‘Pacific Rim’ Could Still Get a Sequel – But Does It Need One?

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Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori and Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket in Pacific Rim Pacific Rim Could Still Get a Sequel   But Does It Need One?

A movie about giant monsters going toe-to-toe with giant robots seems like it would be an easy sell for most audiences, especially since Guillermo del Toro’s big summer action sci-fi Pacific Rim managed to keep things PG-13 by only getting truly brutal and graphic with the destruction of its alien creatures and skyscraper-sized mechanical warriors. However, every film release has an element of risk to it, and this is especially true of those that aren’t spawned from already-establisheds brands.

Pacific Rim did not get off to the strongest start, despite it’s well-placed release date, and was beaten out at the box office by the Adam Sandler comedy sequel Grown-Ups 2 and animated family adventure Despicable Me 2. There’s strength in numbers at the end of a movie’s title, it seems, but even though Pacific Rim has continued to perform somewhat sluggishly at the domestic box office, reports suggest that there might still be hope for it overseas.

The Wrap reports that eyes are on China and other Asian countries in particular, since Pacific Rim is mostly set in China and features a Jaeger piloted by a set of Chinese triplets. It is also based on a subset of monster movies that is specific to Japan, and the lead female protagonist is played by Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi.

Pacific Rim has so far made $140 million overseas, but Boxoffice.com editor-in-chief Phil Contrino says that if it can make $50 million in China and also do well in Japan and Brazil, the total foreign gross could hit $300 million – enough for studio executives to at least discuss a sequel, though not guarantee one.

Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim Pacific Rim Could Still Get a Sequel   But Does It Need One?

Given the franchise-driven nature of the film industry, particularly in the case of big-budget studio movies like Pacific Rim, there’s a knee-jerk reflex to always raise the question of whether or not each new title is going to get a sequel. After all, it’s almost inevitable that if a movie makes big money at the box office, the studio will then continue to cash in on the property until it runs out of steam or profitability.

That’s not to say, of course, that every attempt to turn a movie property into a franchise is a cynical cash-grab. There are a lot of great sequels out there, many of which even manage to improve upon the quality and success of the previous installment. Del Toro has already expressed an interest in coming back to do a Pacific Rim sequel, and so have screenwriter Travis Beacham and cast members Charlie Day and Burn Gorman. There’s every reason to believe that a Pacific Rim sequel could be great – but would it really be such a tragedy if we didn’t get one?

Obviously, if you disliked or even hated Pacific Rim (and plenty did; it had its flaws and no movie has ever managed to please everyone), then the answer to that question is going to be a resounding ‘No.‘ However, if you did enjoy the film and are currently eager to hear about a sequel, it might be worth giving the matter a little more consideration.

Charlie Hunnam and Mana Ashida in Pacific Rim Pacific Rim Could Still Get a Sequel   But Does It Need One?

One of the refreshing things about Pacific Rim was that, amidst a release schedule proliferated with reboots and remakes and sequels, it was a brand new story that built its own universe and populated it with new characters. Yes, the film drew on many of the traditions of classic kaiju movies, and there were characters who filled recognizably archetypal roles, but it nonetheless displayed a great deal of originality, spun an interesting tale, and had its own unique visual style.

More importantly, Pacific Rim does not end on a cliffhanger; the story is wrapped up neatly and without any urgency to find out what happens next – perhaps because Beacham and del Toro knew that they could not count on Pacific Rim 2 getting a green light.

$190 million is a dizzying amount of money to sink into designing and building a universe that will only ever be seen in one movie, and if Pacific Rim doesn’t manage to break into the box office numbers that would justify a sequel, then it may sadly end up being considered a failure. Speaking as someone who thoroughly enjoyed the film, though, I’d honestly rather see the profit from Pacific Rim give Warner Bros. or Legendary Pictures the confidence to invest in another original script, instead of just trying to add another franchise to the pile.

Do you think that Pacific Rim should become a long-running movie series, or do you think that it works well as a one-shot?


Pacific Rim is in theaters now.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. I enjoyed the film a lot and went to see it twice. Then I purchased the artbook and graphic novel, because I’m also a film/animation student and studying background material developed by someone of Del Toro’s calibre is like a masterclass.

    Personally, I’m quite neutral on the prospect of a sequel. I’m a bit afraid I wouldn’t like it as much as the first one, on the other hand though, Del Toro has been planning a sequel along with the first movie, so it wouldn’t just be a completely random cash grab, but a natural continuation. Pacific Rim left several strands open that could be taken up for a sequel. (The Anteverse wasn’t entirely destroyed, just the kaiju factory – so are they going to attack again? What about Newt’s lingering post-Drift connection with the Precursors/kaiju? etc)

    I’m happy to wait and see. If anything, I just want the sequel to give me more Hermann screentime and introduce some other female characters besides Mako.

  2. I loved the movie. There were many things I didn’t like (like having only one girl), but overall, it made me feel like a child again. I would love to see a prequel or a sequel. It’s just amazing how big you feel the robots are in scale. The special effects were awesome.

  3. Awesome movie beautifully filmed unlike Transformers with it’s choppy blurry scenes cutting in and out so fast you can’t tell what’s happening. Del Toro schooled Micheal Bay and his immensly overrated Transformers movies. Unfortunately Americans can’t get enough of these stupid played out overrated superhero movies. I seen enough of these silly played out Batman, Superman, Ironman sequels and reboots for a lifetime. They’re so dumb, as if people can’t tell Bruce Wayne is Batman because he covers half his face with a mask and pushes his voice… Give me a break. Another thing I liked about PR was they went with mostly unknown actors which was refreshing. You get tired of seeing the same people over and over again in these pathetic superhero movies.

  4. Two jaegars were dispatched to fast especially the crimson tide ( triplets ) or ( chinese jaegar )
    I laid a few slices and a throw.

    The chernoble laid punches and drowned TF

    if each robot had their own battle at least it would be more satisyfing then the same jaegar killing all of them

    in retrospect focus on mutiple charaters

    the movie was too long to focus on Murica more design more dakka and less pointless

    the whole movie is in water go all terrian give us something fresh like a jungle jaegar vs some jungle kajiu

    • include the rock or vin diesel or jason staham or someone

      • Charlie hunnam is a refreshing hero compared to the rock or vin diesel. Time to give less known actors a chance at stardom.

  5. Oh, wow! This movie made me feel like I was a kid again watching my favorite Gundam series. God, I miss those days…

    I’m sure my late uncle would have loved this movie as well. He loved Godzilla.

    But anyway, it does have its flaws but well, can we agree it is nice to have a change of pace and get us back into what we knew and loved. Though I do wish some things were delved into like the main character’s interaction with the Russian couple, Chinese triplets, Hercules, Chuck, the Marshall and Mako… then I would have some more sympathy or empathy. I would have actually cried when at a certain part in the movie. But then the movie would have turned into an epic…

    I think it would have been better off as a television show. I’d like to know more about the universe…