Paranormal Activity 2 Spoilers Discussion

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paranormal activity 2 Paranormal Activity 2 Spoilers Discussion

While we have a Paranormal Activity 2 review where you can leave comments, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. icon smile Paranormal Activity 2 Spoilers Discussion

Discuss away!

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  1. the scene were the mom is getting dragged down the stairs twice, WAS FREAKIN KILLING ME!!!!
    craziest scene ever!!


    • i now i was scared to death

  2. Paranormal Activity 2 was great in my opinion, much better than the first. They ramped up the scare tactics in this one which was a huge plus. The only thing that has me a little off about the movie is the way it ended, the whole story to it. I’ll see if I can explain it and if there is anyone who can provide the answers, I would appreciate it because I’m still confused.

    Now we know that this movie is basically a prequel to the first Paranormal Activity, at the end it shows how the sister passed the demon onto Katie which caused the events in Paranormal Activity. Now after she passed it on, Katie goes onto kill her husband, then she waits like a full day or so in her room upstairs until the cops find her. Well in the 2nd PA she is at her sisters house covered in blood, then she kills her Sister’s husband, then her sister, then takes the baby. This is where I’m lost, it says her and the baby haven’t been seen since.

    So did the cops really not arrest her? Did she kill them then return to her house and sit until the cops came? but it says her and the baby hasn’t been seen??? So I’m still confused with where they went with the story here, it kind of messed the ending up a little bit. Did anyone else notice this? If so I would really appreciate some insight on it, because I’m still confused, hope I didn’t confuse you with my explanation and thanks to whoever can provide the answers.

    • What you saw was the original ending when the movie was first released as an indie movie. the ending they showed last year was compleatly diffirent. Katie goes down stairs and starts screaming waking micha and he runs downstairs to meet his fate. Katie comes back upstairs with micha, throws him at the camera, checks the body, smiles at the camera and you see her face change slightly to reveal the demon. In the alt. ending on the dvd all the same things happen except katie doesnt bring micha upstairs, just the knife she killed him with and slits her own throat in front of the camera.

      • theres a 3rd ending to,wen katie kills micha comes up the stairs closes the door and sits on the floor for 3 days her friend comes sees micha did calls the cops the come up the stairs come to thinks itsmicha the cops think she is going to attack them wit the knife and shoot her

      • In the first paranormal they said that she was never found!

    • yeah im thinking the can u make a 3rd one wit the cams if shes gone wit hunter.unless they do it and see how the mother made the deal wit the demon,how come no one told katie how to beat the demon??must say the family love to tape everything.who wakes up and tapes something downstairs and wen kerstie withnessed all the pressis open the step daughter wit the cam wen she knew she was upset i be like get that out my face should of seen wat i did lol

    • They didnt arrest her thats the alternate ending to the original the one that everyone saw was the one that paramount came up with so that they could make a 2nd movie , the scene where the cops shoot her and kill her is the original ending to the movie

    • Thats an alternate ending. She left her house from killing Micah and went to her sisters and killed everyone. She took the baby. Allie the daughter fround them 3 days after dead in the house and she has no whereabouts either…..there WILL be a 3rd one i can tell you that =]

  3. Just wanted to provide Justin with some answers. It seems to me that you only seen one of the paranormal activity endings and not the original movie theatre ending. I’ve seen about three endings so far to paranormal activity. Paranormal Activity 2 is directed towards the original ending where it only shows Katie kill Micah and like… looks freakishly into the camera and its over. I understand where your coming from with the ending you saw it wouldn’t make sense, but that was just a different ending from the one this is going off of. Hope I helped out, maybe you can youtube the original ending. Take care Great Movie!

    • Ahh thank you, that clears it up for me now, Lol thought they messed that whole thing up. Is there anyone that could provide the original theater ending to the first one? I’ve looked but can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

    • Does Paranormal Activity 2 show any demonic faces out of nowhere like Katie’s at the end of the first one?

      • yes

        • It does? I guess I missed that then xD

          • near end, basement, camera on night setting, boo

  4. found one for you Justin…

  5. Did anyone notice that there were parts in the trailer that was in the movie?(ex. the baby outside in the middle of the road) I just saw the trailer again after I saw the movie. In the trailer I saw the stepmom being dragged from the kitchen in mid air. Those this mean that there are alternate scenes in this one too. Also the missing baby scene wasnt in the movie that saw.

    • I have seen a few movie trailers now that have scenes in them that arn’t in the movie…its a big dislike for me.

    • YEAH! The part that realllllyyy freaked me out from trailers was Katies silhouette standing in the bathroom, never saw that part in the movie either!!! And I know that in a lot of the trailers, Abbie the dog barked at the bathroom a lot and nothing happened like that

  6. Ok, the alt ending where Katie is shot by the police, who actually saw that in the theater? You should know the actual ending is the one where she throws Micah across the room, knocking over the camera. Geez…

    • I didn’t see the movie in theaters, and Alicia thanks for the video, I guess I was typing the wrong thing in youtube.

  7. I liked how they entwined the story between the first and second part. truly a scary film. there were many screams in the theater. I “Jumped” in a few scenes, but you have to watch the film for yourself. Sleep tight!

  8. I got pretty much everything down. On the ooigi (I don’t know how fkn spell it) board, it spelled hnt which meanter hunter. But I couldn’t really make out what the inside of the basement door said. I was told it said MELK. if so, Wtf does that mean?

    • I was wondering this too.

      Perhaps it will be revealed in a ‘Paranormal Activity 3′ if they every make one? Unlikely, but possible. I don’t see any other explanations.

      • The Ouija board spelled ‘hunt’ and then it cut to another camera. Someone on on here wrote it spelled MEUS which means mine in Latin I guess. If not that, then my guess would be That that is the demon’s name.

    • now i dnt get it even more y ddnt they mention anything abot hunter n pa1 if it happend b4 pa2

  9. I was going to post this in Vic’s review post but since I mentioned spoilers I decided to put it here instead :) :

    I have to say I disagree with your review, Vic (surprise – NOT! :P ). I found the first film much MUCH better than the sequel. The first one timed the use of the night time scenes very well but with the sequel they semed sort of random, as if the writer and director didn’t know when to insert them and when not to. It wasn’t punctuated enough – or rather well enough – with those crucial scenes.

    I also found the family less interesting than just the two character set-up of the first. And I found the simple one-bedroom shot in the first a lot more effective than the tons of shots all around the house in this one. I guess they kind of HAD to step things up in that respect but for me it was more effective with the less POVs.

    My main problem with the film, however, was the structure of it. I didn’t expect it to be a prequel and for me it did not work well. It felt like a cheat to me that after seeing what happened at the end of the first that they just jump back a couple of months and suddenly there was this family (related to Katie) who went through the same thing but that we mysteriously never heard anything about until the sequel. If I remember correctly the father said “We won’t ever talk about this,” as a sort of excuse about why we didn’t hear about it in the first but I just didn’t buy it.

    And then we finally get to AFTER what happened at the end of the first and it’s only about 5 minutes and then we’re left with a disappointing cliffhanger that so obviously leaves things open for another one.

    Overall it had some very solid scares but it’s a 2.5 at bset whereas the first was easily a 4.

    Rant over :) .

    • @ Ross Miller: I’m in complete agreement about the perspectives. The first one was so much better when you could only see the one angle of the bedroom. Every night it started with the front walk and then the pool and then … It kept cycling. NOTHING IS HAPPENING ON THE FRONT WALK! Quit showing it to me if nothing happens there! I felt neither the suspense build or reassured.

    • Ross,

      As opposed to the first one, which left no cliffhanger at ALL, right? :-P


      • what does “Police never found her body” mean to YOU?

        • CHANELL,

          That’s called sarcasm. I meant it did have a cliffhanger. 8)


    • LOL,

      Ross I’m with Vic – PA2 Is just as good (or bad) as PA1. I didn’t find a huge difference between the two in terms of quality.

      A) You’re shown some of these “meaningless venues” because a lot of the movie (both films) is a visual game. You’re shown a picture and are suppossed to look all around for “evidence” of the demon.

      B) I thought the script writers did an excellent job making this film tie into and explain the events of the first. The burnt picture of Katie they find in the attic, why the demon comes back after all that time, etc…

      C) The Family isn’t random. Katie says in the first that she’s going to her sister’s no? When she comes back (as they showed in PA2) Micah has purchased the camera.

      D) If it was just one POV it would be EXACTLY THE SAME MOVIE as PA1. The idea of a sequel is to ramp things up.

      E) If this is a growing franchise, eventually after a sequel or two people would say “They should do a prequel! Show where the demon came from and all that!” So PA2 covers that: it’s a prequel, midquel and sequel. What’s so wrong about that? Because you didn’t “expect” it? Isn’t being surprised a good thing?

      I feel like if you liked the first one, there’s no reason to dislike the second and if you hated the first the second isn’t going to offer you much. But that’s just me.

    • You took the words rightout of my mouth. I agree 100%

  10. I thought it was scarier than the first film in that there were more “jumpy” moments, although part of the beauty of the first film was that a lot of it was left to imagination.

    The only thing I felt slightly unsatisfied with was the way it tied in the with first film… In Paranormal Activity, wouldn’t Katie have mentioned to Micah or the psychic that her sister had been having similarly weird stuff going on? In the first film we’re given the impression that the demon has been just interested in Katie all her life – when she and her sister were children, although they would both see the “shadowy figure”, it would only ever stand at the foot of Katie’s bed. In Paranormal Activity 2 Katie seemed to imply that it had been mainly her sister who had been associated with the weird going-ons when they were children. However, I get that if the demon had been haunting both of them, it would have focussed on Kristi’s family after she’d given birth to the first male since the 1930s or whenever.

    I liked that idea – that their grandmother had made a deal with a demon for wealth in exchange for the first male born in the family – it explains the amazing houses and cars!

    I really enjoyed Paranormal Activity 2 – I’d like to see it again. It was very cleverly made, and the acting was very believable. I felt so sorry for Abi the dog though! Scariest bit for me was when Kristi was in the kitchen in daytime and all the doors and drawers flew open. But yeah, I agree with Demetrius – what happened to the bit from the trailer when Hunter’s in the road?

    • The daytime kitchen was the scariest. I could not help myself when I jumped and yelled profanity on that scene.

    • Yes, I thought it didn’t make sense too – If a demon is somewhat intelligent enough to make a deal with a human, then why would it be ‘shooed away’ that easily onto Katie? I mean, just take the damn baby and leave,

      • I can see what you mean but you have to remember even (especially) in the afterlife there are rules on what good an evil can do regarding our souls in this world. The Demon was warded away thanks to the housekeeper’s ritual but only migrated to Kati; but the deal or contract that was made with the grandmother had to be paid in full, and would have escalated even more horribly if it necessitated it than the way it ended. Very creepy stuff…

  11. Saw it a couple of hours ago – it’s brilliant, the prequel and Katie being tied in worked. So what if it was this or that or the sister had the demon first, whatever, get over it, it awesome and I am skeptical at these movies and I do like the Blair Witch Project. But the last five minutes were like something from a horror movie. I am glad they spared the dog too.

    The problem is that these things might be possible. I can see Paranormal Activity 3. Maybe demons may not exist as they do in popular culture, but energies might. That is a creepy thought. Anyway, film wise ten out of ten, and I know I have a bit more tolerance for slow moving films that’s me but it just went from banal domestic daily life to a nightmare in hell. That, to me, is a mark of a good film. Well done.

    • Was the dog spared though? I guess it depends on how long the daughter was away on her school trip for, because with Kristi and Daniel dead, the dog wouldn’t have had anyone to feed it :-( . Maybe I’m reading too much into that… My boyfriend felt that the last 3 minutes of the film were a bit of an anti-climax – personally I’m undecided. Overall I thought it was a great film.

      • Remember they took the dog to the vet? The dog stayed there because the vet had to do more tests on him. So the dog was fine. :)

  12. I really didn’t understand the logic behind this film.

    The demon wanted the child’s soul – so why did he take so long getting to him? Surely a demon who can open all shelf doors at the same time can take one blob of meat outside to feast on easily. It’s as if it has OCD (“Pool cleaner … must … be …. OUTSIDE THE POOL!”) I was hoping it would be more ‘creepy’ than PA1.

    And the demon was passed onto Katie, who originally wanted the first son’s soul – why did it even bother killing Micah, let alone possessing Katie? Just get to the stupid baby!

    This film disappointed me, I definitely liked the first one better – it was better structured, and it made sense (well, until 2 came out).

    • The demon killed Micah because he was getting in the way. In part 1 the oujia board spells MICAH then GOODBYE, which was a clear sign he was being a bother to the task at hand. OCD pool cleaner I have no idea,that was just damn funny!!!! Maybe the demon just wants a kid….who knows!!!!Plus you figure the slash marks were only on micah’s pic in movie 1 anotehr sign he was gonna die. Guess he just made it mad.

      • From what I understand, it takes time for a demon to build strength to go from making noises to move objects to finally inflicting harm upon a human (same goes for a poltergeist). Reason for this is because they are now existing in a different dimension. This is reason why there is always an escalation in the activity.

        Finally, possession is extremely exhausting for possessing demon or spirit. This is why both Katie and Kristy (even Regan in Exorcist) where often bedridden and tired before going into attack mode.

    • Pool cleaner… must… be… OUTSIDE THE POOL!
      It made good sense to me, I mean, Demons are malicious terrible being who want to cause you nothing but pain and unhappiness. Ami explained it by saying that the Demon was after Hunter, and it makes sense. The first born male used to be the most important to all families, and for them not to hold their end of the bargain and sacrifice the baby to the Devil gave the Demon reason to punish them. So, when he started messing with them, he was trying to upset them and torment them for not holding up their end of the deal.
      I’m sure he was having fun and taking his time. Seeing as I’m such a Demon would find scaring the hell out of a family, terribly fun. And maybe the nanny was originally, successfully warding him off. As things did get extremely worse after she was fired.
      Then, when he was forced to go to Katie, I’m sure he was more angry than ever, having not got the baby and being stuck to Katie. I’m sure the Nanny used something to force the Demon to Katie, so he couldn’t leave her. And it seemed, in the first movie, that he was so angry. He was really malicious in that one, and seemed to really want to hurt everyone, while in the second movie, which was before hand, he only seemed to want the baby and have some fun. But in the first, he was really trying to kill Micah and get Katie on his side. I’m sure he knew that if he went full speed for Katie and Hunter, Katie would have protected herself better, so he had to ease her into it. Making her get used to the fear so he could posses her via bite. Then, once he had gotten Micah out of the way, (as in, he was just so pissed that he wanted everyone dead) he headed back to his original goal through Katie. The body he was forced to stay near. It was as though he was stuck to Katie, and the picture above her bed, as well as the way he treated her, shows that. He wanted Micah out of the way, because he needed Katie to be his so he could go about his plan without being blocked by the fact that he needs to be near Katie. Which is why, he finally got Hunter, and took out his malice and anger on the father, mother, and dog, while only trying to get Ami out of the way so he could do what he wanted, then took the baby, which through promise was his to begin with, and had to take Katie as well because he was stuck to her. I assume he would have to stay with her for a while, and that taking Hunter would be easier with Katie under his will. He seemed incapable of doing any real harm, except for extreme fear, to everyone when he wasn’t in a body. But when he was in Kristi and Katie, he had the power to hurt them, not just their sleep. And really, really hurt them. He also, at the beginning of the second one, he seemed kind of weak, and really seemed like he was just playing around. Then when he went to Katie, he seemed calculating and angry, but he needed Katie, and almost seemed to want Katie. He didn’t want to hurt her too bad, he just wanted her, because it would help him achieve his goals much better.
      I think the end was a real, amazing end, and really complimented both movies, the first part of 2, and all of the original. I would hate to see a third, and I truly believe they left NO room for another. The demon got what he was after, exactly what he was after, and killed everyone that he needed to, to get what he was after. That’s the end. Don’t make deals with the Devil unless you really plan to sacrifice your first born male to him. Or this will happen.

    • Demons are evil. They want to cause pain and suffering, so it tortured/terrified the family just for giggles.


    • Seriously, I agree completely! I was hoping to be scared and freaked out but the only scene that made me jump was the kitchen cabinets opening up! Other than that, it seemed way too long, very repetetive with all the security camera shots/POV, and nothing really happened until at least halfway through the film.

      The ending of the film was quite weak, in my opinion. What the heck was going on in the basement? That confused me more than explained anything at all!

      Oh, and wasn’t it three weeks after this happened that the Micah was killed and then Katie came over and killed the other two and took the baby? Was the dog at the vet’s still? For three weeks?

      First one was much scarier and had a better storyline – it was clear and made sense. PA2 seemed like all of a sudden, we need to wrap this up! Very disappointed in this sequel/prequel.

  13. The pivotal moment in both films was the use of the Ouija board. which opens the door to the other side, allowing the spirit to enter. Have they not played with the board, the demon could only terrorize from afar (mentally). Good flick…

  14. The sequel was WAY better than the first one! My friends decided to take me to a cemetary afterwards and made me walk through it. I do not reccomend doing this after seeing this movie! loll but I loved how they tied the first one in with the sequel, and when Kristi started gettng dragged away from the baby (twice!) I nearly died. Or the part where Kristi has already been possessed and she’s sitting in the rocking chair and 2 seconds later she’s gone! WTF!! trippy stuff

    • I’m pretty sure Christi just used the two way bathroom to go around.

  15. I’d like to bring up the point that the film was missing scenes from the trailer once more…and that sadly these were the scenes that I was most excited to see in the film.

    Also, I agree that the first was better than this “prequel.” At the theater I saw the movie at about 10 hours ago at midnight, everyone in the audience groaned and booed at the overdone ending. After seeing the first film with a friend completely alone in the cinema (I went to see it late in its run) I found it hard to sleep at night and couldn’t get the thought of that happening in reality out of my head. This movie effectively took that creepy feeling away in the last 5 minutes through a crammed series of poorly constructed events. All I could do was sigh. Why wasn’t there more done with the child?? He floated around once, chilled in the house for a bit (I found it more cute than creepy to watch) then got back in his crib before the parents got home (maybe by floating again). It may just be me but I found the most tense scenes to be any involving the dog and baby alone in the room, interacting with some unseen presence that is left for the viewer to interpret.

    Getting this out of the way, I did genuinely enjoy viewing the film in theaters as it was enhanced through others responses to the events at hand and was more fun than scary.

    Back to my original point…what happened to the scenes in the trailer?

    • This is what I’m thinking about all night and day. I watched the movie yesterday and went sleeping 1 hour later, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the missing scenes. I made a list:

      - Baby(?)in the pool (seen in virals)
      - Hunter on the middle of the road (trailer #1 easter-egg)
      - Ali being dragged trough livingroom, while she was sitting on a stool.(seen in trailer #4(?)
      - Almost everything from trailer #1: Katie in the doorway.
      - Katie standing in the back of the livingroom, with Hunter in her hands.
      - Katie standing outside, in front of the window.(virals)
      - Katie in the stairway/ frontdoor.(virals)
      - Hunter was dragged out of his bed different.(vertical)
      - The weird dancing women in the first trailer’s easter egg.

      Thats all I remember….

      Most of these missing scenes could take place after PA1. So all these scenes could be used for a alternative ending. SO MAYBE there’s still more to come:) Not like a new sequel, but some hidden footages and alt. endings, on DVD(/blu-ray)
      I hope to see more of it:)

      • Oh so it WASN’T me imagining things!

        When Hunter was being taken out of the crib I thought “Wait, wasn’t he vertical on the ads?”
        I think the baby standing up would have been much, MUCH more effective. It was so creepy just to watch on the ads.
        Seeing a baby go up sideways is just plain ‘silly’.

  16. So can anyone tell me the correlation (sp?) between the dates of Micah’s death till when the sis shoed up covered in blood at the house? And how did the dad and sister go from mom-demon in the basement back to life as usual/ dad sleeping on the couch? Im confused lol

    • This is what I think:

      Assuming that the demon was being ‘trapped’ near Katie, the demon supposedly possessed Katie and killed off Micah so he can prance around in Katie’s body free. The next day, the demon would come back to Hunter’s house for his original intention (Nom on Hunter),

      Remember when the Nanny gave the husband the cross with olive oil around it? Well, I’m guessing she told him to touch his wife with it so that the demon would transfer to a relative’s (Katie’s) body (you also heard the daughter say “but she’s her sister!” in the kitchen when discussing the ‘plan’ with the dad). So in the basement, you saw him touch the wife with the cross, then you saw the ground go crazy then the whole place go calm. That’s supposedly when the demon gets transferred to Katie.

      • OOOOOHHH! Yeah I was so scared I missed some of that – thank you , that cleared that up!

      • So WHEN did Katie get possesed? When Katie and her sister was talking outside, or when she got bitten?

        • when she gets bitten, same with kristi, she gets bitten in the thigh when shes dragged down into the basement.

    • The first movie took place over 18 days or so I think. So the timeline would be 18 days after the scene where Kristy tells Katie to “Take your own advice” because that scene leads directly into the first shot of the original movie (the car pulling into the driveway), add 18 days for the demon to kill Micah, add 1 extra day and Katie is in the house killing everyone.

  17. What really happened to the dog?

    • Dog got mangled upp that was sick what happend to the doggg

  18. wow mishteh, could have said “the demon was forced to katie and he did what he had to, to get what he was promised” but i enjoyed trying to break your rant down.

  19. As much as I loved the scary elements (When I got out I was like that was awesome!) After thinking it over there are so many stupid elements that go unanswered.

    1. If the dude could drag an adult woman down two stories of stairs to the basement, why the hell didn’t he just do that with the baby. He obviously could possess him enough to get him up in the middle of the night and walk downstairs and open the basement door. Why not just yoink him in with the force? I mean the basement is clearly the base of operations for the dude. The kid was a tumble down the stairs from him.

    2. When the girl get locked out, you’d think they’d look at the baby’s cam to see if anything went down, and be surprised to see hes floating like a damn monk. Boom get that kid outta there.

    3. What’s up with the scratches on the basement door? The demon has no trouble opening doors, its not like he couldn’t get out, he doesn’t need to scratch.

    4. Can demons teleport? Cause in the death seen of that one dude, shes there, then shes gone, then in the next shot shes there! I mean you got the cameras why not let us see her sneak up? Obviously she teleported.

    5. What the hell was that first thump? The very first one, the very first scare of the movie. My own theory is that it was the demon ‘entering’ the domain, but if it wasn’t shaking the house seems unnecessary demon.

    6. That kitchen table is haunted man. I couldn’t help be more worried about all the damn stuff that kept appearing and disappearing on that kitchen table throughout shots, the demon was working RIGHT under their noses. Like this one scene there was like a knife thing and napkins. Then the next shot there is like a fruit bowl. Teleportation!

    7. How the hell does the demon (whats her nutz) kill Christie with her finger, she just like pokes her and she flies away. I dunno about you, but if i got pushed across the room i wouldn’t die, I’d just get hurt, then chase after my baby.

    8. Lol where the HELL did that girl go after she got locked out? She tries to get back in for like 2 minutes then isn’t seen for a long ass time.

    9. How come we don’t see what’s going down with the dog? The dog is getting messed up right infront of the door, THERES A CAMERA THERE! WHAT HAPPENED? You can’t not show us something when you technically (in the movie world) could, just makes me angry.

    10. THE DEMON GOT THE BABY! WHY GO TO THE BASEMENT? I mean maybe that’s protocl, but then when the sis takes the babe, she dips out that place and “is never seen again” or something.

    God I wish I didn’t like this movie so much.

    • Did you see the “red” pot that was hanging up on the hooks between scenes, what was that all about, telepotting cookware?

    • Dude, this is my fav post. One more for your list…Who trashed the house in the first place????? I know they had to have something happen to need to get the cctv installed. If it was the demon he would have needed some serious power to do so much damage. You guys keep talking about how the demon gets power from the negative energy. What was going on then to have the demon be that powerful. They said also the only thing missing was the necklace her grandmother gave her…hmmmm.
      Please somebody help me out with that one.

    • i agree wit #9

  20. There is going to be a 3rd movie the step daughter is going to grow up and so is hunter and then the “demon” is gonna come back for the step daughter and mess her up BAM 3rd Movie

    • How did the stepdaughter get crazy and kill her father and stepmother?

      • What? The step daughter didn’t kill her father and step mother. Katie (possessed) did.

    • Why go after Ali? She’s not blood related to Katie or Kristie and that’s the family that made the deal with the demon. Why care about a step-daughter?

      • No, but she is blood-related to Hunter through the Father..

        • And just to add, if Hunter is now Demonic after having his soul taken by a Demon, then who is to say that he wouldn’t go after his only blood-relative still living, that being Ali..

      • Check it…This is how it will work:

        The whole thing with the cross transfering the demon to Katie….was basically another ‘deal’ with the demon. Like how there is that ol folk thing about black magic, where if you do something bad to soemone, it comes back 3fold.
        So the husband got involved, he sent the demon to Katie to spare his wife. However, the demon is a smart one, used the loophole that he could do both (leave the wife and move to katie, and come back and get the baby).

        So now the husband is involved in this demon stuff directly, maybe there is something long term now, due to that, and who would the ‘payment’ of that sin get billed to? His daughter, who was the only one left at the end.

        TaDa, PA3.

  21. Im being dragged to see this movie by a friend and am dreading seeing it as I have a very nervous deposition for “jumpy” moments could anyone give me some key moments where I should look away?

    • You should know, first of all, that most of the scary parts in this movie aren’t all that scary, but it’s the suspense that really gets to you. But it’s a fantastic movie, so I won’t spoil much. When the mom is rocking the baby in her arms, standing up, in the baby room, get ready, cause the movie is just about to get REALLY FREAKY.

    • BTW that scene should be about an hour into the movie, I don’t remember if there’s another scene where she does that, so now you know.

  22. The “kitchen scene” really got me good in this movie, the build up to it was pretty masterful and had everyone at my screening jumping ou of their seats. :)

    • Yes. Very dramatic and scary! You know something will happen but I wasn’t expecting that!

      • I wasn’t either lol i just expected the coffee mug to slide along the bench or something and then the cupboards exploded every one in the cinemas s*** themself including me haha

  23. OMg…I went to c the midnight showing last night. It was 10 times scarier than the first one. more jumpy moments and it rocked! …..i didnt get home till 2 and DIDNT SLEEP at all!!!and im now at school tired as anything!!…..

  24. how long is the movie?

    • tyler,

      It’s just under an hour and a half. I think it’s an hour and twenty.


  25. Okay so Nick who posted five hours ago, made a list of missing scene’s. Is there a website where i can watch all the missing trailers, cause all i can find is the one where she throws his body & then show clips of the house? Can someone help me, im going tonight & dont wanna look like a little girl infront of my boyfriend lmao.

    • Just look at the trailers on YouTube – most of the missing scenes are there.

    • checkout mrmoviecapital’s youtube channel. He uploaded all trailers and other scenes

  26. There can’t be a third one involving the step daughter that demon that possessed Katie is following that bloodline and because she isn’t blood related to christi then the demon can’t technically haunt her and Katie has the baby so she could do whatever she wanted I think there will be a third but only to milk the cash cow p.s the mans neck when it gets snapped is grousome

    • I think it will definitely involved the Step Sister. You could be right about how the Demon can’t physically harm her because she isnt part of the same bloodline as Katie and Christy, which in my mind makes it even more probable that she’ll have a main part if not THE main lead in the 3rd movie. Maybe because she IS blood related to Hunter she has a better chance to get him back than anyone else ever could?

      If there is a 3rd, I expect it to take place right after she discovers her family dead. It very well might be a pretty silly movie and nowhere near as good as these first 2, but it’s hard to think Paramount wouldn’t milk this series for whatever and however much dough they can.

      • The third one will be another prequel to establish how the original deal was made that introduced the demon. Maybe katie and her sister as kids…

    • it’s funny because when that guy got killed everyone in my cinema started cheering haha the husband was a real cock through out the whole movie

  27. Hey Guys, Im going to see the movie tonight and I was wondering if you could give me a heads up for any scenes that I might want to look away ? :)

    • -when the mother is alone in the kitchen about 1:10 in. all the cabinets and other kitchen items slam open/shut, etc.

      -when mother is possessed and husband is leaning in towards her, and soon after when they’re in the basement, get ready for a jump scene

      those are the 2 that got me most.

      • Thanks man,
        I just got back from the cinema.
        I reckon that those are the 2 main jump scenes :)
        I even jumped when the husband scarred Christie and Katie at the
        pool when he made the Pool Cleaner jump out of the pool LOL :D

        • The scene after the Father & Daughter rush out with the dog. Then when the Mom checks in on the baby and is dragged away twice freaked me out big time!

  28. the film was okay, but they should of never done that at the ending!!!!!!!

    • Why? What happened at the end ?

      • Possessed Katie kills the baby(hunter)’s parents and leaves with the baby. their whereabouts unknown, of course.(I hated having that same cliff hanger again). good movie overall, but I agree, the ending didn’t do it for me this time.

  29. I just have one question; Does anything bad happen to the baby (i.e. torture, hurt, death)? This will be the deciding factor on whether I see PA2 or not. As a mother, I just can’t bring myself to see a child “harmed” in a movie…


    • I was worried about this as well. I have a 14 month old boy myself.

      rest assured, you don’t see any physical harm done to the boy, but you do see something that would lead you to think something back EVENTUALLY WILL happen to him.

      • Thank you, Ryan. My husband was talking about wanting to see it as soon as we can and I don’t want to disappoint him, but I just can’t watch something terrible like that happening to an infant, even if it is only a movie.

        Thanks again.

    • I was so scared something would happen to the baby (because I am a mom of a toddler) that I left right before the last few minutes. I guess I should have stayed!

    • No the most that happens to the baby all movie is that the deomn talks to him and drags him out of his bed but nothing bad happend to hunter although there dog does get attacked by the demon that part really made me sad the most because i love animals and to see them get hurt in fiction or reality makes me want to kill the prick who did it to them in the first place.

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