep audiences on their toes – since the gimmick/surprise of the original shouldn’t work again. If it becomes just about the money, we may have a new Saw franchise on our hands.

Paranormal Activity was the micro-budget sensation that turned a $15,000 project into a $193 million (worldwide) hit. Word of mouth spread rapidly through the Internet, leading to unprecedented buzz. A sequel was quickly greenlit and Tod Williams signed on to direct.

The new trailer presents a tone similar to the original film, but adds some new elements – multiple security cameras, a baby and a dog. I have to admit, I am genuinely worried about the safety of this dog. For some reason, the baby doesn’t create as much nervousness for me in this brief trailer as the dog does.

Then again, I have a dog and no babies. simple smile Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer as Mysterious as the First

Only a month ago we were wondering if the possessed Katie would return in the enigmatic sequel. The trailer suggests this might be correct. All we see is the silhouette of a woman, but her body resembles that of actress Katie Featherston.

No cast has been revealed in an attempt to maintain the veil of realism that made the original an international sensation. Obviously, it is all fabricated for entertainment, but the intentions are admirable.


Well, well – the little viral nuggets are starting already… Screen Rant reader Jose noticed that at the end of the trailer there’s a reflection of the baby in the mirror, even though he’s not in the crib:

paranormal activity 2 Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer as Mysterious as the First

And then our fearless leader Vic noticed a message in the carpet, which I pointed out was a reflection in the mirror. Here’s the detail:

paranormal activity 2 detai Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer as Mysterious as the First

It’s a hand-scrawled message that states: “what is happening to hunter?” One would assume that Hunter is the name of the child.

What do you think of the teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 2? Do you even need a trailer to get you in a movie seat? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Paranormal Activity 2 is scheduled to release on October 22nd, 2010.

Source: ParanormalMovie.com

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  1. Has noone noticed that at the end of the trailer when its being rewinded you can clearly hear someone say hunter?

  2. so i think the baby is katie’s cause (SPOLIER! IF YOU HAVENT SEEN PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 1) you remember in the first one and katie and micah have sex a couple days before katie became super possessed? yeah and then she “disappears” after she kills micah. so i think the whole “whats happening to hunter” is he is katie’s satan-chicken feet baby.

  3. i think they’re in the same house as the first one. i don’t remember the layout of the kitchen, but the living room staircase looks exactly like the one in the original’s house. maybe this is the beginning of the haunting with the child, similar to how katie was since she was a kid. or the kid could be katie’s and some family adopted him, but it would be too much of a coincidence if they lived in the same house too…

    • Well for one, we KNOW it’s not Katie’s baby because they show her sister coming home with brand new little Hunter in the beginning. Also, I’m 100% sure it doesn’t take place in the same house because in the beginning of the movie they show the exact scene from the 1st movie where Katie is pulling up to her driveway with Micah there videotaping her, do you remember? And in that part she was just coming back from her sister’s house. FYI, the family isn’t just some random family, it’s Katie’s sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. The girl living there is Katie’s brother-in-law’s daughter.

  4. So I just stumbled upon this article… Which I actually enjoyed reading because I couldn’t find a picture of the words written on the mirror and (as some have said) it has been removed now.

    I did notice something new though… If you let the video load about 3/4 of the way and then try to rewind it back to the beginning, it goes into this weird extra scene. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so go try it.

    Also… the ending now just does this weird zoom thing. You can like direct the video where to go as it zooms. It’s kinda cool if you want a clearer look at something.

  5. At the end, it made me zoom in twice. Is that normal? I thought it was only suppose to zoom in once. It made me zoom in twice and the second time, the baby wasn’t there at all. In the crib, or the mirror. Freaky……

  6. At the end, it made me zoom in twice. Is that normal? I thought it was only suppose to zoom in once. It made me zoom in twice and the second time, the baby wasn’t there at all. In the crib, or the mirror. Freaky……
    And it does distinctly say hunter at the end.

  7. No trailer needed, the first was truely terrorfying, no horror film captured the horror like that one. We’ll see about this one, But with only one small clip you cant tell, but it is chilling, just the dog more than anything.

    • OMG just this short clip gave me chills. I can’t wait to see the movie!

  8. do yall think this movie is real

  9. tttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss is real

  10. Seriously how did they come up with name for the baby? And why did it have to be Hunter that is so not a common name and it’s my son’s name – so I won’t be seeing this movie….

  11. I watch the trailer frequently and this time I noticed that when they show the “women in black” (whom I believe is Katie) you see Hunter in the mirror and not in his crib! Creepy!!!!!

    • yeah that was super freakey

  12. I really think the dog created the most fear or suspense for me rather than the baby. Baby’s can be replaced with dolls but dogs have to be alive henceforth something made the dog snarl. I absolutely love the scene of the dog snarling and barking into the unknown or the dark trying to protect the child. Pets in movies really evoke powerful responses!

  13. Just for the record I don’t understand some people! Hoelw can you say you care more about the dog than a baby? That just sickens me. Yes I feel for animals and deserve to be treated equal, but a baby??!

  14. I just went and seen this with my fiance’ last night. It was AMAZING. Katie does show up but what happens at the end of the movie is CRAZY. The only question is, where did hunter go ?

    Go see the movie :)

  15. I saw the movie on thursday. I loved it! but i noticed some of the things that were shown in the previews weren’t actually in the movie? like katie standing behind the little girl on the couch? and the baby being on the road? why is that?

    • Katie was behind the couch but that wasn’t the sister it was the dad. Also the baby in the road confused me, Until i figured out it was when the dad dropped the camera in the basement and the baby was up against the wall.

  16. Omg this movie was so awesome but it wasnt that scary the main thing that scared me was when that chick got dragged down to the basement and then came up all possed and then she was in the kitchen and it was all quite and the all the sudden every door and cabinet opened that is what got me but i cant believe it ended like that i was so disappoted overall i giv eit 5 stars