New ‘Pacific Rim’ Featurette and TV Spots Reveal the Different Jaeger Designs

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Pacific Rim co-writer/director Guillermo del Toro has never denied that his sci-fi blockbuster draws inspiration from Anime traditions and Japanese monster cinema, but has insisted that his film is not a pastiche or homage; instead, his approach was to be “conscious of the heritage,” without making any specific references to previous films or animated television series.

A newly-released Pacific Rim featurette includes several interview excerpts where del Toro reiterates his previous claims about the film, in combination with behind the scenes footage that shows the variation in design of the Jaegers (which, in the film, is the name for the 25-stories tall robots piloted by two humans). Those differences are symbolic of each machine’s cultural background and influences, be it the Russian-controlled Cherno Alpha (which resembles a tank) or the “classical gunslinger” design for Gypsy Danger, i.e. the Jaeger “protagonist” controlled by the film’s leads Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) and Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi).

The Pacific Rim special effects team clearly put in a good deal of thought and paid close attention to detail while animating the Jaegers under del Toro’s supervision, as we see in the clip above. However, credit for these fascinating science-fiction concepts belongs to the film’s original screenwriter, Travis Beacham, who created a detailed backstory for the Jaeger technology; not to mention, the giant monsters’ (Kaiju) biology and the film’s setting in general.

On that note, check out the latest Pacific Rim TV promos:

Like the previously-released trailers, the above Pacific Rim TV spots – which began airing this past week – do a nice job of showing off the film’s immense scale and composition, with the action sequences having been visually-structured to give audiences as “You Are There” perspective on the Jaeger vs. Kaiju battles.

It’s hard to not get pretty excited about the film (for us, anyway), between the promises of meaningful sci-fi content with special effects that could surpass those featured in the last Transformers movie. That’s in addition to del Toro’s movie possibly featuring an interesting human story and emotional core, which are elements that have long (and sorely) been lacking from the sequel installments in the aforementioned lucrative Hasbro movie series.

pacific rim featurette jaeger design New Pacific Rim Featurette and TV Spots Reveal the Different Jaeger Designs

However, the reported $180 million price tag and niche geeky subject matter raise a prickly question: will Pacific Rim become a sufficiently large box office hit, in order to cover its high cost and maybe start a new franchise in the process? Well, there is less than a month left until we get a definite answer, be it good or bad…

Are you psyched to see Pacific Rim on the big screen? Do you think the film will be successful enough to earn a sequel – one which further explores the history of the Kaijus and their home-world? Let us know in the comments section!


Pacific Rim opens in 2D and select 3D/IMAX theaters on July 12th, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. I don’t really go watch movies in IMAX, but WOW this one looks like it was meant to be played on a Huge Screen. My only concern is that there seems to be a lot of night fighting and I really hope it doesn’t take away from the battles.

  2. I will Say the Rocket Punch looks kind of Big O Issh Just saying lol

  3. Only just realised that Rob Kazinsky is in this. He’s a really good actor, I’ve only seen him in the UK soap EastEnders haha but he was great in that, I’m glad he’s in this!

  4. I love how Guillermo del Toro was adamant about having a unique production design, one that sets PR apart from any previous work…*cough* Transformers *cough*

    Well, it worked.

    • Annnndddd… the always simplistic fanboy “bash a certain movie/director to elevate another movie/director ensues. As I was reading each comment, I wondered how long it would take someone to come on here and bash Michael Bay. Wow – didn’t take long. I actually liked, no I loved, Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. Oh the Horror. The nerve of some people to like something entitled little liberal fanboys don’t like.

      Comparing Mechs (man-made,man-operated machines) to TRANSFORMERS (alien species from another planet) is soooo stupid that even making the comparison shows how childish some are…*cough* Bill Brasky *cough* Appa ali Apsa *cough*

      Boy, you people will do anything to try and make that square fit through that hole huh?

      Now to comment on what the article is ACTUALLY about – This movie looks sick. The more production stuff I see of it, the more I can’t wait to see the actual film. Del Toro is a good director although he does get in his own way sometimes. I really don’t care for directors that think they are the only ones who can make a competent movie. Bad-mouthing other directors and writers (something he loves to do) is bad form IMO. Just be quiet and direct YOUR movie. That’s all I really need from him or any director for that matter.

  5. This movie is like Guillermo Del Toro’s F U to Michael Bay and his whole career.
    This is how you do robots Bay! Learn a lesson!

    • You ‘LOVED’ all the Transformers movies?!?!? Really?
      Well, I think you’re disqualified from any further commentary then, bc despite #1 having some fun, they *ALL* sucked hard!

      Hopeful for this, wouldn’t have minded if Del Toro had allowed a strong Japanese story-line or influence.

      Bring on the Kaiju!!!!

  6. I like the slow lumbering action on display. After the mish-mash of CG parts that are the crappy looking Transformers, its good to see some recognizable features on a giant robot.

    There is actually suspense here – you have time to see the rocket punch coming before anticipating what effect its going to have when it hits.

    • Very astute observation. I agree 100%.

  7. A W E S O M E A W E S O M E A W E S O M E ! ! !

  8. Looks really good. I appreciate the insistence on unique design. If only they’d take the same approach with the music instead of using lame techno metal.

    • Techno metal?

      It’s dubstep. Which isn’t metal or rock of any kind, it’s a form of techno and dance music.

      • Dubstep is slowed-down drum & bass or 2-step, smothered in sub bass and gimmicky sound effects, but I take your point. I just hope to God it’s only in the trailer. :-)

        • Bad enough hearing it in the Dredd trailer…

          • Yeah, I’ve hated dubstep for a year or more thanks to younger people and some of my old high school friends listening to it a lot.

            The Dredd trailer over there had dubstep? Over here it had an electro pop artist called La Roux with her main song “In For The Kill”.

            But yeah, I’d assume the use of dubstep in that one trailer was to get the kids interested.

            • Over there? No, I’m English too! That was none other than the Skrillex remix of the already tone-deaf La Roux track.

              The problem with dubstep is that it’s all buildup and no payoff – the ultimate audio blueballs. The constant structural shifts, tempo changes and sonic assault may be custom-built for those with the attention span of goldfish, but actually end up becoming incredibly boring very quickly. I was talking with a mate of mine a while back about why it is that so many people we know who used to be into their metal now love dubstep (Mr Skrillex himself used to front a post-hardcore band). What’s the connection? He came up with the following pithy analysis:

              “It’s head-nodding music.”

              Ie you don’t dance to it, you endure it. There’s definitely a “macho endurance test” element – especially live – which would account for why the rock crowd has embraced it. Particularly in the US, which, outside of the cities that invented it, never “got” electronic dance music to any great extent.

              • I can understand why some people do not like Dubstep as I myself did not care for it at first. Over the last few years it has grown on me though lol. With that being said I think use of music like this during the fight scenes of the movie would be pretty awesome as long as it went with the motions and blended in well. Kind of like the video’s you see on youtube with anime clips and random music. If done well it could enhance certain scenes. Maybe have one of the pilots listening to it like in the old Iron Eagle movies lol!

                • That might create a few problems if the other pilot was into old showtunes or Irish folk music or whatever – you’d have a Jaeger punching itself in the head! I’d agree that it could work as part of a soundtrack, though I think I’d be chewing my own face off if I had to sit through a whole movie scored that way. It really grates when you hear it thrown lazily on top of trailers as the “music du jour”. Remember the trailer for Red Tails? WWII aerial combat played out to dubstep; a proper Frankenstein’s monster, that one. :-D

  9. This movie looks so good I can’t wait to see this movie

  10. They showed the jaegers in big cardboard standee form all over the theater that I went to and the woman welcoming us to the MOS screening in IMAX 3D stated “Coming soon, we have Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D, which all of us here are really excited about”. Seeing the original trailer after that made it look incredible in the format.

  11. Kinda makes me wish they’d also make a live action VOLTES V movie.

  12. I can’t wait too see pacific rim it’s going to be an awesome movie<3

  13. It’s dubstep. Which isn’t metal or rock of any kind, it’s a form of techno and dance music.

  14. In the featurette, at 4:04… I get goosebumps everytime I hear that sound. That alone could be what identify this movie, just as “I’ll be back” Identifies Schwarzenegger. If a sequel of this movie is ever made, I can see the trailer beginning with just a blank screen, then that note resounding, and we’d know from the start it’s Pacific Rim.

  15. I’m definitely stoked about it! Bring on the action. If they crafted a meaningful human story alongside, I’m going to love it even more.

  16. Still waiting on Robotech!