Updated Marvel Movie Release Dates

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marvel avengers Updated Marvel Movie Release Dates

Paramount has sent us updated (and first time) releases dates for the big Marvel Studios movies coming out over the next three years.

Iron Man 2 has been pushed back one week, Thor has been pushed back a month and a half and we have release dates for Captain America and The Avengers movies.

The Avengers will be released a couple of months after Captain America, lending credence to the idea that Cap’s film may be a cliffhanger resolved in Avengers, which will likely show the formation of the team and their first mission.

Iron Man 2 release date changed:

From: April 30, 2010

To: May 7th, 2010

Thor release date changed:

From June 4th, 2010

To: July 16, 2010

The First Avenger: Captain America release date announced:

May 6, 2011

The Avengers release date announced:

July 15, 2011

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  1. guessing the “cliffhanger” in cap is we see him in a block of ice in an underground S.H.I.E.L.D. lab and people surrond him who turn out to bee tony stark bruce banner donald blake and nick fury then roll credits thats hwo id do it

  2. Yeah, I agree that will probably be a cliffhanger in end of the Cap movie. But I’ve heard a rumor about the Avengers movie on several other sites that makes alot of sense to me. Because of the well publicized problems with Ed Norton during the editing process of The Incredible Hulk, word now is that The Hulk will appear in the Avengers, but Bruce Banner will not. The studio wont have to worry about any potential problems with Norton and they save some money not having to pay another star’s salary (No doubt Avengers could become an expensive movie in regards to casting) Plus, it would give the writers a potential villain to work with, if they want.
    Wouldnt that be great? The Hulk maybe causing too much damage after his last incident, so the government calls for help from their newest program, The Avengers initiative. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Ant man/Giant man all trying to take down a seriously pissed of Hulk! Maybe we could even see some Hulkbuster armor! Sweetness

  3. IM2 only got pushed back one week?
    Will that satisfy Favreau?
    I hope that Avengers date holds ,
    Because that will be one great 50th birthday present!

  4. Excellent.

    Thanks for the update, Vic. :)

    I think Cap should be a period piece, it’d be awesome if they did the film entirely during WW2. I can’t decide which one I’m more excited about; Captain America or The Avengers. Thor is the one I’m least looking forward to.

    It’s a little early to tell, but I guess this means no July release date for DC’s GL film considering Thor is eyeing a mid July release? So we’d have Iron Man 2 in May, then probably GL in June, and Thor in July? Time will tell. Hopefully they’ll get either the Superman Reboot or Green Arrow released later that year. Why don’t they release more of those movies in December anyway? (they could release them in summer and winter) Can’t they be just as big at a time of year when there’s hardly any competition?

  5. I’m extremely excited about the Thor film. I really enjoy Thor. Never been a big fan of Captain America though I’ll watch it, but not all that excited. For me it goes like this

    and then cap I guess.

    The Captain America name should really be changed though it’s terrible.

  6. @ Daniel

    “The Captain America name should really be changed though it’s terrible.”


  7. I think he means the whole First Avenger tagline. It sucks. Just let him be Captain America. I mean, geez, the other origin stories are standalone, why force Captain America to be an Avenger before the Avengers were ever created?

  8. It’s true that I don’t actually like the name Captain America it’s very cheesy and lame, but that’s not what I was talking about. To late to change the name of the character at this point. I just meant the movie title. The whole First Avenger thing is retarded.

  9. @ Huntthejest

    perhaps calling him the first Avenger will be the ” inspiration ” for the naming of the modern team

    ( I agree , tho , they should just call it Captain America ).

  10. “I just meant the movie title. The whole First Avenger thing is retarded.”

    Definitely agree with that. I was just kiddin’ about the communist thing :)

  11. Just to add a little more cheese to this topic…

    The announcement looked like this:

    “Coming off of Iron Man’s incredible success this summer, we could not be more excited about extending our relationship with Marvel,” said Rob Moore, Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures. “Marvel’s iconic brand, its popular characters and its proven ability to create compelling and visually spellbinding films complement Paramount’s great history of filmmaking. We look forward to a long and successful run together.”

    “Paramount is an excellent partner and an outstanding global distributor,” said David Maisel, Chairman of Marvel Studios. “Through our experience on Iron Man, Paramount has demonstrated a passion and ability to release Marvel properties theatrically, allowing us to focus on making great movies for the largest audience possible.”

    I’ve read that Marvel received from Paramount a so-called volume discount with regard to distibution fees under this new deal. For Iron Man, Paramount was paid 10% distribution fees by Marvel. Now that figure goes to down to near the 8% Paramount is paid by DreamWorks Animation.

    Paramount was thrilled with picking up those fat distribution fees during the enormous $574 million global success of Iron Man this past summer. Now it’s got a lock on Marvel Studios’ coming product which should prove successful at the box office if the publicly traded indie’s creative chief Kevin Feige doesn’t screw it up. I’m told that Paramount and Marvel have done a big overall deal calling for the movie major to distribute Marvel’s next self-produced films on a worldwide basis. The deal includes theatrical distribution in foreign territoies previously serviced by Marvel through local distribution entities (Japan, Germany, France, Spain, and Australia/New Zealand).
    The movies are as follows :

    Iron Man 2 (May 7, 2010) and 3 (unscheduled, though it depends on the work team for part 2, it might end up being a 2011 release but most likely 12)

    Thor (July 16, 2010)

    Captain America (May 6, 2011)

    The Avengers (July 15, 2011).

    Now these dates are tentative and one last thing about these releases… they are all connected.. I don’t know if they’ll actually tie in the movies, within the movie it’s self or do the small end credit tag. From what I heard it’s going to be more of a tie in and you’ll see characters in the actual film instead of the ending.

    And that’s about all the cheese anyone wants on this topic for now.. ;)

  12. Cheese … it makes everything better.

  13. My prediction Captain AMerica movie

    Domestic BO = 150-200 million
    Overseas BO= 10-50 million.


    The Name….what’s in a name you say?

  14. I think that estimate is ridiculous. I really hope that your only joking. The Domestic sure maybe but the overseas. I get it everyone hates America, but come on give me a break.

  15. Well, the world might despise the US for what it brought on the world. But that doesn’t keep them from enjoying a movie about super heroes.

    Also, for the most part, people still find the American Dream (while dated) romantic and if that means, to see a man become a superhero, then they’ll love it.

    Of course it depends on just HOW patriotic the movie is. If there’s an American flag being waves in every other scene (uniform and shield doesn’t count), then maybe it might not do as well as it could. Some movies are actually adjusted when they sell it to the rest of the world. When trailers showed the American flag too much, they actually did another version with those scenes cut and by doing that they managed to hype up the anticipation of that movie.

    But in all fairness… if they place Captain America between all the other Super Hero fans… I doubt they’ll loose that much attention on it if they play their cards right. By that I mean, place it between the other super hero movies to mask the otherwise allergic reaction it might cause elsewhere…

    I personally doubt it’s going to be THAT big a deal. I doubt they want to release that movie in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cambodia etc… so they’ll be pretty safe.

    Besides, from what I understand, that movie actually wears the benefit of the other hits, meaning if it fails it’s still not going to hurt them that much cause the DVD after sales will be massive. So… yeah, people rightfully hate the US Government for doing what it’s doing, but then they don’t hate the American people or their hopes and dreams, cause in the end, people are people and we all have secret dreams of being unique and special.

    I for one am looking forward to Cap. America.. I just hope they make an awesome story and that’s pretty much all I want… Screw politics… it’s a superhero movie…


  16. I agree with most of you said except the part about rightfully hating the government. Also plenty of people hate Americans just for being America. I can tell you how many times I see or hear people from other countries talking bad about all Americas in general.

    “You Americans are all fat”
    “You Americans are all selfish ”
    “All Americans think they are the only ones who matter”
    “Americans are stupid”

    I see and hear that crap every day. It’s not just about the government there very much is a rabid hatred toward our country and the people who live in it.

    However, those same people are still gonna watch this movie. Captain America is much like superman in the sense that he is an icon in more than one country. I’m not personally a fan of him but he has loads of fans all around the world and over seas the movie will make much more than 50M.

  17. It’s funny… people talk about overseas hatred of the U.S. like it’s a new thing.

    I remember visiting Portugal (where my parents are from) over 20 years ago, sitting in a cafe and when some young twenty-somethings discovered my sister and I were American their tone immediately changed.

    “Ohhhh, your from Amerrrrrica. Where the streets are paved with gold.”

    Being from New Jersey, my reply was:

    “What the hell does THAT mean? Have you ever been there? I work just as hard to earn a living as you do – probably HARDER.”

    So other countries can hate the U.S. as much as they like. Doesn’t bother me one damned bit. I’m used to it.


  18. Pretty much have to be used to it at this point. I’m more bothered by people trying to say that other countries don’t hate us than I am by the hate. I mean I’ve dealt with the hate for a long time you get used to it, but the denial is sad.

  19. @ Daniel and Vic,

    I’m taking back the rightfully comment, I didn’t mean it to be that negatively charged.. it’s just the feeling of too much of what’s happening is being Blamed on the US Government and sometimes bad things happen when people open their mouths.

    I didn’t mean that it’s rightfully done when people hate the US, as in people, but the government. Never the people… so I just want to make that clear…

    Though I understand what you mean, but strangely enough, while people say Fat Americans etc… the hatred also comes from the overuse of EuroTrash wish has sneaked into the media like a ninja slicing the integrity of the movie into shreds.

    I think too much hate has been spewed left and right, the name callings just add to the overall tension and frustration of governments and other issues that often has nothing to do with the people you meet, love and care about. But sadly, the human psyche is weak and has a tendency to attack the first victim and too proud to say sorry when the harm is done…

    I for one would like to say I’m sorry for my comment, I didn’t mean the people but the government. Or more correctly the current government. That’s all, the people in the US are some of the kindest people out there…

    Again… I don’t want people to over simplify when they say they hate such and such… EuroTrash is a very bad thing to say… and so is Fat and Stupid American… for the simple reason that, generalizing is not a decent thing to do. But when it comes to Governments, it’s ok… after all it’s one body, but then, that’s in a bit of a gray area too… cause we still support our people in politics in hopes of a better tomorrow…

    So… let’s just look past governments and the name calling… each country in the world has something in their past or present that’s horrible and best kept hidden from history..

    But the people shouldn’t suffer…


  20. To be honest I don’t agree with the rightfully hating the government part either. The Gorvernment is filled with lots of different people with many different opinions it’s hard to expect some thing great for everyone to come out of that. I only hate specific people not the party that they are in or the country that they are from. I am a Libretarian/Republican. Yet I hate many republicans still. I even like one or two Democrats. So I don’t think it’s rightfully to hate a very large group of people who were put together for the sole purpose of disagreeing with each other.

  21. @ Daniel…

    You’re right…


    Now back to the main topic…

    Which of these films do you look most forward to? And why?

  22. I say Thor. For many reasons. One I’ve already seen Iron man and yes I want to see part two, but Thor would be something new. I’m also a Thor fan and I’ve always loved mythology. The movie sounds like it has a lot of interesting ideas behind it. Right now a lot though is hinged on the casting. I really hope they don’t cheapen it by getting some guy like Brad Pitt like I saw a rumor of once.

    Also to be fair I’ve never been a fan of Captain America and The Avengers movie is gonna be more Ironman and more Cap plus it’s after Thor so I would of already seen him.

    and that cap movie with the terrible name.

  23. I have to agree… Thor could be epic… I know very little about Thor, but what I’ve seen, has been very fantastic in origin and the mythology behind it can pave the way to a most excellent movie.

    I hope they’ll pay attention to the Nordic Rune language and symbols to add that other worldly effect.

    And yes.. I would be very disappointed in them choosing Brad Pitt, mostly because, Thor in most if not all the comic and cartoon depictions have been this massive Guy who’s got long hair and looks like a nordic God. Hence the name Thor… ;)

    I’m thinking about some muscle guy, but no one comes to mind…

  24. Hearing Branagh possibly attached to direct Thor gets me a bit more stoked about it, although I’ve never been a big fan of the character. I also agree with Favreau in that I don’t think he could mesh well with a more reality-based Avengers movie.


  25. Not to doubt Branagh’s talents as a Director, but I’m a bit skeptical on him actually being able to pull off something as grand and difficult as a superhero movie. After all many have tried and failed over the years…

    Will he include a lot of dialogue? Then it might fall out of balance. Also as Vic, said about Favreau’s comment on the series reality, I can’t quite justify that grand connection to the fantasy world within the other movies i.e Hulk, IM etc.

    But then… a very skilled writer and director could probably pull it off… but then who would that be?

  26. Why is everyone so suprised that a Cap movie may only be marketable here…

  27. It wouldn’t be ONLY marketable here. I do agree that it will do much better here than any where else, but it can still do decent in other countries.

  28. I agree that skillful direction is a must to keep these movies from turning into cheesefests. I think Marvel has done well to keep a tight grip on how their characters are presented on film.(in recent years anyway)Thor should stick to the mythological/fantasy element to succeed, but still needs to find a way to smoothly transition to current reality(movie reality anyway). Cap definitely should be set in WWII without a doubt much like it was written in the ultimates comic. I believe it will. I don’t see any other option that could reasonably work. Is Louise Leterrier(I don’t know how to spell his name)being considered for the Avengers? Finally, I don’t think the story would be as smooth without some type of appearance by Banner. I mean is the Hulk just going to appear spontaneously?

  29. @ wes
    I think after the last 2 Hulk films, the general public know enough about the Hulk to be able to show him without showing Banner. I always thought that the Hulk is one of the more generally recognizable characters out there, almost on the level with Batman and Spiderman. (although I could be wrong) And even if he’s not, there are ways to get around showing Banner. Since all of these Marvel movies have had very specifically stylized intros that have always reminded me of the comics, they could show Banner in that way, for the last few people out there that dont understand. Briefly during the opening credits show a couple of comic frames showing Banner transform into the Hulk.
    I dont know, I guess I’m reaching now. I hope that story was false though, because I think Norton did a fantastic job as Banner and I think would love to see he and RDJ together onscreen for some witty banter!