Paranormal Activity 2 Spoilers Discussion

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paranormal activity 2 Paranormal Activity 2 Spoilers Discussion

While we have a Paranormal Activity 2 review where you can leave comments, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. icon smile Paranormal Activity 2 Spoilers Discussion

Discuss away!

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  1. Is this true story r not

    • not, thank god

  2. You have to be opened to all possibilities. I believe this could happen but if the movie is true- I don’t know. My cousin at the age of 10 the church said she was possessed, 6 or 8 members of our church prayed over her. There was a wierd voice coming from her, the growls, what ever was in her left her and tried to enter the soul of a lady who was having trouble with her marriage-she was also from the church and was living when this take place. I was little when it happened so I’m not sure what all happened but my cousin is okay today. Before this happened we had a vaccum that would come on by itself and dishes would move around the kitchen.

    • that is going to keep me awake at night

  3. Who dosent like this movie??????

  4. see the picture above the comments? look at the bottom of the mirror, flip the picture and read it

    • What does it say? I can’t read it.

      • I think it says “What is happening to Hunter?” You need to flip it upside-down.

  5. Definitely one of the most scary line of movies that have been out in years. Reminds me of some of the classic scary movies and books that rely on mental buggery more then special effects. It’s always the things you cant see that scare you the most. I do not recommend watching either one of these movies at night before you go to sleep. I liked how they tied these two movies together and I am looking forward to see how they do the third one. Just to mention a personal example of how these kind of things can screw with your mind. I remember after reading the amittyville horror, I woke up almost every night at 3:15 am for like 3 months lol. For anyone who didnt read or see the movie 3:15 was when the mother kept waking up at night and the exact time the previous family who lived in the house were murdered. Trippy right.

  6. I am confused about the photo.

    In PA1, Katie is very shocked about finding the photo in the attic, because she was certain all the photos perished in a housefire. She even calls someone to confirm this, referring to this photo specifically- it was on the mantle.

    Yet in PA2, you see them flicking through an album of photos including this one. As this was set before PA1, she obviously knew the photo hadn’t perished and should have therefore figured out it came from her sisters house.

    How can this be?

    • Hey Natalie, you didn’t watch these films carefully. In PA1, Katie’s boyfriend, Micah found her half-burned photo after a demon’s attack, and Katie was in shock when she recognises her old photo. It didn’t disappear in the fire of her house when she was a child because the demon took it and then put it into the album in Kristi’s house, then Kristi found it in the album in PA2, and she was suprised about that, not in shock like Katie. The picture is the key to Katie, because Daniel burned it after knocking the demon out of Kristi, which led the demon to Katie to haunt her (what happened in PA1). In overall, the demon toyed they sister and that tells one thing: none of them can get away with this once any of them has a son. Kristi has a son, the demon haunted her but it failed to take Hunter away, then it changed target to Katie (Kristi’s blood sister), haunted her and killed Micah, Daniel, Kristi to make sure nobody can stop it from taking Hunter away.

  7. Can I just ask if anyone has bought the DVD of this movie? I got it yesterday hoping to see some of the extra footage that were in the viral clips such as Ali getting pulled off one of the kitchen stools by an invisible force.. Yet the only extra stuff is the “Found Footage” section which shows something else… I also thought there was going to be alternative endings… Very disappointed…

  8. I think the baby Hunter and Katie are in a worst situation than dead. Hunter’s soul now belongs to the demon which haunted Katie. We both can’t know what the hell happened to them but one thing that can be made sure that we would rather die like Daniel, Kristi, Micah than be possessed and bloodstained like Katie, be taken away without knowing dead or alive like Hunter, and face the dead of dad, step mother, missing of brother like Ali. It’s just too bad to think that Katie and Hunter don’t make it alive, who can help Ali now? Brad – her boyfriend or anybody else. What will they do in the Paranorrmal activity 3? Ali’s fight to save her brother (or herself) or the deadth of her or Brad or both of them? It will definitely another bad ending in the third one, so all I hope is this one will scare us the most, more than the previous two ones.

  9. Hey, guys, there are something very crazy in this poster. We can see Hunter standing in his kennel, but that is the reflection in the mirror. But he isn’t standing outside, he isn’t even in the room. Moreover, like heeeello said, I can’t even read the word on (or in) the bloody mirror. So can somebody give some explanation?

    • you have to turn the pic upside down to read the writing and i think it says “What’s happening to Hunter?” or something like that

  10. hello and this was a fantastic film to watch a bit jumpy but we loved it x

  11. Everyone always refers to the demon as a “he”, maybe it’s a “she” it wanted to have that baby so much

    • no it wants the baby because the great grandmother made a deal with the devil to give the first born son in return she would get wealth and power but they never gave the son so the demon was haunting the family until it could get Hunter (the first boy born in over 30 years) so no it wasnt just a dead woman who wanted a baby

  12. Okay me and my mom were look at the mirror you see the baby in the mirror but not in the crib. Then WTF is written on the mirror!?!?

  13. I don’t understand why the “demon” went to the girls house when they were young. It supposedly only wanted a boy baby and there wasn’t a boy there. So why did it show up at the girls house?

    • the demon was probably pissed because it where both girls and not a boy, so he stayed there for a while to tease them.
      On the basement door is written: Meus (latin for mine; baby is mine…)

      • Or maybe the demon’s already known that one of two girls would have a son in the future, so it stopped teasing them and wait until Kristi or Katie has a son. But this demon is kind of stupid. Why didn’t it take the baby away right in the night it attacked Aby and haunted Kristi? Why did it wait until Ali, Daniel found out the problem then asked the helped from Martini? After taking Hunter from Martini, why did it run into the basement (trapped itself), where Daniel could attack it to save his son? It seems like the demon changed its plan after the failure in Kristi house and attacked Katie with a more careful plan to make sure this time, no one can save Hunter

        • exactly, first it got rid of the dog because it couldnt take the baby in its demonic form, it had to posses a human. the dog was one thing in the way so the dog was out of the way. then it possesed kristi and almost got Hunter but realized that it could not get Hunter with Ali and Daniel in the way so it went to Katie. While in katie it killed Micah then waited until Ali was on a trip so the only things in the way are Kristi and Daniel. Still in katie, it came to the house at night and had a perfect oppertunity to quietly kill Daniel, and did so. it then proceded to go upstairs and now had absalutely nothing in its way and simply threw Kristi against the wall hard enough to kill her and just walked away with Hunter. now the Demon had the son and had no reason to bother Ali so Ali came home and found her dead parents but will not have to deal with the demon unless she bargens for her brother back. i think that’s what might happen in PA3

  14. Also what was written on the basement door?

    • meus meaning mine in latin, cause the demon took hunter

  15. I found it quite freaky when the baby was actually laughing at the end when he was being taken away, but I don’t get how Katie was alive after being shot in the first film

    • stphstrwbrrygl! Katie wasn’t shot in PA1, the shooting scene you saw is just an alternative one, the real ending is she killed Micah in the room, sniffed him, then showed a bloody evil smile before hitting the camera. Besides, Hunter didn’t laugh when he was being taken away, he just sounded a soft sound or maybe the demon in Katie sucked the life (or soul) out of his body and that was his last breath. Anyway, a young man, a family was massacred, the only one who survived is Ali because she wasn’t there, even if Katie and Hunter are still alive, they’re no better than dead

  16. Ok. So the thing that bothered me was that in PA1, Katie said the demon was always at the foot of HER bed when she and her sister (Kristi) were sharing a room, and that it seemed to always be something that followed
    HER. However, the demon clearly haunts Kristi and her family first. It only goes after Katie when it is transfered to her through the burning picture. Of course, the missing necklace that Katie gave Kristi in the beginning of PA2 could have something to do with this. Maybe PA3 addresses this? sorry if this has been already brought up, I didn’t go through all 300 comments.

    • but Katie doesnt have kids so there would be no point in the demon haunting her

    • I was thinking the EXACT same thing!! That just doesn’t add up. Wouldn’t it follow both of them evenly until one of them had a baby boy? Then pick that one, which is Kristi, and follow her. Since Katie said it was devoted to her when they were little, then it turns out that Kristi had the boy that it wanted, it just makes no sense.

    • I think that maybe the demon liked (in a sadistic sort of way) Katie more when they were younger. If he were looking for a male child, then since she was the oldest, she would probably have children first. But when Katie got older, she hadn’t had kids yet and wasn’t even married, so when Kristi did get married and had a child (a male on at that), it started to mess with Kristi more. Katie was no longer a concern to it, until of course it got sent to her house by Kristi’s husband, Dan.

      Maybe the reason that the demon liked Katie (when she was younger) more was because she did something that brought the demon here in the first place? Hopefully it will all be explained in PA3.

  17. I got one for you guys… maybe I missed someone posting it…. but when the cabinets fly open and she runs up the stairs, doesn’t she yell:

    “Joooohnn…. leave me alooone!!!”

    Who the heck is John???

    • Gary T, Kristi didn’t yell: “John”. She yelled: “God! Leave me alone!”

  18. Here’s the 3rd movie: Hunter is raised by demonic Katie. He has no recollection of family (unless he watches PA2). Then the demon transfers to hunter, Katie dies/gets killed and Hunter is not aware of the demon. Next he is possessed whenever said demon wants to do a bit of harm. The demon will use Hunter to do his dirty work with others who have made deals. or with the father and mother getting involved, there’s more of a debt to be paid.

    One thing of note: Deaths only occur when the demon is possessing someone. so we can assume he cannot kill unless inhabiting human form.

    Plus with alternative endings for the first one, it makes the whole premise that it actually happened ridiculous. i saw the theatrical version and was confused until I got on here.

    • Actually there coming out with the 3rd movie. october 21st. BUT we have no idea what its about but it involves two little girls (possibly the two sisters) when they were little.. They go into the bathroom and they turn off the lights and they say bloodymary 3 times then the taller sister turns on a flashlight and screams.. then the littler sister screams and then their is another misterious scream. then the littlist girl goes Its not funny! and leaves then the other girl turns on the light and follows her sister. BUT then the camera picks up a mysterious figure… The critics say its the scariest one yet! i think its how the sisters got the demon in the first place

      • How can you possible say what it is about if you said in the sentence before telling what it is about, that nobody has no idea what it is about? That means not even you would know what it is about…

  19. I almost pissed my pants when the cabinets flew open. i screamed so loud that my mom covered her ears!

    • Emmie, wow, imagine if the demon really visited your house, your pants would be wet like hell and your mother would be deaf for sure, little chicken

  20. what ever happened to the dog??

    • Perhaps the dog is dead, she was attacked and we don’t see her again in the last night when Katie took Hunter away. The demon surely finished the dog off for good to make sure this time, no one or anything can save Hunter

  21. what actually happens in the last 20 mins i didnt get it the cam was all shaky

    And what was the base line on this movie i loved PA1 (u cant hate it)but 2 luv PA2 i hav to understand it please tell me i luv PA series

    wens PA3

  22. in pa1 katie gets shot… wtf is the killing kristi and taking the baby about?

    • Jesse, Katie didn’t get shot in PA1, the shooting scene is alternative. The real ending is she killed Micah, showed an evil smile on the camera and be gone. So that’s why in the next night, she came to Kristi’s house, killed all people inside and took the baby away

    • I think she killed Kristi mainly ’cause she was in the way. And if you pay attention, when Ali and her boyfriend are looking up why this is happening, it says that there’s the possibility that their great grandmother made a deal with the demon, and in return, had to give their first born male. Then it was all females up until Hunter. Katie becomes possesed, kills Micah, goes to her sister’s house, murders all of them, and takes Hunter and leaves. Does it make sense now? Katie, being possesed, did the dirty job for the demon.

  23. To those who were asking whether the dog dies in this movie, I’ve found this website to be helpful:

  24. I am super confused?
    Kati-was attacked by a demon
    -Killed her boyfriend Micah
    -Killed her sister and brother in-law
    -Then stole Hunter and sacrificed him or did something evil to him?

    did i get it right?

    • Katie was possessed and took Hunter. Now I don’t know if she killed him or not but she disappeared with him. I’m guessing all that blood on Katie was Micah’s.

    • No your wrong….
      Katie didnt kill her sister she just knocked her out…
      As the writing on the basement door says Meus.. As in latin that meens Mine. Katie wasnt attacked by the demon she was possesed. She did kill Michah and She killed her brother-in-law. she killed michah by stabbing him in the first. The dog didnt die either. As in one point of the movie they said they were going to get the dog. The demon wanted to drive everyone out of the house so he could have hunter for himself. Thats why in the mirror at one point in hunters room it said “whats happening to hunter?” that is the demon just joking

    • Katie and Micah are pestered by the demon, she becomes possesed, kills Micah, kills her sister and her husband, takes Hunter, and leaves. We don’t know what happens to Katie and Hunter after that. So, in short, yes, you have it right.

  25. Okay I do have a question if anyone sees this. What reason was giving for the demon haunting these people in particular?? I forgot and in the trailer for PA3, it shows the girls playing that Bloody Mary game in the bathroom, Katie screaming with a flashlight scaring Kristi, then as they are leaving the bathroom there is a dark shadow there. It makes it look like BM is doing all this. I wonder how that is going to work in the new movie. I can’t wait for it to come out. I think they say October now.

    • yea its october 21st c: and i saw that too.. i think the new one pa3 is going to involve how they got haunted
      if i am right and from what the
      creators said Pa3 is the last and
      scariest one of them all!!!

    • Why it came after them is because their grandmother made a deal with this demon. We don’t know what this deal is, we don’t know why she made it. But, in return, the demon would get her first born male child. Well, its been all females down to Hunter. So it followed Katie and Kristi, waiting for them to have kids, and take what it wanted.

    • PA3 is supposed to give us a better understanding of their childhood and how the deomn tormented them. It has nothing to do with bloody mary.. It may have been the demon in the mirror.

    • i thought the deamon was hunting the girls because of there great grandma, who maybe made a deal with the deamon. The deamon was after the first born boy for pennance. Maybe by saying bloody mary the called the deamon who was already following the family.

  26. First of all, I would like to say that the PA movies have done something that movies haven’t done in a while. The first one in particular. It’s like they brought back all of your childhood fears of being afraid of the dark, being afraid of the quiet and having nightmares about monsters and stuff. When I first watched this movie, I watched it with other people after it came out on DVD. Now, movies nowadays don’t scare me, probably because of the fake CG stuff, but mostly because a sadistic, unseen force of terror is a lot more frightening to me than a lumbering oaf with a chainsaw or a machete (unless of course they actually existed and came at me with them, then I would be absolutely terrified). Anyways back to my story, I watched this movie, and a few parts freaked me out but didn’t make me jump or anything. My friends and I would all laugh at each other for being babies or whatever. After the movie was over, it was like my mind was still trying to hear things. So, since we were at some apartments, every time the neighbor would go upstairs it would freak us out. But, all in all, I was able to sleep that night with no problem. Recently, I watched it again, alone this time (I watched the one with the cop ending this time). Nothing surprised me because I already knew what was going to happen, but this time I couldn’t sleep at all. I had to leave my computer screen on, and still had nightmares all night long. As for the second one, the only part that made me jump was the kitchen and all the doors opening. Why? Because it was out of pattern (stuff only happening at night) and caught me off guard, but other than that it didn’t really bother me. Also, I was watching in it theater with a friend.

    In my opinion, I loved the first one. The second was good, but it really made the first one better. As someone stated earlier, the first one seems to be a lot scarier to me because of the majority of the film happening in the bedroom while they are asleep, as opposed to all over the house. It makes it more personal, and makes people wonder what happens when they sleep. And I can’t wait for the third one.

  27. Supposedly in the 3rd film we see how the demon tormented both girls when theyw were younger. Remember katie said to kristi that this things haunted them when they were younger. And ali found out that their great great grandmother may have made a pact with the deomn for weatlh. The only reason the deomn taunts kristi is because it wants Hunter. And that until the debt is honored the demin wil haunt the brood (family) meaning that until is collects the souls of the first male child it will continue to haunt the family.

  28. what happen to dan little girl i did not see her get kill help i have no idea what happen to dan huater sister

  29. Does any one remember the markings that the daughter found on the basement door? Well, at the end, when the dad and the daughter went back down there to save the baby, the markings from earlier were no longer there, even though you could clearly see the door… What does it mean? Or did I just look at it wrong? /:(