Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 14, 2013

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July 14 Box Office Grown Ups 2 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 14, 2013

We had high hopes for an original film heading into this weekend’s box office, but unfortunately sequels won out again.

It was a close race for number 1, but Despicable Me 2 eked out a win thanks to strong Saturday and Sunday numbers. With $44 million over the weekend and $229 million total, Despicable Me 2 is on track to blow the first film out of the water.

Not far behind Despicable Me is Grown Ups 2 with $42 million. The latest from the Happy Madison camp opened with a slightly stronger tally than the original Grown Ups ($40 million), which could put it on pace to become Adam Sandler’s highest grossing movie ever.

For as much as critics, and a large portion of moviegoers, deride the Sandler brand, he still has a loyal fan base. A strong opening might require more celebrity cameos than it used to – which inflates the film’s budget – but until the fans stop turning out, the Happy Madison truck is going to keep on rolling.

Coming in at number 3 is Pacific Rim (read our review) with $38 million. Lots of Screen Rant readers had high hopes for Guillermo del Toro’s first film in 5 years, and while $38 million isn’t a bad showing, some expected more from this robots vs. monsters flick. Perhaps the lack of a bankable star or del Toro’s smaller fan base hurt the film’s potential.

That being said, Pacific Rim is now the largest opening for Del Toro, beating out Hellboy 2‘s $32 million. The film also did very well in IMAX and 3D, which makes sense considering the scope and scale of the action sequences. So, not necessarily a failure, but a somewhat disappointing debut.

July 14 Box Office Pacific Rim Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 14, 2013

This weekend’s number 4 film is The Heat with $14 million. After only three weeks, The Heat has passed The Hangover: Part 3 as the highest grossing comedy of the summer with $112 million total.

Rounding out the top 5 is The Lone Ranger with $11 million this weekend and only $71 million total. Disney is already pulling a John Carter (reporting a loss before the film even bows out of the top 10) with this one so there’s no use trying to sugarcoat things: The Lone Ranger is a massive box office disappointment.

Coming in at number 6 is Monsters University with $10 million. Disney Pixar’s latest animated film is doing very well at the box office (as expected) with $237 million, putting it at number 4 among all Pixar releases already.

World War Z comes in at number 7 with $9 million. Was it the zombies? Was it Brad Pitt? All we know is that World War Z has grossed $177 million over 4 weeks, a feat more than a few summer releases are jealous of.

In at number 8 is White House Down with $6 million. Now at $62 million domestic, this White House invasion flick is certainly one of this summer’s bigger flops. It might luck out with most of the attention going toward films like The Lone Ranger and After Earth, but there was a hope White House Down would do better.

Jamie Foxx in White House Down Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 14, 2013

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain holds strong at number 9 with $5 million. The stand-up comedy film has done very well over its first two weeks, securing a total of $26 million.

Rounding out the top 10 is Man of Steel with $4 million, which brings its domestic total up to $280 million and worldwide total up to $619 million. Unfortunately, the film won’t make it to $1 billion, but Man of Steel is a resounding success nonetheless.

Despite constant debate over the quality of Zach Snyder’s reboot, it’s safe to say Warner Bros. will want another Superman film. Which is a good thing for DC Comics fans as it increases the likelihood of solo films for The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Outside the top 10: The Way, Way Back (read our review) posts another strong per screen average ($14,051 on 79 screens) for $1.1 million over the weekend, and Sundance favorite Fruitvale Station debuts with $377,000 on only 7 screens for an average of 53,857/screen.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, July 15th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Just for this, I’m gonna go see Pacific Rim again tomorrow. A thing I’ve not done since Avengers.

    • I agree, this movie deserves a second and maybe even third watching. I keep trying to explain how awesome it is to people, and they go ‘That sounds dumb’. I then refuse to talk to them until they see it. I think a lot of people judged this movie on the premise and decided to pass on seeing it.

      • Haha same here, a couple of buddies of mine from work asked about this movie, and I told them, they sound excited, and I told them if they decide to go to let me know, because I am going to watch it again :)

  2. I love adam sandler but his grown up movies are crap… how can crap beat pacific rim? What the heck is going on… maybe the world is really going to end

  3. Pacsific Rim was terrific. I have not seen a packed theater that animated or into a movie since The Avengers. People were cheering, clapping, standing up and clapping. People were into it it big time. On the way out people were saying they couldn’t wait for the next one. I must agree, I can’t either. Great movie.

    • *Pacific*


    • The theater wasn’t packed but I noticed how the audience, including myself, were wincing and tensing up during the fight scenes. And I think everyone was animated afterwards. It was great. Not perfect. The worst was the title, Pacific Rim. I like it but I expected to see a huge map that showed different fights going on and zooming in on them. Something to connect that title with the picture.

  4. LOL, GU2 has more appeal and better word of mouth to the general public. I asked at least 40 people yesterday if they wanted to see PR and their response is that they heard from people they trust that it’ “a bunch of robots and monsters fighting in the dark that can barely be made out and the human element is weak at best”. This is the response I keep getting. Maybe Del Toro should have focused on the human element more and less on the Robots/Monsters. It will still get a good showing but it will be in the Asian countries. Here in the US I doubt it will be a huge blockbuster especially with Thor coming up and the Conjuring next week as a ton of people I know will be seeing that.

    • WTF? this couldn’t be more untrue. its the complete opposite! from word of mouth the people who saw it loved or liked it(there was no inbetween)while boring ass Grown Ups 2 got a hugh trashing. regarding the human eliment IMO it was blanced with the action and from what i seen there was just enough of it. check any forum or fan review, they agree, respected critics also. I have a feeling your a little adam sandler nerd from all your comments on this page. because you are by far the only dude talking out your ass.

      PR doesn’t need america its already pretty successful worldwide. I Predict box office will only get better.

      • Maybe that might be in your area but here not a lot of people are interested in seeing this movie. I’ve seen PR but not GU2. I had no interest in seeing it but a lot of people went hence the domestic box office outcome. Do I think PR will do good? Yes but here in the US I don’t. I think it will do excellent overseas but based on what people, friends, and co-workers have stated they have no interest in seeing PR. When asked the majority would say they have no interest in seeing a CGI film about monsters and robots with no character development. Take it for what it is

  5. Unfortunately Pacific Rim is gonna go the way of Dredd, awesome movie with no chance for a sequel. Shame on you America

    • I am more disappointed with Dredd than PR. Dredd at least had a good script/plot. With PR I can understand why people are don’t want to see it. The reviews were split in which 90% of them said the same thing along with the general public, great visuals but falls flat on everything else. I thought PR would pick up next week but as friends reminded me it’s pretty doubtful with The Conjuring coming up(which a ton of people I know are excited about) and you have Turbo/RIPD as well which will draw the young crowd along with RED 2. The week after that is The Wolverine so it’s not looking too good for PR in the US.

  6. Did anyone have the same experience I had? I live in Dallas and went to see PR on Saturday. I was looking at the movie times and in theater after theater, all across Dallas, I saw GU2 had more showtimes per theater than PR. I started counting an I saw that PR had an average of 7 showings per theater while GU2 had almost 12. Was it like this in other cities?

    • The reason why PR got beat by GU2 has nothing to do with how many showtimes there was. PR could have averaged 11 and it still would have been the same issue. People didn’t go because of the bad word of mouth for PR. When you have people comparing the film to Battleship or “another version of Transformers but without a human connection” it’s not a good thing. Say what you want about Michael Bay but the guy knows how to appeal his brand to the general public(which is the one who will bring in the majority of the profits). This is why I’ve always said there will never be a Transformers movie just based on the robots. It will not happen with success as there is no emotional human attachment for the general public.

      • The word of mouth angle is interesting because a lot of the comparisons to Battleship were being made before the movie was released. Since Battleship did so poorly in the theaters it is hard to figure out who was making that determination. Unless of course it was just a matter of people looking at the commercials and drawing their own comparisons, which is understandable. Grown Ups doing marginally better over the weekend also goes against the word of mouth idea since I have heard nothing good about it at all, unlike Pacific Rim which people I know enjoyed.

        The Transformers theory would work except that the human characters have always been the worst part of those movies for me, and if people have been willing to overlook that a myriad of other issues with those movies I don’t see how this one is being judged so harshly. It might be because Transformers has an established toy driven name behind it and Spielberg’s name attached to it somehow.

      • Did you see PR?

        People are using “word of mouth” and “tracking” interchangeably. The movie had very bad “tracking,” or “awareness.” “Word..” has been positive. For myself I was surprised by the characters and acting. They were fine, although I think underdeveloped (too many characters). But where the movie succeeded far and away ahead of most action movies, much less CGI movies, was in how it made you feel for the humans inside the robots simply on a physical level. Whether I felt a personal connection to them, I “felt” the punches and blows delivered. That’s a feat most action movies fail at.

    • I noticed that, too. The cinema near my house had six showings of Pacific Rim between TWO THEATERS. Grown Ups 2 had 8 showings in one theater. There’s something weird going on here, which I think is connected to the disintegration of the relationship between Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Legendary paid for the movie, with Warner Bros. handling the distribution. It seems like Warner Bros. isn’t supporting the film properly.

  7. There is a possibility of this making #1 next week if word of mouth is reasonable (which it is from what I’ve heard), and Turbo looks to be the dud that the commercials make it out to be.

    So if some of the meatheads who saw Grown Ups 2 – Grown Uppier go out to see it, and some of the Dads get away from the kids movies…

    All this hand ringing, it did open up to 50 million overseas, even without Japan.

    Disappointing because we all wanted a home run for the film and Del Toro, but far from the disaster it could have been.

    Legendary – I expect a sequel… it did well enough and the next one will likely be a blockbuster.

    • I expect the Conjuring to be number 1 next week. The vibe I get from people is that The Conjuring is suppose to be pretty well done in the horror aspect. The people I couldn’t get to see PR over the weekend will be going to see this horror film the day it comes out.

      • The Conjuring is rated R, and horror. It will make money because it had no budget, but it will not make a more than 10-15 mil this weekend.

        At this point I’m looking towards Japan to make Pacific Rim. Kaiju are really part of the fabric of their culture as well as mechs. The super strong South Korean opening indicates that the Japanese will make a great showing at the box office.

        This film was hinged on two aspects – attracting a general domestic audience (failed largely), and a strong international performance (looks good, and probably getting better).

        400 Million worldwide would secure a sequel. I think that’s a completely doable number.

        Usually I care nothing about the box office performance of a film, but Del Toro and particularly Pacific Rim are special in this regard.

        • Maybe but based on early reviews online and the general buzz I wouldn’t be surprised if it pulled Evil Dead type of numbers(25 mil) given that a huge number of people have been hyped up for this movie.

  8. Just the fact that Grown ups beat Pacific Rim shows that this is a nation of idiots. Who wants to see four has-beens when you can see the most talented actor ever (Charlie Hunnam) in Pacific Rim? I need to go see it again because there is so much action, I felt like I couldn’t see it all.

  9. I just didn’t think the marketing for PacRim was compelling enough.

    The last trailer I saw (in the theater) was better than the previous ones as it explained the human aspect (recruiting Charlie) and how they have to work together.

    I also think if they marketed it more as an apocalyptic film, it would have made people more curious… Idris Elba’s “Canceling the Apoc” speech would have more impact.

  10. Pacific Rim was awesome! If the US wont support it, then hopefully the rest of the world will. Esp Asia, Australia and Europe . How this movie lost to Grown ups 2 is beyond me

  11. People spent around $14 at ticket to see the Expendables for washed up comedians, which has nothing in it that warrants being seen on the big screen and they could see for free on cable in a few months. Giant Monsters fighting Giant robots absolutely needs to be seen atleast once on the big screen.

    Well, now it’s unlikely we’ll get a sequel to Pacific Rim, hope everyone who didn’t bother to see it this weekend is proud of themselves.

  12. After the horribad Transformers franchise has done so well I am shocked Pacific Rim didn’t do much better.

    Why are people not interested in seeing Giant Mechs fight epic monsters??! Go figure.

    • Because it is not based off of property from 25 years ago that people who were not around then think is cool because it is retro, along with the added draw of those who may go see the film for nostalgia(only to realize it has nothing to do with anything they remember).

      The irony is that back when things like Star Wars and Transformers came out they were unknown commodities that fan support made popular, even though they had some of the same short comings people have labeled Pacific Rim and other genre films with. I would hazard a guess that if Star Wars or Transformers came out now most of the same people who eat the movies up like mana from heaven would not go see it in favor of a sequel, prequel or reboot of something that was released 5-10 years ago.

    • here was a quote today from a site today that supports my theory of why PR will not bring in a lot more here in the US. This is from Jeff Brock Exhibitor Relations vice-president and senior analyst.

      “There is a very good reason the majority of superhero films has a love interest and it’s not just so the hero can save the damsel in distress,” Bock said.” Today’s blockbusters need to function on multiple levels.
      “Even though the visuals of “Pacific Rim” astounded audiences, the flimsy character development, lack of heart (romance or otherwise) and not throwing a true star into the mix ultimately doomed it,” Bock said. “This is exactly where a brand name like Brad Pitt can be mighty important when attempted to sell a nameless brand to the masses.”

      Another point made in explaining the differences in PR and Transformers was that with Transformers, it was about robots vs. robots but the main element in the Transformers trilogy was focused on the human aspect. Transformers 1, the focus was based on Sam and how he deals with these robots that came into his life along with a love interest. Transformers 2 followed the same scenerio along with Transformers 3. PR is more of a clear cut case where the main focus is based on robots vs aliens. There is no connection with the general audience

      • So basically if something is not generic and formulaic enough, American audiences will not buy it. Sounds about right.

        • LOL, either way it sounds like the number for Austraila is about the same as the US, lower than expected. This movie should do well in Asia as the “brand” of this movie is more known

        • PR was so cliche, generic and formulaic. The only new idea was in fact the robots vs aliens, which isnt exactly new but new to most. I really wanted to love PR,but it was more or less your same old cgi fest. I didnt have any attachment to the human characters because they were wooden and cliched. People keep getting on my ass about my dislikes about PR, generally along the lines of ” well what were you expecting, its robots vs aliens” Thats all nice and everything,but if the entire middle act is character development and characters that are poorly acted and have horrible dialouge, what did I pay to go see. By the time the 2nd battle happens,it takes the whole fight scene to finally get me re-engaged into PR. Once that fight scene is over its back to dealing with the character elements that bored me in the 1st place. Like I said I wanted to love PR, been tracking it since pre-production. I feel people who loved it are willing to give everything a free pass because its “suppose” to be good dumb popcorn fun, I really wish I could do the same,but I can’t. Furthermore I find it strange how the same people who defend PR with these reasons are the same people saying America is doomed when they choose a dumb comedy over a dumb action movie. I dunno,eventually I’ll give PR another shot and maybe then I’ll take away more from the film and enjoy it to the level most fanboys are. I don’t think its main focus was based on robots vs aliens when you only get to see that 3 times, and almost an hr in between fights.

          • and Transformers wasn’t?

            I haven’t seen PR yet mind you but I did see all 3 Transformers (not in theaters thank goodness) and all sucked rocks. There was very little of the original charm of the animated show left in the movie but yet people went to see all three (esp. #2…/cringe)

            Still makes no sense to me especially if a show like Independence Day (that had no franchise) was big yet also VERY cliche, generic and formulaic.

            • independence day and the transformers movies have something in common, they are movies with a hard on for the american military. Pacific Rim has none of that. the movie pushes the concept or world unity and all nations coming together to take on a threat as opposed to everyone asking america what to do. the movie has jaegers from all sorts of countries and pilots from all over piloting them, and major scenes take place in japan and not the typical NY or washington.

            • Agreed and as people have said to me there was a general connection to the characters from movies like a Transformer or a Independence Day. Those movies weren’t perfect but they had a connection whereas PR didn’t have that connection. Robots vs. Godzilla like monsters isn’t enough to get the average moviegoer to see this movie. People say, “let’s hope to good word of mouth will get people to see this” but as of yet the ordinary audience “word” has been that it’s just another CGI movie with a very bad script. When 70% of the people tell me they would rather skip the movie and save the money for Fridays The Conjuring or go see GU2 then that’s telling me PR isn’t marketed for the general public. Bad for Del Toro and good for The Conjuring LOL

  13. F**k, Adam Sandler and all his movies,nothing but pee and poop jokes,and it makes more money than the awesomeness that was Pacific Rim? Something is not right in this universe,that being said I think Pacific Rim will have legs going foward,with the generally positive reviews and positve fan reaction and a Cinemascore of A-,I think the movie will do well in the long run domestically,and it will do great overseas,I still have faith.

    • Sorry for the mis-print,my screen name is Lando’s Son.

  14. According to boxofficemojo, PR has made over $90 million worldwide, GU2 has made only $43 million worldwide. Looks like PR is winning in that battle.

  15. Pacific Rim was such a fun movie. Definitely my favorite of the year so far, beating out both Man of Steel and Star Trek. I will definitely be seeing it a second and probably third time in theaters. No interest in Grown Ups 2 since the first one was so awful

  16. People who thought Grown ups 2′s gonna flop “suck it”.

    • LOL, right. Adam Sandler & Co is smiling all the way to the bank while telling all the critics to cram it and laughing at the Pacific Rim people

    • You two are laughing…you should be crying. GU2′s success shows only to clearly the overall stupidity of the American movie-going public.

      I’ve said it before: That goofy movie “Idiocracy” will prove to be sadly prophetic…

      • Ugh…that should be “only toO clearly”.

        • If Grown ups 2 was going to compete against the likes of inception and such maybe the Idiocracy prophecy would have come true. But come on, it was against Pacific rim. Not surprising at all…

          • Competition with ANY other movie is not an issue. The facts of its existence and subsequent success illustrate perfectly the societal slide into the mud pit of dumbness…

      • LOL, I think a lot of people are going a little overboard with PR. It was a good movie. Nothing more, nothing less. Do I think it’s the best movie of the year? No. Do I think it’s a good movie? Yes but I also don’t think it’s the most epic thing ever. If the movie had some kind of character development and some kind of interesting storyline then it might have done better.

        • Well, while I very much enjoyed PR, I know it wasn’t the end-all-be-all of cinema. It was, however, far better than much of the crap that’s been released this year and an entertaining film to boot. Also, though the characters did not develop per se, they were interesting as components of this world. The film was superior in virtually every way to the Transformers movies and set up a more intriguing world and a much more satisfying experience. To have moronic garbage like GU2 do better is not justifiable IMO. Then again, IM3 made well over a billion dollars, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised…

          • Anthony…

            I’m hoping my above comment can get off moderation soon…?

  17. I think a lot of you are going a bit over-board with the Pacific Rim praise.

    The movie was a solid 3 out of 5. If you want to give it MoS type scrutiny, then the movie is barely a 2 out of 5 AT MOST.

    Actually, that sounds like a fun idea. Here is a Pacific Rim review if you follow the guidelines set by negative MoS reviews:

    “Pacific Rim is another bland summer blockbuster that sacrifices heart and soul for the sake of CGI destruction spectacle. Character development is non-existent in this world of hollow shells of people. I couldn’t figure out which was more hollow: the giant robots or the actors tasked with operating them.
    The story is nothing new, scenes are predictable and over-all unimaginative. This lackadaisical approach coupled with over-saturated color and middle-school lunchroom humor is more distracting then it is compelling, but this is something that shouldn’t come as a surprise in a movie where science has advanced to the point of powering objects the size of sky-scrappers and the best defense we can come up with against aliens is punching them.”


    Now I don’t really feel this way about this movie, I’m just making a point.

    It’s funny that you guys are acting like a derpy comedy with globally recognized talent isn’t supposed to out-sell something that is completely genre based, and frankly… not that far removed from Transformers in terms of appearance.

    • I really thought PR was okay but for all these people to praise it like it’s the best thing ever is ridiculous. It’s an okay movie but that’s it. It has the same criticism of MOS(lacks storyline but has outstanding CGI) of no new story with predictable scenes. Giant robots fighting aliens or Godzilla just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I want an actual storyline when I pay money to see on the big screen. People will say Americans are dumb for not seeing this but in return those people are saying the same thing about people seeing this movie.

    • I haven’t seen Pacific Rim, so i cannot judge it’s shortcomings. I just find it funny that people are comparing it Transformers and trying to say it has less developed human characters than the Transformers series when the human characters have been seen as the worst part of that franchise.

      It probably does come down to commercial appeal and the general public’s tendency to flock to a “name”. Next summer maybe movie goers will be treated to a fantasy adventure thriller about Ronald McDonald an McDonald Land. The marketing tie-ins alone would draw people in…..

  18. Who cares that there wasn’t enough story or character charisma! I just wanna see some robots fight!

    • @Miranda – The way some of these weird dudes talk about story and character development trips me out. They act like this is supposed to have an Oscar script or something. It’s Robots vs Monsters, it’s a fun summer action movie. If this film was made by Del Toro to be some Oscar nominated film than I would understand that flawed kind of thinking, but obviously it wasn’t. This is a love letter and an ode to those old school monsters, robots and alien invasion films. It’s not trying to be anything more than that, and these wierdos need to suck it up, grow a pair and understand that.

  19. I meant to say ‘weirdos’, excuse me. Miranda you do have the right mindset, you just went it expecting a big fun summer movie that gave you a bang for your buck, I truly understand and respect that to the fullest.

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