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ABC’s high-flying period piece debuts tonight. Does Pan Am capture the glamor and romance of jet age travel, or simply imitate the success of a certain other 60′s shows?

Pan Am follows the lives of four stewardesses (not flight attendants) and one pilot, all crewing a brand new jetliner in 1963. Pan American is the biggest airline in the United States, the pilots are gods among men and the stewardesses are icons of freedom and grace. Behind the veil of marketing, the women are subjected to supermodel standards of beauty, which combine with a difficult and nerve-wracking career to set them all on edge. In reality, the pilots… are basically extremely well-trained playboys.

The primary source of drama comes from Maggie (Christina Ricci, Monster) and sisters Kate (Kelli Garner, Going the Distance) and Laura (Margot Robbie). Maggie is the incredibly pragmatic leader of the stewardesses, devoted to the company despite its casual abuse. Her personal relationships are sacrificed to her job – not that she particularly cares.

The larger section of the pilot is devoted to Kate and Laura. Kate is being recruited by a mysterious G-man and given an assignment to bug a soviet operative for Uncle Sam, with the promise of more patriotic service to come. Laura (“the pretty one”) joins with Pan Am after leaving her fiance at the alter. Her popularity is bolstered by being featured on the cover of LIFE Magazine, which instantly re-kindles a lifetime of sibling rivalry.

Mike Vogel Dean Pan Am ABC Pan Am Series Premiere Review & Discussion

Romantic aspects of the show are largely given to pilot Dean (Mike Vogel, Cloverfield) and Colette (Karine Vanasse). Dean is engaged to a former stewardess with a wanderlust, whom we see in a series of flashbacks that permeates the episode. Colette panics when her married boyfriend appears on the group’s first flight with his wife and child.

The first thing that pops out when watching the Pan Am premiere is the branding: if Pan American Airlines hadn’t folded twenty years ago, you’d think this was the biggest piece of scripted advertising since The Wizard. The image of the airline, the industry and the (at least somewhat fictional) culture is seen in every moment of the pilot, making Pan Am a love letter to the era instead of a realistic look at history.

This attitude stretches to the entire production. The computer generated planes and flawless sets sparkle; I’d say there was Vaseline on the lens if it wasn’t in HD. It makes for an enjoyable atmosphere, even if it clashes somewhat with the involved personal dramas being presented. The swingy period music is a real treat for fans of the genre, making the pilot feel more like Catch Me If You Can than Mad Men.

Considering the themes of female liberation that Pan Am is trying to present, it’s rather disappointing that the show falls back on such well-trodden soap opera tropes. The spurned mistress, the ruthless professional and the jealous sister – all of these are characters we’ve seen before. While showing the double standards that women faced fifty years ago quite well, the writers have unfortunately forgotten to show the characters doing anything except tacitly accepting them, even while they’re being presented as “a new breed of woman.” The results can’t help but seem bland.

pan am Vogel Robbie Garner Pan Am Series Premiere Review & Discussion

As for the story itself, there’s a lot to like. The most interesting sections deal with Kate handling spy duties while serving drinks and telling passengers to buckle up. These are more tense than exciting, but they promise a lot more to come. Dean’s pining comes off as a little pathetic until the gotcha moment at the end of the episode, when the stakes for actual danger are raised considerably.

The rest of the characters I could take or leave. Ricci tries her best, but she isn’t given a lot to work with considering that she’s the headliner. Maggie is the same uncompromising career woman we’ve seen dozens of times before, made somewhat unbelievable considering she’ll be given the boot the instant she turns 32. Colette is charming but ultimately irrelevant, at least for now.

The larger problem is an overabundance of leads. This stretches the pilot to the breaking point, often leaving the viewer too confused between the stories of half a dozen characters, all of which get their own flashbacks. (The fetching but identical sky-blue uniforms don’t help.) This is a common problem among TV pilots, and some of the characters will likely fade into the background later into the season, but there’s a definite lack of focus on display.

Christina Ricci Margot Robbie ABC Pan Am Pan Am Series Premiere Review & Discussion

Take the Bay of Pigs flashback: the scene suddenly shifts to months before, where Maggie, Dean and his future bride-to-be are evacuating the last group of prisoners exiles out of Castro’s Cuba on a Pan Am prop plane. This historically significant segment is shoved into a few short minutes just to highlight Dean’s failed relationship, when it could have been a couple of showpiece episodes later on in the series.

If you’re aching for a glittery presentation of 1960s, Pan Am  hits the spot. The generous production design, costumes and music are delightful, and they make for a much lighter atmosphere than The Playboy Club. As for the show itself, it seems like a tame version of Grey’s Anatomy, minus the life-and-death drama (though that could easily be coming). While a lack of focus hampers the first episode, those looking for a historical take on ABC’s soap opera formula will be entertained.

Pan Am isn’t hard-hitting social commentary but it’s enjoyable enough. Provided the show can find a more concentrated story (and get people to care about at least some of the leads), it may find a niche despite the bumpy landing.


Pan Am airs on ABC Sunday nights at 10 PM.

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  1. another colorless show on primetime. so so sick of it.

  2. Jordon, you’re pretty cool. Wish I knew you. We all need to learn to resolve our issues without meanness. It’s ok to have an opinion and for others to disagree. You and I have more in common than you think.

    I can’t argue with what Pan Am did right or wrong, I was just a young girl on an adventure of a lifetime. And I think that is all they are trying to portray here. I am enjoying it tremendously because it is bringing back some great memories. It won’t appeal to everyone and I understand that. But just as I did back when I was a young girl, I am enjoying it while it lasts!

    Sounds like you’re on a good one yourself now. Hang on to it. Best wishes for success!

  3. I really like the series Pan Am (rather nostalgic of a simpler time) & I think they get most everything right but the hairstyles. I was a teenager in 1963. The main criteria for hair was bigger was better. Secondly, it didn’t move. You ratted it up, smoothed over the top layer & only when every hair was in place, you used a half can of hair spray to keep it that way. Not the unkempt, tacky styles that the stewardesses on Pan Am sport. P.S. I also liked The Playboy Club, which did a little better with the hair but not much. Sorry, it was cancelled.

    • As a Pan Am flight attendant from the 60′s I have only watched it twice and last night as there was nothing else to watch. I thing is it laughable I am sorry it was nothing like this when I flew and there was no backcombing of hair. It really is silly but perhaps it is supposed to be a comedy because I did laugh last night when they went in search of a doctor Oh My !!! where did they get their research for this show?

  4. From 1967 to 1989 I was a Pan Am Flight Attendant. I was hired in San Francisco and was the second or third African American Stewardess hired on the West Coast. Based in LA, I spent the first two years flying to and from Viet Nam carrying young men (not one woman). We were gone for 14 to 16 days and flew throughout South East Asia and the South Pacific. Eighty percent of the Stewardesses were foreign born. My roommates were Norwegen, Swedish, Danish and Finnish. What strikes me most about the Pan Am series beside some obvious flaws, the color of the uniform, hats, jackets on while serving passengers after the doors were closed was a no no. I never found the work nor the crews shallow. Passengers’ lives were in our hands and most of us though we had fun was a serious business.

    Our passengers were diplomats, international businessmen, Kings, movie stars, CIA, even the KGB from time to time, many people foreign to all us. Our training was explicit to that point, friendly but formal in our interactions. I do not remember anyone ever allowed to enter the cockpit casually. Briefings were conducted both by the Captain and important information and instructions writing as “Station Duty Guides” as to who and what was on board and what to expect when we arrived where we were going and not just the weather.

    My Norwegen roommate and I moved to New York where our lives and flights went to South America, Africa, the Europe, the Middle East and Around the World with the same formal expectations onboard the aircraft. History always took place in front of our eyes. The Shah of Iran told Americans to get out of Iran and I remember it was a about Thanksgiving probably in 1978? There was a coup in Liberia the important people were murdered by General Doe who started the coup, the victims were hung on posts on Ceasar’s beach where the Pan Am crews used to go on layovers. Crews were sent to Monrovia that night to evacuate Americans to save their lives.

    War broke out in Cyprus so the Round-the-World flight was rerouted to Abudabi. Peron returned to Argentina, civil unrest erupted, people were killed at the airport and we were diverted to Paragua. There was a war in Biafra, Nigeria, tall Nigerian soldiers came onboard with rifles hung over their shoulders to make sure the coffee was locked up. War broke out in Angola, on layover in Liberia we were rerouted to South Africa where at that time, I was not at all welcomed. I stayed out of the sun and was able to get in but spent a scarey layover in my room hoping I was not to be identified as black. Our flight the next day was to get Americans safely out of Zaire. Midnight on the runway for takeoff in Daharan, Saudi Arabia, waiting for clearance and an “All Call” from the cockpit one by one we were briefed in the cockpit, “there are American aircraft down in the area” ??? As far as we knew, Pan Am was the only American aircraft in the vicinity. Arriving in New York, we were advised American helicopters had crashed in the dessert in Iran trying to save the hostages.

    My Pan Am friends and I have been waiting all summer for this program but are a little disappointed that it only reflects a small segment of American except one French stewardess and not the many cultures that we represent. I have no doubt that there were those women who were involved in espionage but frankly, there were so many opportunities because we were everywhere in the world. We lost our friends in crashes, bombings like the one in Rome, three crashes in the South Pacific, (Bali), hijacking of a 747 in Cairo by the PLO. Bomb threats in Beruit, Lebanon, NY and engine failures, passengers with guns and any number of incidents, passengers who died, had babies, and while this may not be interesting to the TV public, it makes for very brave women.

    Four stewardesses saved the lives of the cockpit crew an first class passengers in a crash with KLM in Tenerfee, in the Canary Islands. They were given the Congressional Metal of Honor for their heroism. One of those women earned a Phd in Physics from Vanderbilt U. another ended up living at the airport for a year because she ended up homeless. She was hired by Sotheby’s and my Norwegen friend who became a Vice President at Sotheby’s.

    Many of my friends have gone back to school and are Doctors, Lawyers, and some like me are doing what they like. I live in very small town where I first grew up with my three dogs. I am a professional genealogist and expert witness for Attorneys in New York I find the heirs of those who die intestate.

    Most importantly, Pan Am Stewardesses started the Union very early on that fought for women’s right to marry and have children. This led to teachers and nurses being able to marry and have children. Jill Ireland was a Pan Am Stewardess she was the President of the National Organization for Women in the mid-1990′s. Your fact checkers must find a few of these people who engaged in battles for women’s working conditions. Patricia Palermo “The Corcoran Group”, Alice Flynn started the International Union of Flight Attendants. Mary Higgins Clark the writer was a Pan Am Stewardess. Those whose stories are amazing would be great to interview. When it happened whereever it happened, we were there. Ultimately, what is most important and for me is that the bravery, dignity and understanding of life and people from years of experience cannot be lost on a shallow reading of who Pan Am Flight Attendants were. This opportunity to tell the world about the women who lived history and engaged with those who made it happen traveling on Pan Am. Please add passion and depth or you are not capturing the 1960′s and you are missing how it made for a group of people with real guts.

    The pilots alone were brave and among the most experienced. I remember a rain storm in Africa during the rainy season that within 20 minutes dropped seven inches of rain on the runway and as we watched, with no alternate airport a 707 running out of fuel had to land. The limit was 3 inches on the runway, when the aircraft landed the water flew over the top of aircraft all the way to the tail in an arc but they landed safely. There were four pilots in the cockpit of a 707 flying into and out of Africa and over the Amazon the fourth officer was a navigator, he actually had to stand on a box to look through the sextet. Ask us and them and we will tell you lots of interesting facts about the old days. World Wings has a video of the training school for Flight Attendants.

    Hope I have informed you somewhat. I loved my job, I loved the world and yes, I loved the Louve and National Museum in London and all the wonderful places Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen in the Spring. Helsinki in the winter. Rumania, Russia, Ankara, Turkey, Oslo, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden, Morocco, and on and on. Incredible passengers ask anyone of us and you will find the color, the mystery, more questions than you can answer.


    • Well said, Antonia. It was truly the adventure of a lifetime. I watched Richard Burton recite Shakespeare all night on a flight to London in the First Class lounge while the passengers slept. Took care of Paul McCartney’s little ones on another polar flight. Lots of incredible memories. Anybody who didn’t think it took great courage to do what we did is missing the history of Pan Am. This wasn’t just any airline.

      I flew those trips into Saigon as well, got engaged on a 747 during one of the transit stops there to a young Navy Lt., married in Honolulu, Honeymooned in Hong Kong. That was 43 years ago. Hard to believe so much time has passed.

      Always felt blessed and incredibly lucky. Later, I spent 18 years in Washington working as Congressional staff to two Members of Congress and one Governor. The adventure continues!

    • Those are some great stories. I would like to see a documentary about this topic that would include stories such as those. I hope you still enjoy the show with a suspension of disbelief as it is after all, a tv show. Some topics would not make for a comfortable storyline and may become uncomfortable to viewers if too much of the cultural topics were explored. Tv follows formulas, and although I agree they could use a little more creativity, it is a good soft plot and classy entertainment. Its also fun to see how the more recent generations interpret this period inthe twentieth century.

    • Subject: Pan Am TV Series 2011

      There are many books written by former Pan Am stewardesses and pilots. They all seem to have their stories very much in common and soon become by themselves repetitious.

      Pan Am stewardesses, while important and necessary to the benefit, welfare and safety of passengers, are not all there was to Pan Am.

      What is desperately missing were interesting, adventurous and exciting factual stories which begin on the ground.

      For instance, the public would be interested to know how potential stewardesses and other supporting employees were hired.

      As a former PanAm Station Manager, who came up from the ranks, let it be known that applicants indicating having been bored would not be hired for any position. For stewardess prospects, there are grueling, difficult stress interviews which are extremely selective. Let us not forget the hundreds of thousands of employees who made Pan Am the greatest airline by also working in ‘Passenger Service’, ‘Freight and Mail’, ‘Commissary’, Communication’, ‘Reservation’, ‘Ticketing’, ‘Operations’, ‘Administration’, and ‘Special Services’. With these and other departments; it was all of them who made an effective Pan Am.

      Viewers would like to travel along with the stories; from Baghdad to Berlin; from New York JFK to Nuremberg and more. Now it can be told about the good and the ugly of yesteryear. Just some of the problems from those days, were embezzlement, money laundering, smuggling, stowaways and much more with emphasis to keep these items from becoming knowledge to the stockholders. There was one passenger able to bring in massive amounts of pure heroin, all with the knowledge of US Customs. Also of interest was a former Nazi criminal working as a Pan Am personnel chief and comptroller at one of the largest airports.

      These and many others are real stories. No fillers or additional fantasy needed.

      I wrote a book “Pan Am and Beyond – Turbulence on the Ground” which became a best seller at Amazon in 2000. My purpose was to reestablish contact with former colleagues, employees and friends again.

      This book can now be obtained as an e-Book for only $2.99 through:

      Amazon (for Kindle) which also lists 22 reviews; Barnes & Noble (for NOOK); Apple (for iPad) and Reader Store (for Sony Reader). I do not expect a profit from any sales. Just enjoy the book.

      Ed Parrey

  5. Somebody here posting as Edward just sent a rant referring to these crews as bimbos and there to service the passengers. Sometimes I receive notification of these posts but don’t see them here on the site.

    So, Edward: I would suggest you read Antonia’s post, which is more descriptive of the time and events which took place. I can assure you these women were not bimbos.

    I spent 18 years following Pan Am in Washington working with a Governor and two Members of Congress and as the wife of the Commanding Officer of an Aegis Cruiser who retired from the Staff of the Joint Chiefs in Washington, DC.

    What business are you in, Edward? Did you ever fly Pan Am?

  6. I never watch sitcoms or sitcom dramas but I decided on this one.I too can remember as a little girl flying pan am… getting my clipper badge
    and a little pan am bag well.. bags and badges and going to the cockpit, I was lucky enough to fly them many times and I always thought the stewardesses were so perfect. However the show lacks a certain something.
    I know character development takes time but it is Ricci that drives me bonkers.She looks like she suffers from a thyroid problem and her acting is so overdone and annoying she ruins the show I find. I will keep watching tho.

  7. I am so ashamed of the episode from Sunday 11/6. Never would a pilot let a flight attendant take control of the plane and fly it. Never! Never would a group of Pan AM flight attendants get drunk on champagne, in uniform, on the plane and no captain would ever have taken a look at that scenario and tell them to get ready for the passengers, knowing full well they were drunk.

    I just want to grab on to the script writers, throw away what they think it was like and tell them what how it really was. There are some GREAT stories out there, and shame on you two Pan AM former flight attendants “technical advisors” for letting these things happen on camera. You are losing your audience and episodes like this do not help.

    • The reality is not a sellable storyline. the show would be so boring if it was that realistic. Why not just enjoy the fantasy? It is tv… Not a documantary. I rode in a TWA once to Hawaii when I was about 15, and the pilot let me take the yoke. I would bet it happened to a stewardess more than once.

  8. I SO much wanted my beloved Pan Am series to succeed. But the episode on 11/13 was so far fetched that if the series continues like that, it is doomed. No Captain would ever have allowed the insubordination of the flight attendant and then done what she demanded. Haiti is the last place any captain would land in an emergency with Santo Domingo being just on the other side of the island, and what was wrong with Miami. The bright spot was when the flight attendant threw the arrogant passengers luggage to the ground but I’m guessing a 100 pound flight attendant could not have done that so easily. Oh, and the flight attendant shielding the ailing passenger with her body on a rough landing, arms outstretched, puleeze! The dressing down the captain got was on target and I’m pretty sure all four flight attendants would have been suspended for bringing an undocumented “alien” on board, no matter the humanitarian reason. I keep hoping each Sunday for a break through, but so far, this is just a poorly done, badly researched, soap opera.

    • Mary, I don’t know when or where you flew, but this series is outstanding and not that far afield. Suggest you study Pan Am’s history. Many good books available on the World’s Greatest Airline.

      We landed with gunfire and typhoons in Saigon. It was not unusual at all for Pan Am to find itself in the middle of a war zone.

      I also saw a Pan Am Capt. walk through a first class cabin and tell a movie producer passenger to “get your goddamned feet off my furniture” and guess what, NOT FIRED!

      This show is exceptionally well cast and well written. Pan Am was an exceptional airline with style and bravado. It was the adventure of a lifetime. I am loving this series.

      • Linda H. …. I think you have poor taste when it comes to TV shows. This show is horribly written, consists of mediocre casting and displays weak plots and storylines. It only has succeeded because it dumbs down the era it depicts and thus has captured a wide-enough audience to survive prime-time television.
        But, alas, the show is inauthentic in that it projects today’s sensibilities back to the past instead of showing the sensibilities of that era as they really were.
        This show has tried to cash in on the interest in the early 1960s created by the groundbreaking series: “Mad Men.” You probably have never watched “Mad Men” or, if you have, it doesn’t appeal to you because its cutting edge, gritty, unapologetic realism never holds back but delivers an honest depiction of the era and doesn’t care if it offends the sensibilities of Middle America. It delivers in drama, characterization and plot. “Pan Am” is totally cheesy and only appeals to that America that wants a feel-good show without the challenges that good drama typically delivers. So …. I say …. continue to enjoy the mediocrity that is “Pan Am” and feel good that there are enough unsophisticated folks who like cheese and will accept what any mediocre network will throw at them.

        • Edward, sounds to me like you produced “Mad Men”. I am so sorry your show was cancelled.

          The “inauthentic sensibilities to the past” to which you refer was my life. Cheesy or not, it’s now on the air and your’s is not.

          Nothing I can do about that but enjoy it while it lasts.

          • “Mad Men” was NOT cancelled. It’s about to start its 5th season. You might do your homework before commenting. Had you done so, you would know that it was won many, many awards including Golden Globes and Emmys. In fact, it won the Emmy for Best Drama Series four years in a row!!!! That is an Emmy for each season of its existence. It has made a star out of John Hamm and others.

            Surely your life and career experiences are more interesting than this cheeesy series displays.

            • Edward, you are obviously so much more hip than I. I am enjoying this show. That obviously is bothering you very much. We have different interests, is that ok? Or must you stamp me out?

              I’ve got 18 years in Washington, working with Congress. What’ve you got, other than “Mad Men?”

              • Linda H. …… So, what exactly is “working with Congress?” Is that serving some bloated, self-important, corrupted congressman flying back from Asia on a Congressional boondoggle spending taxpayer money for his own benefit?
                Don’t brag: Congress is a sleazy organization of corrupted idiots with about an 8% approval rating from the American citizen. Really a great organization to associate yourself with!!!!!

      • Ii workd for 15 years with Pan Am, flew as a Purser from 64-68, in and out of Saigon, Camron Bay, and Danang, also Guam, worked MAC Charters and R&R Flights, currently belong to a group of former Pan Am employees who meet regularly. You missed my point or I didn’t express it well. The incident was about the Captain and the flight attendant , not a passenger. Haiti wouldn have been the last place for an aircraft to land for a medical emergency when you had so many other places equally as close. PS: I also flew the caribbean and stopped many times in Haiti. i’m glad you love the series. i want to love it too. Thanks for your commrnts.

  9. What is the music on the trailer ads for the series? Is it Kate Bush? What is the song?

    • I believe it is “Around the World”. Not sure who sings it.

      If you look thru the comments I believe someone has already responded to this question.

  10. The episodes are actually getting better and I’m just sorry to learn that after the January start-up again, there will only be about four more and Pan Am is once again, sent back into our memories.

    • ITS NOT!!!!!! I was scared out of plaid shirt it was going to be so. Lucky for us, we’ll see more of the luxuries of flying for at least another season. Besides people keep saying its a horrible show yet it get generally positive reviews. I feel like it’s their guilty pleasure. Btw, there’s another 5 episodes coming up.


  12. Who decides what is good for tv? Regardless of age, I have yet to meet
    to a person who has watched Pan Am who does not love it. Maybe these 20 – 30 year old folks think swamp people, girls acting badly and blow ‘em up shows, using the most foul language possible,making sure no intelligence is shown, are the ones making these decisions. I realize no one over 35 has a brain, although most of us know who the Vice President is and the speaker of the house and that Alaska is part of the USA and Hawaii is not only a state, but the residents can and do, speak English. Try keeping a series that has some substance. Not more reality (which is unreality for the average person), cop shows, talk shows, etc. Let us think!

    • This is a false comparison. You are comparing a cheesy show with something that is slightly higher up on the cheese scale. Pan Am is really just an evening soap opera. Not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, it’s just that it is phony. Nighttime soaps in the 80s were great: Dallas and Dynasty. P an Am sucks!!!

      • Pan Am is phony and Dallas and Dynasty are not? Now I know you’re a nerd, Edward, and an old one at that. I suspect you are here for the entertainment. This comment gives you away.

        Connie is right, everyone loves Pan Am.

        • Linda H …. You make me laugh. FYI …. I was just entering junior high when Dallas and Dynasty were making their runs. They were phony to an extent, as all soaps invariably are. But they were possessed of interesting characters, well-written scripts and clever, interesting plots.

          As for the nerd comment: I’ll take that as a complement. Nerds seem to be running the world now, making interesting products, creating whole new business enterprises and changing the world for the better. Not like the corrupt, bloated, craven, people in Congress that you claim you were a part of. Congress has the worst approval rating of any institution in the country.

          • We’ll see, won’t we, Edward? We do have an election coming up!

            In the meantime, I’m going to continue to enjoy Pan Am!

  13. In 1963, when I was 10 years old, my dad was transferred to Rosario, Argentina. Our family flew Pan Am. I still clearly recall how clean & beautiful the plane was. I recall the first class section and how nice it was. The stewardesses were beautiful, poised & professional. The pilots were so sharp & professional. The meals WERE meals. The last time I flew Pan Am was 1964. Imagine my shock, when the next time I flew was in 2001! I COULD NOT believe how run down the plane looked on the inside, or how “casual” the “flight attendants” were. I fly at least once a month to see my daughter & it still amazes me the difference in flying now – and then. I wish everyone who flys commercially now could experience 1960′s style Pan Am just once. People these days don’t know what they are missing. My mom, who is 88, & my older brothers & sisters remember it exactly as I do. Wish Pan Am would stay on the air & the writers contact some original stewardesses & pilots so they can screenplay some true stories. Trust me, all the shine, glitz & glamour that the TV show, Pan Am shows is really how it was! It is not an exaggeration!

  14. Watching that Lesbian kiss just turned me off your show completely. I thought it was a nice show to watch until that scene. You just lost some of your viewers because of that.

  15. Seriously I loved the show tape it every week but not now!!! Is there no where I can go to not see men with men or woman kissing woman. I am not a homophob just simply sick of it!!! I don’t want to watch & aren’t we OVER it yet???

    • You are not alone. I have heard others say that, too.

      Everbody has an agenda and wants to force it on you whether you want it or not. The new Hollywood, I guess.

      I don’t watch much tv anymore because of that. Everything is agenda driven, which is why I have been enjoying this show so much.

  16. Webmaster, can’t pull up any current comments. These are all old, yet I keep receiving new ones via email.

    • Linda,

      Hmm… well, I think I’ll close down comments on this post – I think it’s done.