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Kaiju Level 4 in Pacific Rim  Pacific Rim Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Pacific Rim Review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers for Pacific Rim without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

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Pacific Rim is now in theaters. It is 131 minutes long and is Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence throughout, and brief language.

To hear the Screen Rant editors discuss the film amongst themselves, stay tuned for the Pacific Rim episode of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast.

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  1. This movie just needs to go the batman begins route and build an audience over a period of time or go the life of pi way and have a low domestic gross but at least 500 to 600 million worldwide. Del toro did not have harry potter or batman brand the last six julies. He literally started from the groundup. Best scifi film this summer that brought something new to the table.

  2. i gave it a 4 pretty much because i believe no movie is perfect, no matter how much i like it. That said, it was tons of fun. It was really nostalgic for me because i grew up watch old monster movies, chief among them Godzilla. I liked Cloverfield for the breath of fresh air it brought to monster movies (no scientist explaining it’s origins, no over complex far-fetched solution. Just a monster showing with the army rushing in to drive it off) but id did feel great to see a movie use the formula in new ways.

    I got so hyped for this movie looking through the concept art book. I love concept art because i like comparing the concept, what the intentions were, and comparing that to the final product. I was a little disappointed in not seeing some of the depth they gave to the monsters. But as many have pointed out, this movie was originally 3 hours long. Curse that infernal cutting room floor! But anyway, this was a fantastic ride. Not only will i go see it again, but I’m also gonna hold out for a sequel.

  3. Aren’t oil tankers much longer than the Jaegers are tall, at least by the blueprints that were put out as promos? 1000+ feet for a modern tanker vs. 250 or so feet for a Jaeger? Also, I might be the wrong type of engineer but I don’t think a tanker could be swung like that without breaking in two from transverse shear stress.
    Hah I kid! I loved this movie. If you look at it through the proper lens of being a Showcase Of Epic Things it delivers. Poor Charlie Day though. “A” for enthusiasm.

    And I lived in Sitka, AK for two years. I don’t think they would bother to build a wall there. ;-)

    • Gah! the illusion is ruined!

    • Was not an oil tanker. Upon watching it on the big screen. It look like a freighter ship, which is ships used in large ports to transport from larger cargo ships.

  4. Isn’t Pacific Rim an exact copy of this anime http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3dk1qXYMZ4‎….. all it needs is a story and the kaiju, and Pacific Rim is just another ripoff of something else…Guess Guillermo Del Toro aint so original after all

    • What kind of point is that? The movie obviously pays homage to the genres of kaiju films and mech anime. When you say “all it needs…” then you add two enormous elements of a film, you don’t really make a point. I could do the same thing with a clip of Godzilla.

      • Well said David. Some people just need to have the keyboard taken away. Ha!

    • I just watched it and i have to say i’m a bit dissapointed… As what have been said a lot, this movie is so unoriginal. With guillermo, i thought this wouldn’t be just some transformers: recycled… IT IS! It’s just Transformers with more bells and whistles. i was hoping it to be more complex. And the script is just awful… in the beginning i was already thinking.. Why the hell would such a giant robot doesn’t have any swords or blades built in them… You just see them smacking those creatures with pure brawl that’s not even efficient. And then suddenly almost at the end… Voila, a sword appears and cut those kaijus like butter… I mean WTF! Why didn’t they use it since the beginning and why don’t they put it on EVERY robot. Oh wait.. That would make the movie finish in under 30 minutes…

  5. I am not a fan of comics or super hero flicks. In fact this years blockbusters all appeared to be fireworks with dialogue.World War Z ended with something inferior to what Romero shot many moons ago. My point is,this film with a few minor dialogue and character niggles,but was really the best of the lot this year. Not his best but still the best of the crop.
    B grade used to be cheap and fun. At least Del Toro made use of what appears to be a year of B grade 200 million dollar films.
    I am also not a fan boy so please do not hang me for the review.

    • yes that’s pretty much it: a B grade $200m movies trend!

  6. Definitely worth a sequel. Reviews will tell you how astonishing the special effects are.

    Could have been an absolute world beater apart from some really strange incongruities – enormous expense and breathtaking detail in action scenes, but then casting monstrously fake Australian accents when there are 1000′s of out of work quality Australian actors in Hollywood? Cringe worthy real shame.

    Acting (Ron Perlman huge exception) and script and fake accents detracted from the amazing spectacle.

    In the must make sequal, which will be cheaper with all that prior work done – hope they pay for decent script and authentic voices which after all that work comes off as something like a man in godzilla suit. Weird choice.

    Show attempt at regular munitions – sonar on entry hole with air massively deployed torpedo system wouldn’t have let any monsters get far. Massive shore based rocket artillery barrage would decimate square kilometers of monster territory. If they don’t work on monsters need to see how.

    Planes don’t fly close enough to get swatted firing pea shooter 20mm cannon. Realistically you’d have huge #’s of sorties of heavy bombers and guided munitions (see, strangely, only 1 scene from Cloverfield).

    At the very least we have to see why these basic methods fail, and why expensive hand to hand mechs are needed – they themselves ought to be bristling with guided missiles. Where the one mech does have rockets, they’d easily be used a bit more down range.

    Definitely potential for sequal to be better, hearts would thump with a large scale battle. Ok so monsters with EMP and other electronic counter measures interrupt guided munitions – close quarter work is needed, fine. But sequal should have earth mass produce the mechs in prep. for return of p’off interdimensional enemies. Real life and death save the world type drama from teamwork/friendship of mech crews. Without the sacred, its going to be flat. With all the suffering in the world, what is it that keeps the human project going? its not living itself, our children are born into suffering and definite death and there’s no worldly calculus that will that will make people unite to continue to digest the sourdough of ordinary life. The transcendent, the personal sacrifice, the meaning of life beyond this one has to intrude for our warriors and their people. There has to be Jesus Christ on the Cross echoing through the movie in some way – or ‘the nothing’ will flatten the sequal as it does everything.

    Great movie.

    • Was agreeing with your points until that last little bit
      In my opinion
      A Christ like image of sacrifice isn’t always needed, and can often feel out of place when put into films unnecessarily (MOS has been criticised by some for overplaying the Jesus imagery)
      The idea that life is sacred was around long before religions were made, everything prefers life over death
      with a few exceptions living creatures don’t tend to just lay down and die when life gets tough they fight tooth and nail to stay alive or they run from the danger in order to survive (we call it fight or flight)
      Movies that deal with the prospect of possible extinction for mankind don’t need a religious sacrificial image to be weaved in to give things meaning
      But thats just my opinion (please don’t crucifiy me for it :-))

      You made a good comment though,
      from the first stuff I saw of this film I found it slightly odd (visually impressive yes but still a bit odd) that our answer to giant monster attack was to build giant humanoid robots for hand to hand fighting rather than bigger/better/more effective guns or missiles or bombs
      giant robots would hardly be our first move, probably due in no smart part to the costs of building such robots (even if the world were coming to an end the big wigs would still be worried about amount of money it would cost)

    • a SEQUEL is a must for this masterpiece !
      but.. on the other hand, why not a PREQUEL ?

      • i would love to see a stylised anime version of a prequel series, showing the robots being built and even some of the different countries involved and being attacked and even add a political angle showing how it has affected society in general.

    • Hmm, just for kick, I’ll try reasoning out why they build Jaeger instead of conventional weapon.

      Taking out the monster’s territory does not work because they don’t have a territory. They are basically suicide MP grunts teleported to our planet.
      And tank, fighter, etc are indeed capable of killing the Kaiju, or in worst case, nuke will kill them.Unfortunately until those missiles kill them, the kaiju will just continue walking forward and wreck stuffs. This was actually said in the film action prologue. Guess their hide was too thick to penetrate at long range.
      Nuke is always viable for a quick kill, I surmise, but after it was made clear the Kaijuus will keep coming again and again, it’s rather doubtful anybody will like the idea of dropping nukes repeatedly.

      So, logically, what Jaeger actually does at the beginning is functioning as a kind of walking wall. Hence when they began to lose effectiveness, the top brass opted for building wall and shoot missile again. Unfortunately, by that time the Kaijuu was at cat 4. Consider cat 5 can survive point blank Megaton nuke detonation, even if the cat 4 was weaker, most conventional weapons cant kill them before they wreck cities.

      All this, however, does not explain why they must be humanoid. Weapons seem to be built in and did not require fingers to operate, why not replace those hand with cannon plus chain blade to begin with?
      Well, it’s a humongous robot film, so there’s always things you cant explain with reason/logic. Robots vs monster or logic, you cant have both.

      • Some of the early Jaeger models had cannons for arms. Some model 1 have them, they just were destroyed and the film shows their wreckage.

    • To argue your point against munitions: no robots, no fights. Defeats the entire purpose of the movie.

  7. the only way i can sum up this movie is that it was stupid as hell but i also kinda want to watch it every day till i die.

  8. I left feeling, ‘that was fun’ and my two boys liked it so that is about all you can ask.

  9. I loved the scenes with Ron Perlman and Charlie Day. Idris Elba’s acting was on-point. Aaaaaand I loved the Kaiju. The SFX were phenomenally done, I was entertained, and I can’t wait for the sequel. That’s all I have to say.

  10. Just saw the movie. I liked it a lot! Acting was so-so. Special effects and action was awesome. EITHER WAY…I HAVE 4 QUESTIONS ABOUT THE MOVIE….MAYBE YOU GUYS CAN HELP ME OUT

    1. How come the Kaiju came after Charlie Day’s character only to let him live?

    2. I thought that humans/jaegars could not pass through the portal unless they had “alien barcode” or whatever. So…how were they able to pass back through to Earth?

    3. How was the Gypsy Danger able to survive the explosion at the bottom of the ocean?

    4. Chau was able to cut his way out of the baby? Wouldn’t the Kaiju Blood acidity kill him on the way out?

    • 1. The kaiju intended to kill him but where intercepted by Jargers and ultimately destroyed before they could complete their objective.

      2. Kaiju dna is required for entrance into the kaiju dimension, it was never said that it was required to exit their dimension. Kind of like how you need a key to get into your house, but not to get out of it.

      3. Suspense of disbelief.

      4. Inconsistency on productions part. So little time was spent on the kaiju’s anatomy and it’s effect on the environment, it must have been an oversight.

    • I thought the movie was great too! I thought I’d give your questions a shot….

      1.I think the Kaiju was to snack on Day, but was distracted (?) by the appearance of the Gypsy Danger waking up behind him.

      2. The Gypsy Danger tackled a Kaiju and while stabbing it with the Power of Self-Respect (sorry, typing while watching Scott Pilgrim) they fell through the portal.

      3. He was far enough away not to be blown up? (I thought the effort to show how strong the blast was by removing the ocean around the Gypsy Danger was a nice touch)

      4. I don’t remember them saying that its blood was comprised of acid. I’ll pay more attention next time I go see it.

      • LOL thanks for response guys.

        @ Mr. Terrific, I was asking how they got back to earth, not to the alien world. I know how they got to the alien world but getting back was what I was curious about. Thanks though! :)

        Still interested to understand why it stuck its tongue out at Day’s character. Im assuming it was to sense to make sure he was the one

    • I think each Kaiju is different, only one created acid, and well the acid could have been a chemical reaction to the air.

    • 1. It was distracted by Gypsy Danger that was coming behind him. But i think it was not its intention to kill Charlie as to just locate him. Because Hannibal Chau used the drift as well but was not killed although I’m not sure how he gotten the scar, whether is it thru excessive usage of the Drift or attacked by a Kaiju.

      2.I think they said they could not go into the alien world without the alien barcode but didn’t say anything about going out… But not so sure about that.

      3. Had no idea on this one but the category 5 Kaiju survive it as well but to only die from the heat from the nuclear reactor from gypsy (heat from reactor in gypsy was much more powerful than the heat from equivalent of 100+ million tonnes of TNT worth of nuclear bomb).

      4. I don’t think the blood is acidic as to only his secretion from his mouth was acidic. When Hannibal Chau’s men enter the Kaiju’s carcass they were not affected by the acid and when in one of the fighting scenes when Gypsy tore the tail from the Kaiju some blood was spattered on it but nothing happened.

      Hope my answers are logic. Great movie all in all. The only disappointment I had was that Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon was destroyed way too quickly. Hope they make the Jaegers last longer if there is going to be a sequel.

      • Chau got the scar in a public kaiju bunker. Like the one Newt was in.

  11. I wish they made a GUNDAM movie like this

    • That should be definitely be done soon.

    • WOW< I have not heard that word in a LOOOOONG time!!

      I used to build the Gundam models when I was a kid, Does anyone know where I can still buy them? They were SOOO cool, damn I wish they were still around!!
      YESSS a Gundam movie would be great! but just finding the model would be even better!

      • GUNDAM kits are still being made in profusion, Latest series include GUNDAM Age and GUNDAM Unicorn. retailers outside Japan can be few and far between. But if you dont mind ordering from Japan – try here

        Hobbylink Japan – http://www.hlj.com/

        I have been ordering from them for many years – Extremly good range and service.

  12. If they’re bioengineered, isn’t it strange that they would be pregnant?

    • Interesting thought.

      However, it could be that that one was bioengineered to be pregnant. It wouldn’t be hard to believe that an advanced race that can bioengineer giant creatures and can move from planet to planet would also create the creatures to have offspring that would be released and further help eradicate the population/inhabitants of that world.

      • I find it strange that they would send a pregnant kaiju into battle, considering it would hinder its battle performance. But then again considering it’s alien, it’s possible that a pregnant kaiju could be as fast/strong as it’s non-pregnant counterpart. It could be like what you just said but i’m kinda skeptical considering that that kaiju wasn’t part of the final wave of assault.

      • see prometheus alien saga

    • @kaidamien – I thought that too. But then I thought, if they can only send a couple Kaiju through the portal, why not send some that have new warriors brewing inside them?

  13. what was the after credits scene? did not stay for the credits

  14. Man Leather back was viscous, sucks it tore the Siberian Jaeger up :/
    Movie had some awesome, awesome action sequences. Loved it :)


    • LETS NOT!

  16. Just saw this movie. Gonna go see it again. SO MUCH BETTER THAN MAN OF STEEL!!!!

    Charlie Day is hilarious!

  17. My wife and I just got back from seeing Pacific Rim in the normal screening, not Real 3-D or anything. It was awesome, I loved how right off from the start these Jaeger’s were not perfect, kept losing limbs like crazy. I wish there were more Jaeger fights, I was sad to see the Crimson Typhoon get destroyed so quickly. I loved the twist with Idris Elba, and Rinko Kikuchi from the mind melt scene. Idris Elba stole each scene he was in, great acting! I would follow him in a Jaeger and jump into the breach with a bomb anyday, my hero! Over all a 4 out of 5 in my opinion, great job Guillerno Del Toro. I had to tell two people in front of me to wait to see if any credit scenes were shown. Still people get up and leave while the credits roll. It blows my mind, you miss some good stuff, sometimes!

    • I wouldn´t call it a twist, it was pretty obvious.

      • I agree.

  18. What was going on with Raleigh´s walking, it looked like he was in a western.

    This movie was practicaly Evangelion, a few twiches here and there but overall it was lifted piece by piece from the anime, i´m not complaining though, i´ve been waiting for Evangelion to happen for over ten years now and this is as close as it gets.

    Fun movie.

    • I disagree.
      Aside from the general setting (mind-sync robot vs monster to save humanity), everything else are as different as you can get.
      The Drift control interface itself resemble the Mobile Trace Sytem from G Gundam more than Evangelion synchro rating, the nature of the monster and mechs are totally different, and most importantly, the tone of story was totally different, being a reconstruction of heroic mecha stories instead of the deconstruction plus Freudian story EVA was.
      Pacific Rim resemble Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla or Tokyo SOS more than EVA, all things considered.

  19. Charlie Day reminded me of Rick Moranis for some reason.

  20. Del Toro has crafted a creepy masterpiece capable of becoming a great franchise that could set the foundation for… GUNDAM WING… or VOLTRON movies?

    The cast was beautiful as well. I can tell who is not familiar with Charlie Hunnam. He was perfect for the role. Watch a couple of seasons of Sons and you will understand. So was the asian chick; they were a great pair. Idris Elba is on his way up. Ron Perlman has been a favorite as well; Hellboy? Just a perfect cast; much like the Fast & Furious franchise.

    What made this movie great was that del Toro took his time to tell the story. You understand many sides of the story; each character is explored a little bit to stop you from thinking “what’s his/her problem?”. The effects were outstanding as well.

    This movie is one of the best movies I have seen so far. After the upset of Iron Man 3 I am glad to have seen this movie. I wasn’t really thrilled about watching it because I had in my head that it would be cheesy; like a Power Rangers movie.

    Overall Pacific Rim deserves more stars than what it was given (3), but hey you know something is up when the viewers give it a higher rating than you do.

  21. One thing I didn’t understand: When the kaiju created the EMP, the jaeger was totally deactivated. Instead of finishing the jaeger off, the kaiju was just circling it. Made no sense to me.

    • Neither did I, but then I thought “well maybe the kaiju no longer saw the jaeger as a threat”. Then after they shot the flairs it was ready to tear it up.

  22. Great movie IMO. I might have missed this but why was the Jaeger program de-commisioned in the first place?

    • Because their getting destroyed “faster than they can be rebuilt” and they decide that that wall is a better option.

  23. Okay, so I saw this movie in an Italian theatre, and it was dubbed. For that reason, I have to assume that one particular line got botched in translation: the specific line I’m referring to is one in which Newt explicitly said that dinosaurs (ALL dinosaurs, we have to assume) were actually the first attempt at a Kaiju invasion. Now, I can’t possibly believe that the filmmakers could be that hilariously dumb. Someone please tell me it was just a translation mishap.

    • I’m afraid that’s exactly what they said in the original English too – that all dinosaurs were “prototype Kaiju” sent to Earth as a failed (apparently being the dominant lifeforms for over 100 million years is a “failure”) attempt to colonise it.

      • I thought he was referring to the extinction of the dinosaurs. I could be wrong though, it isn’t made very clear.

        • The kaiju being the cause of the extinction that is.

  24. I cant’ help but to see ripoff’s from mazinger z to all the previously movies deltoro has made, to me boring and predictable, with some highlights, but pretty much a big mess of other previous ideas.


  25. I really enjoyed this movie. Might just be the best movie of the summer so far, dare I say it, better than MoS.

    The Kaiju Jaeger fights were absolutely phenomenal. I’m tempted to get it on blu ray just for the robot monster carnage. Mr Del Toro maybe you can help Mr Bay figure out how to make giant robot fights at least somewhat discernible.

    Like many, I’m still wondering why a sword wasn’t a primary weapon for the Jaegers. The general response seems to be that the blood was acidic so a sword would cause unnecessary damage to the Jaeger but then others are saying that not every Kaiju had acidic blood and I think that’s true. The movie showed that the sword was the best weapon on 2 occasions I think. It was certainly a better option than the plasma cannon which took hours to charge up. Anyway that is a minor gripe.

    The acting was a bit shoddy, the ‘aussies’ (their accents definitely sounded a bit dodgy at some points) and Hunnam in particular. Young Mako was pretty amazing though and all she was doing was crying!

    And finally with DC looking like they’re trying to kick off their universe, how about Idris Elba for John Stewart?

    • In response to the swords: I look at it being the “final super attack when all options fail” trope that you see in so many anime and things of that nature. Those were a huge inspiration for this movie and I think it might be a slight hat tip to that concept. And let’s not forget that if you break out the sword right off the bat, then what justification would you have for using an entire ship to turn a kaiju’s head into a piñata?

      • Disregard my comment. There are way better explanations on here that I failed to notice. Perhaps I would’ve picked them up in another viewing.

  26. It was so good that my wife and I saw it twice in 2 days.

  27. I just saw this movie.. my minor nitpick was that it should have showed more of the aliens perspective (the ones cloning the kaju) overall glad it wasnt a iron man 3

  28. I’ve seen this movie four times and plan to see it more on the big screen because I’ll never have the chance to again. And if ever there was a movie that demanded to be watched on as large a screen as possible, it’s this one. Every time I watch it, I gain more respect for Del Toro and this film. I notice more things about it that lead to even more enjoyment away from the spectacular battle sequences.

    A lot of what I’ve recently noticed are things that make it obvious Del Toro is aware of exactly what he was trying to make this movie and is in complete control. I hear a lot of people say they can’t stand the cheesiness of the film. The counter to that is that the material it gains inspiration from was very cheesy. And this is absolutely correct. Seeing as how this film is a love letter to anything kaiju or mecha, it very much should have that special cheese to it. The director lets us know that he wasn’t just going after every cliche that he could find. For instance, right after they blow that gorilla kaiju’s arm off, they walk away, putting their back to the creature. What happens to everyone ever in any medium who does that? And the way it is shot practically begs the kaiju to get back up and give it one last go. But no, our hero’s stop, and deliver a deliciously cheesy line that we wish everyone who turns their back on a supposed corpse would say, and proceed to shoot the ever-loving s**t out of the body. Ya know, just to make sure. Cliche denied! And of course there’s the ending shot of the film. This is the big moment! Our two love birds survived! The helicopters are flying in, the guy on the radio can’t get a response out of them, their faces get closer and closer, lips about to touch, and then… they embrace? Wait, no kiss? Well s**t I wasn’t expecting that. That’s pretty much the biggest, most obvious cliche to go after. And Del Toro said, “F**k that s**t! This my movie!” and made it exactly how he wanted to. There are some surprising subtleties to be found here. A lot more than I mentioned. It’s because Guillermo is a brilliant master of his craft and can take even the most fun and childish concept, and make it much more than just that.

  29. I just watched it and i have to say i’m a bit dissapointed… As what have been said a lot, this movie is so unoriginal. With guillermo, i thought this wouldn’t be just some transformers: recycled… IT IS! It’s just Transformers with more bells and whistles. i was hoping it to be more complex. And the script is just awful… in the beginning i was already thinking.. Why the hell would such a giant robot doesn’t have any swords or blades built in them… You just see them smacking those creatures with pure brawl that’s not even efficient. And then suddenly almost at the end… Voila, a sword appears and cut those kaijus like butter… I mean WTF! Why didn’t they use it since the beginning and why don’t they put it on EVERY robot. Oh wait.. That would make the movie finish in under 30 minutes…

    • Why would anybody want to watch your shi**y 30 minute version of this film? I went into the theatre wanting to watch spectacular robot fights and that’s exactly what I got.