‘Paranormal Activity 2′ Trailer #3 Offers More Story

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Paranormal Activity teaser Easter Egg 2 Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer #3 Offers More Story

The marketing campaign for Paranormal Activity 2 has focused primarily on keeping moviegoers in the dark about what exactly the plot of the supernatural horror sequel will entail.

A series of viral clips released this past week only confirmed what we have suspected since seeing the first trailer – that the baby Hunter is an important player in Paranormal Activity 2.  Now a third trailer has been unveiled and it paints a clear picture of the film’s general plot.

The original Paranormal Activity was a micro-budgeted mockumentary that was composed of handicam  footage shot by a young couple – Micah and Katie – who were played by actors of the same names as to play up the illusion that the film was “real” when the couple slowly begin to suspect that they’re being haunted by a demonic presence.

It would seem that Paranormal Activity 2 will ape its predecessor’s approach, as it too involves home video and security camera footage.  This time around, the victims are that of the baby Hunter and his family – whom it turns out are related to Katie from the first film (is she Hunter’s aunt, perhaps?).

Check out the new trailer below and see what we mean:

Those who remember Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, the sequel to The Blair Witch Project – a.k.a. the original ultra-low-budget, fake horror documentary that could – may recall that it did not expand on the events of its predecessor in any fashion.  Book of Shadows was instead just a cheap, uninspired pic that was low on legitimate scares and attempted to exploit moviegoers’ adoration for its predecessor.

Paranormal Activity 2 may not be a masterpiece in the making, but it does look to tie into the events of the first film and retain the same minimalistic scare tactics that proved effective before.  Moviegoers may be less interested in checking the sequel out now that the novelty factor of the first Paranormal Activity is gone, but it looks like director Todd Williams and his screenwriters – Michael R. Perry and Chris Landon – will actually deliver a decent followup after all.

Paranormal Activity 2 arrives in theaters in the U.S. on October 22nd, 2010.

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  1. Hell Yes!! It looks good,but i hate how they market it,as if its a must see,and how you must demand it….

    • Why does it have to be about a baby though? Thats the only thing that has made me not want to go see it haha

  2. This looks like a solid sequel. I like that it didn’t go the Blair Witch 2 route. I’m definitely going to check this one out and I agree with the marketing problem, it’s not a MUST SEE film but I don’t think it’ll be crap. They should have stuck to just viral marketing in the sense that they don’t do the demand it thing.

  3. Is it the same house? It looks very similar.

    • maybe that’s the connection.

      • Or they went cheap again and filmed in the same house.

        • LMAO does anyone know how much cash they wasted on the making of this film?

          • ummm…wasted?

            • Yeah… wasted

          • $3 million apparently. which is 200 times the budget of the first film.

            • 3 million?? WTF!

              • That’s loose change Rick.

                • No thats alittle….i mea they KNOW its gonna make millions,they should spend more to make it truly great!

                  • Spend more on what exactly? They don’t need to spend anymore, its no name actors, one set, and the same effects they used in the first film. The fact that they have such a HIGH budget is weird, what’s it for? Marketing I’d imagine.

                    • im actually suprised that is was in the 3 million range lol.

                  • ever heard “less is more”??

                    • I imagine that he hasnt.

                    • LOL still they coudl spend it on better screen writers directors etc…

                  • But Rick, what makes a film great is not the money that’s put into it, but the actual story being told in the movie. my favorite film of 2007 for example was an independent musical from Ireland called “Once” that was joyous and magical in ways that no other big budget musicals that I have ever seen have done. The budget for the film was about $155,000.

                    • Yes thats true….

            • they’ll get it back and then some either way.

    • It is the same house.

  4. ya i dont think he had either DSB lol. the GF wants to see this so either way im going ha ha

    • Im going too,i hope its better than the first,you guys think so??

      • I doubt it will be, the only thing the first one had going for it was the novlety value of the scares, and know you’ll know exactly where and when they will be coming.

        • Yeah true…itll still be good i hope *crosses fingers*

        • it was just REALLY funny to see Micah trying to taunt the demon, then when he saw that messed up picture of him and Katie and ask “why is my face only messed up?” i about died…im hoping there more of that type of humor in this one.

          • HAHAHAHAHAHA yes that was classic!!!!!!!!!

  5. It looks like more of the same really.

    I LOVED the first PA, but noe that you know what to expect, I can’t see it really taking off.

    But I’ll definitely go and see it!

  6. The Blair witch was popular because people thought it was real. Paranormal Activity was scary to SOME people because they thought it was real. Now that there is a sequel I don’t have a clue what the turnout will be. Im sure there will be those like that wont see it because they werent fans of the first and know it is fake, but there will of course be those that see it anyways cause they like the..story? Either way I have no idea how much better this one will do than the first.

    • this sequel will be 235353234356356 times better than BW’s sequel :)

  7. Anybody and I MEAN anybody who thought Blair and P.A. were real is a more frightening thought than the actual films. I know they were marketed as such,but come on?
    The draw of both movies and also “The Last Exorcism” was not that they were real but were very realistic due to the handheld cams and pseudo doc feel.
    Intelligent people knew this and were happy to suspend disbelief which is the unspoken deal between film makers and audience.
    I’ll happily watch this sequel because it is made in a similar vein to the first. But also because, there are horror movies and then there are movies that are genuinely chilling and frightening.
    Most horror movies are absolute dross, satisfying only gorehounds or making passable 90min entertainment. Films that chill are thin on the ground, but they are the very best in Horror.
    Someone said “less is more”, and I totaly agree with this as the best horror leaves the gore in the imafination of the viewer…which is much more terrifying.
    The scene at the end of Blair with the guy facing the corner, the fast forward of Katie, knees up and rocking in P.A., leatherface impaleing a girl on a meathook etc…these are horrifying. A guy getting circular sawed in half in “Saw 4″…not so terrifying, just gross.
    Some have complained about the ending to “The Last Exorcism”, admittedly I was surprised at it’s abruptness. Howver, in the context of the film it made perfect sense and asl harks back to the ending in Blair. In Blair we remember the stories from the start of the movie that the witch forces people to stand facing a corner of the room before killing them, in Exorcism we remember the drawing of the pastor and his crew and how their murders are depicted…all this comes flooding back to memory during and after the end scenes. Indelibly forcing your consciousness to realise the magnitude of horror that is or has been unleashed.

  8. In the past I’ve shown that I have very low hopes for this movie. And while I still don’t think it will be good… that trailer gave me goosebumps.

    • If the trailer gives you goosebumps thats a very good thing ;)

  9. i thought the first P.A. was hilarious i loved i the boyfriend kept pushing the demon nerves,classic i would have did da samething.im hoping we have another skeptic in this one to add sum humor to the otherwise dull in-between moments

  10. The first one was awful. Nothing original nothing frightening, nothing creepy or scary. How anyone liked this and how it garnered the acclaim it has is astounding. it just goes to show how simple minded and uncreative the majority of the movie going public is. This film will be s*** just as the first one was.

    Quarantine or The Signal (both not that original) are many, many times better than this horrid piece of pseudo-cinema in terms of production quality, finish and execution.