Final ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer: Stand Tall Against the Apocalypse

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We here at Screen Rant are – to put it mildly – really looking forward to Pacific Rim. In the run-up to the film’s imminent release, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have definitely upped the ante when it comes to promotional materials. Posters highlighting individual Jaegers and Kaiju, extensive featurettes, and even oddball viral videos have popped up in recent days.

With a little over a week until Pacific Rim’s stateside premiere, Legendary and director Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) have shared another (and presumably the actual final) trailer for the film. Featuring both expanded characterization and even more massive robot-on-monster battles, this preview does its best to sell Pacific Rim as both contemplative and action-saturated.

Pacific Rim Final Trailer Final ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer: Stand Tall Against the Apocalypse

Other than an extended look at pilot Raleigh Beckett’s re-recruitment into the Jaeger program, this final trailer for Pacific Rim features only a few small glimpses of new footage. What’s new is the preview’s slow-burn pacing, skipping over any exposition about the Kaiju to focus on the simultaneous dread and exhilaration of combat on such a massive scale. Also worth noting is the repeated looks at the “neural bridge” connecting each Jaeger’s pilots – hinting in a roundabout way at the supposedly nonstandard romance between leads Charlie Hunman (Sons of Anarchy) and Rinko Kikuchi (47 Ronin).

Warner Bros.’ current hype blitz for Pacific Rim betrays a certain nervousness about its wide box office appeal. It’s uncertain whether this trailer (or any of the materials recently released) will help bring in general audiences. We certainly hope that the film can overcome its inherent riskiness and do better than current hand-wringing expectations.

Hunman and Kikuchi lead a cast that also includes Idris Elba (Prometheus), Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), and Ron Perlman (Drive).


Pacific Rim will surface in theaters on July 12th, 2013.

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  1. cant wait too see this!!

    • +2

  2. this looks so good in every aspect, so many good actors, great director and the look is straight out of manga. Cant wait.

  3. Is it just me or have the cg environments/robots/monsters consistently improved in detail for each trailer or new clip? Not sure if its the case, just seems like the level of detail jumps out more in this one. Can’t deny this is looking very very good. I just hope audiences respond to it. We need more films like this, more films willing to take chances with some pretty out there concepts (for mainstream movies anyways…).

    • Well if Guillermo is anything it’s “out there”

      You know how in The Matrix Morpheus tells Neo to “Free His Mind”, Guillermo doesn’t need to do that, he’s mind is free…..

      This is gonna rock – FACT :)

      • Haha agreed, he’s a very creative writer/director.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the quality had suddenly improved in this trailer. Awesome!

  4. Im excited!

  5. How this movie is not on everyone’s must see list is a mystery to me. Wouldn’t surprise me if this movie is a sleeper hit. IM3 money? Probably not. But would be nice to see this movie take out top box office dollar for 2013.

  6. @Acathla

    Certainly doubt that’ll happen.

  7. Is there any way that this film isn’t justified in making at least Transformers 1 movie especially if it’s better than any of those Bay films? Oh and it’s Charlie Hunnam not Hunman.

    • *Transformers 1 money

    • I don’t know if it has the potential to make Transformers money, but if so many people paid money and sat through those three I can’t see why people are picking this movie apart to the extent they are already.

      • Agreed.

        People hating on this movie but willingly throwing money at the Transformers franchise, which has zero personality, zero storytelling and zero point to the whole mess?


        • I know it seems like it is just popular to pick on Bay and his Transfomers movies, but my main argument is that aside from a recognizable, long-standing brand name those movies are just CGI video game scenes interlaced with really bad acting and characters .

          Now it is cool if people like that and want to pay and go see it. What I don’t get is how a film like this, which is clear in what it is, is receiving so much scrutiny from many of the same people who happily paid to see something that may be of similar or lesser quality three times. Is the bar set lower for Bay, or is it just that when names like Speilberg get attached to a once popular idea it automatically has more credibility? Transformers wasn’t anything but a commercial for toys that spawned a pretty good animated movie and then went the way of every cartoon/toy tie-in from the 80′s.

          People complain about remakes, reboots and sequels but still won’t give something new a chance. That is why they have remade Spider-Man and Superman already before the last version of the movies are even cold and dead on free cable.

  8. Looks SO Good!

  9. Can’t wait to see this one

  10. When I first heard about this movie I was pretty excited, but I have to admit the trailers do nothing for me. Kind of looks like one of those movies where there’s TOO much action and it becomes rather boring, (think Dark of the Moon for instance).

    • Most trailers focus on the action, particularly movies that are trying to sell the action aspect of the product. And considering the theme of the film I doubt showing a lot of the dialog would be a more effective marketing tool since it is about giant robots fighting giant monsters.

  11. I like what I’m seeing, looks good.

  12. Great movie quotes in history: (in no particular order)
    -”Frankly my dear I don’t give a….”
    -”I’ll be back.”
    -”I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it.”
    -”I’ll have what she’s having.”
    -”You want my arm to fall off?”

    Soon to be added quote:
    -”Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!”

    • “You’re going to need a bigger boat…”

      • “Hey Stella!”…”Hey Stella!”…”Hey Stella”

        • Get away from her.. You b###h!

            • Here’s Johnny!

              • Who can’t forget these two :
                “You can’t handle the truth”
                “Show me the MONEEYYY!!”

    • “Don’t let our son turn around…there are two guys making out in the back row of theater seats!” (Myself to wife when our kid was little during Pocahontas…musta been Porkahontas for the swishsters in the back of the theater!)

  13. I’m a bit old school, and this reminds me of All of the Godzilla Vs Monsters i grew up with in the 70s. The flying thing looks like Rodan and they even have an Ape/King Kong like creature. This movie does look good and i intend to see it, but it does look like a rip-off of the Godzilla genre from back in the day. IJS. I now wonder what the new Godzilla movie in production will look like, Maybe this movie?

    • Del Toro has said the movie is an homage to the Kaiju genre, with the addition of giant robots that was popular since the 1980′s. Saying it is a rip-off seems funny in a day and age of out right re-makes and re-boots.

      • You’re right, that does make sense, every movie made nowadays is taking something from another movie.
        I saw MOS last week and saw scenes from the martrix, Iron Man and transformers. Good call

  14. Frankly, this is the one movie I have most been looking forward too. Especially because we haven’t seen anything like it for a very long time. I really hope this is a hit for del Toro , I would love to see a sequel.

    • Yep.

      This is the movie I’ve been looking forward to all year. It’s also the only movie that most people I know are willing to go to the theater to see (some are comic book fans but weren’t interested in Man Of Steel).

      If I only had to watch one movie in 2013, this would be it.

  15. Looks great! But why to the Attacking aircraft fly close to the monster and use small arms which obviously do not work?

    • I think it’s shots from the first attack, before they create the Jagers.

      • Still, not the brightest way to attack a giant monster. I would hope they would start with missiles first and if that didn’t work the smaller arms sure wouldn’t!

        • I guess because missiles are expensive, they’d go the traditional route until finding out the hide is too tough to allow bullets to penetrate or cause much damage.

  16. Hmmmm…..I really cannot wait to see this movie either. Jerry: FA-18 Super Hornet doesn’t really have what you would call small arms sir. FACT: F/A 18 is equipped with 20 mm M61A1 Vulcan six-barrel cannon with 570 rounds.

    • Basically the average round of ammunition is 5.56 mm for a standard assault rifle. Pretty small considering the said competition of a 20 mm.

    • Compared to missiles everything else is the equivalent of throwing rocks in this case.

  17. Looks great and the plot seems to be well grounded. Something I can’t say about Transformers, a movie made only to make money. Remember; money never starts an idea. It is always the idea that starts the money.

  18. Canada and Mexico should have Jaegers

    • I’m pretty sure I saw a Canadian Jaeger amongst the Australian, Japanese and American ones standing around Cineworld when I went to see MOS last month. Don’t hold me to that though, I may be confusing it with the Russian one.

  19. I’m gonna be the odd man out here on this, but personally, I don’t think it looks that great. I might give it a watch on Netflix when available, but it’s probably not exactly quite my cup of tea. Still, it might be mildly-entertaining, we’ll see…..!

  20. I say critics be damned,I plan on seeing Pacific Rim at least 3 times,I’ve been waiting for a American movie like this ever since I saw ‘Godzilla 1985′ and the other Godzilla movies from the mid nineties and wished movies like these could be made with a bigger budget and Hollywood high quality sp-efx,and now with PR only a week away it seems like a dream is finally about to come true for us giant robot anime/giant kaiju fans out there,we can’t miss this movie,WE HAVE GOT TO SUPPORT THIS MOVIE,if we as fans want to see more movies like this in the future,just like us movie goers continue to support the dozens of superhero movie out there,we HAVE to support this with our money IF we want more,see you guys on July 12th.

  21. All geared up for this, my wife and I already got tix for the first Thursday late night show. I’m an old timer you can say, an “ancient” 59 years of age, and I’m looking forward to seeing an upgraded good old fashioned giant monster / robot film with top notch FX as opposed to the “man in a suit” movies I grew up with in the 60′s. I’m guessing most of those posting here are of a younger crowd, so take my word for it, you don’t realize how bad some of these creature features can look. Pacific Rim looks fantastic! The jury is out on whether it will attract audiences, but I for one can’t wait. Cancel the apocalypse, and enjoy !