‘Pacific Rim': New TV Spot & Sequel Hints from del Toro

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Quite possibly THE dark horse contender of the summer 2013 movie season, Pacific Rim certainly has a lot to prove; though to its credit, the film seems to be gaining ground by the day. Each new trailer and featurette offers another look inside of Guillermo del Toro’s (Hellboy) “Monsters vs. Robots” blockbuster, and a new TV spot for the film (seen above) keeps upping the ante by showing off more great action.

In addition to the flashy visuals, del Toro himself recently discussed what kind of ideas he’s mulling for the possible Pacific Rim sequel – and apparently, it’ll be something different than what the first film offers.

Pacific Rim is an homage to the Japanese “kaiju” sub-genre, made popular by iconic franchises like Godzilla (which Legendary Pictures is currently remaking). The story centers on a future in which Kaiju (giant monsters) are a very real threat to Earth, having appeared from a dimensional portal deep within the Pacific Ocean. Humanity fights back with giant robots called Jaegers, which are manned by two mind-linked pilots. At the center of this tale we find an odd-pair of pilots – a damaged veteran (Charlie Hunnam) and a novice (Rinko Kikuchi) – who must lead humanity’s final stand with their obsolete Jaeger.

Del Toro on Pacific Rim Sequel Ideas

Pacific Rim Movie Banner 2013 570x285 Pacific Rim: New TV Spot & Sequel Hints from del Toro

When talking to EWGuillermo del Toro dropped some hints as to what the Pacific Rim sequel would be about. We already know that a script for Pacific Rim 2 is in development, and apparently the direction del Toro wants to go in involves exploring the deeper mystery (pun) of the Kaiju.

Here’s what del Toro had to say in response to the studio’s request for a sequel script:

I said, ‘F—, yeah!’ ! Because on the way to the finished screenplay, there were entire angles and ideas that we chopped off because they were too much… [The Kaiju] They’re a race of blind consumers grabbing planets, consuming them, and moving to the next. The idea [with the sequel] is to explore a little bit of that. I won’t spoil it, but I don’t think we’ll repeat a single beat from the first movie.

Guillermo del Toro on Pacific Rim set with Idris Elba Pacific Rim: New TV Spot & Sequel Hints from del Toro

With an imagination like Guillermo del Toro’s, that statement could mean anything from humanity venturing into some Lovecraftian nightmare dimension to slay the Kaiju at their source – or maybe a romp through many fantastical alien worlds in effort to halt the Kaiju infestation on all fronts. Heck, we could even get a combination of both. 

What is most curious is the filmmaker’s line about not repeating ‘a single beat from the first movie.’ Upon initial read, one would assume that a Pacific Rim sequel would at least bring back the robots vs. monsters premise – but could del Toro pull a fast one and reinvent the wheel of his cinematic universe?


Pacific Rim will be in theaters on July 12, 2013.

Source: Digital Spy, EW & WB/Legendary

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  1. I wasn’t 100% on board with Pacific Rim to begin with, but the recent trailers and TV spots have certainly put it at the top of my “to see” list this year. It looks like it was made for a big screen. I really wish I had a local IMAX theater because the fight sequences look absolutely insane.

    Before we start worrying about sequels, let’s make sure THIS movie is awesome and worthy of a sequel. It’ll be interesting to see how many story threads are left open. I don’t want this to be like another Matrix scenario where the first film is amazing and the sequels disappoint.

  2. meh i think this movie will flop. it just seems to be missing something

  3. This looks like a Good one.. My friends showed me the trailer since Febuary .. I was like Mehh .. Robots .. another Transformer esque flick.. But recently since I’m bored and hA=ave nothing to do I’ve done my Research into this flick and it looks friggin Awesome.. They need to do alot of Advertisements and push this in every ones face so people would get interested and wanna watch it for it to become a Blockbuster

  4. I have a feeling that this movie might be the biggest movie of the summer. It has everything you could want! I can’t wait for this one, and the sequel!

  5. I remember when this was first announced, around the same time that Del Toro’s Mountains of Madness was shot down and he left The Hobbit, the plot synopsis definitely included something about the Robot pilots having to go through the rift the Kaiju were entering from and fighting them in their home dimension. I was curious if that was kept in or not, as there wasn’t many hints to what would almost have to be a huge thing in the movie. Considering it’s Del Toro and he usually ends up with more ideas than he can use, it’s probably a good idea to move it over to a sequel.

    re: the “buzz” around Pacific Rim: This -should- be a huge success as it’s got big summer blockbuster written all over it. Giant robots, giant monsters, big fights, awesome set pieces. It’s like it’s delivering everything that people complained about with Transformers: it’s about the robot fighting action. The funny thing is that here we’re finally getting that, but now people are complaining that “there’s not enough focus on the characters” or “people aren’t going to be interested because they can’t connect to the human characters”. It just can’t win, can it?

  6. Here is a funny, me and my unit were talking about movies this summer. Some were for Ironman, some waiting for Man of Steel.

    General Consensus was. Superheroes, been there, done that, nothing really spectacular. We know how this works, Evil threatens Earth, Hero Rises to the occasions, good guys win. So, it is nothing new or to be expected in Super Hero Movies.

    Pacific Rim, it is the average person, who any of can relate with, given giant robots to defend the Planet from Giant Monsters. This is about Humanity fighting for its existence, this is not about Humanity being saved by Rich Billionaires, Aliens or Gods.

    Pacific Rim is something we have both seen and not seen in a long time.

  7. Or as my LT Said. Give us a threat, we take it to them. We cant cry or pray for The Avengers, Batman or Superman to come in.

    You give us the Fighters, The Tanks, The Missiles, and you give them the men to operate them. We are the ones who will fight for our Planet, not made fictional heroes.

    Pacific Rim, Yeah, Humanity Built Giant Robots to fight Giant Monsters.

    Granted we use Robots to disarm bombs, or build cars, or use them to clean our floors, but they are still Robots, and we have them in the real World.

    Still waiting for The Avengers to show up.

  8. Idris Elba is the secret weapon in this movie.
    His presence elevates the proceedings and
    he is one commander to follow into battle.

    • +1 Totally agreed.

  9. Even if the plot is thin, the fights will be enough to make this movie amazing.

  10. Jeeze talk about putting the cart before the horse. I’m sure he’s proud of his film but still, wait till the film is a success before talking about sequels.

  11. Del Toro is an excellent director hung up on fantasy-adventure films.

    After viewing MIMIC, I believed him a championship cross-genre director without (at that time) knowing of his passion for a singular type of filmwork. Pity…because his talent is capable of so much more than HELL BOY and its ilk.

    It’s a shame that Del Toro (like Christopher Nolan) has become swallowed up by the dark hole in that ever-expanding “universe”.

    Too much to hope for — that Del Toro (and Nolan) could pull a Joss Whedon and do a small black-and-white low-budget film.

    • I’m not so sure about the “hung up on fantasy-adventure films” part. If anything, the guy’s hung up on monsters and the supernatural. It’s his angle, the thing he brings to every movie. Whedon does cast ensembles, Del Toro does crazy creature designs. Can’t blame the guy for sticking to what he knows. Interestingly, he’s already done the low budget films: Devil’s Backbone and Cronos.

      The one problem with him is that he dreams of huge things, and those huge things require big budgets that studios just aren’t willing to put up, especially on things that go against the normal studio mindset. He’s also one of the most talented directors to never have a massive break out hit, so no matter how talented he is the studios don’t see him as bankable yet.

    • Bro… you really must want some attention huh?

      • don`t feed the trolls!

  12. If earth becomes the first planet to resist the Kaiju assault, then I can see other civilizations taking notice and coming to us to help them. With earth safe, expect to see a Robotech Macross or Gundam-style spin. You could also say Last Starfighter. The Jaegers would evolve to be spaceworthy.

    I think the concept of 2 pilots in tandem with shared memories is what DT may be referencing. That is probably a “vehicle” designed to explore and dramatize the human element and is a one-shot concept. It will be explained away with advancements in Jaeger-tech.

    The “Trilogy” could end with an assault on the Kaiju homeworld.

  13. llegal Kaiju parts dealers also hint at Biological Jaegers/Kaiju Jaegers.