New ‘Paranormal Activity 2′ Trailer Has More Than Meets The Eye

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paranormal activity 2 New Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer Has More Than Meets The Eye

Paramount Pictures has kept the plot of its upcoming supernatural horror sequel, Paranormal Activity 2, thoroughly under wraps.  The recently-released second teaser does not so much hint at the film’s plot as it requires viewers to literally dissect the short preview in order to learn anything new.

Paranormal Activity was a micro-budgeted project that became a hit sensation following a unique viral advertising campaign that promoted the feature as an utterly terrifying filmgoing experience.  The marketing scheme for the sequel has been more minimalist in design and has virtually gone out of its way to keep moviegoers in the dark about everything related to the movie.

What is know is that Paranormal Activity 2 was directed by indie filmmaker Tod Williams and scripted by Michael R. Perry.  Who exactly stars in the movie is another question – even Katie Featherston (Katie in the first Paranormal Activity) has not been officially confirmed as a cast member.

The original Paranormal Activity 2 teaser was composed of footage from the conclusion of its predecessor and security camera shots of a different house – with particular focus on a nursery that was populated by a baby, German Shepherd, and a woman who may or may not be Katie.  Watch the new teaser below and see if you can spot anything else on your first viewing:

Chances are the only difference you noticed between this new teaser and the original one was the reverse-motion footage at the end.  MTV meticulously broke down and analyzed this second trailer frame by frame and discovered a handful of intriguing, if enigmatic, Easter eggs.

First, here is a better look at the mystery woman that appears briefly – and the baby whose reflection in the mirror is visible, even when he (or she) is not actually visibly present in the room:

Paranormal Activity 2 teaser Easter Egg 1 New Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer Has More Than Meets The Eye

Is it a possessed Katie?  The baby’s mother?  Or a entirely different, possibly possessed woman?  Nothing is clear at this point – other than the fact that the baby seems to be important to the plot of Paranormal Activity 2, as is also implied by the next image that appears very briefly in the teaser:

Paranormal Activity teaser Easter Egg 2 New Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer Has More Than Meets The Eye

Who is leaping out at the baby in this frame?  Is it the woman from before?  One of the child’s parents?  Why is the kid outside?  And who is the individual with the green thumbnail, holding the baby in this next “don’t blink and you’ll still miss it” image from the new teaser?

Paranormal Activity 2 teaser Easter Egg 3 New Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer Has More Than Meets The Eye

The marketers for Paranormal Activity 2 have taken what could be dubbed the “Cloverfield approach”: reveal as little information as possible in order to pique the interest of moviegoers and convince them to check out the film in theaters – if only so they can find out just what exactly the movie is about.

Paranormal Activity 2 arrives on October 22nd, 2010 – just in time for Halloween.  We shall have to wait until then to find out how excited moviegoers are to discover the secrets of this sequel.

Source: Paramount Pictures (via MTV)

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  1. Haunted nursery room with ghost baby perhaps?

  2. (don’t ask why my picture changed, its related to school)

    Ok, so I absolutely despised the cheesiness of the first Paranormal Activity, but this trailer did have me impressed. I’m really considering seeing this one in the theater.

    • can you delete this comment? now i feel dumb… gravatar is never friendly to me.

  3. meh

  4. whats the writing in the mirror in the floor in the first picture at the very top of this article?

    • @ Spin

      It says “What is happening to Hunter?”

    • It says “Don’t see this movie”

  5. Well, they’ve rined the “real” aspect for gullible moviegoers at least.

    Honestly, the amount of my friends who thought the first one was real is unbelievable.

  6. I don’t watch horror movies at all but this was one that I actually liked. I thought it was good and a little different.

    It’s definitely Katie. I’m starting to fear that this may become a series that just involves Katie going to all sorts of different people and haunting/possessing them.

    It looks like maybe that’s the house that was in the first one (remodeled of course) and demon Katie is haunting it. Maybe she always wanted a baby and this is her way of getting it or she’s looking for a new host once Katie gets old and boring. She’s not like going to take over the baby but maybe she’s preparing to get him when he’s older. Maybe the parents know that something is happening to the baby and try to get him baptized or exorcized or whatever.

    That’s just my opinion thinking from how bad this movie could become.

  7. Can they please spend less time on ‘easter eggs’ and more time making a great movie? Sheesh. I can’t imagine this movie won’t be awful … my fingers are crossed on behalf of any horror movie, but it just seems like mission improbable here. Lightning. Bottle. Twice. Nah.

  8. I don’t know if the movie will be any good but that’s a pretty damned effective trailer.


    • I agree Vic. The trailer is chilling, but I feel like now that I’ve seen the trailer, I don’t have to see the movie.

      The first one was a paranormal case caught on tape. Cool. Interesting plot. Babies in mirrors? Come on now. I really didn’t think the first one was scary, and this just looks to be ridiculous. Haha. Just saying.

  9. *taps fingers on table*
    So… Where is the horror, excitement, and suspense?

    Did I missing something over the years, or have horror movies become watered down?

  10. All i noticed is when she was in the doorway there was no baby in the crib BUT that baby was still in the crib in the Mirror GROOVIN!

  11. Okay, so I’ve never seen the first one, but from what I gather, Katie has been haunted by the demon since she was born or something?

    Anybody think this could be a prequel? That the baby IS Katie?

    If I’m talking nonsense, feel free to ignore me.

  12. Ok i was one of those ppl that thought PA was real lol but like half way through the movie i realized it wasnt. So,how much are they wasting for this? Didnt PA waste 15,000?!?

    • I don’t think it was a waste, they got you there in the first place didn’t they? Ended up making nearly 200 mil

  13. Another cool aspect of the trailer: if you try to rewind the trailer by using your mouse on the moving cursor, “something” takes over and rewinds through all the images above, with a lot of static and other unworldly voices and noises. Caught me off guard the first time I viewed it. Enjoy!

  14. I really hope the sequel lives up to moviegoers’ expectations. Thank you for writing about this! It reminds me of this video I saw on YouTube: Check it out.

  15. People need to stop hating on this trailer or movie, let’s all hope that it’s a good scary horror movie wish it well instead of bashing it.

    I hope since PA1 did give us the creeps a little, that this one backed with more money and creative minds can pull something off that will scare the holy hell out of us because the Horror genre needs it badly.

    Horror is more then just gore, if gore scares you then go watch ER….

    A good horror movie will make you think how that situation could affect you and what you would do if it happened to you.

    I saw “Paranormal Entity” on Chiller couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised, it was better then PA to be honest but with worse actors…

    And it truly followed a real life story with a woman being sexually assaulted by something paranormal. It has a great scene in it where the guy who is filming stays in the house at night alone with it and trying to capture it on tape and he gets whats coming to him.

    I wish it well and will see it in theaters.

    Also PA had 2 endings the one Steven speilberg shot was the lame one, the original was the best.

  16. Ppl who hate the movie either saw it on dvd at home or didnt get the movie. Most ppl that didnt like PA saw it at home and if theyd seen the whole thing sonce the beginning at theaters at night with the theater packed and all theyd actually like PA like i did.

  17. The possessed woman looks like Katie… Pregnant… It also looks like shes holding the baby trying to calm him down while the man in the picture is either examining the baby or performing some kind of satanic ritual. :-P

  18. It says to put the picture horrisontal but actually its mirror vertical how ever them two words are spelt, ive just tried it on my windows movie maker and u can actually see it what is happening to hunter on the mirror clear as day

  19. It’s an okay teaser, I’m definitely checking this movie out anyway. I’m a little upset that they didn’t get on the 3D bandwagon, even indie movies know how to do it these days like Scar 3D.

  20. In The Scene Where The Baby Is Crawling Down The Stairs, If You Pause It, You Will See The Photograph Of Micah And Katie From The First Movie That The Demon Cracked Or Whatever. And In The Scene Where The Dog Is On The Couch “Katie” Comes Out With A Baby If You Pause You Can See A Little Girl Slumped On The Sofa Where The Dog Was. And The Staircase You Can See Her Photograph.

  21. I’ve noticed that 1) That girl is most deffinately Katie, and she is pregnant by the looks of it, also in the first trailer, i don’t know f anyone else noticed the fact that there is a door next to where the dog is, when the dog ‘Disappears’ there is a door open- looks like ti has an urn in

  22. Has anyone else noticed the rocking chair reflection in the mirror while the dog is laying on the floor & his head pops up? It’s rocking back & forth but no one is in it.

  23. look in the first picture in the mirror there is writing on the floor

  24. im only 11 but this film looks awesome the rocking chair bit is freaky i wonder why the baby iisnt in the room when its in the mirror i think the woman is definetely katie this is a must see film and who opened the door? I dont recognise the person with the green thumbnail.the thing that is most strange is the writing is there and then a few seconds later it isnt does anyone know what the writing really says.Also who is the demon is it KATIE,the baby or the dog who knows it might not be any of them ….

    • And a VERY intelligent and WELL SPOKEN 11 year old at that!

  25. I found the coolest thing EVER. This might help figuring out what the baby means.
    The name Hunter(the baby) meaning hunt, or to pursue.
    Pursue: To follow in an effort to overtake or capture.

    Maybe the demon is trying to take over the baby

  26. As a father of a 2-year old girl, this sorta hit close to home for me. I know it’s fake and all that and I actually enjoyed the first PA though I’m a little apprehensive about this one. Looks good though and I’m rather bored with all the gore that modern movies seem to pump out like a Pez-dispenser. Sometimes NOT seeing the monster is just as freightning as all the hollywood spec-effects.

    • Mark,

      Exactly, what drove the first Paranormal Activity was the anticipation of what might happen/suspense.


      • Yea, I think it’s why I liked it so much. My wife on the other hand, won’t have the movie in the house LOL! She’s so crazy.

        • I liked the suspense of the movie, however, since i watched the first one on Halloween night last year, i have not slept well since… I know the “movies” are fake and whatever, but the real fact is, is crap like this has happened. Posession and demons are both real. As a firm believer in Jesus, and the Devil, I will not be watching the second one… However, since i have found out they are fake movies, and not based on true stories, I have been at ease…

    • I agree, I am a mother of a 7 month old and when I saw that there was a baby in the trailer I kind of cringed, I don’t know if I can handle seeing that kind of movie with a baby involved or someone possibly trying to hurt it if that is involved.

      • yes its envolved so please dont watch it ive watched it and i cant sleep well ever sice jaja

  27. I think that perhaps Katie was pregnant when she died, and this may be her baby. as it is implied the baby itself may not be a real entity, and the pregnant woman (i will simply call her Katie as we are still unsure) seems to be heavily pregnant. This is simply a theory i could pull out of what small information we are given…thoughts?

  28. on the floor it says “what is happening to Hunter(the baby)”

    • excuse me but how do yuu know dat?