Final ‘Pacific Rim’ TV Trailer; First Reviews Round-Up

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Pacific Rim (which opens in theaters this Friday) may be one of Screen Rant‘s most-anticipated movies of 2013, but the blockbuster’s pre-release tracking results – showing that general moviegoers are more interested in seeing Grown-Ups 2 this weekend – has clearly left Warner Bros./Legendary feeling concerned about the box office prospects for director Guillermo del Toro’s giant robots vs. giant monsters extravaganza. Because of this, WB has ratcheted the marketing campaign for Pacific Rim in the days leading up to its release, to an intensity-level that is – in some regards – even higher than that for Man of Steel last month.

Hence, today we can offer the third (final?) two-minute Pacific Rim preview to be released online in the past two weeks. That “Resistance” clip highlights more battle footage between the Jaegers – 25-story tall robots controlled by dual human pilots with a psychic bond – and the other-worldly Kaiju (re: giant creatures) in the film.

Meanwhile, the first wave of reviews for Pacific Rim have begun to trickle online (look for Screen Rant‘s this Friday). The short of it? Some reviewers are unabashed in their adoration of the Japanese monster movie love letter that del Toro and co-writer Travis Beacham have produced, while others are less enthusiastic but still willing to give the flick a recommendation. And, of course, what critical round-up would be complete without a few naysayers?

pacific rim wondercon trailer Final Pacific Rim TV Trailer; First Reviews Round Up

First, here are the cream of the crop, as far as the first wave of Pacific Rim reviews go. The following either gave the film a perfect star rating or ‘A’ grade score, and their choice of words – to express their personal admiration for the blockbusters – expresses as much (NOTE: for the full review, click on the respective site link for each SPOILER-FREE excerpt):

Hit Fix

Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” is a movie that is loaded with images and ideas that are fantastic, in every sense of the word, and yet I worry that we’ve reached a point where audiences shrug at the promise of the new. What Del Toro brings to the table, and not just with this film, is an endless love of the incredible… He has always managed to give even his most mainstream efforts an eccentric and particular voice, but until now, we’ve never really seen what it looks like when someone takes Del Toro off the leash.

Daily Telegraph

At first, watching Pacific Rim feels like rediscovering a favourite childhood cartoon – but del Toro has flooded the project with such affection and artistry that, rather than smiling nostalgically, you find yourself enchanted all over again. The twist is that for once, here is a blockbuster that is not based on a cartoon, comic book, or anything else: it sprung from an idea by Travis Beacham, the film’s screenwriter, and then came to fruition in del Toro’s fecund brain.

They don’t let 14 year-old boys direct multi-million dollar feature films, but somehow, perhaps through years of Ramtha-like training, Guillermo Del Toro has channeled the interests, attitudes and fears from that mindset with a clarity that far surpasses contemporaries like Michael Bay.

Others, however, feel that Pacific Rim makes for a fun, yet fleeting, two hours of whiz-bang entertainment.


Technically the film succeeds on almost every level… How much you enjoy the film will depend on the value you put on narrative engagement, there are some incredible scenes to behold (the Tokyo flashback sets a high mark for  Legendary stablemate Godzilla to meet), the film strikes so few resonant notes that it ends up as an enjoyable ride, one which is forgotten relatively quickly.

pacific rim elba hunnam kikuchi Final Pacific Rim TV Trailer; First Reviews Round Up

Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba and Rinko Kikuchi in ‘Pacific Rim’

The reviews that place Pacific Rim into the “good, but flawed” category tend to cite basic storytelling issues as the problem (be it questionable pacing, weak dialogue, or strained plot developments).

Digital Spy

[The combination of] an appealing cast and array of visceral thrills – compensates for the significant structural issues and ensures that this behemoth of a blockbuster provides enough entertainment and fun to stay afloat and merit your attention.


If you can get past the dodgy dialogue and just enjoy the creature carnage, Pacific Rim definitely has a lot to offer. Despite all the influences it wears on its sleeve – from Japanese animation to monster epics and even World War II movies – it comes across as a true original, one hopefully destined to spawn follow-ups in the future, instead of simply selling toys. This is huge scale entertainment with guts and a heart – even if the brain is sometimes lacking during the more human moments.


Compared to some of the more leaden spectacles this summer, “White House Down” and the final hour of “Man of Steel” chief among them, “Pacific Rim” has the inventive, colorful textures of a fully realized world. But that’s only enough to make it a slightly different kind of dumb from the usual messy blockbuster routine.

Other reviews, however, take issue with the fact that Pacific Rim has limited appeal (despite its technical achievements), and is sure to be dismissed by those who aren’t fans of the older pop cultural touchstones that inspired del Toro’s film.


['Pacific Rim' will be enjoyable] for those who measure fun primarily in terms of noise, chaos and bombast, or who can find continual novelty in the sight of giant monsters and robots doing battle for the better part of two hours. Viewers with less of an appetite for nonstop destruction should brace themselves for the squarest, clunkiest and certainly loudest movie of director Guillermo del Toro’s career, a crushed-metal orgy that plays like an extended 3D episode of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” on very expensive acid.

Which, of course, leads us to the most negative Pacific Rim reviews so far (in all fairness, though, they’re not that hard on the movie).

The Wrap

These on-screen battles provide a few jolts — one of the film’s strong points is that it isn’t shot and edited in Michael Bay Confuse-o-Vision — but it’s a jigsaw of random pieces. We get a robo-fist here and a monster face there, but none of the satisfying head-to-toe action of, say, Rodan or Mothra going toe-to-toe with another zipper-backed beast.


But in spite of its narrative richness and thoughtfulness, Pacific Rim lacks for poignancy… Del Toro may be uninterested in flag-waving and feminist commentary, but he also shuns emotional intimacy, and in the end doesn’t rise above the obligations of staging a film of this sort as a multi-level video game, a stylish but programmatic ride toward an inevitable final boss battle…

pacific rim hunnam kikuchi 570x303 Final Pacific Rim TV Trailer; First Reviews Round Up

So far, the overall critical reception for Pacific Rim is very good, even when taking into consideration the similar complaints raised by reviews. Some of the criticisms seem a little off-base (see: “dodgy dialogue”), given the pulpy genre context in which del Toro and Beacham are telling this particular story. Likewise, other recurring criticisms seem to awkwardly straddle that fine line between complaining about how well a movie functions – in terms of narrative, technical and thematic substance – and how the reviewer wants the movie to function (or what they think it should be like).

Regardless, it sounds like Pacific Rim will be a childhood dream come true – for the film’s core geek demographic – while other moviegoers should find the film to be highly entertaining (even with the flaws). Basically, whatever your thoughts and feelings have been towards the Pacific Rim footage included in marketing, it would appear that you’re likely to have a similar reaction to the actual movie.


Pacific Rim opens in select 2D and 3D/IMAX theaters in the U.S. on July 12th, 2013.

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  1. So basically if this is “your thang” you’ve gonna love it

    If this isn’t but you like wizz bang your gonna love it

    If you love Michael Bay (is there anyone… stand up so we can shoot you) your gonna love it

    If your life is monochromatic and dull and you have no friends, interests or social skills and line your pencils in length order with a vast and properly catalogues selection of paperclips you won’t.

    Ladies/Gentlemen, it may not end up being a box office smash (i think she’ll struggle to do much over 150m, please prove me wrong) but I think we’re in for one AWESOME movie :)

    • I’m psyched about it. I want it to do well for Del Toro’s sake, but otherwise it won’t hurt me if it doesn’t do great. Although it may surprise.

      • I’m stoked too, seems like the perfect action flick.

        • I have high hopes for it, but after the inventive and gorgeous fun of the standard setting Hellboy 2, I’d love to hear that a sequel is in store. Meantime it will be fun to see Ron Perlman play a character other than his Sons of Anarchy lead role. That’s an increasingly great show, but I want to see the off months of filming produce some great alternate roles for the stars. Anybody who missed HB2, possibly because of not liking Hb1, needs to see that spectacular achievement in film!

    • Indeed. And, to show my support, I’m watching it in IMAX 3D!

    • I love Michael Bay movies and have NO problem(s) with his directing style whatsoever. And I dare anyone to come and TRY to “shoot” me b/c it isn’t going to go well for you. Bring on the hate.

      I find slightly amusing that people will hate on a MB film for whatever outlandish reasons and then in the same breath, love someone elses film that includes the exact same type of storytelling/film-making. You guys are special. NORMAL people review with their wallets you bunch of haters.

      • I also enjoyed Michael Bay films because he usually worked with his own creations, well I always believed it was his own creation, and made mindless and exciting popcorn flicks out of them. But once he hit Transformers and now TMNT (established franchises with millions of fans), I find it disrespectful and a slap in the face to both the fans and creators to simply make a popcorn flick out of their material paying barely any attention to the story. Of course TMNT isn’t a done deal so I admit I’m in no grounds to pick at that.

        • @ColdSc – I hear you and I respect your opinion. At least your criticisms sound valid and not just cold hatred b/c he is MB. I personnally think the Transformers films are his best work to date. But that’s me. Obviously other transformer fans feel the same way or the movies would not be as popular as they are. In Asia (Where Transformers actually originated), they love the transformer films. I like to judge a movie on the movie itself, not who’s making it. Do I like certain directors over others? Certainly but I don’t let my like/dislike of a particular director determine whether or not I like a certain movie. As an example – I like Antwon Fuqua but I absolutely hated “Training Day”. I hate M. Night Shyamalan but I absolutely loved “Unbreakable” and “Signs”. I really don’t care for Guillermo del Toro because he seems to think that he is the only one who knows how to make a proper movie and he verbally disrespects other directors and writers (something I really hate), BUT I like some his movies. I won’t let my dislike of him as a person stop me from seeing a potentially great movie.

          Some people seem to think that because they personally don’t like a movie or the way a movie is shot or production decisions, etc; that somehow means that the movie is “bad”. NO, that just means they didn’t like it (for whatever reason). JJ Abrams uses too much lens fare, MB uses too much explosions, and Zack Synder uses too much CGI. Really guys? Haters need to STFU and seriously get over themselves or go out make their own damn movie and show us dummy’s how it’s properly done.

          I plan on going to see “Pacific Rim” for the concept and story. It looks like a solid Kick-ass Sci-Fi piece. If I like it, I’ll say so. If I don’t like it, I’ll also say so, but it will be because I didn’t like the movie, not because I don’t like the man.

          • I really like that you’re keeping an open mind, especially with movies that have directors who you dislike. I must admit you’re the first person I hear who enjoys the Transformers films (no offence) but I’m glad I can see the other side of the debate about Michael Bay. It keeps things in perspective. I find Michael Bay’s best work was in the beginning of his career, The Rock, I watched it several times when I was younger and both the Bad Boys films. I’m interested in watching The Island too. I hope he returns to his original ideas soon though.

            Agree with you on the nitpicking of several directors. Zack Snyder’s CGI was stunning in Man of Steel and J. Abrams’s lens flare didn’t bother me one bit with Star Trek. Even if I hated all those things, i’m sure it wouldn’t push me to say the film was bad. If the directors were trying to achieve that effect, than they succeeded.

            I hope you enjoy Pacific Rim! It seems like an intense film and I’m really glad there’s finally another monster movie.

            • Indeed. MoS is frickin’ Awesome! If PR is as half as good as that, then I have nothing to worry about.
              Thanks for the polite debate.

              • Polite debate? I can get in on that! I take some offense at the choices Bay made for Transformers, especially the ones that resulted in such a dissapointing and lowbrow second film, but all of them had some great moments, and the third one was mostly very solid. Pearl Harbor seemed like a tragic miscalculation, what withthe obligatory focus on some love triangle instead of the historical events, but the recreation of some elements was compelling and sometimes amazing. The startlingly fast sinking of the Arizona and the lead up to the Dolittle raids seemed like parts of a better movie!

                I have liked and disliked all the directors you guys mention. Snyder’s 300 and Watchmen were spectacular one of a kind films, but Sucker Punch was an insulting mess! JJ has faults, but the lense flair doesn’t bug me. I wonder what Del Toro did with the Hobbit, and if any of the worst parts were his? PR looks sweet!

      • I don’t care for Michael Bay movies. I don’t think my reasons are “outlandish”. They are based in what I know and understand about cinema. So, I DO object to your characterizing my reasons for not liking MB films as “outlandish”, but I’m not holding it against you. I figure you’re probably making use of some hyperbole, in much the same way so many of MB’s detractors do.

        But you can enjoy his films if you want. There’s a market for all sorts of films. I happen to not fit into that particular niche. I don’t enjoy them at all. They grate on my very last nerve. Somehow, I doubt that Pacific Rim will be anything like a MB film. From my understanding of the references to MB up above, nothing led me to think that Pacific Rim will be “like a MB film” in any way, shape, or form.

      • Under that logic the highest grossing movie should win the oscars every year. Profitable does not mean good. Michael Bay has his own unique “flavor” maybe it’s your thing maybe it’s not, but there are often a lot of problems with his films.

    • Watched the screening at Santa Clara couple days ago. It Had A+ action/cgi but a lot of the plot was missing they should have added an hour to add the rest. Again it was great action/cgi but below average plot.

  2. For the sheer love swell from his little boy within himself
    that Guillermo del Toro has showered over this project
    and his willingness to swing for the fences I will be in
    the stands rooting even if he goes down swinging.

  3. I’m excited. If they cross over this with Godzilla, that can only mean Mecha Godzilla.

  4. I hear hunhum is awful

    • He’s good in Sons of Anarchy. Never seen him in anything else.

  5. Slant : “a stylish but programmatic ride toward an inevitable final boss battle…”

    Thank for the spoiler DB.

    • Well, you can’t possibly have the boss battle (because there’s gonna be a boss battle) at the beginning, can you? :)

    • @Martin – Who are you talking to? I see no spoilerish comment.

      Paul Young – Moderator

  6. This movie looks like a giant toy commercial. What I see is 2013′s Battleship. I don’t see how this should be better than Man of Steel. Critics this year are clearly high on something, Last year they were spot on with what’s a hit and what’s not.

    • I don’t see how a complement to the style of movies most people grew up loving is a giant toy commercial. Star Wars, was a giant toy commercial by a fat idiot who only cared about money. Del Toro is making this movie out of his love for the genre. He is bringing a big budget and quality to a type of movie that really doesn’t get much respect. Our history is riddled with stories of man fighting giants, titans, gods, monsters, beasts. So why should it be downplayed with someone attempts to bring quality and legitimacy to that type of story? God forbid it isn’t “Iron Man 14″.

    • So it is like 99.9% of the summer movies this year that is trying to sell itself and outside merchandise? And why bring up Man of Steel, oh wait are they selling toys for that movie too along with the razor blade commercials and other tie-ins?

      If you don’t like the look of the movie, then just say so. Trying to draw parallels that actually go against your own argument just seems odd….

    • @Travis

      I wouldn’t see how this could be better than Man Of Steel either.

      But then I saw Man Of Steel and now I can see how Pacific Rim could be better.

    • Honestly I enjoyed Battleship, and I think Pacific Rim has a chance of being as good as Man of Steel. If Man of Steel wasn’t a Superman movie and didn’t already have this long history of fans I don’t think people would hold it on such a higher level than Pacific Rim.

    • In my opinion, I feel this could be better than MoS because Mos was trying to attempt something deeper, gritty darker, but really was just a movie made for making trailers out of, i.e. misleading. I have a feeling that people who want to see monsters and robots fight are going to get what they pay for in Pacific Rim.

  7. Domestically it will be fine but overseas it’s going to be a huge hit no doubt. And it’s better a success so we can see in a near future movies like Gundham, Evangelion, Patlabor or Robotech comes to live.

    • Here here! Hopefully, this will spur other popular anime properties like those you listed (forget Transformers).

    • Been waiting most of my life for a live action Robotech. Not for Minmei either, but for the mechs.

  8. The sense from around the web is that it’s a better CGI version of Battleship but suffers from the same issues in the storyline. Soo basically it’s Michael Bay movie with better CGI

    • That’s not the sense I’m getting at ALL from around the web, other than from snarky snarkburgers who feel its their job to criticize anything “pop culture” that doesn’t suit their exact specified tastes. Are Ocean’s Eleven and Ronin the same movie because they both feature heist crews? Are Jack Reacher and Die Hard the same movie because they both feature “guy’s with guns?” From all accounts (and judging from the now 85% rt rating) this movie is head and shoulders above battleship or transformers in terms of story, heart, characterization, ambition, and yes AWESOME ROBOT BATTLES. Don’t let the h8terz fool you. Pacific Rim will set a new standard for summer tentpoles.

      • @Shane – Man I just noticed “Pacific Rim’s” 85% RT rating, wow that’s quite a jump from the 67% I seen it at yesterday on RT. That could bode very well for this film. Fans like us are going to go see it period, but the more common audiences tend to wait and rely more on critics reviews before they decide on checking out a film or not, and more strong reviews like this could really help push this film over the top this weekend. I hope the reviews continue to be this strong. I’m not too surprised though because Del Toro has a history of making good to great films, and i’m a big fan of his work.

  9. What I’m not seeing in these reviews (even lukewarm ones) – plot holes, inconsistencies, character problems, or lack of stakes or personal involvement.

    In other words, better than IM3 and MoS already.

    So, for anyone out there who STILL haven’t figured out how to make a great blockbuster:

    Create a world, but make sure your world MAKES SENSE and is INTERNALLY CONSISTENT.

    Radiers of the Lost Ark is set in a fictionalized serial inspired version of the world at war. Everything in that film supports this notion, and every character and set piece fits perfectly within the narrative of the Ark, as well as the world around it.

    From what I can tell from the promo materials and reviews, Pacific Rim is 100% cut from this cloth.

    For example, Man of Steel felt like a checklist or action and narrative beats… all on the surface and not amounting to much in the end.

    I can’t even think of a checklist here except Robots fights Monsters, and the whole damn film is a check on that account.

    There are avenues and side streets of this world I want to see, but I’m only getting a glimpse, but if feels like a natural extension of the basic premise…

    I particularly like the natural and varied reactions to the Kaiju attacks, it feels a bit like Contact to me in that regard. Humans reacts to outrageous stimuli very differently, and I think most blockbusters tend to group up all in one big mass of humanity for convenience sake.

    Pa Kent’s “Humanity isn’t ready” is a load of crap. Some are now, some will never be. Its only by exposure to the truth and assimilation into the culture can you tell if “humanity is ready”. Hiding it only delays humanity’s acceptance or rejection – which ever it may be.

    • Except IM3 didn’t have any of the things you mentioned either.

    • I wholly disagree with you about MOS…I found very substantive.

  10. if this movie is a Salute to the Japanese Monster movies , it should have been shot in 2.35 (Tohoscope) the industry standard. If Del Toro chooses to shoot in a TV ratio then I will wait for it to come out on TV. The confines of a TV frame make this movie look cheesy ……

  11. First off, whomever was polled and said they are going to see Grown Ups 2 instead is probably not in the movie demographic.

    Second, spending more money on advertising this movie is a huge mistake if WB is really that worried, just ask Disney how well that worked out on John Carter.

    Word of mouth and online trailers is really all this movie needs, once people who are not pompous, sudo intellectual, journalist ( I use the term loosely) start talk about it, everything will be fine… as long as it’s not a “SuckerPunch” bait and switch.

    • What she said (about the movie’s demographics). It would require powerful machinery to get me in to see Grownups 2, but although I’m not squarely in the target market for PR, there’s a good chance I’ll go see it (for the spectacle on the big screen).

    • I agree. But I do like Sucker Punch. The highbrows make me sick!

  12. This is first on the list – its a summer movie. Some of these review seem to put so much emotion and sensitivity into a summer movie review, stop trying to read so much into it. I understand their jobs (what ever that may be when they review movies?) It is what it is and see it for that only. Get your big popcorn and soda, you’ll probably dig it then.

  13. I saw this film at a UK preview on Saturday and am lost for the words to describe how much I enjoyed this film. some seriously crazy stuff happens in this film.

    As a quiet and reserved Englishman I have never whooped or cheered at a film, that is until I saw Pacific Rim.

    • Lol! Looking forward to it then!

      This seems like it’ll be a big hit. It’s just visually a bit different from the constant superhero origin movies we’re bombarded with nowadays. Hope it goes well primarily to get Hellboy 3! Though Perlman’s like 62 now!

  14. “These on-screen battles provide a few jolts — one of the film’s strong points is that it isn’t shot and edited in Michael Bay Confuse-o-Vision …..”

    “…Michael Bay Confuse-o-Vision…”?!?!?


    That is classic!!!!

    Incidentally, do these critics realize that Del Toro isn’t trying to go for an Oscar with this movie? I mean they do realize its a fun, popcorn flock, right?

    I cannot wait to see this movie!!!!!!

  15. Maybe for the critics who don’t get it, GdT can create a Jaeger named “Steel Magnolia”.

  16. I’ll be in the theater to see this film for sure.

  17. It seems to me that everyone is an expert film maker these days. I know that I’ve watched movies and had strong opinions on how they could be better; however hindsight is easy. There are few people who can truly create and GdT is one of them.
    I really hope that Pacific Rim is strongly supported, so I’ll be there with my ticket.

    • +1

  18. I’ll pay money for anything Del Torro directs. THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE & PAN’S LABYRINTH are two of my all time favorite movies. I even loved CRONOS. MAN OF STEEL not withstanding, the two summer flicks I most look forward to are ELYSIUM and this. Del Toro’s shots are almost mathematical in their precision and his imagination & unique palette fulfill my lust for fantasy. His films are every little boys daydreams brought to fruition in a mature manner.

    • @EVTM – You’re right about that. One thing anyone should know is Del Toro has a great imagination and is masterful at bringing those thoughts and fantasies on the big screen, obviously anybody who doubts that obviously doesn’t know Del Toro as film maker too well.

  19. I hope this is a good movie, because at 180 million del toro should pushed hard to get
    the shogun warriors,voltron, or evangelion done just for instinct name recognition.
    They could have used a brad pitt box office draw actor. So far this movie is tracking
    at 38 million so i hope best for it. Comic book prequel sucks though.

    • 38 million is not a bad opening weekend but I hope “Pacific Rim” easily tops that number and hit 50+mil for the weekend. None of us will really know just how well this film does until Friday’s numbers start to roll in. If Friday’s numbers are around 10-15 mil than we surely are looking at 35-40 million tops, but if Friday’s numbers are in the 20-25 million range look out, we might be looking at a 55-65 million weekend.

    • Screw that, I want him to finally make At The Mountains of Madness! Hopefully if this is successful studios will be more willing to take a chance on it

      • Yeah i would love 65 mil or higher and it would be a sleeper hit. To lose to sandler
        Whose last two films produced subpar numbers would be embarrassing.

  20. I have a “good” feeling about this,first Man Of Steel,and now Pacific Rim,I might as well start sending half of my paycheck to Warner Bros,if they continue to put out product as awesome as these flicks and btw, I will be seeing this in IMAX 3D.I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  21. Man of steel was sixth movie in its cinematic history so i passed up watching it
    In imax. This will be only second movie i watch or deem worthy of busting out the
    cash because like avatar it looks like groundbreaking effects. Only movie i regret not
    seeing in imax with first viewing was avengers, the solo films were good but not
    groundbreaking where i felt i could trust them.

  22. Still going. I want some fun with a movie. This right up my alley. Reliving my youth, why not?

  23. I want this partially because of my love of Godzilla and partly hoping for Justice League Dark. Profitable filmmakers are financially supported filmmakers.

  24. All the reviews I checked out here, good on notso, are about the film, except for this one, that made me go full WTF, from the so called “Slant”:

    “Del Toro may be uninterested in flag-waving and feminist commentary, but he also shuns emotional intimacy”

    This may be a case for Philosoraptor but, what the hell does ‘emotional intimacy’ have to do with feminism? why do they even bring up the subject, like it’s an obligation for GDT to wave flags or make ‘feminist commentary’?

    The only obligation Gillermo Del Toro has, is to make kick-ass fantastic movies for the moviegoers to enjoy.

    “Slanted” movie reviews stink worst than Kaijus.

  25. Pacific Rim looks so unrealistic and not for me

    • yes we’re just waiting for that realistic “giant monsters battling giant robots” film that’s in the pipeline.

      you know, pretty much ANY sci-fi film is “not realistic” if you have start off with that attitude. We can’t fly faster than the speed of light. Rockets don’t make sound in space. Lasers don’t go “whoosh” and make discrete “blasts”. Aliens don’t exist. Human clones don’t exist. Light sabers don’t exist. Replicants don’t exist. Giant black obelisks floating around Jupiter (or Saturn, depending if you’re basing on the book or the film) don’t exist. The most “realistic” sci-fi film can easily be torn to shreds on the realism scale.

      So, no, Pacific Rim isn’t for you. But not because it’s “so unrealistic”. Find some other reason. You’re posting on a website that mostly deals with movies about superheroes, monsters, ghosts, slashers, etc… I’d say the vast majority of what Screen Rant covers easily falls into the “unrealistic” category.

    • Yeah it is terrible they didn’t get real giant monsters to play these parts, typical Hollywood discrimination…….

  26. Mega pumped for this

  27. I saw about half the movie this evening at a free screening. Unfortunately I was stuck in the front row which made it a terrible viewing…however it was great while I could stand watching in such a horrible seat. I’ll be back to see it later this week…monsters and robots. Exactly what it should be…

    Mild mild spoiler

    Although I sure wish del toro had left out the global warmmg angle. So ridiculous…make movies, keep your preachy politics out of a summer movie about robots and giant monterey.

    Go see this movie…I want a sequel and I only saw half of it.

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