Paranormal Activity 2 Spoilers Discussion

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paranormal activity 2 Paranormal Activity 2 Spoilers Discussion

While we have a Paranormal Activity 2 review where you can leave comments, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. icon smile Paranormal Activity 2 Spoilers Discussion

Discuss away!

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  1. This is just my opinion, okay-
    Epic movie, completely terrifying, a bit slow to get to the point at the start, but when it gets there- wow.
    I screamed so much I still have a sore throat to this day, and the only flaw was the way everyone just seems to forget that they were being haunted by a murderous demon for a few weeks, and the complete disappearance of both Nanny & Dog.
    One thing I really loved about this movie was that they didnt kill the dog; when I saw the trailer I immediately thought “OH NO! there gonna kill him!”

  2. I loved this movie! The ending wasn’t as terrible as everyone made it out to be, I think. I literally left fingernail marks in my boyfriend’s arm within the first hour of the movie. Woops. I’ve honestly never seen a second movie that’s made the first one better!

    The only thing is, in the second movie, Katie’s sister finds that picture (unburned) and they’re happy. The first movie, Katie finds the picture (burned) and says she lost in the fire. Obviously, she didn’t lose it in the fire because she saw it unburned in her sister’s hand. I don’t get it.

    Also, the basement scene was a little confusing and went too fast, but I can live with that. :)

    • @ Amanda: Katie didn’t see the picture unburned at Kristi’s house. Kristi is showing the picture to Ali. She says something to the effect of ‘It’s your Aunt Katie.’

      The real question is how’d that picture of Katie as a little girl end up in a photo album that seems to only have pictures of baby Hunter. Did you not notice the picture when you were filling up the photo album? It’s not like it was in a sleeve or supported by a frame.

      • I really wish they would have got some actresses who looked a little different from each other. I mean, Ali isn’t even related to Katie and Kristy, so couldn’t she have been a blonde or something?

        I only bring it up because I, too, thought that was Katie in the photo album scene. In fact, I didn’t even realize there WAS a daughter until the dad walks in on her painting her toenails, which, in hindsight, was definitely not her first scene.

        • thats truu thats wat i thought too

  3. The first one was way better. The 2nd movie may have had more jump-out-of-my-seat moments, but the 1st one had more I’m-definitely-not-sleeping-tonight moments.

    -The way Katie acted possessed in the 1st one (especially when she smiles before going to sleep on the night she killed Micah) was way creepier than when Kristie was possessed in the 2nd one.

    -All those fast-forwards of Katie standing up like a zombie next to the bed for hours were really effective in terms of setting the mood of the 1st one. Why they didnt do any of those in the 2nd one? Why they didn’t include like a fast forward of Kristie standing up next to the baby? That would have been awesomely creepy.

    -I felt a little dissapointed at the ending. The ending of the first one (I’ve only seen the one where she looks at the camera and her face morphs demonically) is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!! It had a great setup (she being possessed, stepping out of the scene into the dark, followed by he waking up from her screams and following her into the dark, followed by a lot of screaming, and then nothing but silence for a couple seconds, just before the inevitable happens. Man, I just got the goosebumps!!), and the kill sequence met the expectations of that setup very nicely. I can’t say the same thing about the 2nd movie’s ending. After all the buildup, I expected them to make a big scare in the end, but they rather went out just showing you what happened that night, without any kind of suspense.

  4. Can i just ask wat did the scratches on the wardrobe say.. did it say help? if it did y would the demon write help….. was kristi not possesed straight after being dragged into the basement and only got possesed right before she walks out… ?

    • “meus”

      I looked it up and it means “mine” in latin

  5. Im totally confused with the “and hunter and katie were never seen again” and the ending of pa1, where it seemed she got shot by the police?

    • that was the dvd ending. the theater ending was her throwing her boy at the camera, then lunging forward w/ a demon face.

      a third ending (her slitting her own throat) was shown at the film festival the movie premiered at… all three are on youtube.

      • Think you’re mixing up the 2 movies.
        Ok, in PA1, she was either found by the police or she slit her throat depending which version you seen, so either way her whereabouts would have been known hence the discovery of the ‘footage’. So, for PA2 to end with ‘Katie and Hunter never seen again’ still doesn’t make sense. She killed her sister’s husband (PA2), but she eventually returned to her house to kill Micah (PA1), and,(again depending what version you seen), killed herself or was found by the police(PA1).
        Yeah, I’m lost. Love the movies, but I’m lost.

        • This is funny because you can tell who’s seen the movie in theater and who’s seen a downloaded version of it. On internet, the theater ending was almost never there and you had to deal either with the slit throat or the police one. But in theater, as joey said, Katie throws Micah’s body to the camera, walks in a transe towards in, sniffs it, smiles to the camera and suddenly jumps on it with a demonic face and the movie stops here with no further explanation than “Katie’s whereabouts are still to be found” blah blah… In that case, and only in that case, the second movie makes sense. I’m sure you can find this ending on YouTube. I think it is worth watching ;)

          • Hmm…yeah, I suppose it’s up to the audience to determine which versions to piece together so that it makes sense??? LOL, no wonder everyone’s confused…and I wonder how many alternate endings will be on the PA2 DVD???
            Well, it turns out this movie is like the old WWF, you wanted it be real so bad, even though in the back of your mind you knew it wasn’t. All these alternate endings kind of kills it though, I mean, come on, wouldn’t it be more believable if they had just one ending? It WAS marketed as actual footage…last I checked, actual footage didn’t have alternate endings…just a thought.

            • And let me be clear…I love these 2 movies…I know they’re not real…but I would have had more respect for the directors had they left the theatrical ending alone…that would have left a completely believable duology. ;)

            • Hahaha ikr and they shouldnt have have katie and micah on a talk show that makes it really seem like its a REAL movie or at least wat they said in pa1

        • Yea, there were 3 endings to the first one. (just saw the other two today) The one I saw in theaters was the demon face after killing the guy. That one says that she is missing. The other two are the cops and the throat. PA2 still has me kinda confused. I watched it 2 times!

        • Well actually, Macpan, She killed Micah BEFORE she went to her sister’s house. you can tell because in the movie she walks down screams for micah (he comes) then she walks back and throws him at camera but the key thing you can tell is she had blood on her shirt in PA2 she has blood on her shirt when she came in and killed them therefore micah was killed then the demon went on to get Hunter.

    • yes that’s what doesn’t make sense to me!! if she was killed, and she was on video just sitting there rocking for the next 24 hours.. at no time does she get up and is it seen that she leaves the house to go kill them…….. bit stupid.

    • i no thats kinda wierd i mean did she get shot n live or is it jst fake im also worried about the dog

  6. I think the demon was smart. After he left Kristi to enter Katie, he killed Dan first. I think because it knew that Dan knew he passed it on to Katie and killed him before he could do anything.

  7. Ok I’m still confused…Katie obviously went to her sisters to get hunter after she killed micah, hence the same bloody clothes. Not to mention the fact that they TELL YOU that the footage is from the day after micah was killed. I get all of that. Two things still puzzle me though: How can she be at her sisters going all “Hand That Rocks The Cradle” if she is show in PA1 rocking back and forth until the police find and shoot her? And second, what’s with the whole “whereabout still unknown? Last time I checked, her whereabouts where “about” six feet under. Anyone got any ideas?

      • Titmoff,kudos for spoon-feeding all of the people who feel the need post without having seen the various alternate endings. I thought that PA2 was an amazing movie and was exceptionally frightening. I think that Katie’s demon-possessed footfall in both movies is a BIG part of what STILL spooks me when the lights go off.

    • in the theater she runs away and never gets shot, those are alternate endings

  8. What did I miss? The version I saw the ending was all chopped up I guess. The dad goes down into the basement with the nightvision on and we see Hunter down there. Then the possessed mom attacks the dad and the ground shakes and becomes silent. Hunter walks back in view, safe. Then the lights come back on and we see the dad pulling a sheet up over the moms shoulder (who is lying in bed NORMAL). Then it was back to handheld cam POV and the dad is in deep thought before burning the picture (of one of the sisters when they were young). Then it says “Three weeks later” Katie and Kristi are on the patio outside. Katie is holding hunter while talking to Kristi behind the camera. She asks how things are and she says “good”. Katie says, “I must be losing my mind”. Kristi says its all in her head. Katie leaves and it goes into the first scene of PA1.
    Last thing displayed:
    “Ali returned from a school trip and found the bodies of Kristi and Daniel Ray on October 12, 2006.
    Katie and Hunter’s whereabouts remain unknown”

    I’m totally confused about what happened (or was supposed to happen). To me this just left us TOTALLY hanging. No one died, no explanation of how the demon followed Katie. Everything was normal. Not to mention it went from climax to ending in about 2 minutes. They must have made multiple endings again. This was seen in theaters…. a total disappointment

    • in the first movie it is shown that shes in bloody clothes at the ending, whichever version you saw she ends up in bloody clothes dead/alive or whatever. anyway. the last scene she comes back into the room the husband is sleeping on the couch, she is wearing the same bloody clothes as she killed micah, the demon is still possesing her. she snaps his neck then goes upstairs to hunters room kills the woman and takes hunter. end of story haha kinda creepy is it not?

    • There was a part of the film that you must of missed or didnt pay attention too.
      Basically they brought the nanny/housekeeper person back and she gives the dad a cross and covers it in oil and she says this is what you have to do to knock it out of her etc..
      Then it shows the dad and the daughter arguing and the daughter is saying, you can’t do this katie is her sister! And they dad is saying this is the only way, it has to be a relative.
      Then when kristi is lying in the bed he tries to put the cross on her but she attacks him and all the lights go off, then he goes down to the basement which is where you see hunter.
      The bit with the ground shaking is where kristi attacks the dad again, but he puts the cross on her, and that is obviously where the demon is leaving her body and therefore transfers to katie, which is why she then becomes haunted and possesed.
      Hope that helps!

  9. Ok, so PA2 actually takes place before and after PA1 ? ‘Cause I haven’t seen PA1 and the ending of PA2 had me totally confused. (I saw the ending where Katie kills Dan on the couch and Kristi in the nursery and then walks away with Hunter) So if I get this right, she killed Micah (PA1), then went to kill Dan and Kristi(PA2). But in PA1 she either gets killed by the cops or kills herself? How’s that possible? I wish I had known that I should have watched PA1 first, but if I had, I think I still would have been disappointed about PA2. I mean, there are like 5 minutes of scarryness troughout the whole movie and the rest of it is just footage of security camera’s showing a swimming pool or a hallway or something. Sorry if I wrote crappy English, it’s not my first language xD

      • If we just understood it like this than ok. Thank you Maree

      • Logical? Maybe, however, not completely true in this case. There are apparently 3 different endings for PA1, and if you didn’t see the correct one (where she throws Micah at the camera and then lunges at it), then you won’t understand how PA2 ends. So, for those of you (like me), who seen PA1 on DVD, and then PA2 at the show, you may be a little confused until you see the ‘correct’ ending. Just watch the link people have been providing for PA1 and you will get PA2…

    • That would be cool Ivan but The demon does not have great plans for the baby because Alli found out her Great-Great-Grandmother maade a deal with the devil saying the first born son’s soul would be taken to seal the deal and what happened wa there wasnt a son until hunter so really the demons just taking his soul.

  10. Ok you all explained the ending to me but still one thing confuses me. They all saw the picture of Katie when she was younger in a photo album so WHY in the 1st one did they find it burnt in Katie’s attic and her tell Micah that she didn’t even know they had any pictures left after the house fire? She says the same thing to her sister in PA2 when it falls out of the album…

    • I assumed that if the producers knew when making PA1 that PA2 would be commisioned then they would’ve had Katie be scared/shocked/surprised how the picture made its way from her sister’s house to her attic and now burnt in PA1. The apparant continuity issue I think is a result of making sure PA1 hangs together as a film in its own right and not need to rely on PA2 to explain things.

    • because in pa2 Kristi finds it at the beginning, at the end, Dan burns it when she transfers the demon to Katie, thats why Katie and Micah find it all burnt in the attic

    • Katie is not there when they find the picture of her in the photo album…So Katie has no idea that it exists. Pay attention people.

  11. I have a hard time believing that Dan would be able to get into Katie and Micah’s house and put the burned picture of Katie in the attic, above their bed. I think the demon put it there and wanted her to find it – hence, why the attic door (or whatever it is) in PA1 is ajar and leads them to go find the picture. Its like the demon wanted her to find it to warn her that the demon has moved to their home.

    Also, can anyone explain the words at the beginning? Paramount Pictures wanting to thank the families of the deceased and the police department – or something to that affect..? What was the purpose of that? To make it seem more ‘real?’ Are they even allowed to do that if it isn’t real?

    • I dont know about the Families of the deceased part… but It thanks the police department is beacause of the alternate ending where katie kills micah walks upstairs sits down and rocks back and forth for hours until her friend comes sees micahs body calls the police the police get there and find her. She walks toward them, bloody knife in hand, and starts screaming’MICAH, WHERE’S MICAH?’ they then shoot her. there’s also a chance that the screaming would concern someone and someone might call 911?

  12. Guys here’s what happens in both the movies. I’ll start with PA2 as it is more of a prequel to PA1.

    PA2 – Katie’s sister Kristi gives birth and brings the kid home. Soon after, crazy stuff starts happening, like the pool cleaner, the lights, etc etc etc. Basically as the elder sister puts it, Katie and Kristi’s mom made a deal with the demon for wealth, power and fame in return for the first male born in the family, which just happened to be Hunter. so the demon is after the kid basically (there are scenes in the movie which suggest that the kid could actually see the demon, when he gets scared after looking inside the cupboard and all over the room.)

    Kristi finally gets possessed. Dan listens to the Nanny and tries to remove the demon from Kristi and transfer it to Katie, which is what he does by burning the photo and putting the cross on Kristi.

    PA1 – Katie is now being pursued by the demon. The scene where she finds the burnt picture in the attic now makes sense. When she finally gets possessed, the directors made a three-way ending to the movie.
    One is where she kills Micah, comes up and rocks back and forth till she is killed by the cops.
    Second is where she kills Micah, comes up, looks into the camera and slices her own throat.
    Third is where she throws Micah’s dead body at the camera, comes towards it, smells it and then jumps towards the camera with a distorted demonic face. It is here when they show “Katie’s whereabouts are still unknown”.
    This ending is before the last scene of PA2, where Katie enters the house, kills Dan and then kills Kristi and takes Hunter.

    Actually, the best way to understand would be to watch PA2 first till the scene where Katie tells her sister that somethings wrong at her(Katie’s) place(towards the ending of the movie). Then watch PA1 with the body throwing ending, and then watch the last scene of PA2.

    Hope this helped!

    • Katie kills Micah on October 6th, 2006. She goes to Kristi’s house on October 9th, 2006. So, yes, she would have blood on her still.

      • she kills micah on the 8th

  13. Okay, so I was wondering…I can see that in PA2, they put the picture in Katie’s attic. Do they do this so that the demon would stay in Katie’s house ? And why this picture exactly was chosen? Thanks.

    • Firstly, they just burned the picture. As for how the picture ended up there, I think the demon put it there to mess with Katie (it feeds on negative energy, fear is a negative emotion). And they did burn the picture so the demon would go to Katie’s house.

      Now the reason they picked that picture in particular is because it was the only picture that apparently survived the house fire that happened when Katie and Kristi were younger. In other words, they had no other picture to choose besides that one evidently. Also, we don’t know the specifics of the demon transferal. The nanny could have told Dan that he needed a picture of Katie when she was younger. And, as stated above, it was the only one of her left.

  14. Someone explain to me the significance of the house being ransacked at the beginning of the movie – the only thing missing was a necklace given to Kristi by Katie.

    • What Mary said is interesting, would also like to know the answer.

      • Thinking back, it could possibly have something to do with when both the girls were kids, because they talked about this at least 3 times during the movie but didn’t really elaborate on it much, and they did state that they used to be scared all the time and their mother died from something involving demons. This is what the next movie will be about in my opinion, if there is another one.

  15. Well i think in the end PA2 was not really carefully ended if you ask my opinion. It isn’t bad if you just wonder at the end what actually happened, but i really needed a lot of research to find out whats the story. I’d like to see a PA3, but they have to make things really clear.

    At some part in the movie, when the doughter sleeps on the couch, finally wakes up and walks outside, she gets thrown out of the house, but later she was sondering how Hunter went out of his bed. Why didn’t she just looked it up at the camera? She did it a couple of times more. And anyway, it would’ve freaked her out =].

  16. this film just seems to have gap after gap! (people may not consider all of these gaps but they’re certainly pretty stupid)

    ali checks to see what happened to the door when she gets locked out and the door slamming freaks her out, she doesn’t bother to do a quick scan ahead and see the baby floating?…

    ali is meant to be baby sitting, yet when she gets locked out of the house she decides to simply wander off and leave the baby in the house on his own. she moves out of range of all the cameras (they do the little sweep of the camera scenes) surely if she was SO convinced their were evil spirits in the house, she would have broke a small window and let herself in.

    the dad, after a quick 5 minute crash course in the dark arts becomes some sort of shaman and despite being completely ignorant towards supernatural activity the entire film and actually becomes really angry at even the mention of it (which seems to be a trait for men in the PA series), now has the ability to transfer demons to anyone he feels like, and decides on the sister…EXCELLENT CHOICE, seeing as that still makes hunter THE FIRST BORN SON! there was very little point in the whole thing really.

    they become freaked out about the pool cleaner being able to mysteriously creep out of the water, despite showing the dog pulling it out of the water whilst they’re filming near the pool.

    and this is really just coming from me as a parent, if all this was happening and the kitchen was bursting open and all this crazy crap was going on, surely youd move the babys cot into your own room right?!

    bah! still liked the film, it’s just one of those films with stupid flaws.

    and to answer EMMA, it says family of the deceased and police and all that, because it’s meant to look like documentary footage the deceased being Micah, Kristi and the dad and the police from their brief moment in the alternate ending.

    • I want to comment on one of your paragraphs. The Dad HAS to transfer the demon to Katie because it has to be transferred to a blood relative of Kristi’s. It is mentioned when the Dad and daughter are arguing in the kitchen.

      Also, my first thought when the daughter disappeared after being locked out of the house was that she went to a neighbor’s to get a spare key, because she lets herself in then.

  17. Jesus People! It’s a movie! The only question that should have been asked by anyone is about the ending if you saw the dvd ending in pa1. But for some reason everyone on here wants to analyze a low budget silly film to death. Why would the demon do this and why would the dad do that… this movie was made for it’s jumping scenes and everyone gets a little more uneasy when a baby is involved. Calm down people!

  18. Hi, Thanks for some good ideas and comments.

    One other point I haven’t read mentioned was that in PA1, after Micah finds the photo in the attic, Katie mentions that the photo of her as a kid was the only thing that survived the fire of her parents house? I think that was the jist however I can’t remember the exact details. So, does that mean the sister took the photo for her album? Why didn’t Katie take it?

    Also, I guess demons can’t kill unless they are in human form which is why they transform before the final attempt.

    I liked it but it looked like a rush job to get the film out for money making reasons of course. Another awesome low budget film being raped by hollywood and big business. The artists make the ideas and the companies make the money at the expense of art. Thank goodness for independent arts and indi music and film labels. Nofx didn’t sell out too much for money, the creators of saw and PA should have kept the rights to themsleves and become legendary film makers with freedom. Now they are slaves and what they worked their life for is gone.

    • The only thing I can think of is that since Kristi didn’t even know it existed until she found it means that Katie definitely didn’t know. From both of their perspectives, they both thought everything was burned up in the house fire when they were little. My only thing is, Kristi never brings it up to Katie after she finds it. I know that if I lost everything in a house fire when I was younger but then found a picture of my brother or something later on in life that was completely intact, I would call him up and tell him.

  19. The Paranormal Activity 2 is set 60 days before Micah dies.. So I sugest watching 2 before 1, cause it will make more sense

  20. Watch the Trailer (the first) of PA2. You See the original Endung with Katie’s demonic face. This means that with that Endimg
    They continue the movie. I hope youget it
    Now and don’t talk about the other endings that are just a bonus and
    Appeared in some theaters. Next thing: after the oroginal demon ending where Katie killed Micah she appeared back at the house… Btw it was written in the movie( In
    This night Micah gets killed…) then she kills ( possessed by the demon) the 2 persons and gets Hunter. Scenes not shown in the movies which have been shown in the trailers are ( just a thought) maybe part of the third movie. Ps. Look at the teaser poster for
    The third one. Maybe In the third they show them because only a few days after the second was shown they talked about part three. This mieans they already began to make it and they maybe already have scenes.

  21. Agh I forgot to mention that there is an official comic to PA 1. It is starting after the cops found Micah after his death. The main character was this doctor for democ things that they mentioned
    In the first one bit he was in Europe or something like that. It is a pretty weird comic which doesn’t make sense at some points but it ends with the doctor who says that he will find Katie and helps her. Then you see Katie with her black eyes standing somewhere around but
    With other clothes. At that point the third movie could start… Or it could start with that…

  22. Actually, I guess I’m confused by Dan burning the picture of the daughter. It seemed like such a random event, but being in PA2 where they tried to tie in both stories, it was more intentional than just to be a filler and add to the connections between the two movies. I’ve seen all the endings and I know how the story goes and what endings are supposed to be “actual” and follow with the theatrical story. It still just seemed random to me being that Dan burns it after he exorcises the demon to Kate then burns the picture then the rest of PA2 happens. I get the picture making it through the fire when they were kids, just not Dan burning it after his exorcising prowess.

    • the picture is of katie, he burns the picture because that is how he transfers it from Kristi into Katie

  23. its fake. get a life people

    • Actually pokey It isnt fake.. If you
      belive in god
      you belive in demons..
      Every Person has an enemy..
      Its based off of a true story
      Just the goverments hide it so we
      dont start a world conflict if they
      released every important file.
      The producers re-Written the story BECAUSE
      they just couldnt put real crap out in movies..
      So praticly it isnt fake….

  24. can i say that people who are confused with the alternative endings, may i remind you that its possible that she killed micah, then went and killed dan and kristi, took the baby, went home and then the alternative endings occur.

    • i dont think she went home because she was obviously possesed. i think she took the baby to hell because demons are like the devil’s angels. and im pretty sure she killed micah. and it said the whereabouts of Katie and Hunter were never discovered so she couldnt have just ‘gone hime’

      • Yes she did kill micah.. She also killed her sisters husband.
        She took hunter for a human Sacrifice. As the book Katie was reading in the first one and the daughter was reading in the 2nd

  25. Nah, bad movies all of them. If you really, really want to see a scary movie with some “reality” to the story check this out:


    A single Woman gets sexuality attacked multiple times by a spirit. TRUE STORY – NOT LIKE THIS JUNK.
    Pretty old movie, but if you Consider yourself a movie buff and open for this kind of dramatic horror flicks fan, then this one will knock your socks off guaranteed! (Or your money back ha!)

  26. I have not seen the movie yet, so maybe I just don’t understand. But am I the only one who sees the baby’s reflection in the mirror when it appears that he/she is not in the crib. It’s just my opinion but it appears to be a blooper.