‘Pacific Rim’ Rewrites Imminent After Japan Disaster

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Many of Guillermo del Toro’s fans are still coming to terms with the recent collapse of the acclaimed auteur’s planned adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. Although Universal wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger on an R-rated monster movie with a $100 million price tag, del Toro quickly rebounded with another creature feature he’d been in talks for – Legendary Pictures’ Pacific Rim.

He certainly had no shortage of projects to choose from, since del Toro’s name gets attached to almost everything these days, but the confirmation that Pacific Rim would be his next film seemed to be a small consolation to fans who’d been primed to see the director’s dream project finally come to fruition. On the surface, Pacific Rim might appear to be considerably less dense than At the Mountains of Madness, but it’s PG-13 rating and action-centric plot probably make for a far less risky proposition.

However – according to Bloody Disgusting, development on the film has hit a snag due to the recent earthquake and ensuing tsunami that ravaged Japan. In light of the horrific devastation that the nation and its people have endured, Legendary Pictures has decided it would be inappropriate to push forward with Pacific Rim in its current incarnation.

A quick look at the film’s plot synopsis makes the potential problem all too evident:

The film is set in two separate worlds. The first is a future version of Earth where, in November 2012, a giant monster emerged from the Pacific Ocean and attacked Osaka, Japan. The other world is The Anteverse, where the monster came from. A portal to this world is located five miles under the water. But while one giant monster is bad enough, the truly horrific thing is that the portal continues to spit out all different kinds of beasts that attack coastal cities. In order to fight off and destroy these monsters, the military forms what is called the “Jaeger” program, where pilots are trained to operate giant mechanical suits made of “armor and high-tech weaponry.” At the center of the story is a character named Raleigh Antrobus, one of the aforementioned pilots and is sent to Tokyo for his mission.

The studio has asked del Toro to rewrite the script so that none of the monster attacks take place in Japan. BD mentions that other outlets are currently attempting to debunk this story, but they stand behind their report and insist that their sources are definitely in a position to know the facts.

Interestingly, they also claim that Legendary Pictures is still trying to persuade del Toro to turn Pacific Rim into the next Godzilla movie instead of an original property. Rumors originated earlier this year that the two projects might be one and the same, but del Toro quickly dismissed those reports and maintained that he had never been involved with Godzilla.

Godzilla1 Pacific Rim Rewrites Imminent After Japan Disaster

That also calls into question Gareth Edwards’ involvement with the Godzilla reboot. Edwards was still talking up the film as recently as last month, so it seems strange that the studio is still trying to court del Toro for it. Perhaps they recognize that the Godzilla brand is an easier sell – but would they really give Edwards the boot and toss out all the work he’s done if del Toro agreed to the switch?

Evidently, it doesn’t even matter – del Toro is not interested in making a Godzilla movie and has refused the offer.

Unlike the recent changes that the producers of the Red Dawn remake have decided to make, I don’t think anyone can disagree with Legendary Pictures’ desire to take a more sensitive approach to Pacific Rim.

BD is also using their report to help make readers aware of how they can contribute to disaster relief efforts in Japan.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. at this rate this guys never going to make another movie.

  2. Doesn’t really seem like that hard of a rewrite, just change the locations to somewhere different and the names to something not Japanese.

    • Raleigh Antrobus isn’t even a Japanese-ish name, it really sounds more like the name of some guys World of Warcraft character

  3. Agreed .
    A simple rewrite ought to do it.

  4. AICN dismissed this.

    • Yup, and Brad at BD insists it’s accurate despite what Harry says.


      • i believe you vic – cuz harry’s a douche bag.

        • Aw, come on, I wouldn’t go that far.


        • You’re basing your opinion on this on your own personal feelings toward that site? Wow.

      • I’ll AICN’s report over BD’s b/c Harry’s sounds more possible. After what happened with The Hobbit and ATMOM, I dout Del Toro would sign onto a film that didn’t have a script worked out. Sure, he’ll make a few changes, but merging it into another movie? I think not.

  5. Well they are pretty limited to the amount of locations they can use if they go with a multiple attacks angle as hinted. The film is called “Pacific Rim” after all. Feasible there are only so many other major places that could be used.
    That’s the first time I’ve actually seen an official synopsis. I originally thought it was just gonna be an alien invasion movie.
    From the description above though, it sounds exactly like a Godzilla movie.

  6. I understand the reasoning behind this, but omitting Japan in a movie about giant monsters seems more like a huge slight to me than being sensitive.

    • How, in your opinion, is it a huge slight?

  7. I don’t care where they film it, I’m excited. Brings to mind the old 80′s giant mech movies that were all stop motion effect heavy. Loved those movies in all their campy glory. The worlds and creatures this guy creates in his movies are just amazing and I’m excited as hell to see what he’s dreamed up for this.

    • I agree with you. Not that I’m in anyway dismissing the awfully tragic situation that’s still developing in Japan but this is a movie we’re talking about here & a monster movie at that. Once you bring monsters from another dimension any realism goes out the window. Plus this movie hasn’t even gone into production yet. By the time it’s eventually realised I’m sure Japan will have bounced back from this disaster.
      What’s gonna be next, banning the screening of old Godzilla movies where he stomps all over Japan.

      • Exactly!!!

        • I agree with you guys! Leave reality were it belongs! This is a movie with monsters from an alternate universe attacking the pacific! I fail to see the problem with keeping Japan’s involvement in the attacks. Don’t people see Del Toro is trying to make a tribute to old Godzilla flicks! Removing Japan kills the point :(

          • I also agree that they are being politically correct where it is not needed. Its a MONSTER MOVIE, sheesh. Now if they were planning on attacking the northern Honshu coast, just move it farther south to the Tokyo or Osaka region and call it good. They could also move north to Hokkaido or farther sought and attack Kyushu.

  8. If the movie only breaks even, then the overseas market means the difference between making a profit or not.

    That’s where it ends.

    But what about art and the artist? Would you ask Pollock to paint something recognizable so the average person could “get” it? no.

    Would you ask a rapper/musician to change his/her lyrics for safe commercial radio play? well yeah, they kind of do that don’t they? Uh Cee lo Brown, Black eyed Peas, Eminem.

    Would you film a live action AKIRA and change the japanese content to make it ugh… yet again, New York and americanized? well, they’re doing that too.

    Red Dawn remake is changing Chinese to North Koreans, even though an invasion of mainland USA is ridiculous. Alaska or hawaii maybe, well no, not even that.

    Artists have been selling out for years in Hollywood, music and movies. They can pass it off as sensitivity but it’s obviously about damage control of the bottom line.

    Even Michaelangelo covered up the goods with a fig leaf from time to time, I’m sure he made more money by doing that.

  9. Wow! Hollywood is eager on pushing Del Toro away! Now they want him to scrap his original monster movie idea for a Godzilla remake!!! I’m sure he won’t budge but first it was The Hobbit disaster, then Mountains gets scrapped and now he’s being asked to scrap his ideas! Not good, not good at all! :(

  10. I’ve got a better idea for Del Toro, Hellboy 3. I can understand the sensitivity about Japan and destruction, so I would be for a rewrite in this case. But this is a movie about Monsters, and Last I checked, Godzilla made it a habit to Stomp Tokyo when not fighting Other monsters. But back to what said ealier I’d rather see Hellboy 3 at this point.

  11. I would think that the Japanese would be honored that we might actually set a giant monster movie in Japan for once, rather than the typical New York, LA, etc. Looks like this movie is intended as a total tribute to the Kaiju genre. If I made a Kaiju or a Godzilla movie, I would definitely set it in Japan to honor that legacy.

  12. Ok I’m confused as hell, I know this is suppose to be a giant kajiu film but there are plenty others other than Godzilla, Gamera, Varan to name a few. So what this is being made along side the Godzilla remake. I think people are just jumping to conclusions. And this is a giant kajiu film not a disaster film and having Japan the epicenter would play homage to film not be rude cause of recent events.

  13. Japan probably couldn’t stand a movie like that right now, so this was probably a good move.

    However, the first movie should’ve gotten the green light. Just let the filmmaker do what he wants to do, for goodness sakes.

  14. Good idea. I suggest change the setting to New York City and make all the characters Amercian