Is Katie Coming Back For Paranormal Activity 2?

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Paranormal Activity 21 Is Katie Coming Back For Paranormal Activity 2?

Paranormal Activity 2, the sequel to last year’s micro-budget horror hit, is slated to hit theaters by October of this year.  However, Paranormal Activity star Katie Featherston has told MTV that she does not yet know whether or not her character – the terrorized young lady named, well, Katie – will be brought back for the sequel.

Filming on Paranormal Activity 2 was reportedly scheduled to begin this month in order to make its October 22 release date.  As of now – according to Featherston –  writer Michael R. Perry is still at work on the film’s screenplay and there has been no official word about she and her costar Micah Sloat’s involvement in the project.

The actress did have this bit of information to offer about her predicament:

“[Original director] Orin [Peli] and I keep in touch.  Micah and I keep in touch.  After working with the producers for so long, I grab lunch with Steven [Schneider] or Jason [Blum].  I know they are working on things.  The truth is, I don’t press them for a lot of info because I trust that they’ll do it right.  I just gotta wait with the rest of everybody and see what cool stuff they come up with.”

paranormal activity katie and micah Is Katie Coming Back For Paranormal Activity 2?

Katie Featherston and Micah Slout in Paranormal Activity

Virtually nothing is official about Paranormal Activity 2 at this point with regards to a plot.  Most likely, the sequel will not ape the original’s home-movie look but will instead have a higher budget and the stylized design of your average Hollywood horror flick.  Hopefully, that approach will work better than it did with another sequel to an ultra-low-budget horror sensation – the universally-panned Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.

Will either Featherston or Sloat return for the film?  Last year’s digital Paranormal Activity comic book seemed to offer some potential hints about what Katie could be up to the sequel.  Micah’s future is not so clear at this point – unlike in the original ending to Paranormal Activity – but he seems the less likely of the pair to return in the sequel.

Here are Featherston’s thoughts on her possible involvement with the sequel for now:

“I don’t know.  I’m waiting to hear.  If they had a way to put me [Katie] in there in a way that would be reasonable and make sense – I don’t know how they’d do that – I’d definitely be down for it.  If I get that phone call, I will be there.  I will be scared or happy or whatever they want me to be.”

Paranormal Activity pic Is Katie Coming Back For Paranormal Activity 2?

Will Katie be back in Paranormal Activity 2?

The seemingly up-in-the-air status of Paranormal Activity 2 is strange for a film scheduled to be released in just under five months from today.  Production on the film will have to be even more rushed than originally expected at this date in time.

What do you think?  Does bringing Katie back in Paranormal Activity 2 make sense?  Is there still enough time for the sequel to be finished by its scheduled release date? Could a film this rushed possibly be good? Sound off in the comments section below.

Paranormal Activity 2 is (apparently) still set for release in the U.S. on October 22, 2010.

Source: MTV

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  1. This isn’t looking good at all.

    Really, I loved Paranormal Activity, watched it over and over again, each time finding little things that I missed that last time, it’s a great movie, and continually creepy everytime I watch it.

    I just can’t see this turning out well, I really just can’t….not expecting much, hopefully it turns out better than book of shadows did though!

    • katie is gonna be in the second film.look it up on imdb search paranormal activity the cast section of the films page it only has her on look at the trailer pretty obvious its her standing in the door way.

  2. I think if they bring Katie back, bring her back as a prisoner at a psychiatric ward. And while she stays there, the whole recordings of the demon in her comes out to reek a little havoc. That would still be a scary mockumentary and follow-up to me if they get it right.

    • they cant bring her back in a mental home, because she got shot at home in the first Paranormal Activity. I think what happens is that she is still taken over by the Demon when she was killed. So what i think is happening is she is coming back to haunt some random people who i dont have a clue is yet lol.

      • Katie was never shot in the first paranormal activity. It clearly says at the end that she was never founD so bringing her back is not completelY out of the question. Maybe she starts a new family doesn’t remember what happened to her and then everything starts again. YOu never kNow.

        • Actually, her never being found was the ending to the latest theatrical version. The ending where she was shot was an earlier ending before the movie was more widely released and is now one of two alternate endings (not including the ending in the theatrical version.)

    • yea i m n jail 4 life 4 dat

      • Ummm why???

  3. I don’t know.
    I see a lot of “Book of shadows” potential here.
    Mind you, I didn’t care for Paranormal Activity either.
    The film didn’t scare me, or even keep me mildly interested.

  4. I think she is an attractive woman and I thought her performance was pitch perfect. However, I do not see how a sequel is possible. Even if they put her in a mental ward, this almost seems as desperate a cash grab sequel as Exorcist II.

  5. I think this could go either way. Paranormal Activity was good, and it scared me so bad the first time i watched it. Do i really see it being possible to make a second one? I don’t know. I guess we’ll see what it turns out to be like. I loved this movie. So i hope the second one is good too

  6. oh and one more thing, if this movie is going to be any good, i think that they need to bring Katie back into it. the first one was done with her, and it would be good to bring her back. it wouldnt be as good if they used a new character

  7. This first one was good, I don’t know where they go with the second one though. They find her doing other crazy stuff running wild? If it does come out though I’ll definitively see it.

  8. well ill watch it if katie is in there in a menta hospital with the demon in her an then she attacks a mental hospital doctor and escapes that is the time to bring the movie title PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2

    • oh yeah and i forgot have her come out in the rest of the movie and have a flash where she remembers when how she murdered mika

  9. and donthave the board in it LOL

  10. I think they should use different peoples experiences with the paranormal. If Katie did come back it should be them finally finding her ya know. A whole new couple or family new area, keep us thinking this happens everywhere to anyone!! hoping for the best

  11. I don’t think ther’s such thing as Katie running from a mental hospital, first of all because she died in the end of the movie. In the alternate ending she wasn’t even found, so I think if she’s gonna be brought back, it should be in the same house, but with a different family. And by the way, the whole movie is gonna be on cameras around the house, so I don’t think the new family would take a camera to a mental institute and film a conversation with a crazy lady.

  12. In the trailer they show a dog, a baby in a crib that disapear and you can only see him in the mirror, so my guess is a new family moves in
    and the deamon is still in Katie and she goes back and haunt the family
    maybe the new family is related to Katie??
    It’s going to be more scarrier then number one!

  13. Ok… you say she got shot… and I have seen 2 alternate endings on the dvd or whatever… on where she slits her throat and one where the cops come. But since neither one of those were shown in the theater…just the one where she comes at the screen…and says her where abouts are unknown… so they could totally bring her back in some way… but who knows…

  14. I think it makes no sense to bring her back. in the last film, all 3 endings made it clear she was dead. 1. the police shot her. 2. she slot her throat. and 3. at the end credits it said Katies body remained never found. So obviously (in the movie atleast) she’s dead. and making her a different character would confuse people, and cause an argument. if people want to see Micha & Katie in another film. Have someone cast them. They’re great actors. Their first film made lots or money through Internet popularity. Make them even more famous. that’s what I think. (:

  15. You should diffidently bring here back because at the end of the first one they said she was never found.

    Make it a lot better

  16. I don’t think alot of people have notice this, so i’ll point it out. In the second trailer, it shows a teenage girl holding the same picture of Katie in the first PA movie. A woman says “Who is that?” and the girl says “Its her Aunt Katie.” The woman then says something like “I thought we lost that picture a long time ago.”

    This confirms that Katie is related to this family somehow. Katie has not been put in a mental facility, because they never found her or her body. I don’t know how the directors could put her in the movie though, seeing as Katie could still be alive with the demon inside of her. She wouldn’t be able to dissappear like a ghost or demon.

  17. Just been to see the new film this evening and the second one is based just a while before the incident with micah and katie but with katies family member… and katie does make a return to the film and all will become clear in the new film … very scary i warn u all :)

  18. i love pa 1 and 2 its the best ever in my lie and who ever is reading this have you seen a voto on youtude and her name is rebecca black friday but no 1 love it becuse i do and pa 1 and 2 sooo lol!!