‘Pacific Rim 2′ Mapped Out But Dependent on ‘Pacific Rim’ Box Office Success

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Pacific Rim Jaeger on the beach Pacific Rim 2 Mapped Out But Dependent on Pacific Rim Box Office Success

With a summer blockbuster as big as Guillermo del Toro’s robots vs. monsters movie Pacific Rim, it’s understandable that Legendary Pictures would begin planning for a sequel, and had already commissioned a sequel script from Travis Beacham by December 2012. Based on this fact, and the fact that del Toro has been dropping hints about the sequel’s development for some time now, you’d expected Pacific Rim 2 to be a done deal already.

There are, of course, some film franchises that jump right into multi-sequel planning without waiting to see how the first film performs; Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy is an example of this, as is Disney’s new set of Star Wars films. A brand new intellectual property like Pacific Rim, however, is too much of a box office risk for Legendary Pictures to sign off on a sequel before the numbers for the first film come in.

CEO Thomas Tull has told Deadline that the studio is intending to play this one cautiously: “We’d like to do it but it’s up to the audience — ultimately we’ll have to see how it does.”

Del Toro, at least, is ploughing ahead with the plans for Pacific Rim 2 unreservedly. The movie already has an accompanying graphic novel with a prequel story in the works, as well as a video game tie-in, and the director seems intent on turning Pacific Rim into a major commercially viable franchise. Joking that the sequel will have “a Mexican Jaeger,” Del Toro outlined the stage that the sequel is currently at:

“We’ve been talking about the idea for it and working on a pitch… Having had two to three years pass from the first Pacific Rim to the second movie, we can also prepare a good video game, continue the graphic novel and continue the mythology.”

Guillermo del Toro on Pacific Rim set with Idris Elba Pacific Rim 2 Mapped Out But Dependent on Pacific Rim Box Office Success

Since Pacific Rim isn’t out yet, it’s difficult to ascertain the implications of a sequel picking up after an interval of a few years. The most obvious plot would be having the humans forced to fight off a second wave of Kaiju, but based on del Toro’s previous assurances that he doesn’t intend to repeat a single beat from the first movie in the sequel, it seems more likely that Pacific Rim 2 will go in quite a different direction. Beacham recently revealed that the first film has at least one scene that does not take place on Earth, so perhaps future installments will find the story stretching into the Kaiju’s own dimension.

Although Pacific Rim doesn’t have the kind of nostalgic force behind it that made the Transformers franchise consistently profitable throughout all three movies, it does have the benefit of being extremely well-positioned within the summer release schedule. It’s arriving in theaters on the same day as Adam Sandler comedy sequel Grown-Ups 2, but won’t see any direct genre competition until RED 2 and R.I.P.D. come out a week later.

Do you agree that Tull is right to be cautious about Pacific Rim‘s prospects, or do you think that the film is a guaranteed summer hit?


Pacific Rim is out in theaters on July 12, 2013.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I haven’t seen the movie, but I really hope it gets a sequel. And it had better beat out Grown Ups 2 at the box office…

    • my thoughts exactly

    • I have seen and payed for pacific rim 25 times-my whole family is hooked

  2. I was kinda looking forward to watching this… until I saw the trailer that is. Dear mother of science, what a piece of s… It looks like a movie made by a 12 year old. I’m just gonna skip it.

    • kill yourself

      • Surely he is being sarcastic…

        if he isn’t then i agree. End yourself now.

    • Wait….. so, you liked the idea of a movie featuring giant robots fighting giant monsters………

      You watch a trailer of Giant robots fighting giant monsters………..

      and you think it looks like “sh*t”!???

      “Made by a 12 year old”!??… Maybe you’d better stick to grown up films. Perhaps all those lame ones Sean Penn always stars in. Yawn.


    • Are you sure you weren’t confusing it for transformers?

    • I don’t mean actually kill yourself

      • haha I’m sure he appreciates the correction. but personally I think the movie looks phenomenal! Del Toro hasn’t let me down yet 😀 I love his stuff

    • the whole made by a 12 year old is part of the appeal, because it makes me feel like I’m a 12 year old (in a good way)

    • “Dear mother of science”


    • Wrong! Just watched it and it’s an amazing flick!

      • amazing like the amazing spider-man.

  3. If the story and action is good i dont see problem with this movie making 550 million worldwide. Its too bad this is not marvels the shogun warriors then it would be about 700 million worldwide. But who knows, pacific rim will be only second movie i watch in imax aside from avatar. Only because it has multiple giant optimus primes taking on big monsters.

  4. I am hoping that does inception box office like numbers. This looks amazing. These robots really do feel life like and tall, unlike transformers.

  5. I think PR has nothing to worry about.. People will see it.. Especially the younger crowd n all of us old nerds.. I have been waiting for this movie since I first heard about over a yr ago.. Screw MOS this is gonna be the movie of the summer… Like come on it will make its money n then some… Its giants robots vs monsters n directed by del toro buff said

    • *nuff said

  6. Pacific Rim,giant robots vs giant monsters,made with 21st century special efx,directed by one of the worlds most nerd-centric genre film makers? Hells yes, I’m in. See ya’ll in July.

  7. Im not a fan of Del Toro’s american movies, i felt both Hellboy movies were bloated and overly long, the fact that they are commissioning a sequel puts me off straight away!

    This could very well be another Battleship or John Carter, plus I’m already tired of hearing Idris Elba cancelling the apocalypse!!

    • They are just talking about a sequel if this one is successful, which is what almost every movie maker does these days. They are planning the next 2 Spider-Man movies already & the second one has not even wrapped yet.

      I hope the film is good & does well because I can not see the Transformers series getting the passes it does while similar films are judged on a harsher scale.

      • Yeah I read about Spider-Man and had the same reaction, Hollywood just churns this stuff out regardless of the quality, throwing money and CGI at a movie doesn’t make it any good, Transformers has already desensitised the audience in regards to cities being demolished by big robots, I don’t see how this will be any different

        • Your points are valid to an extent, but CGI & destroyed cities are the fad right now. You are not going to have many choices when it comes to movies, particularly during the summer 😉

          • I think Elysium will be the movie event of the summer! A clever blockbuster with something valid to say!! Well hopefully, oh and i do love Man of Steel in spite of the collateral damage lol

    • I think Blade 2 was the best Resident Evil movie we will ever get.

      • Ha, yeah and his “non-American” movies are not bad from an artistic standpoint. No matter what he shoots interesting visuals and his practical effects background should help inform his design of the monster and robots.

    • While I don’t think it will tank as hard as those two movies,I’m really on the fence on thinking that it will do good or not at the box office.

      Personally,I have no interest in seeing this movie.It feels like they wanted to do a Giant Robo movie but couldn’t secure the rights to do so,so they just mad a cheesy ripoff with a little bit of The Big O thrown in too,for good measure.

      I think that it will be one of those movies that people will come out and say how awesome it was,then totally forget about it two days later,because it’s just going to be mindless action.

      Now the one thing it does seem to have going for it is that,if I’m not mistaken,there really isn’t anything else coming out that week.

      I’ll definitely catch it when it come to VUDU,but I’m just not sure about plunking down $10 for this movie.The only movie I’m waiting for now is Elysium,which looks like it has potential to be the best movie of the summer.

    • I bet you feel like a idiot now that the movie is out and is killing the box office! Movie is really good!

  8. this ought to be an interesting movie looks good really hope they show s Godzilla trailer lol now that’s an epic movie monster lol sorry as corny as they look I have always been Godzilla gain all hail the greatest movie monster of all time. peace.

  9. I’m looking forward to it. Now we just need a Mobile Suit Gundam trilogy.

    • +1

      I was just thinking that.
      I’d be super stoked about it.

  10. what do we do with the giant mechs when the aliens are gone ?

    • Go fight them on their own turf maybe?

    • It sounds like they are going with the notion that these creatures come from a dimensional rift, which is funny because I just watched the Mist the other night which had creatures that spilled out of some dimension. I guess if he gets to do a sequel it will be a substitute for his Lovecraft project so he can do his inter-dimensional monster world picture, just with giant robots. Nothing wrong with that…

      • I doubt his “At the Mountains of Madness” project is really dead…it might just take a while longer to surface.

        • If this does well financially and he can make a franchise out of it At the Mountains of Madness might surface much quicker.

    • Mobile 250-foot advertising billboards? Ferris wheel on each arm? Just spitballing here… 😉

  11. del Toro at least you are not American, This be a badass film appearance of monsters comes to mind Cthulhu and the rest of the Old Ones
    Shudde M’ell
    Im Waiting for the Film.

  12. There is talk about a short film Marvel has made with the “Howling Commandos” and other WW2 characters from Cap 1 that they are planning to show at ComicCon. I wonder if Scarlett will be in that; the Black Widow in the comics was a Soviet Supersoldier who was born in 1927, and fought in WW2. She has a healing factor, so doesn’t age. Maybe they will go that way in the movie.

  13. I guess holding off on a sequel is a good idea.
    I guess……maybe?

    But I just can’t see this movie failing, unless it’s just a total piece of crap, whitch I do not expect at all.

  14. Pacific Rim, while it looks great and I absolutely cannot wait for it, does not seem like it’s going to do well at the box office. My roommate and I were talking about movies and he was like ‘have you seen that thing about that new movie, it’s about monsters vs robots, it looks f*cking stupid.’ And it’s ignorance and close-minded people like this that will cause PR so suffer at the box office, all because they find it ‘nerdy’ or whatever the hell kind of excuse they can come up with

    • I don’t think it’s closed minded per se,rather some people have different sensibilities about the types of movies they want to watch.

      I’m a grown ass man,and I don’t want to be talked to like I’m a 12 year old,and that’s exactly what this movie looks like.It looks like a movie that’s talking to grown ass men that WANT to be talked to like they are still 12 years old.If that’s what you like,I can’t argue that,but there are a lot of other people that don’t go for that.I’m one of them.

  15. I’m looking forward to it! Might even check it out in 3D and I hate 3D lol

  16. Can’t wait for this film and my prequal comic has turned up this afternoon :)

    • This thing might have a bit more story than people are giving it credit.

      The prequal comic’s pretty good and has some interesting character arcs and good explination of the tech.

      The story is of the arrival of the Kaiju, the creation of the Pons (the mind link) and the Jaegers but is told through characters memories of the events.

      I’m not sure but because of certain story elements (SORRY NO SPOILERS) I think the present of the comic is AFTER developments in the movie although the story being told is how it all started.

      If your interested in Pacific Rim this prequal comic is a decent companion.

  17. Well if YOU, I, WE, and CHICKS dig giant robots…

    How can it fail?

  18. Please do well. I’d really love to see a trilogy made out of it, if it’s good. I also want to see del Toro get to do some higher quality movies

  19. I’m going to see it in theater but I don’t think it’ll do that well.

    • pacific rim may seem like a cliche but I see its potential to have an excellent sequel as long as they have talented actors,suspense,plot twists,and most importantly confidence.I saw this movie and it was quite impressive with its eye popping CGI which really captured my attention.I know this movie will have a sequel and I that it will shatter expectations at the box office and excite people.

  20. I just saw it and thought it was awesome and way better then another movie(The Avengers) that was just ok in my opinion but for some reason people thought it was good or even great but just didnt do it for me.

  21. Just saw it last night in IMAX 3D..GO SEE IT! it is like nothing you’ve ever seen and the CGI reminded me a lot of Avatar as how good it looks and you loose yourself in that world they’ve created. Great movie hands down

    • del toro can pull it off with the people and support # can’t wait for this.

  22. I think a sequel would be great but I don’t know how del toro will do it because the bridge was destroyed so it would be interesing to see how he would bring the kaiju back in the story

    • the lil 1’s that come from the big 1’s remember ppl collected them

  23. Desopite blnd acting by the lead actor, and actress (she was more powerful & natural in that Oscar winning film), Idris and Ron saves the day for the acting. What I would have done besides recasting the leads, is not kill off Crimson Typhoon that easily (or quickly). This movie will open in China next Wednesday. If only Crimson typhoon could remain as an ally with Gypsy and Eureka till the end, I think that might be a natural publicity for the movie in China. Box offices aside, this is a heckuva Blockbuster, and will go down as a CLASSIC, whether it garners a sequel or not.
    (And by the way, for America, Transformers 1,2,3,4.. + Adam Sandler = 0.)

  24. I would be interested in a sequel and who knows about what kind of plot twist will be in it.

  25. I have seen and payed for watching pacific rim 25 times–my whole family is hooked from 14 to 70 years of age==we worship at the front of del toro–he is a genius,maybe the only one left considering the awful movies to pick from–but pacific rim is amazing-please,give us 2 and 3-we will pay–Charlie hunman is too great for 50 shades–how about the guy he keeps punching in this movie,for that dreck. Charlie is too good.pay the guy that wrote buffy-he is the best for recreating dreck–50 shades will make the stars into rock gods with horrible lives–but we need another pacific rim really soon–please.

  26. love pacific rim –watched and payed for it 25 times on my dvr–love the movie–mental connection with monsters–sitting in their brains as they eat toyko–too great-thank you,del toro.