‘Pacific Rim’ Viral Marketing Campaign Continues with Jaeger Blueprints

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With the countdown to the first public trailer for Pacific Rim in full swing, the Guillermo del Toro-directed film has begun to unleash a barrage of viral marketing material onto the Internet. So far, the Kaiju-tracking Pacific Rim website has released a slew of memos, false news footage, and emergency alert tests.

In the last two days, that website has also released a bevy of images that will appeal to the giant robot lover in all of us: A series of blueprints for the Kaiju-battling, humanoid vehicles known as Jaegers.

So far, Pacific Rim‘s promotional materials have dealt largely with the scale of the disaster associated with the titanic, extra-dimensional Kaiju. Now, fans thirsty for details about the much-hyped production are finally getting a glimpse at the other side of the fight – several images of blueprints for the human-piloted Jaegers have been released to the public.

Check out all the currently known models in the gallery:

These giant robot designs reveal little about the plot of Pacific Rim, but certainly give an idea of its design aesthetic. The mech models range from bulky monsters (such as the towering, Russian-designed Cherno Alpha) to the sleeker, almost Iron Man-esque Gipsy Danger. Despite Guillermo del Toro’s previous insistence that Pacific Rim is not an homage to either Japanese monster movies or manga, some of these designs (especially the Striker Eureka and Crimson Typhoon) have a definite anime-inspired feel to them.

According to the date stamps scattered along the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps map, the Australia-based Striker Eureka is the latest and most advanced model of Jaeger, joining the fight in 2019. By that same metric, the Japanese apparently pioneered Jaeger design with the Coyote Tango in 2015. Does this mean that the Coyote is the “long-lost” Jaeger design piloted by Pacific Rim‘s protagonists? Given the arc of all promotional materials, probably not. At the same time, the implied timeline is interesting food-for-thought for Pacific Rim‘s future timeline.

Guillermo Del Toro Pacific Rim Synopsis Pacific Rim Viral Marketing Campaign Continues with Jaeger Blueprints

Of course, it’s not guaranteed that all – if any – of these Jaeger designs will appear in the final film. While it would be awesome to see the massive Cherno Alpha and four-armed Crimson Typhoon take on horrors from beyond, there’s only so much time and budget to work with. As such, it’s probable that few of these featured robots will take the center stage.

At the moment, the most those looking forward to Pacific Rim can glean from these blueprints is that the effort to defeat the Kaiju will be an international and ever-evolving one. As we wait impatiently for the film’s first trailer to be released, this will have to be the thin gruel that we nourish ourselves upon.

Pacific Rim will smash its way into theaters on July 12th, 2013.

Source: Pacific Rim Movie Dot Net

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  1. I am so excited about this I can hardly speak. The “news footage” posted is better than the entirety of some movies. :):):)

    • ^

      • OM

    • Very excited, but please, let the teaser vid be the end of the shaky cam. The teaser vid was almost unwatchable.

  2. striker eureka looks more japanese than the coyote tango.

  3. I wonder if they will have Jet Jaguar?

  4. Another Bomb at the Box Office this will be,
    and another Movie i will for sure love !

    All looks Fantastic so far,and too good to be true !
    Wish for once the masses would embrace this kind of Movies !

    • Repeat everything he said!! People are not going to see this, but it will be breathtakingly awesome.

    • For once? what transformers slipped past you? I like that first sentence Yoda.

      • Transformers was about robots fighting monsters? Did I miss this apparently successful 4th Transformers movie? Was that talentless hack Shia LeBeouf missing from the cast list and that’s why it’s gone undetected to my movie watching gaze?

  5. the robots look like something out of ‘Big O’

    • Big O was incredible! From the old-style animation to the action and the storylines. The storylines could have been fleshed out more, but it would have changed the pacing, and we definitely wouldn’t have covered as much ground.

    • Big O. <3 Always thought that'd be a great movie. But this will work. :)

  6. He should have made a Mexican Jalapeño Buster or something D:

    In the Cherno one, there is a little MGS text, Metal Gear reference?

    Also, I think the Crimson Typhoon has only three arms.

    • Yes it only has 3:)

  7. Everyone get ready to buy these robots for the little boys in your lives next year.

  8. The Crimson Typhoon model looks like its being controlled by 3 pilots. niiice

    • I’m sure i read somwhere they are triplets

  9. Giant robots are cool, giant robots fighting giant monsters are cooler.. De Toro directing the whole shebang is so cool its freezing.

    • Chance of Seeing Pacific Rim on opening day?-HIGH
      Chance of Leaving Pacific Rim and buyig ticket to Pacific Rim HIGHER.


      • ^^^
        ha okay that was awesome

    • Does the kid pilot Robo from its shoulder? That doesn’t seem safe or practical?

      • No, but Robo has an autoguard Circuit, and will pretty much protect Daisaku no matter the cost, as well as any collateral damage. But mostly he controls the Robot from the ground.

        And Giant Robo has more firepower than most first world Navies.

      • It’s been ages since I last saw that clip – overlooking the way the hair flips out of the helmet, a total masterpiece. I think I read on Wiki, the ONLY credible source of movie news, that its development had stalled or been shelved indefinitely. I would loved for this to be flashed out.