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Kaiju Level 4 in Pacific Rim  Pacific Rim Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Pacific Rim Review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers for Pacific Rim without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

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Pacific Rim is now in theaters. It is 131 minutes long and is Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence throughout, and brief language.

To hear the Screen Rant editors discuss the film amongst themselves, stay tuned for the Pacific Rim episode of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast.

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  1. Loved it. Very fun. Story was not perfect, and neither was character development, but you feel that this was conscientiously sacrificed for the sake of monsters fighting robots. The world del toro created is more than enough to host multiple sequels. But del toro did no use this film to set up sequels, he tried to cover as much in this one film as he could.

  2. 4 out of 5 for me. I am guessing that a lot was left on the cutting room floor in terms of storyline and character development to make room for more action. However, unlike Man of Steel, I didn’t feel like there was TOO much action and destruction. The balance between destruction, fight scenes, and exposition felt pretty balanced to me. Also, I disagree with Kofi on the wall sub-plot not being fleshed out or having any resolution. It was pretty obvious that the Sydney attack showed how pointless the walls were, and the subsequent shots of crowds questioning the walls being built basically finished that sequence up. I guess they could have gone further into the governments response to that failure, but that would have made the movie drag on.

  3. I would give it 4 out of 5. It’s a flawed movie but it’s got a lot of depth to it and I appreciate del Toro’s skill for “show, don’t tell” storytelling. Once they got the Charlie Hunnam Exposition Bonanza out of the way at the beginning, the rest of the information about the world unfolded quite organically.

    The set design was particularly amazing – I loved everything in Hong Kong and Hannibal Chau’s lair in particular.

  4. Ehh 3 for me. Nothing about the human element of the film was done well, it takes more than spectacle to male a good movie. My favorite part was how polite the monstera arez coming out the portal one at a time

    • It was only because the dimensional beings on the other side figured we were so weak and puny that we couldn’t hold off such a monstrous beast from destroying us so they didn’t feel the need to clone so many at a time and send them all at once.

  5. This movie also made me want to immediately go home and get my Power Rangers Zords out of storage.

    • They’re in STORAGE…. shame on you, display them proudly on your desk or window sill lol

      I wish i still had my 80’s original transformers and StarWars….. cause they’d be worth a fortune now, damn you hindsight.

  6. I’m gonna go ahead and say it: Charlie Day’s character got pretty annoying.

  7. A little bummed that the script isn’t too strong but I’m sure it’s still entertaining as hell so I’ll check it out very soon. Seems like the perfect film to watch in theaters.

    • Damn, wrong article. Read the review and accidentally closed that and opened this one.

  8. For me, it was rather dissapointing and boring at times with ludicrous ending that didn’t contradicted everything the movie established. And what was that with sending 30 choppers to pick them up, and then not picking them up? 😀

    • 30 Choppers was overkill.

      10 Usually does the trick.

      You do not come in a helo and just pick people up..it aint a taxi.

  9. I personally love th film, it was exactly what I went into it expecting. Del Toro’s original cut was over 3 hours, so I’m sure there was a good chunk of character development in there. Elba’s arc was certainly the best and most meaningful, and gave some depth to the ending. This new world Del Toro has created is masterfully crafted, while still a but gritty like some of the current action flick fare, but much much richer with color and design. The Kaiju and robot designs were simply fantastic. This is the first movie of the summer that I sat through with a child like smile plastered on my face for almost 2 full hours. Well done Mr. Del Toro.

    • Extended Director’s Cut Blu-ray maybe?!

      • Sequel hopefully.

      • Del Toro said that the movie was his directors cut and there will be no be any extended additions

      • Del Toro said that the movie was his directors cut and there will be no extended additions

  10. i had a lot of fun watching the movie last night. i wonder what they can do on expanding for the possible sequel.

  11. So are you guys going to be making an ursa reference in the podcast this weekend?

    At the end of the movie as Gipsy Danger fell through the portal, all I could think of is the sequel being neon genesis evangelion where the “aliens” would fuse kaiju and what remained of the Jaeger. And with all the organ containers around I was waiting for the humans to build the eva units.

  12. Do not think it is sequel worthy. It was a good movie 4 out of 5 for me. It could have been better, but take note Michael Bay.

    You do not have to destroy an entire city to get your point across.

    The fact, that Gipsy Danger actually stepped over the walkway bridge proved that…LOL

    Also, The Avengers and Man of Steel. Not all buildings have to get destroyed.

    • Jeff, I wouldn’t use Man of Steel as an example of buildings NOT getting destroyed.8-)

      • @Vic.

        What, I meant to say….I mean…Buildings were just falling in Man of Steel, and I think pieces of manhatten were just hit for no apparent reason.

        Pacific Rim, they just kept damage to the immediate area, ok so a few cargo containers and one boat were loss…BUT HEY!

        The Robot stepped over the bridge as to say “Do not need to destroy it if I don’t have to.

    • Those buildings had it coming.

      • Who puts those there?!

  13. Over all it was a fun movie. Enjoy it for what it is, a better ID4. Characters were archetypes to be sure, but the actors did a good job of it. You had no doubt what each character was about and no one was just blank, besides the background chinese and russian team. I have a feeling there was probably a little more screen time for them that didn’t make it. Also I think he might have dropped the ball killing off the Chinese and Russian team prior to the end battle. It would have been nice, if everyone survived the battle in Hong Kong just barely showing that they needed to get their teamwork together and work out differences, then you could make the others make heroic last stands a la Seven Samurai during the climactic desperate battle to save the world. Also, if they’re linked via the drift, why do they keep having to talk to each other to coordinate attacks :P?

    • Well then you have a movie of two people controlling a mech in complete silence. Not quite riveting when you think about it.

    • ID4 was way better than Pacific Rim

      • Hmm, can’t say I agree with you, and I even still have one of the ID4 alien action figures in a box somewhere. Guess we like different flavors of cheese.

      • No ID4 was just as good, not great and neither is Pacific Rim, but ID4 ending pretty much is shot for shot Star Wars.

      • That’s nostalgia talking; it’s not.

      • On what planet? ID4 can’t be better for 2 very important reason. It doesn’t have Kaiju or robots… it does have people talking allot, and running away from explosions, but that’s just not as super cool as Kaiju and robots opening a can of whoop@$$ on each other… well, not on earth anyways.

  14. Also, a guy sitting next to me was wondering why they didn’t use Gypsy’s sword until they needed a last ditch effort, having used up their plasma cannons, when it seemed like a very effective weapon. I think it’s pretty clear that Raleigh didn’t know about it, until Mako punched it up in the arsenal. Seeing as how Mako was the one restoring Gypsy, she was making improvements Raleigh wasn’t familiar with. She even said “She’s better” when Raleigh sees Gypsy at the base. That being Mako’s first real battle situation, I’m sure her mind didn’t account for everything until they really needed SOMETHING to save them.

    • They didn’t use the sword because it’s a last resort weapon.

      Think about, why would they try to beat the kaiju to death with blunt force? They made it clear in the intro, kaiju blood is very toxic and blunt force limits blood spilling over.

      • This and the comment above are very good explinations. Bravo to you both!

      • I thought this was a solid explanation… Then I remembered that the plasma cannon used throughout the picture sheds thousands of gallons of kaiju blood per shot. The fact that Crimson Typhoon’s go-to, “Thundercloud Formation” is nothing other than several blades on all three arms slicing the s**t out of kaiju does nothing to strengthen that theory. I honestly don’t see the importance of “acidic blood” here. I LOVE this movie, but I’m pretty sure they could’ve left that out completely.

  15. I didn’t read the review until I saw the movie. I left at the credits and didn’t see the “special mid-credits scene”. What was is?

    • Chau cuts his way out of baby kaiju’s belly.

      • And says “Where’s my g*dd*mn shoe?”

        Shoes were kind of a thing in this movie.

        • Yeah, shiny shoe fetish for sure.

  16. I loved the action scene, yet felt like you got to see most of the action just from watching the trailer. I was hoping for more combat. Also the idea that a guy who hasn’t piloted a jager in 5 years, and a rookie who failed her first trial, could take out two class 4 monsters in their first combat. When the russian team, who had defended the wall for 6 years, and the triplets + striker could not, is a tad far fetched.

    I dont really understand why they even introduced those characters when they had such a quick end, that didn’t seem to live up to their experience level.

    Also if the major could solo pilot a jager then why did he need to take along the other guys son? Surely he could have saved the son, by sending him off in an escape pod and pressing the nuke button himself.

    That characters death felt pointless. It seemed he only died because he was the “a**hole” of the film. Also for a guy who had racked up the most kills, he seemed to suck at fighting.

    The scientists were quite irritating to watch, and the fact that they could solo and duo drift with the monsters having no prior drifting experience, or drift compatibility tween the two, is also a stretch.

    The guy with the gold shoes could have been completely cut from the film, because he filled little purpose. Could have just as easily have been the military picking up the monster pieces.

    I also felt the pacing was off, went from action scene to 1 hour or so of uninteresting characters talking, to action scenes that the trailer showed the majority of, some annoying scenes with scientists and an anticlimatic boss battle, where both jager get crippled right from the get go.

    Also, how many times did we really need to see that guy without his shirt on? I get it, he has abs, great. But i came to see giant damn robots and monsters.

    Regardless, i enjoyed it. Though it fell flat of my expectations. Needs a much better story, characters and script for the sequel. Felt like all the money went into the CGI, and everything else was just an after thought.

  17. For a movie that is supposed to be homage to Japanese mecha and monster movies, where the heck was the Coyote Tango team? I mean comon, if anything the Japanese would have been years ahead as far as mech combat :P. I think they got hosed, unless there’s a Japan edit of the film where Crimson Typhoon is replaced with Coyote Tango.

    • Coyote Tango was Pentecost’s Jaeger. And there was no team he piloted by himself and saved Mako when she was a little girl.

      • Ah, I had assumed that Pentecost piloted a UK jaeger. The shot was very pretty but the glare didn’t let you get a good look at the mech itself sadly. Young Mako was a great little actress, but too bad you didn’t get any details from that battle.

        • Yeah. Well Coyote Tango was a Mark-1 – jaeger as opposed to the Mark-5 jaegers, Styker Eureka. It was deactivated for being outdated unable to contend with the stronger Kaiju. There is about an hour and a half of footage that was cut that probably had coyote in it and more intimate character development for everyone. Basically the cutting room sucks…

        • That little girl made me actually feel fear and choke up during her scenes. She was the best actress I’ve seen in a very VERY long time, holy sh*t.

          • I remember leaving the theater and being astonished that the best performance by far can from a little girl no more than five, with virtually no dialogue, and less than ten minutes of screen time. That scene as a whole was the most emotionally affecting of the film. You really feel for that poor child. I think the fact that this scene was in the movie is evidence of Del Toro’s ability as a director. It was like him saying, “Yeah I’m making a fun cheesy monster movie. But I know what I’m doing, and I can put emotionally stirring scenes and imagery wherever I please.” Props to Del Toro. And MAD props to that little actress. She’s got a career ahead of her I bet.

          • Yeah me too! The other characters are just too plain… I watched with my wife and said the same thing as you did.

  18. Why did they even add the ‘Dinosaurs have two brains’ theory, when that’s been proven to be a myth? They should have done more research. And what about that ‘Avengers’ Ending? Lame.

    • I don’t think Avengers created nor perfected the “send in the bomb to blow them all up at the end” ending, so if it’s lame to you here, it’s lame everywhere except for the first time I guess.

      • Oh please it is still part of the old

        “We will fly into Deathstar/Mothership/Giant Alien Wormhole and detonate/launch missile/Bomb/ Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator/ and escape plan. That has been in used since 1977.

        Sometimes, you know 3 minutes into a movie on how the EVIL WEAPON is going to be destroyed.

        • That’s what I’m saying. If your complaint is that they used a tried and true ending, then sadly, you probably shouldn’t subject yourself to these types of movies, because blowing up the bad guys will always be the ending.

    • The Avengers ending….Hold one, while I laugh hysterically at your lack of movie knowledge…HA HA HA


      The Avengers Ending?
      The ID4 Ending?
      The Man of Steel Ending…Yes he had to fly into the World Machine.
      The Titan AE Ending?
      The Core Ending?
      And last, but not least.Star Wars IV, V AND VI….Yeah! That is right…Episode V flew into a giant worm and then flew out of giant worm.

      So…What exactly The Avengers ending do you mean? Ironman taking the missile and destroying the aliens?

      Speaking of Aliens, did you see Aliens 2 When they had to use a bomb to escape and destroy most of the aliens?

      Predator? Arnold about to be nuked by the Predator’s Nuclear Bomb?

      Armageddon? Deep Impact? Yep, you guess it…Nuclear Bombs to stop the Asteroid and Comet?

      I am sure given enough time, I can come up with 100 other similar endings, but you get my point.

  19. loved it.. everything i wanted and more. i REALLY hope it does well.

    1. Iron man 3
    2. Pacific Rim
    3. This is the End
    4. Into Darkness
    5. Fast 6
    6. Man of Steel

    best to worst film ive seen this year so far at the cinema. and i loved them all and cant wait for them to come out so i can buy them

  20. I did like the scene with the grandfather and grandson searching for stuff in the snow and the metal detector finds a toy robot and then locks on to a BIG ROBOT!

  21. Movie was very good and my hat is off to del toro and beacham for giving us something fresh at the theater and watching this movie in the imax format for first time in three years was worth it. I like what box mojo said that its not fair to compare del toro to nolan considering nolans movies were not selling well until the darknight came. Hope rim does well.

  22. Hey, guys,thanks for mentioning that mid-credits scene. Needing to get up early for work, my wife and I left as soon as the credits started to roll. Planning to go back at least a couple more times to see this, will definitely stay for the full run next time around. Kind of figured we didn’t see the last of Chau, too neat a character.

  23. I am not reading this until tomorrow when I see it. But I’m STOKED!!

  24. A great entertaining movie, Liked it more than Iron Man 3!

  25. I don’t understand where the human element was lacking. I thought they did a great job giving you each characters’ motivations to move forward. They weren’t all original arcs, sure, but there was the right balance there for you to latch onto while not bogging down the pacing and have enough time for the action. I connected with the characters here way more than I could with the characters in Man of Steel. At the end of MoS, I still had no idea what motivation Clark had to do what he did, he was just a blank to me. All his back story was his daddies telling him one day he can be great. Then suddenly he buys it and goes on to be great?
    At least in PR, you got Raleigh as the rock star that had a sobering experience and coming to terms with it. He’s finding his way back and still wants to fight for the world. Mako had personal trauma seeking a bit of vengeance hoping that it would reconcile her past. Stacker is about duty and honor, he’s the grizzled leader that’s DONE IT all himself so he knows he’s not talking out of his ass. Please don’t tell me you wanted to hear about these character’s life growing up, how they got bullied or maybe didn’t fit in in school, couldn’t connect with a girl, and all that angst. No thanks. I just want to know why the characters are there, and why they want to go kick some ass! In that the movie and the actors did a great job. The only failing I saw was that no time was spent with the Chinese and Russian teams before they got offed. That was a bit of a throwaway for me.

    • I’m sure the Russian and Chinese development was there but typical studio intervention, i.e time limits, made their character development not make it past the cutting room floor. The movie was initially over 3 hours, i wish it stayed that way.

    • Man of steel have great character development for me. Jonathan Kent never tell him that he can be great. He tell him whatever choice he made good or bad, He going to change the world.

      PR and MOS both are totally different movies there are no link b/w both movie.

    • What could they have done with the Russians or Chinese besides kill them off? I knew they were dead meat the minute I saw them and then the talk of two kaiju entering at once.

  26. I gave it a 4, it was a lot of fun. it would have gotten a 5 but Day’s and Burns were just way over the top with thier acting. They are the Jar Jar’s of PR. If they toned it down it would have been a lot better. IMHO.

    • They were straight out of a cartoon. I mean that in a good way. Watch characters in DBZ, outlaw star or Big O and see what I’m talking about.

  27. There was no Human Element lacking.

    Given the situation, fighting for survival, it is going to be gloomy, it is going to be desperate and there is going to be a sense of no hope. Did you want to do a movie based on the situation and come out with a Will Smith ID4.

    For the sake of argument, so it became real, how are you going to feel? I think the acting conveyed the part of the story, there were few wisecracks, there was no joy till the end of the movie.

    I do not know about you, but I am not going to be Mary Poppins cherry when faced with the possibility of being stomped or pooped on by a ginormous monster.

  28. 4 out of 5 for me. I noticed some other people picked up on the “shoe” theme too. I think it has something to do with like a Western film and how, when they walked, you heard a “spur” noise, like with Ron Perlman’s character waked around, then when Idris’s character wan in his bad ass suit. This reminded me these two western characters, one outlaw and one sherif, and they were both a part of the same coin. Then, Rinko’s character was given her shoe from the time that changed her life forever as a token that it was her time to ride and get revenge. There is probably more to this, but that’s all I got.

    Oh, why should the Gipsy’s Dager not use swords in the first place and only a last resort weapon? If both of those characters were excellent in hand-to-hand combat, it would make sense to have swords drawn at all times.

    I really liked this move, I thought they first looked like Stormtroopers in their outfits, then placed into giant Rockem-Sockem-Robots. But the movie kept me guessing the entire time and did not let me down.

    • The reason the jaeger swords are not used frequently is because the Kaiju blood is acidic. Thus they mechs primary weapons are those that immediately cauterize the kaiju wounds to prevent acid and other toxicities from spreading. The swords are a last combative resort.

    • I discussed the sword thing earlier. I feel that the swords were a new addition to Gipsy during Mako’s restoration of her, so Raleigh didn’t know about them. Seeing as that was Mako’s first battle, she probably wasn’t on point, so when they were in their desperate moment when the cannons were used up, she remembered “Oh wait, I installed swords! Cause you know, Japanese people love swords!” Anyway, so she remembers them and punches it up on the arsenal interface. After that, in the end fight, they didn’t hesitate to use the swords cuz Raleigh now knows about them, but by then the kaiju also had adapted to them.

      • Thinking about it more, I believe this is definitely the case. Gipsy was designed as the “American Cowboy.” Basically was gunslinging with a plasmacannon in each hand. So the swords were definitely Mako’s Japanese samurai touch.

        • I thought the drift/neural handshake/whatever made it so they shared all of their memories, etc.? Wouldn’t that mean he should know about the sword too?

  29. Really enjoyed the film. Not Del Toros best, but certainly not his worst in any case. A super exciting summer blockbuster. It’s a shame a movie like this, which just from seeing, took an immense amount of effort to make, is probably going to bomb at the BO.

    Also, this is a definitely an IMAX (or theater) experience at the least. I don’t think this will be as exhilarating on DVD. Everyone should definitely try to see it on the big screen.

    • What makes you think it will bomb? The thing will probably make a profit just from showings in Japan.

      • I was suprised when I showed up for the Saturday 4pm IMAX 3D showing and hardly anybody was in there. Saw a lot of people heading into Grown Ups.