Final ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer: Even More Giant Robots, Monsters and Action

Published 2 years ago by , Updated May 19th, 2013 at 4:42 pm,

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Anyone who grew up loving Japanese giant monster movies (a la Godzilla) – or animated series featuring giant robots piloted by humans (a la Neon Genesis Evangelion) – will have their childhood wish to see them both together on the big screen granted, in the upcoming live-action blockbuster Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim takes place many years after immense creatures, known as Kaiju, first began entering and attacking Earth through an inter-dimensional portal located in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. To combat the monsters, humanity constructed a legion of massive robots – called Jaegers – that are each piloted by two humans, whose minds are linked through technology, so that they might work together in unison.

The film is directed by Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth), based on an original screenplay produced by Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans). Its cast includes Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy), Idris Elba (Luther), Rinko Kikuchi (Babel), and Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

pacific rim movie trailer Final Pacific Rim Trailer: Even More Giant Robots, Monsters and Action

Warner Bros. has released the final U.S. theatrical trailer for Pacific Rim, and it lies on a middle-ground between the more story-heavy WonderCon trailer and the original teaser trailer, which was geared more towards general audiences. That’s not to say this preview skimps on city-leveling, smashing monster faces with boats action, and variety in the Kaiju and Jaegers shown; on the contrary, we get to see even more robots versus monsters mayhem than in previous trailers.

However, WB needs to convince non-geeks that the story and character elements in Pacific Rim offer something that other summer flicks don’t have – because, let’s face it, when it comes to getting their action fix, people will have plenty of viable options to choose from (by the time July rolls around). All in all, though, this final theatrical preview makes a solid case for the film being worth your money.


Pacific Rim opens in regular and select 3D/IMAX theaters in the U.S. on July 12th, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Looks amazing. I love that del torro keeps the camera back so you can see the action… michael bay im talking to you

    • +1

    • That was a problem in TF1 & 2. In 3 though, he nailed it.

      • I never saw TF3 I stopped watching after 2 lol

      • Really? I thought it was worse in 3 than 2. Especially the final battle, where the camera was sliding on the ground for some reason in the presence of 40-foot robots..

  2. A childhood dream come true

    • So true. Men will be giddy as school girls seeing this on the big screen.

  3. It does however fail to show any specific story arcs. I feel with the minds being connected if charlie hunmann was tormented inside it could make for an interesting story arc i hope they capitalize

    • That’s because most audiences are pretty stupid and need to be drawn in with the explosions first so they don’t get the actual character development or plot until they’re already sitting down with ticket stub in hand.

      • It looks like we will however get some of that. Look around 0:58 we see some memories (I think they are Kikuchi’s) so I hope something will be told about the psychological and social aspect of those links. And besides… The majority of people will go for the pictures, not for the story telling :) Everybody keeps saying Avatar was dumb and still… It broke all records :)

      • Most people are stupid just because they like to watch explosions in the movie? Cool story brah…

      • pffft depends on the movie if I want actual character development I will go see some chick flick or drama piece.

        This is robots and monsters beating the snot out of each other, something I did with my action figures as a kid never believing I would actually see it. Unless you count Johnny Socko or Ultraman which makes Pacific Rim look like Shakespeare.


    • hmmm the story arc im looking for is the alien attack. At this point it just seems the ‘monster/aliens’ were hibernating and something woke them.

      Then it is not really an attack just an unfortunate turn of events. However if they were planted there then activated well different story.

      • I thought the monsters were invading from another dimension?

  4. I’m definitely looking forward to this movie, I love monster flicks… but I’m leery of the whole “two pilots” thing. If they’re “hooked up” via some advanced hardware and software, why do they even have to move their legs and arms? It seems, at first blush, to be not much more than a reason to show “action” inside the giant robots.

    Like I said, still looking forward to this flick, but have reservations about some of the basic premise. I like my sci-fi to make sense, if it’s going to take itself even remotely seriously (I love trash sci-fi too, the kind that does NOT take itself seriously!).

    • Mikey I pretty sure that the movie will explain in detail why the Jaegers need to be piloted by two pilots. So instead of assuming it’s some sort of cheap gimmic to create conflict why not wait for the movie to release and then judge it from there.

      • In many mecha anime it’s the machine that has to sync with the pilot’s brainwaves, not another mind. Usually teenagers are the protagonists because their young minds are supposed to be more suited to the syncing process.

      • @Knock Knock,

        I don’t believe Mikey meant to create “cheap conflict” between the two drivers in the robot. What Mikey meant by action inside of the robot is the movement of the drivers inside the robot. Examples, the drivers moving their legs simultaneously to walk the Robot or moving their arms in the same motion to swing the Tanker.

        I think what Mikey was trying to get at, was that if they have the technology to hook up two different individuals brain waves so that they are synced up (as said in the trailer), how come they don’t have the technology to use the brain waves to make the robot move instead of making the human have to move.

        Try not to jump all over someone’s concern so quickly next time.

        • As i understand it the two pilots are supposed to represent the two seperate (but joined) hemispheres of the human brain.

          Although how that works for one of the Jaegers I’m not sure as on the design specs it’s got 3 pilots, but then it does have 4 arms so.

          As for the moving an arm or the walking, it’s one thing to think “Walk”, it’s so much easier to make the motion and get the correct signals in the brain.

          That’s even if the controls are even thought based and the movement of the control surfaces is what actually controls the Jaeger.

          Then the mind link is simply to bring the pilots in to sync which could lead to some issues (storyline) if one of the pilots brain goes off script.

          I’m sure they’re be a nice exposition speech by some techy fella let us know how it all works.

  5. Am I first to read this thread? Too bad this movie isn’t the first release of the summer.

  6. Massive one-two from WB – Man Of Steel on June, then Pacific Rim on July!!

  7. After seeing this I really want a Justice League Dark.

  8. Yep I wanna see this.

  9. does anybody else know about Evangelion and thinks this looks VERY alike?

    • Nope, Old Heads like myself go back to Jonny Sokko and His Flying Robot, Robotech, Voltron, Saber Rider.

      Long before Evangelion.

      • Yessir! Johnny Sokko and Ultraman!

      • @ Jeff W

        I used to love Johnney Sokko & his flying robot! It was so cool how he had the wrist watch communicator to command the robot.
        The giant robot’s head always looked like he was wearing a Colonial Viper pilot’s helmet from Battlestar Galactica to me.

        I used to watch the re-runs after school. It would have been cool to watch it when it originally aired, it seemed ahead of it’s time.

        Ultra Man was cool too.

        Boy, do those bring back some good memories.

      • Robot Jox

      • Yeah anyone who thinks this is based off of any one thing at this point in time really needs to look into some of the older stuff Del Toro and many others watched in the 80′s and 90′s.

      • Ultraman was my first big robot character, followed by the 24 inch tall Shogun Warriors for Christmas. Battle of the Planets, Macross, Robotech…it’s amazing how much “Japanimation” was influencing my childhood, now that I think about it…

        Guillermo uses the beta capsule!

    • There’s plenty of other things it looks like…Gundam, Macross, Giant Robo, Voltron, Gurran Lagan, Mazinger Z, etc… It’s more the Genre itself. Besides the Evangelion mechas were actually biological creatures with android interface and armour.

      However, I do agree that the leggy-ness of Gypsy Danger and his silhouette is very EVA.

      • Big O

        • Tetsujin 28

    • Check out this cool Evangelion/Pacific Rim mash-up…

      • Good job on the mash-up.

  10. Johnny Sokko,Ultra-Man! I’ve waited 30yrs for this!

  11. This movie looks crazy good. better than Godzilla (2001). lmao

  12. This could be the blockbuster of the summer.
    It looks fantastic!

    • I think Man of Steel will probably be looked at as the “blockbuster of the summer”, but Pacific Rim will be amazing. If it holds up, we could see some of the best action sequences ever.

      I need to change my pants after watching these trailers. Havent been this excited for a movie since The Dark Knight 4 years ago.

    • Tony this looks like something you would do if the earth were attacked by giant aliens.

      Only I’m betting you could control the suit all by yourself without even having to be in it…

      I mean, seriously… just look at those amateurs!

      • The doctor’s got jokes!

      • @ Traps & Dr Mindbender

        I dont know Traps, I’m thing this looks a little better that MoS. we’ll have to wait and see. I’m excited for both really.

        @ Dr. M

        This is exactly what I would do! Armatures indeed, look at that old, outdated tech! Somebody get me a car battery so I can charge one of these bad boys up!


        • I definitely think this will be more “fun” than MoS. I also think that I will enjoy PR more than MoS. Im looking forward to PR more than any other movie this summer. As far as being a better movie? I think MoS will wear that crown.

          • I agree. I think MoS has this one trumped in terms of story depth.

  13. Its just like the last trailer.

  14. Wow this keeps getting better the more I see of this film, the japanese monster movie and Tokusatsu vibe are really strong while retaining that quirkyness that Del Toro had in the Hellboy movies and such.

    and wow that Jaeger at the 1:11 mark looks kinda like Eva Unit 00 with a red paint scheme as opposed to the orange it had.

  15. don’t understand the need for 2 pilots, but this is gonna be amazing still and I can’t wait to watch it. huge fan of anything with mechs in it

  16. Pure aweseomness!

  17. F@%# the Transformer movies, we have this! :D

  18. This was a very impressive trailer. The visuals should be something to behold on the big screen. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

    I REALLY – I cannot stress that enough – hope there’s a nice balance between substance and style. I want to care about these characters, not just watch robots punching things.

    “Today we are canceling the apocalypse” better be an earned moment.

    • One thing I thought about was how, as viewers, we will likely be perceiving the pilots as characters and the robots as characters on their own, so it will be like “bonus” protagonists.

  19. Yeh this looks like it will kick some serious ass, Transformers will be forgotten after this! MOS and Pacific Rim, Bring it on!

  20. this looks super cool

  21. I hope with Pacific Rim and Man Of Steel,Warner Brothers/DC can take over the summer box office this year and give Disney/Marvel some much needed competition,there should never be an monopoly on blockbuster,kick-azz movies,IMO.

  22. Looks very cool. I’m not so sure why, but I’m hoping the numbers at the box office for this movie beats transformers so we get more movies like this. Maybe Voltron, Mazinger,… eventually maybe Gatchaman and Ghost in the shell…?
    There are too many good flicks coming out this summer! I’ll have to leave some for rental.
    A little nudge at Godzilla at 0:32 with the footprint maybe? And I thought Michael Jordan shoe-size was big! This is definitely a 12,255.

  23. Can you pilot these things with an erection?

  24. Damn this looks sick!

  25. Ah thanks for mentioning an anime Sandy. Made me think of Gundam Wing too. It’s been several years since I have watched it. Me thinks a marathon is due soon.

  26. Idris Elba and Ron Pearlman in the same movie what else do you want?

  27. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a heart attack, seizure and orgasm all at the time when I see this in IMAX 3D

  28. This could be really good or really bad

  29. Ok the first Monster they showed def looked like one of the Aliens from Pitch Black