Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 14, 2013

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July 14 Box Office Grown Ups 2 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 14, 2013

We had high hopes for an original film heading into this weekend’s box office, but unfortunately sequels won out again.

It was a close race for number 1, but Despicable Me 2 eked out a win thanks to strong Saturday and Sunday numbers. With $44 million over the weekend and $229 million total, Despicable Me 2 is on track to blow the first film out of the water.

Not far behind Despicable Me is Grown Ups 2 with $42 million. The latest from the Happy Madison camp opened with a slightly stronger tally than the original Grown Ups ($40 million), which could put it on pace to become Adam Sandler’s highest grossing movie ever.

For as much as critics, and a large portion of moviegoers, deride the Sandler brand, he still has a loyal fan base. A strong opening might require more celebrity cameos than it used to – which inflates the film’s budget – but until the fans stop turning out, the Happy Madison truck is going to keep on rolling.

Coming in at number 3 is Pacific Rim (read our review) with $38 million. Lots of Screen Rant readers had high hopes for Guillermo del Toro’s first film in 5 years, and while $38 million isn’t a bad showing, some expected more from this robots vs. monsters flick. Perhaps the lack of a bankable star or del Toro’s smaller fan base hurt the film’s potential.

That being said, Pacific Rim is now the largest opening for Del Toro, beating out Hellboy 2‘s $32 million. The film also did very well in IMAX and 3D, which makes sense considering the scope and scale of the action sequences. So, not necessarily a failure, but a somewhat disappointing debut.

July 14 Box Office Pacific Rim Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 14, 2013

This weekend’s number 4 film is The Heat with $14 million. After only three weeks, The Heat has passed The Hangover: Part 3 as the highest grossing comedy of the summer with $112 million total.

Rounding out the top 5 is The Lone Ranger with $11 million this weekend and only $71 million total. Disney is already pulling a John Carter (reporting a loss before the film even bows out of the top 10) with this one so there’s no use trying to sugarcoat things: The Lone Ranger is a massive box office disappointment.

Coming in at number 6 is Monsters University with $10 million. Disney Pixar’s latest animated film is doing very well at the box office (as expected) with $237 million, putting it at number 4 among all Pixar releases already.

World War Z comes in at number 7 with $9 million. Was it the zombies? Was it Brad Pitt? All we know is that World War Z has grossed $177 million over 4 weeks, a feat more than a few summer releases are jealous of.

In at number 8 is White House Down with $6 million. Now at $62 million domestic, this White House invasion flick is certainly one of this summer’s bigger flops. It might luck out with most of the attention going toward films like The Lone Ranger and After Earth, but there was a hope White House Down would do better.

Jamie Foxx in White House Down Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 14, 2013

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain holds strong at number 9 with $5 million. The stand-up comedy film has done very well over its first two weeks, securing a total of $26 million.

Rounding out the top 10 is Man of Steel with $4 million, which brings its domestic total up to $280 million and worldwide total up to $619 million. Unfortunately, the film won’t make it to $1 billion, but Man of Steel is a resounding success nonetheless.

Despite constant debate over the quality of Zach Snyder’s reboot, it’s safe to say Warner Bros. will want another Superman film. Which is a good thing for DC Comics fans as it increases the likelihood of solo films for The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Outside the top 10: The Way, Way Back (read our review) posts another strong per screen average ($14,051 on 79 screens) for $1.1 million over the weekend, and Sundance favorite Fruitvale Station debuts with $377,000 on only 7 screens for an average of 53,857/screen.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates – based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, July 15th – at which time we’ll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. I absolutely hate that crap movies like Grown Ups perform better than movies like Pacific Rim. That irks me almost on a personal level. Pacific Rim was way better than I thought it would be and I hope and pray a sequel gets made. I love mechs and kaiju and wished this film would have performed better.

    • I think they’re going to make some good profit. Maybe not what they expected but enough to maybe warrant a sequel. It made 90 million so far and the movie cost I think 180 so I don’t think it’s too bad. It all depends on next weekend though, hopefully the box office doesn’t drop too much.

    • A sequel has already been announced so don’t worry. I can’t wait to see this was hoping it would come to our drive in but it has not yet

      • Sequels are always announced but it doesnt mean it will happen. You think legendary will finance it alone?? No chance WB isnt there to help

        • I’m gonna have to go with “most people over that side of the Atlantic are stupider than we all thought” and feel sorry for you guys who would rather see a good movie like Pacific Rim do well.

          I just hope that Hollywood actually takes into account the global box office for it (most likely not).

  2. I haven’t been this disappointed since Cloud Atlas bombed
    I thought the fact that the Lone Ranger and White House Down bombed meant that the audience would be more hungry for an action movie

    Long hopeless sigh

    • If any movie could have “monster legs” it would be Pacific Rim.

  3. Hm I thought Man of Steel was at 619 million.

    Shame Grown Ups did better than Pacific Rim. Never met a single person who enjoyed any of Sandler’s recent movies.

    • Man Of Steel IS @ 619 Million globally. And it still has at least another month to go internationally.

    • Yeah it did, I just check B.O. Mojo and it says 619 million. It’s kind of sad that MoS is at number 10, after just being released 4 or 5 weeks ago. I know there’s a lot of competition during this time, but that’s just weak. It will be completely taken out of the top ten by next weekend. But at least it’s passed the 600 million mark and is well on it’s way to make 700+ million.

      • It’s quickly approaching my expectations, I was expecting 650 million by the end of the run. I don’t think it’s doing bad at all, it’s not the best but nothing out of the ordinary I think. Its still making a bit more than a million daily, and that’s domestic I believe. Anything over 650 million would be great in my book, especially for a rebooted series that had mixed reviews.

        • Right on. MOS is doing just fine in spite of all the drawbacks and all the hurdles it had before it:

          – a NON sequel
          – stiff competition over all at the box office
          – a NEW Superman franchise and a new flick starting from scratch
          – some of the more provocative (controversial) aspects of the plot that caused a stir

          – Superman Reurns ! (lol)

          With another month to go internationally, MOS will probably near the 800 Mill mark.

          In terms of box office, it’s done a little better that Nolan’s FIRST Batman flick, Batman Begins , which set out to do the exact same thing MOS has done for DC and WB. People tend to forget this.

          The most important thing is that MOS has delivered a new Superman and a new franchise that has great potential to bring us more; ie, Justice League.

          • +1

            It did much better than Batman Begins, I think Begins made near 400 million, Man of Steel is quickly approaching 700.

            Man of Steel had a couple of things going against it but for the most part, it came through. Now, I’m just waiting for the sequel, let’s hope this installment does what The Dark Knight did for Batman, because if so, I think Star Wars, The Avengers 2 and Jurassic Park are up for some intense competition.

            • @ColdSc
              I +1 on that!

          • Comparing Man Of Steel to Batman Begins is wrong.
            Batman Begins didn’t have half the hype Man Of Steel did.

            Also, Man Of Steel is a disappointment as WB were expecting it to cross 1 billion easy.

            • @MeLVaNoaTe – If WB was expecting MOS to cross 1 billion easily they seriously over calculated and didn’t study ‘Supes’ recent box office history well enough. 600 million worldwide was the worst case scenario I seen for MOS and 800 million the best case scenario. You’re just not going to have a film about a character you’re rebooting and trying to establish with today’s movie audience pop up out the clear blue and sail to 1 billion worldwide, that’s not going to happen. That being said it looks like MOS will gross over 700 million worldwide in the end and that’s quite successful for WB, they need to slow down over there, get a grip and a reality check. MOS did is doing exactly what it needs to do in making Superman relevant again at the box office, they have succeeded.

              • Super70;

                I posted links and information which prove this MeLVaN completely wrong. For whatever reason it’s awaiting moderation.

                But it’s in line with what you say. Right on.

                There was one thing I didn’t cite when I listed the barriers Man Of Steel had to overcome. People like MeLVaN; The H8TERS.

                • Kryptonic – LOL yeah man, MOS is doing just fine. I think the only people who we’re thinking MOS was going to top 1 billion we’re overenthusiastic fan boys, to be honest I think WB we’re probably hoping 600+million for guaranteed success and anything over that would be icing on the cake. And guess what my friend, we’re now looking at the icing and more layers of it to come.

                  • + zillion

                    MOS 2 was green lit only a week or so after it was released!!

                    Superman is now with us and the momentum will only build.

              • I would not really call 600 million a failure… do any of you have that kind of money or merely produce that kind of revenue?

            • Actually, they kept their expectations a bit lower than usual for this one. In the end, Man of Steel exceeded them.

              • ColdSC:

                melv is an example of one of those barriers I neglected to list as a barrier to MOS;

                The Haters.

                MOS defeated them.

                • @Kryptonic

                  melv is actually a great example of describing what he thought was going to happen as WB’s thoughts.

                  When he saw the MoS trailers, what he saw, like many other young eyes… was something that looked visually superior to something that made a billion dollars.

                  So, naturally… MoS should have made a billion dollars.

                  It’s quite amusing. The ones who show up to spout that tripe are the ones who were scared that it would.

                  • That doesn’t make any sense. How does the look of the trailer indicate what the box office will be? Sure it can build hype but it doesn’t mean it’ll naturally make one billion dollars.

                    • I know…

                      …logic and stuff.

              • @ColdSc – WB/DC did because they knew Superman’s recent box office history had not been great, so they stuck to realistic lower expectations. I think it worked out great because MOS should end up topping 700 million worldwide and that’s a huge success in my opinion.

            • I agree that comparing Man of Steel to Batman Begins is wrong. Batman Begins’ budget was far smaller than Man of Steel’s, had less theater releases and wasn’t released in 3D. That would easily account for at least a great deal of the differences in the box office totals. Not to mention, critically Batman Begins was much better received.

            • Talked to a bunch of non comic book fans that saw MOS. They thought it was mehhh and so so. They will not go watch the sequel unless they incorporate more than Supes vs. Luthor. I personally liked it until the last 25-30 minutes. Snyder needs to learn how to end a movie. Go to the Nolan school of movie endings.

              • Not sure he should go to Nolans school of film endings, the more films that guy does the worse his endings get, TDKR ending montage is a complete sell out to the Hollywood school of ‘happy endings’

                some of his films have fantastic endings (TDK and the prestige spring to mind) but the same is true of a lot of other directors and films, Nolan is not the only guy who knows how to end a film, in fact Snyders 300 had a good ending, so did that owl film he did
                I didnt have a problem with the MOS ending
                But the ending is partly down to the writer as well as the director (among other people) so solely blaming Snyder for the ending is probably a bit unfair on the guy

                Also if the sequel is marketed half as well as MOS was then those people probably will go see it
                But fair point that it will take more than the overdone superman vs lex approach

              • Aha I really enjoyed the ending, the fight scene between Superman and Zod was awesome. I feel like all the action before it kinda of lessened the impact because at that point you’re already kinda use to it, it slowly turns into I’ve already seen this kind of destruction ten minutes ago.

    • Fixed.


  4. These results are beyond frustrating and, at the same time, terrifying. We finally have a really fun non-franchise picture open wide with a huge budget and more people pay to see the same sh*t they saw 3 years ago! Unless Pacific Rim performs strong in its second week (which I doubt will happen due to SDCC) the future of these types of films getting made looks bleak.

    I strongly encourage those who saw Grown Ups 2 to step outside their comfort zone and give this film a fighting chance. You just might be surprised. I know I was. I’m not a fan of Transformers, Godzilla, or anime and this film had me riveted!

  5. like everyone else, i am REALLY mad about a stupid movie with poop jokes outgrossing Pacific Rim. Hate to say it, but i hope Godzilla does better next year.

    A bright spot in this would be if it holds well and GU2 falls hard. I also think Pacific rim should bring in big international grosses so hopefully all that will add up to warrent a sequel.

    • Do the younger generation even know about Godzilla? I’m not sure if he got any sort of spotlight since 98. Either way, I’m sure it will kick ass at the box office, as long as they don’t mess up the marketing like they did for Pacific Rim. I don’t think it was done well at all.

      • i dont know what you consider the younger generation, i am 20 right now and saw my first Godzilla movie when i was 6, been a fan ever since. And Toho (Japan) made several Godzilla movies since GINO (Emmerich’s Godzilla), such as Godzilla: Final Wars and Godzilla: 2000. but the last one was in 2004. so you might be right in that younger kids might not know about godzilla.

        but they should, every little boy should be interested in dinosaurs, godzilla and/or trucks at one time in their life.

        • I mean younger than that, around 10 years or something. I’m 19 and obviously know it lol but a couple of my little cousins have no clue what Godzilla is, just dinosaurs. Agreed, they really need to get into it, better than the current Transformers films. Really hoping Godzilla is great and takes back its mantle.

          • While i really want this new godzilla to be good and DO good. im also excited to see it after it is released, we will see more godzilla films coming out of Japan, maybe not right away, as this godzilla film will obviously being playing there. but maybe in a year or two. i miss having a new godzilla film being released every year or so.

  6. This is so disappointing! In what world does GU2 make more than PR? This is just weird! I thought it was collectively accepted that Adam Sandler movies suck. They’ve sucked for the past 10 years now. When are we going to stop wasting money on this half-wit comedian? I have no worries that Pacific Rim will be a huge B.O. success overseas, especially in places like Japan, China and South Korea (where it hasn’t even been released yet), but I really wanted this to be huge domestically. I guess if it’s not a sequel or part of a franchise, than it’s not going to make it big in the states… how sad.
    Basically, Michael Bay will learn nothing from Guillermo del Toro, and next year and the years after, we’ll keep getting these same crappy Transformers movies, which will gross upwards of a billion. This is such a sad day.
    On behalf of all the anime geeks of America, I’d just like to apologize to Japan, we’ve let you down, but you and the rest of Asia will save us, here’s hoping PR banks in 400+ million internationally to merit a sequel/prequel, or just quality kaiju/mecha movies.

    • I guess if it’s not a sequel or part of a franchise, than it’s not going to make it big in the states… how sad.

      James Cameron might have a thing or two to say about that. However, Avatar did have one thing going for it that Pacific Rim doesn’t: Avatar wasn’t a pandering piece of garbage.

      • Dude….Avatar was good on first viewing but after that it was really blah…..Pocohontas with big blue aliens…..Really, watch Pocohontas and tell me it isn’t nearly the exact same story.

        • I find the story really didn’t hold Avatar up for multiple viewings. The visuals were phenomenal though.

        • yeah but at least it doesnt have song numbers & has eyecandy(space fauna vs mechs) galore.

        • Let me get this straight

          giant mechs fighting giant monsters = too weird and “out there” for the “mainstream” audience

          a space marine using telepresence to upload his consciousness into the body of a blue, pseudo-feline alien and obtaining the ability to neuro-chemically connect to other flora and fauna that are connected as part of a massive, moon-wide neural network that permeates the alien ecosystem = mainstream enough for the audience to “get”


          • Cool comment

          • Oh that’s a fair comparison you break pacific rim down into one sentence and say its to ‘out there’ for mainstream
            Then provide an overly complicated description of avatar and say that it’s easy to ‘get’

            Avatar is effectively
            (Western) soldier put into tribal/spiritual environment and finds there is more meaning than what he expected/is used to so switches ideology (Pocohontas, dances with wolves, fern gully are just a few examples, there will be loads more)
            In avatar they even added that he was paralysed as well, to make the switch even more attractive for him (I can walk again, hooray)
            Both are very relatable

            Pacific rim is essentially robots vs monsters (the jaeger piloting mechanism is a way to bring in and illustrate bond formed between soldiers during times of war)
            The soldier bond is harder for people to relate to unless they have experienced it, cos there is no substitute for war

            The difference is not a difficultly for people to understand its which one resonates with people more easily, and which is able to communicate its story better in the marketing (avatar story was easy to see past the telepresence blah, jaeger mind meld stuff probably struck people as overly complicated from the marketing making pacific rim look like a simple action flick that tries through overly complicated means to be something more)

            The rest is down to how things look
            Avatar – fantastic visuals that are very well lit and clear, makes it easy to see the cool bits
            Pacific Rim – fantastic visuals in dark/stormy settings, make it harder to see the cool stuff

            On a related point the fact that you were able to provide such a detailed description of the avatar telepresence mechanism means that actually it was communicated well and was easy to ‘get’
            Avatar is just better executed as a film

            • Agreed +1

  7. My hopes are that the moie will see better word of mouth, since every person ive met has loved the movie :)

    • Hopefully it picks up the coming weeks but seeing as The Wolverine is coming out and if that does well critically, I think it’s likely it will overshadow Pacific Rim for another one or two weeks.

  8. Pretty much what i figured for pacific rim. just too niche for mainstream appeal. I think the gen public cant get over the whole power rangers with a big budget feel. Have had a few friends say as much. There is a diehard group of fans for all things manga influenced but its more limited than the internet chatter would indicate. I expect a much bigger drop than the typical 50% drop on the second week.

    • Yeah, I expect a 60%-70% drop in week 2. The general word of mouth from the general public is that it can wait until the DVD. People have told me that they thought it was a “big budget version of Power Rangers”, “it’s Battleship but with robots and monsters with the same horrid script”, “the acting and emotions are just eh, so I will just wait until it comes on TV”, “it’s Expendables with robots and monsters expect it’s in the dark which makes it hard to understand where it’s all going”, “it’s Transformers but without a real human connection and I just couldn’t connect to the movie”…..the list just goes on and I just don’t see it getting any better

      • That’s a good point.

        A lot of people can identify with TRANSFORMERS. Same thing with “Battleship.” “Godzilla” Etc….

        As I keep on saying, Pacific Rim is a more ‘specific’ brand and genre. I hate using the term “fanboy” but it is what it is.

        How many peeps out there know or can identify with Jaeger’s and Kaiju????

        • I have no clue what a Jaegar or Kaiju is lol. I’m into it because it looks intense and the perfect popcorn flick. Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and Delo Tero also confirms my liking of the movie. While it may target a specific group, I don’t think it leaves out the general audience at all, though I haven’t seen it yet so my opinion may be worth next to nothing, I’m just judging it by the reviews and trailers.

          • Here’s another way of viewing this whole thing: I dragged my GF to see Pacific Rim which meant she had her turn in dragging me to see Grown Ups 2 ( And I LOATHE Adam Sandler the monkey boy! It was very painful )

            I like the way you approach film; by putting some thought into it. Reading reviews, trailers, etc….

            But “most” peeps aren’t really like that at all.

            Honestly. Put it this way; If someone came up to a group of people and gave them free tickets to see either PACIFIC RIM -OR- Grown Ups 2 — which flick would they choose??

            • That is true now that I think about it. I’m pretty sure some of my friends would choose Grown Ups 2 but luckily, they have a movie fanatic beside them to lead them into a movie I KNOW they will enjoy even if they’re not too familiar with it. But yes, it’s the sad truth that movies like Grown Ups, while terrible, can overshadow a movie like Pacific Rim simply because of its big names. How the industry works I guess.

      • How could they know any of that without seeing it?

  9. Well that’s sad. That Grown Ups 2 would outperform Pacific Rim.

    I can’t wait for Godzilla.

    • “I can’t wait for Godzilla.”

      I’m sure Adam Sandler can….

  10. Went to see Pacific Rim specifically for the Visual EFX and the IMAX experience. On that criteria, it was a good flick.

    But on all other levels, it fell flat. This is a “fanboy” flick. The general movie going audience is not gonna feel the same way we do about it.

    If an Adam Sandler flick tops a fanboy designed pic that should settle any bets and arguments. No reason to be so surprised.

    • Agree

    • @ Kryptonic

      Good post! I saw it on IMAX 3D myself. In terms of the fun experience with that… 5 out of 5 for sure. I truly believe the best this movie will ever be is on a HUGE screen and with 3D. For that reason alone people should check it out.

      But yeah, once this movie doesn’t have IMAX and 3D…

      …3 out of 5 stars at best.

  11. I assure you that if Pacific Rim gets a sequel it will bring the house down. Maybe it didnt got the best opening weekend but people are hearing good things about the film. Pacific Rim is a new, fresh franchise and people are curious about it but they prefered to go see what they know. But once they keep hearing good thing about it they’ll give it a chance. Maybe it will make better when it get release in DVD/Blu Ray. But the sequel will be a success if it gets one (I hope it does) ….and Im not a fan of anime nor manga.

  12. I kind of expected this. The word of mouth on Pacific Rim was just soo horrible that it easily might have effected a couple of million. I see Pacific Rim being the John Carter of the year. A film that had soo much potential but because of scipt/plot issues didn’t do as good as it should have. I had some friends go check it out and to have them tell me that people walked out of the theatre halfway thru the movie isn’t a good thing(most of them get their money back). Combine that with people telling other people about them not “getting it” and it just leads to a downfall. It’s the same effect with Grown Ups 2. Critics have said it’s just beyond horrible but the word of mouth for that movie is just insane. When an Adam Sandler film outperforms an action film that is not good. It says
    1. either the comedy was very good
    2. the action film isn’t that good
    3. the action film is okay but just doesn’t appeal to the general public(Battleship, John Carter)
    My bet is on #3 based on what people are saying. Fan boys love it, general public thinks it’s a movie they can wait until DVD

  13. Even if Pacific Rim is targeted to a specific audience I still don’t understand why the general public wouldn’t tune in for it. I mean, my god, the Transformers films make a crap ton of money. I would think that most people who liked that would turn out for this. Dark times people, I’m telling ya.

    • i was thinking the exact same thing, where are all the Transformers fans?

      • The marketing isnt as colourful and instantly engaging as Transformers. It feels very grim & dark without the pop culture sexiness that Micheal Bay is good at.. the trailers just dont feel as accessible for the general public. It works for me as I’m a huge fan of the genre and the director but I can see how it would fail to draw in a wider demographic than it’s target.. like a Bay movie can. I know I’ll have to drag my wife to see it.. especially after MOS which she thought was too bombasticly punchy ( I enjoyed it ). We both liked WWZ. Anyway I think it’ll pick up a lot overseas.

        • Maybe if Pacific Rim had more Shia Lebouf screaming and Megan Fox booty shots it would of done better lol. It scares me what most audiences turn out for.

      • The biggest issue is branding and how the general public can relate. PR isn’t really a big brand and not a lot of people even know of Jaeger’s and Kaiju whereas people know of Sam, Megatron, Optimus, and so on. Also the general public wants to have something to relate to which is why I can never see an all Tranformers movie with just robots being a big hit. The Sandler movies are just horrible but because it’s a movie that people can relate to and has Sandler, James, Rock(brand) it will do okay.

    • I think part of the reason is that when a moviegoer pays their hard earned money to see a movie about giant robot battles, most of them actually want to SEE the giant robot battles- instead of having them almost completely obscured in “moody” torrents of rain and near-pitch darkness.

      • Funny…I very clearly saw the battles over the course of the film…and they were intense and GRAND. Even at its worst, PR should have done much better than the crap that was GU2. I’m not surprised, however, since the movie-going public tends to be exceedingly stupid and narrow-minded but THEN get upset when Hollywood gives them EXACTLY what they seemingly want.


        • “…but THEN *gets* upset…”

  14. Pacific Rim has a problem that a film like Transformers does not have. Branding.
    Just the name alone guarantees attention and tickets from the general public.
    Which gets to the issue of Pacific Rim. It’s title. To the unfamiliar, which is
    most of the movie going audience, Pacific Rim conveys no meaning at all.
    Perhaps a better title would would have leant to better marketing.

    • From the (very) little I have seen of the director, he strikes me as being more concerned with the story/atmosphere than the marketing. The title sounded like a video game, nevertheless, it struck a chord with me. It was a fun movie, one of the better original ideas I’ve seen in a long time, despite being shaded by other concepts. It didn’t have the same “rally the troops” energy of a Bay or Emmerich film, but its story was far more personal to the few characters it spent any real time trying to understand. Definitely one I’d buy in BluRay…until I have my own IMAX. :)

      • I appreciate your impression and endorsement, Jason.
        I am looking forward to seeing it this weekend and
        I imagine I will come away feeling the same.

        • It was a nice homage to the old Saturday matinee sort of films. Enjoy!

          • I like that characterization.
            I think I will catch the Saturday
            matinee which is altogether fitting.

          • Well I saw it tonight. I happened to be
            walking by the theater near showtime
            and the theater was almost empty.

            I thought it was fun too and the
            personal story worked complete with
            a little “romance” and surprisingly Charlie
            Hunnam delivered whom I worried would not.

            High marks for originality. Has its flaws but so what.

            • Cool, glad you enjoyed it! For me, Mako’s back story and the performance of the little girl were impressive. It seemed to be the heart of the story more than the loss Raleigh suffered. I’ve not followed Charlie Hunnam’s work closely but I thought he was great in the movie Deadfall.

              • That little girl was riveting.
                Great underlying storyline there.

                I agree too, Mako’s story was more
                compelling, you felt the loss and
                Raleigh’s seemed to fall away.

                I’ll have to check out Deadfall.

  15. one word UNFAIR. Wont see any Gundham, Robotech, Patlabor come to live on big screen now. Next time get the movie finance overseas and release it only overseas and leave american general audience drown in their stupid comedy.

    • I still think you will see a Gundam movie because it will essentially be a scifi war film. The mechs will look more humanoid and not so Power rangerish….that said Pacific Rim was pretty awesome. I might go see it again just to help out a little….maybe drag my dad along.

    • Also I imagine this film will make a profit with the help from over seas so I still think we might see a sequel….I would think Japanese audiences will eat it up.

      • No doubt that PR will be a big hit overseas. So far Iron Man3, MoS, WWZ makes more money overseas.

  16. We need Del Toro, Bay, and Whedon to come together and make a mind blowing Dragon Ball Z movie.

    • I actually think a DBZ movie could be done right if enough special effects were used and you would have to abandon some source material which would piss fanboys off to no end. You could do a trilogy that focused on Raditz in the first one, (just give him normal long hair and don’t even try to emulate the calf length hair in the show), Nappa/Vegeta in the 2nd, and Frieza in the 3rd. You would have to change up the dragon balls a bit or character deaths would be just as meaningless as they were in the show. Maybe make some special kind of reason why Goku could be revived and not the others. Plus when Yamcha, Tien, and Chaotzu die they stay dead…make it a little more serious. You could get around the Piccolo dieing deal by changing it up so The Namekian db could only revive Namekians, and so that is why they would go to Namek to revive Piccolo. I dunno, I’m sure if you really sat down and brain stormed it could be translated well to film, but it would have to be a looser adaptation than some would like.

      • I agree, heavy special effects will be the thing that carries a DBZ movie done right. Anime fans from all around went bat sh%# when they saw how several DBZ characters were betrayed in evolution. I Would love for it to either take place after the Buu saga or even make it about Goku Jr and his journey as the last super sayain. If they can’t get the hair right, there is no point of making the movie

    • @BasedGeek – Now that I would love to see, they would definitely do a DBZ film justice and give it that truly great representation they fialed to give us with that crappy “DBZ Evolution”.

    • Del Toro is a treasure. He’s a fan just like we are. Yeah he’s very much like Whedon and Zack Snyder.

      My hope would be that he put his energies into the DCCU. No, I don’t mean Justice League Dark.

    • I’d rather they do a gundam or Evangelion movie/adaptation.

      DBZ is too out there in terms of characters. It will look terrible once it is Americanized for western audiences, hence how Dragonball Evolution turned out.

      • also add Robotech(aka Macross) to the list.

        They won’t be too appalling in terms of being Westernized unlike DBZ

      • @abner – It depends, in the hands of the right director and writer DBZ could be amazing on the big screen. It could definitely work on the big screen, it just has to be in the hands of the right people and DBZ Evolution was not, I think we can all agree on that.

  17. I’m not even anti Sandler but grown ups is one of the worst “comedies” I’ve ever suffered through. I’m completely amazed that anyone even went to see this sequel. And though I didn’t expect Pacific rim to totally kill at the theater, it seemed to pick up a lot of steam and have people around me excited to see it. I just hope it doesn’t hinder del toros ability to get other movies of his made. He’s really a genius of these types of movies.

  18. Not surprised at it’s place in the box office. Unless the title of your scifi movie starts with the word “Star” the likelyhood of your movie opening top in the box office is slim

  19. Pacific Rim is going to be like a lot of other films lately and probably live or die by international sales. Grown Ups 2 doing the numbers it did just proves that many people will flock to something with commercial recognition and familiar performers even if it has terrible word of mouth. Descpicable Me doing well is not a shock since family films have a built it advantage of an adult and multiple kids generating ticket sales. Maybe things will turn around during the week when more adults might venture out to the movies.

    • “Despicable Me 2″ is actually an entertaining, intelligent film. GU2 is a piece of derivative, repetitive crap. THAT is what is so extremely disappointing…

      • From what I have heard Despicable Me is like the Incredibles, kids love it and parents can enjoy the under current humor involved. So it is almost a slam dunk for that type of film in the summer unless it is just absolutely awful. GU2 on the other hand seems like one of those deals that runs along the lines of why people would go to a chain restaurant than go somewhere else that is not as well known. They know what they are going to get even if it is mediocre and sometimes that is all people want.

  20. “Grown Ups 2″ might have beaten “Pacific Rim” this weekend at the box office, but I still think “Pacific Rim” will have the last laugh because it should enjoy a much longer and stronger run at the box office than “Grown Ups 2″. The general audience in America still pissed me off though, this country sucks up crappy comedy much more than any other country, the rest of the world is a little smarter than us when it comes to these kind of movies, LOL.

  21. Pacific Rim was amazing! IMO the thing that didn’t allow it to make as much money as it should of was bcuz of the theaters limiting the 2D showings. A good 6 of my friends were gonna go see it and only me and another went bcuz we were willing to cough up the 3D price. Every person I’ve talked to didn’t want to risk dropping the money on 3D. They need to calm down on the 3D showings, people back out of going to the movies bcuz of the only 3D showings. IMO this is why Pacific Rim didn’t do as good.

  22. I checked Pacific Rim out on Rotten Tomatoes….It actually has done well critically. 72% fresh on RT along with an 87% with audience voters. Maybe it will pick up a little through word of mouth.

  23. I don’t know about anywhere else, but in our local theater, Pacific Rim only had 5 showtimes a day, 2 3D, and 3 Digital. While Grownups 2 had 10, and Despicable Me had 14. Don’t know what they expected it to gross when they aren’t going to give it any showtimes.

    • According to the statistics Despicable Me was shown on 8100 screens with 64,200 shows in 4,003 theaters. Grown-Ups 2 was shown on 4,800 screens with 71,000 shows in 3,491 theaters. Pacific Rim was shown on 6500 screens with 62,800 shows in 3275 theaters. Even with 3D sales and IMAX it is not going to make as much in volume if the other two movies are being shown constantly through out the day in more venues.

      • @Slayer & Erich – “Pacific Rim” was in 3275 theaters compared to 3491 for “Grown Ups 2″, WB should have had “Pacific Rim” in 3800 theaters, that alone would have gotten it over 44 million this week based on it’s $11,695 theater average. But maybe a big part of that is MOS is still playing on lot of screens. I still think legs will determine how much “Pacific Rim” finishes with. If it legs are not good it might top out at around 100-120 million domestically, but if it shows strong legs it could finish between 135-150 million domestic.

    • That has nothing to do with it, since runtime plays a contributimg factor to showtimes

  24. Man, I’m going to pirate Grown Ups 2 just because of this, haha.

  25. How does the box office count sales anyways?

    Since Grown Ups 2 outdid Pacific Rim without 3D or Imax premiums, it actually had more viewers too.

    Everyone is upset that GU2 outdid PR, but how about the fact that animation is outdoing live movies. I guess kids rule.

  26. Im surprised people actually expected it to beat grown ups 2 or despicable me. Its a good popcorn flick but a 72% on RT isnt enough for film of its style to have box office sucess. Not to mention none of del torro’s films have prpduced that well in the box office. However it doesnt mean the film isnt worth seeing. Its flipping awesome, and that awesomeness outshines a slew of story and script problems. The wolverine will be the dagger in pacific rims box office toll

  27. Ummmm not sure if people remember the Gundam Movie G-Savior. (An mediocre movie)

    However Pacific Rim, I really like. There weren’t a lot of people when I saw it on Saturday. I guess there wasn’t enough hot bodies,half naked hot bodies, or no hot bodies at all. The Comedy was okay, I like the story. A God damn moment (Spoiler)when I saw both Doctors Jumping in the drift.

    • Did that part make any sense? It clearly said the drift is for 2 people both using 2 parts of the mind. Am i wrong? I very well could be.

      • Well not really, but remember drift runs through the memories and what they did is run through the memories of the Kaiju.

      • The drift is two people melding there minds together THREW the Jaegers. Sense the robots are too much to handle for only one person’s brain. So yea. The first time one of the doctor’s jumping into the drift of a Kaiju he got pretty banged up. But the second time the effects weren’t as extreme. So think of the kaiju brain is the machine and the doctors as the drifters.

        • Makes sense

          • Thats fair. But that just one problem that you fixed. But the fighting was fun

  28. As far as robot movies go pacific rim may not be near transformers, but its not even close the The Iron Giant

    • it’s a good start I say!

  29. I wanna get this out of the way but. I don’t like that they reveal the box office winnings on Sundays. Sunday is still the weekend and pacific rim still had one more day to make 2 more million to reach the predicted 40 million.

    Now with that out of the way. It is sad that people rather see grown ups 2. BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE!!! Grown ups 2 got beat by despicable me 2. So there is that.

    Also im going to say it. With how the movie ends. Pacific rim does not need a sequel.

    • It doesn’t. However who knows Jaegar war??

      • Maybe a prequel… maybe.

        • Maybe they should do a prequel to add an ounce of character development. Mako was the only one with any development and her horid acting took away from that performance

    • I agree