Guillermo Del Toro’s Original ‘Pacific Rim 2′ Plans Included Newt as a Villain

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Chalie Day in Pacific Rim  Guillermo Del Toros Original Pacific Rim 2 Plans Included Newt as a Villain

When humanity’s only defense against complete extinction is a small army of giant robots, it’s essential to have a good tech team on your side. When the creatures attacking are aliens from another dimension, it’s just as important to have a science team who are capable of digging into the Kaiju (literally) to find out what makes them tick. As Chinese military general Sun Tzu once advised that the key to winning your battle is to know your enemy.

Sun also said that, “To know your enemy you must become your enemy,” and taking too keen an interest in a bunch of slobbery monsters, whose reciprocal interest in you is limited to squashing you flat and then destroying a building or twenty, is a dangerous path to go down. Since Pacific Rim could still get a sequel despite its slow domestic start, it might make sense for director Guillermo Del Toro to shake up the old dynamic of a united human front and introduce an enemy from within.

According to Charlie Day, who plays one half of the Pan Pacific Defense Corp‘s science team, Doctor Newton “Newt” Geiszler, that enemy might have been his own character. When asked by Crave whether he had heard any talk about sequel material during the making of Pacific Rim, Day revealed that Del Toro had been considering changing things up for Newt in Pacific Rim 2:

“I remember when I first met with [Del Toro] that he liked the idea of Newt becoming a bit of a villain in the second film. But, I think over the course of making the film, and the way the character resonated with the audience, I don’t think he would want to turn him into a villain now, but I really have no idea.”

Newt is among the more accessible characters of the film, since like most members of the audience he has a tendency to geek out over the Kaiju, to the point of getting tattoos of them all over his arms (at least, we think it’s just his arms). If anything, this actually makes a transition to potential villain status more likely, especially since Newt made the rather risky decision to “drift” with the Kaiju hivemind, and there have to be some unpleasant side effects associated with plugging interdimensional aliens directly into your brain.

Charlie Day and Ron Perlman in Pacific Rim Guillermo Del Toros Original Pacific Rim 2 Plans Included Newt as a Villain

When asked about the likelihood of Pacific Rim actually getting a sequel, Day wasn’t able to offer much more than a verbal shrug, though he did make a small jab at the way in which comic book and superhero movies are currently dominating the box office:

“I also don’t know if it would ever get made. I think because there’s no one in a cape it might hurt our chances of making another one. We’ll see. Look, I would love to do it. Hopefully if it keeps performing this well overseas we’ll get to find out.”

Even with Del Toro’s heavily-packed roster of planned and potential upcoming films, a sequel to Pacific Rim could still be the on the cards, especially since it recently hit $293 million at the worldwide box office. Given how neatly the story of the first film was wrapped up, it won’t be the end of the world if Pacific Rim 2 doesn’t happen, but there are certainly a lot of interesting directions that a sequel could take.

Did you like Day’s character in Pacific Rim enough that you’d be sorry to see him become a villain, or do you think that could be the natural progression of his interest in the Kaiju?


Pacific Rim is out in theaters now.

Source: Crave

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  1. I love how all you people went to a monster vs. mecha beat down movie for character development and a nice session to stab plot holes into a scifi movie.

    • Lol, it did a better job at character development than Man of Steel did.

  2. It seems like a ton of people would rather bash the hell out of a film instead of spending 10 minutes delving a bit deeper into it.

    PR was a tribute to all monster/kaiju movies and that’s the reasoning behind the cliches.

  3. For a couple of years I have had an idea for a book, but its too close related to Pacific Rim, it has a great out live as well as many twist and plots, there twelve beast in the book, six from above, six from below, contact me if you think you can use the information for Pacific Rim two or three, or if I should go on and write the book

  4. I hope a second one gets made. I loved the movie. Just a simple, fun, action film with just enough story to keep it moving forward. Exactly what the Transformers movies should have been. I left the theater much more satisfied than I did with the travesty that was Man of Steel.

  5. This was a alsome movie. More right and robot action could have been better but understanding the cost in a movie. Love to see another movie made this time we go there and terrize there home world and give them no chance of coming back or if they return have them as organic robots. I have great ideas for the robot we would use hope to see the sequel or prequel with no stop ass kicking action

  6. Newt as a villin would also work as he could reopen the portal be as obsessed as he is with them.

  7. I went to this movies to watch monsters and robots bashing each other. And guess what I got? Monsters and robots bashing each other!
    But I did not count on the awesome soundtrack! The title tune is legendary!

    People who panned this movie- should not bother going to action films.
    It fitted the bill to a tee. You don’t watch this for plot or oscar winning acting, you watch it, coz it is just good fun. It did the job for me- i went to see it twice and am waiting for it on Blu-ray! But soo much better in the cinema with the extra sound effects!

  8. AWSOME film, people expect inception level plot and don’t realize the time given to make this universe of robots and monsters. The amount art and detail given in these jäger s and monsters is… Beautiful. I would love to see a sequel.

    • People love to sound smart by being critical of movies like they could have done better. This movie was perfect in my mind and certainly a needed addition to the scifi genre! I even bought James Fosdike’s art print for Pacific Rim which is amazing also. I really hope we see a sequel, I could see a sequel taking place where the portal opens but they are caught off guard since the world’s governments were already against making more Jaegers and since the portal was locked they most likely wouldn’t want to build more.

  9. I personally think they should absouletely 110% should make a sequel. The sequel could be longer with more Jagers however I agree on turning Newt into a villain wouldn’t be the best, newt was my favourite character and I really feel like the both nerds really contributed to the movie, brought everything together and added humor which is always good.
    Pleaseeee be a sequellllll

  10. To me this is a fantastic movie, I want moar!!!

    The only thing I disliked is how quick the other robots were dispatched, specially “Cherno Alpha” I would love to see Cherno Alpha smashing monsters!


  12. There’s already been plenty of speculating in the fan sphere of how good a villain Newt could be. Perhaps, similar to how the Evil Dead series (totally different genre I know) started out serious and became totally off the wall and silly, Pacific Rim could grow darker and more serious in a sequel – this would keep it fresh. I imagine Newt’s mind falling into the hole of madness/enlightenment, depending on which point of view you’re looking at.

  13. 2nd movie must be made.

    Newt delved into the Aliens brains, he knows their DNA. So it is plausible he becomes an unwilling Villian in the way that he starts to experiment (with the black marketeers their funding) and these experiments get out of hand.
    Meanwhile earths nation’s have take Jäger tecnology as a way of defending themself as old rivalries have setled in once more.

  14. Well, I got to say “I loved Pacific Rim” except for two little waste-of-money scenes such as the part when Gipsy is fighting Otachi, and he throws a punch that ends up going though a building then these desk collision balls break inertia… geez, I hated that! And the other one the come back to life of Hannibal chau… If there is a sequel, I would hate the idea of Gipsy and jaegers in general as the enemy (so I read it was Del Toro’s idea at some point) I would like Mako to disappear or go back to the restoration project as she has no charisma and I do not want to see Raleigh with her nooooo!!!! lol
    The jaeger program coming back, YES!
    Newt as a villian, NO! He cant just acquire a hive mind just for drifting! He cant stay connected, just as pilots do not stay connected outside the drift. Plus should we face a new war with aliens, we would all end up frustrated at the possible efforts to find a mole within…
    The one think that makes this movies great is that we are enjoying ACTION knowing who the enemy is and cheering for our HERO! My daughter cried when Gypsy was hurt by knifehead!
    Bring back Chuck Hansen! YES… perhaps Marshall ejected his capsule right before the explosion!!! I guess I’d like to see the (good) yerk becoming great friends with Raleigh!
    More Kaijus, YES!!!
    I can only say that if Guillermo makes a movie with an enemy within, I wont really get excited like I did watching jaegers vs aliens!!
    in any case Newt can be the good guy and Hermann Gotlieb can be the new evil scientist!
    Please do not ruin the heroes!!

  15. Would like to add that if you turn NEWT into the mad scientist it would be the “get rid of” character of the movie suck as dr. Selvig in Thor 2…I was like whaaaaaat??

  16. It would be absolutely perfect if Newt was a villain in the sequel! Charlie Day is such a fantastic actor and I would love to see him in an evil role!

  17. I want a sequel soooooo bad! This movie is way better than transformers!

  18. Please do a sequal. MOREEEEEEE!!!!!

  19. I really want to see a Pacific Rim/Godzilla crossover.

  20. I would love to see a sequel! But, Beacham and delToro need to inject hope into the sequel, which was a virtual kill-fest. That’s why it lost to comedies in the U.S.!

    They can start by bringing back Yancy Becket, the Kaidanovskys, and the Weis! All of whom were used as mere cannon fodder in the film!

    And, keep Newt as a HERO! After all, he was the nerd equivalent of Raleigh Becket. It would be GREAT if they worked together in the sequel.

    And finally, build another Gipsy! Imagine what Mako could do if she had actually designed Gipsy in the first place …

  21. I’m really happy they’re making a sequel, but what I really would like to see is some Jaeger made from Africa joining the battle against kaiju. That would be REALLY awesome!!!

  22. One of the best movies showing what could happen when the transformers fights godzilla. Bring them all back including MARSHALL! !!! Reset the clock!!!!!