Could ‘Pacific Rim 2′ Actually Be a Prequel?

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Pacific Rim Hunnam Kikuchi Could Pacific Rim 2 Actually Be a Prequel?

The jury’s out on whether or not Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim will get the sequel treatment. As of October, he and Travis Beacham were still plugging away at the script, which is a definite check mark in the “yes” column, but they’ve yet to receive a green light from Legendary Pictures. While it’s debatable as to whether del Toro’s tale of mechas, monsters, and mayhem really warrants a sequel at all – it’s a very self-contained film – there’s no harm in making it happen if circumstances allowed.

But what if the next chapter in mankind’s struggle against the gargantuan Kaiju isn’t a sequel at all? Maybe we’ve all had the wrong idea about what Pacific Rim 2 might look like; maybe Beacham and del Toro want to tell the story of how the Kaiju conflict began in the first place, fleshed out from the recap provided at the beginning of Pacific Rim. Or maybe no one has any idea what’s happening, because del Toro is keeping as mum on the subject – but the suggestion, which comes straight from the mouth of Max Martini, is interesting nonetheless.

Speaking in a recent interview with Empire, Martini – who plays Aussie Jaeger pilot Herc Hansen in the film – responded to a query about his contractual obligations to a potential Rim sequel, stating that the relationship between Hansen and his son, Chuck (Robert Kazinsky), was central to his character’s story. That’s a compelling point to be sure, and given Chuck’s ultimate fate it raises questions about what might be in story for the senior Hansen in Pacific Rim 2, should it come to pass.

On that note, he had the following to say in the below direct quote:

“It’s funny, I fell in love with this character. The key component was this relationship I had with my son, exploring the dysfunction and the loss, so where does Herc go from here? I don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see where Guillermo (del Toro) and Travis Beacham take it. I don’t know if it’s a prequel or a sequel, but if it’s a prequel you’ll learn more about Herc’s family history. But Guillermo has such a vivid imagination, it could go anywhere.”

Obviously, his musings here shouldn’t be taken as confirmation of anything whatsoever. This is just an off-the-cuff comment that’s speculative in nature. Hansen likely knows about as much as Pacific Rim 2 as anyone else who isn’t Beacham or del Toro. But all the same, it’s an intriguing thought, regardless of how substantive it actually is.

Pacific Rim does a stellar job with worldbuilding and with bringing viewers up to current on the events that transpire in its fictional history, but be that as it may, there’s still a lot of room to explore the onset of the Kaiju war, in contrast to the tail end del Toro portrays within the film.

Kaiju Level 4 in Pacific Rim  Could Pacific Rim 2 Actually Be a Prequel?

Want to see a world where Hansen and Stacker Pentecost are the top dogs in the pantheon of Jaeger pilots? Curious to see humanity’s shift in attitude as all of our normal grievances become less important in the face of a neverending Kaiju onslaught? Then a prequel might be more up your alley than a straight-up sequel, particularly in light of how neatly del Toro wraps up his plot at the end of the first movie.

Of course, it’s best not to get hopes up just yet: Pacific Rim 2, in development even before its progenitor had arrived in theaters, has reportedly already been mapped out in del Toro’s head. He’s already pegged it as taking place several years after Pacific Rim, though as with all things, it’s best to take that detail with a grain of salt. Until we know what the next movie is about, we don’t really know what it’s about, and it’s entirely possible that Pacific Rim 2 would even make more sense as a prologue to the Pacific Rim. (Though that might go against del Toro’s promise to avoid hitting the same beats in the second film as in the original.)

So, in other words, sit tight and wait for official word on Pacific Rim 2 to come around, but in the meantime, have fun pondering what a prequel picture might look like. (If, that is, it happens at all.)


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Source: Empire Online

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  1. I would love another movie set in the Pacific Rim universe. Its my childhood put on film, sure the movie had problems but what it needed to get right, it got right and more.

    • If this movie was your childhood put on film then your childhood must have been crap. Terrible movie.

      • Yeah, real terrible movie. mmhmm. I went from Man of Steel to this. Talk about HUGE Improvement!

        Lets do a another Pacific Rim. I grew up with Godzilla, War of the Gargantuas, King Kong, all the good stuff! That is setting aside Star Trek, Star Wars, and the two Tim Burton Batman movies.

      • Your childhood must have been worse if you couldn’t enjoy Pacific Rim.

    • You couldn’t have put it into better words!

      I’m still a little upset Elysium took the thunder that was meant for Pacific Rim, but it’s great to see that universes and concepts that have been around in manga and anime for ages being put to use and depicted so elaborately without being overly campy.

      • I’m genuinely curious – what do you mean by “Elysium took the thunder that was meant for Pacific Rim”?

  2. YES, YES and more YES. The first 15 minutes of the film was my favorite part, and I would love to see that further explored!

    • the first 15 minutes were amazing but if they made a prequel then it might make the first 15 minutes of the original film seem pointless, like an unnecessarily long and involved recap. but it would be cool to see who/where all the technology came from

  3. It won’t be. Guillermo del Toro has said frequently he has no interest in showing “the glory days” of the war. He wants the story to only go forward, no going back.

    • there is nothing to say from the end of pacific rim the breach is destroyed and over the story is done.
      the best thing is by making a prequel,the director can feature more robots and differant monsters.

  4. I’m totally for it being a prequel! I want to see more of the science behind the Kaiju and the technology with the Jägers. The battles were cool, but the story I’m looking for could be wrapped into the action. Don’t make it just action.

  5. If it means more Stacker Pentecost then I’m definitely in. And since it won’t be as burdened with the need for exposition, maybe they can have a more fleshed-out story. Of course, they could move forward with the plot but I think that would harder to pull off (although, depending on the direction del Toro takes with the story as he left it, it could be much more interesting).

  6. I loved this movie so much. Anything they can do in this universe will be fun to look at

  7. Whether it be a prequel or a sequel, I’m ready! Bring it on!

  8. I absolutely loved Pacific Rim and would love to see a sequel of some sort. Either a prequel or sequel would be fine with me. Who’s to say that the aliens can’t open another rift? It’s not like ONE nuclear bomb will destroy their world and they are obviously very patient (with them being on earth during the time of the dinosaurs), so I wouldn’t be surprised if they had contingency plans in case something happens.

  9. I loved Pacific Rim, but I don’t want to see another movie made by Del Toro unless it’s HELLBOY 3! God I wish he would finish that series out, and then make a Pacific Rim 2 and the other million movies he has in development.

  10. Makes sense, I don’t see how he could continue the story with how the movie ended.

  11. I watched the movie with my kids for the first time Fri night. What I would like to see is a movie set years in the future where Earth has had time to recover, the Kaiju come back and this time we take the war through the portal and fight them on their own turf. Then we could learn more about who and what the Kaiju are besides the brief snippet we get from Dr. Newton’s “mind meld.”

    • Seems like they would have to wait for Guardians of the Galaxy to come out before trying something like that. Effects + the pure disorientation that it would bring would likely throw a lot of fans off. So it would likely be both in and out of earth, and being in the alien planet would have to be constant back-and-forth travel, constant action or constant exploration, and with something extra at the end of the rainbow.

      Think Green Lantern, Thor, Avatar, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz and the last several minutes of Pacific Rim all combined. Maybe even more of that Apollo 13 martyr action too.

      It’d be absolutely awesome but also a little much.

  12. Travis Beacham has said numerous times that the next Pacific Rim film would be a sequel.

  13. I say Guillermo Goes full godfather 2 with the sequel. Expand the story ahead but also have a flashback narrative that fills in some gaps as well as fleshes out characters and the world. I friggin loved the first movie and I want more of it’s world

  14. Prequel would be lame to me.

  15. I could very easily see it becoming an anime.

  16. Pacific Rim is still the best movie of 2013 in my humble opinion.

    From the moment the closing credits started way back in July, I stared at the IMAX 3D screen and thought “What if we took the fight through the portal as revenge?”.

    I hope that happens and it must be a good idea because someone else seems to have had the same thought a few comments above me.

  17. I hate prequels. Knowing how all the events unfold ultimately and what is to come kills it for me.

    • That’s why there aren’t many good prequels but then again, I enjoyed the Star Wars prequels because I knew how things would turn out but the fun was had in finding out how it all happened. Even if the actors playing him were terrible and annoying, at least we found out that Darth Vader wasn’t actually a one-dimensional villain and had a reason to become the way he was due to traumatic experiences in his life.

  18. Legendary already has film in production that fits the bill of a Pacific Rim prequel….


    I say Pacific Rim 2 need to move forward with a sequel and let Godzilla handle how humanity would deal with their first encounter with a Kaiju.

  19. A prequel would definitely fit the bill for Pacific Rim looking at how things start and came to be, before the eventual end fight.

  20. Sequel has more potential story possibilities, methinks.

    The world united by a common threat is no longer united, but the people who came to power under the crisis have no interest in giving up that power, and who could make them when they have Jaegers? How could anyone hope to fight the technology that defeated the kaiju? By becoming kaiju.

    I am picturing some glorious frankensteinian cyborg monstrosities being controlled by the evolution of the kaiju drift from the first movie. No one makes better monsters than Del Toro.

  21. If they do a prequel, it needs to be during the turning point of the war with Rangers working together to survive against . A Blackhawk Down/Band of Brothers/Saving Private Ryan theme would work; a self-contained story. But yes, I ultimately prefer a sequel that expands the universe.

    It’s all conjecture, anyway, and 2 words from GdT almost guarantee a sequel: CYBORG KAIJU.

  22. So, like The Hobbit, in which it’s all about the visuals, they get a sequel/prequel. I think both The Hobbit and Pacific Rim are okay movies but like the Hobbit, 1 film is good enough

  23. A cool story line would be as such:

    World thinks kaiju problem is over, begins using jaegers for geopolitical issues (aka war, which let’s us see some mech-on-mech action.)
    But naturally, the kaiju problem ISN’T over, as several suddenly appear (would be an awesome scene if during a mech/mech battle, which become mech/mech/kaiju battle).

    World works together to save the day, fleshed out with character story and info pertaining to the mind meld.

  24. Prequels for the most part hold no interest for me. I enjoy flashback sequences alot more. I want to see the evolution of the war against kaiju

  25. I would not really want a prequel. I could be good…but I’d much prefer to move forward into unknown territory.

    Please let it be set in space. “Outer Rim”?

  26. A prequel could be OK. Pacific Rim ended with closure, yet they seem to want a sequel, which is a bad idea for exploiting potential franchises. If we have a look at the origins of the monsters and the initial devastation, it could be interesting, but I doubt a 2 hour film would sustain it.

    • I don’t even want to know the origins of the creatures, just have them on screen, show more of their dimensions when we find another portal and go through it to fight them on their own turf and that’s it.

      It’d be like trying to explain a backstory for Godzilla instead of just saying “he showed up, devastated parts of the world and now we’re trying to stop him”.

  27. I’d prefer a sequel to a prequel, just to see how big and mean the kaiju get. The movie climaxed with the category 5 kaiju, but those were the biggest and most dangerous they ever encountered since the “breach” opened up. A prequel would be nothing but Jaegers taking on (with relative success, given the need for Category 5s and double events) smaller less dangerous kaiju than the ones from the final set piece of the first film. I mean. they cant make bigger and better monsters in the prequel to the film that unveiled the biggest and baddest monsters. Up the ante with a sequel a few yrs later, with the Jaeger program being reinstated in part because Newt keeps having Kaiju dreams since he went crazy(due to his kaiju drift) at some point following the first movie IMHO.

    • Agreed! After closing the breach, it does not mean that another one cannot open back up.

      The kaiju have learned about our abilities and intern we must do the same. We know that they can reach category 5, they can spray acid and knock out electronics. The next generation of Jaeger’s must be bigger and badder.

  28. I absolutely LOVED Pacific Rim,one of the best(if not the best)movies of 2013,so whatever Guillermo Del Toro or Legendary Pictures decide to do for a Pacific Rim 2,I’m in,no question.

  29. I’d like a prequel just to see more of Crimson Typhoon. It sadly didn’t get near enough screen time for such an awesome idea.