‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer: Guillermo del Toro’s Monsters Vs. Robots Blockbuster

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We’re approaching five years since a film directed by Guillermo del Toro (Blade II, Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) played in theaters, which has stoked fires of anticipation surrounding his new project, Pacific Rim. Of course, it helps that del Toro’s movie pays respect to the geek-favorite Japanese Kaiju (or giant monster) pop culture and robot/mecha genres – even though the filmmaker insists it’s not a pastiche or “greatest hits” homage.

Pacific Rim viral marketing has built-up even more interest among cinephiles over the past couple weeks, with material focused on the architectural structure of the film’s enormous human-piloted machinery (ie. robots known as ‘Jaegers’) and monster attack footage that highlights its unusual visual design.

Today, the first Pacific Rim trailer has released online and it better illustrates the film’s unique cinematography and color scheme, as has been teased throughout the viral campaign footage to date; not to mention, it lends further credibility to del Toro’s claims that he’s using a rugged and corrosive visual style to bring to life a romanticized adventure story told on a modern blockbuster scale (though, we’ve known that ever since we saw the Comic-Con footage last summer).

Here is the official synopsis for Pacific Rim:

When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity’s resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju. On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes—a washed up former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi)—who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the past. Together, they stand as mankind’s last hope against the mounting apocalypse.

Check out high-definition Pacific Rim images in the gallery below (click for larger version):

And a new poster (CLICK FOR LARGER VERSION):

 Pacific Rim Poster Pacific Rim Trailer: Guillermo del Toros Monsters Vs. Robots Blockbuster

No doubt, Pacific Rim looks crazy-impressive, simply in terms of the sheer magnitude of the spectacle and action; not to mention, the great supporting cast featuring Idris Elba (Prometheus), Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy), Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Burn Gorman (The Dark Knight Rises) and Diego Klattenhoff (Homeland). On the other hand, there’s also the possibility that del Toro’s film reflects its influences too much for comfort – be it in terms of the Jaeger designs or the plot beats (see: Elba’s rousing call-to-arms speech).

Similarly, there are some fascinating sci-fi concepts at work in the ‘psychic love story’ from Travis Beacham’s script; it’s little wonder Legendary has a sequel in development, in case the film does indeed prove to be a (wait for it…) monster hit. Surprisingly, there are even a few moments that seem ripe for the 3D format – though, there are others that suggest del Toro’s should’ve stuck with his guns and not given into (studio?) demands for a post-conversion treatment

What do you think? Sound off in the comments section.

Pacific Rim opens in theaters (2D, 3D and IMAX 3D) on July 12th, 2013.

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  1. this looks very interesting there seems to be allot going on in this film, The matrix, avatar,godzilla,transformers, and a few other films too its pretty cool looking stuff. It looks like it could take on a few films next year, what a year in store it is for us movie mad fans. I just hope that the next year spawns a few new great classics I hope superman becomes a legendary for all the hype and the actors involved etc.

  2. Apparently GlaDOS is around
    Why don’t we just give her some lemons and set her on the monsters?

    • Yes!!! Glados. :)

      • Sorry, GlaDOS lol. How did they pull that off? So awesome! :):):)

    • @Diamondremix

      LOL, glad I’m not the only one who noticed GlaDOS… 😛

    • So glad I wasn’t the only one thinking this was some kind of Portal Prequel movie.

  3. Depending on release of these movies, I am taking my son and seeing as many as we can in one day.

  4. Wow. Now people are going to make comparisons with VOLTRON, POWER RANGERS and all the anime about piloted Robots, but this here looks intelligent and a lot of fun. I think Del is about to Show micheal bay, how to make an intelligent robot movie. After seeing this trailer, this is the 2nd movie after Star Trek that I want to see. Man of Steel didn’t impress me, so I will be seeing that on dvd.

    • I was thinking the same thing. You know though I think I would have actually like for this sort of set up to a voltron movie and that could have explained how five lions form a beast of a machine to fight a monster race that creeps from beneath the ocean like this did and explain it to this world settings.

      • @ T?

        Say what?

        Voltron did not even happen on Earth. Well, not the Lion Voltron Force.

        And Voltron fought one monster a time. Pacific Rim is more monsters and not enough Robots.

    • @Al.

      As they will, because it what some of them grew up on. Now as for Power Rangers and Voltron, yeah the similarity is going to be expressed. But those shows did not have the WOW factor.

      Pacific Rim has the WOW Factor, and if I were to compare this to any Past or Current Anime, I would put it on par with Giant Robo, which in all honesty I can see elements of that in Pacific Rim.

        • If one of those Pilots say its “Showtime!” im walking out!

        • I actually really liked the Big O series. It was a great blend of james bond, batman, and mech robots. The stories were interesting, too. The ending with the rocket powered punch reminded me of it.

    • I think it’s funny that people are comparing it to everything that clearly inspired the film when it has been said that it is an homage. You have to give it to Del Toro that he just decided to use his own mythology based off of a genre that is so entrenched and familiar that nobody can lay claim to it at this point.

      Would people be more receptive of this film if they tacked some old 80’s or 90’s franchise name on it? Considering all of the outright remakes and reboots they make now, I don’t see how people can be critical of genre movie that looks like it’s supposed to. I am not co-signing to the quality of the film without seeing it, but knowing DelToro’s visual style and affinity for monsters and effects I would think that it will at the very least look stunning.

  5. You know, Of all the Trailers so far.

    Iron Man 3 actually looks the inferior.


    • Ill agree to that. I feel thor will br worse but only time will tell

      • I agree with you, seems like it will be a great year for sci-fi.

    • Yeah, it’s the bane of the threequel. No matter how good it is the third installment of a franchise always comes across as a bit stale. Something fresh, even if it is just a remake or draws heavily from known movies, has always more appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong. I still look forward to Iron Man 3, but I’m definitely more excited about the other stuff.

  6. That’s it? After all the articles and all the hype? I mean, I’ve got nothing against Del Toro but what has he actually done that was great beyond one movie to deserve so much hype?

    • @ Adrian

      Over 30 Crowds will see it. Under 30 Crowd wont understand what Pacific Rim really is. To one generation,it is after school on UHF Stations, and it is Saturday Afternoon Creature Double Feature.

      It is a throwback to a different time, a time before Robots Transformed into Cars, or were made of 5 Lions.

    • You know what,after looking at his filmography,I somewhat have to agree.I like the visual look of his movies,but most of his stories are pretty *meh*.

      Don’t get me wrong,I don’t “hate” him or his movies,but just thinking about it,he does seem a tad bit overrated.

      • I enjoy both hellboys and pans labrinth id say critic wise by rottentomato reviews he is on par with many great directors.

        • From a pure box office perspective, his movies haven’t been great. He built his reputation on being able to blend CGI and practical effects almost seamlessly to produce some amazingly imaginative and visually impressive movies, with mid-level budgets. In terms of actual output he does seem to be, still, more promise, than actual fulfillment. He does have a lot of irons in various fires, especially his producing a lot of those horror movies. I think the one decision whose long-term ramifications are yet to be seen is his leaving the Hobbit. I think a lot of people would still like to see what he could have done with it. Pacific Rim, while looking very impressive in trailer form, just doesn’t seem to come out and show you something different. Funny thing is, it’s not a reboot, remake, adaptation or anything, yet somehow it all looks very familiar.

  7. Im not impressed. I love you Del Toro, but this trailer is sooooo cliche.

  8. no interest here, looks familiar to so many other movies from the past decade.

    • Name one?

      I do not recall any movie from the past decade that actually had both Giant Monsters and Giant Robots.

      Transformers comes close? But that what Michael Bay made of it.

      As for it being Cliche, I give it that to a point.

      But for the most part, Alien with Hostile intent have been the basis for most of the action movies on this scope. Pacific Rim has a different spin on it.

  9. Power Rangers vs Godzilla style. Coooool.

  10. WOW… totally reminds me of the War of the Monsters video game.. especially the end clip where the Jaeger gets tossed thru the city. check out the game trailer online…. that game must have had some influence on the design/direction of the movie.

    anyway, I cant wait to see it!!! looks like a good ol’fashioned monster movie… in the end, it might not have the best story but with huge monsters and huge robots it will bring out the kid in you and that makes you want to see it.

  11. Looks awesome…now they need to get around to making a Mobile Suit Gundam trilogy.

  12. A lot of WIN going on in this trailer

  13. That creature at the end of the trailer looks alot like Dagarah from the Rebirth of Mothra 2 movie. I’m just so happy that the kaiju genre is making a huge comeback!

  14. Whoa. What an epic trailer! I’m definitely seeing this movie.

  15. 2013 is going to be a special year.

  16. At first I wasn’t shure about this movie but after seeing thr trailer I’m going to see it.

  17. This is an awesome trailer. The movie looks fun.

  18. I cried a little watching the trailer–monsters, giant robots, mass destruction, the directorial hand of Guillermo del Toro–what’s not to like? If you’re into this genre of movies, I am betting it will satisfy greatly. Still hoping for a Big O movie, still hoping for a “Cloverfield” sequel lol, but this looks fantastic. Top movie on my “waiting-for” list. :)

    • Big O would be so cool and yes please to a Cloverfield sequel.

    • The ONLY way I would watch a Cloverfield sequel is if they don’t use shaky cam. That ruined the whole film for me.

  19. That looked freaking AWESOME!! I am now officially on board for this film. As a big fan of the Godzilla films (I even enjoyed the ’98 “pseudo-godzilla” and monster movies in general, this looks like it’s going to be a rocking good time in the theater. I just hope it doesn’t use the Cloverfield shaky cam. That would ruin the whole film. Can you imagine 3D shaky cam…BARF!!!

  20. This movie better be epic. I’ve been waiting for it to come out since I first heard about it, looks like Del Toro has don it again. This is definitely in my top 20 most anticipated of 2013.
    1- Ironman 3
    2- Man of Steel
    3- The Wolverine
    4- Thor: The Darl Worlds
    5- Pacific Rim
    6- Star Trek: Into Darkness
    7- Oz: The Great and Powerful
    8- R. I. P. D.
    9- Sin City: A Dame to Cry For
    10- Jack the Giant Slayer
    11- After Earth
    12- Oblivion
    13- Kick Ass 2
    14- World War Z
    15- A Good Day to Die Hard
    16- G.I. Joe: Retaliation
    17- 300: Rise of an Empire
    18- 47 Ronin
    19- The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
    20- Gangster Squad

  21. I’m surprised no one has thought of this looking something like Ultra Man. This looks like its going to be great!

  22. Holy POOP!!! This looks Rad. Del Toro is definitely one of my all time favorite directors, even with his so-so flicks. But when its something close to his heart, he does extremely well.
    I don’t understand why so many are saying this trailer isn’t exciting!? It certainly has that Del Toro look & feel.

  23. I need about tree-fitty.

  24. Looks utterly mindless, yet divinely glorious! I feel 12 years old again watching this and can practically taste that jumbo tub of popcorn I’ll be buying.

    This is one of those films that requires you imagine that it takes place in an alternate universe, much like zombie movies, where nobody has seen a monster or zombie movie. B-52 dropped, drone-designated bunker buster to the head from 80k feet?, Feh! swarm of nuclear-tipped cruise missiles from standoff range? HELL NO! We go in, guns blazing, glory awaits! BANZAAIIIIIII!!

  25. Dear Sreenrant staff,
    your site is really great,just one thing would be really nice,

    Here in China,websites like youtube are blocked,and most of the trailers can not be watched and are just blank above in this article !
    Is it possible to give additional links please ?

    Or use another host for the video clips ?

    Just a suggestion,thanks

  26. Gozira !!!

    • Gozira? or Gojira?

      Because Gojira is Godzilla.

      I do not know who Gozira is?

      • My mistake. I stand corrected entirely.

        • Xandra, actually. I was wondering if Gozira was a new monster I may have miss.

          Was not out to correct you, I was wondering with the influx of Magna and Anime, I may have missed something.


          • I meant Gojira, in my rush to comment I mistakenly put a z where the j should be… Doh! Anyway Pacific Rim does remind me of all the destruction of the original Japanese classic…

            • You had a slight typo, even though we all knew exactly what you meant, we’re required to mock you in the douchiest fashion, you typo typing S.O.B!!! Die for your typo!!! DIE!!!

              • Umm, no I actually thought it was a new monster…they happen to come out with a new monster/robot every other year it seems.

              • Cranium7?

                Someone swap out your regular coffee for decaf?


                • I DONT THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!

                  WHY DO YOU ASK!?!?!?!?!

                    • If you watch them in order, its like porn!

                    • I really dont know how to respond to that. lol

      • @ Jeff, for a moment I thought you were talking about the band Gojira.

        • No. But oddly, I have heard them play.

          My Sister works for Sony Building in Japan, so when I went to see her she has this CD with a band names Gojira, and I said “Wow a Band named Godzilla.”

          She said, “They were known as Godzilla, and they are a French Metal Band.”

          I was like “Cool”

  27. Awesome trailer, i’ll be seeing this on opening day and i bet you its gonna be a hit