‘Pacific Rim 2′ Will Feature More of the Kaiju World

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Pacific Rim Leatherback Pacific Rim 2 Will Feature More of the Kaiju World

[SPOILERS for Pacific Rim ahead.]


At the end of Pacific Rim - Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 mecha/monster mash-up - protagonists Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori hitch a ride on a fish fried Kaiju through the interdimensional rift at the bottom of the titular geographic area, and into the invading alien beasts’ home world. It’s a trippy scene, peppered with a bright, pseudo psychedelic color palette and characterized by an utterly packed glimpse into the Kaiju’s realm; the visit is cut short when Raleigh sets them up the bomb and detonates his Jaeger, closing the portal and presumably killing everything within a few kilometers.

But, of course, the explosion doesn’t kill everything in the Kaiju world; were that the case, del Toro wouldn’t have much reason to make Pacific Rim 2 at all, yet that’s exactly what he’s doing. So we know that the surviving Kaiju of the first film will, by hook or by crook, figure out a way to butt heads with humanity once again in the sequel; we also know that del Toro and Zak Penn, his screenwriting collaborator for the sequel, already have an idea themselves. (Unsurprisingly, they’re keeping mum.)

As far as foreknowledge of the film’s plot goes, though, that’s about it. One popular bit of speculation about Pacific Rim 2 places the action squarely on the Kaiju’s turf, as Earth’s Jaeger armies continue the fight through the rift; anybody hoping that’s where del Toro and Penn would take things will be sorely disappointed, however, because, well, they’re not. So said del Toro in a recent interview with Shock Till You Drop, in which he discusses The Strain, the upcoming Crimson Peak, and bits and pieces about Pacific Rim 2.

When asked point blank about where the writing duo intend on taking the film, del Toro tap dances around the question – rightly so, because giving away Pacific Rim 2‘s hook this early would be patently foolish. But he did surrender one interesting nugget of info about his new plot, seen in the following quote from the piece:

You’re asking the right questions but not necessarily the way you think. If you think are we invading their world, we’re not, but we’re showing more of that world.

Pacific Rim Breach 570x294 Pacific Rim 2 Will Feature More of the Kaiju World

Into the breach once more?

If this feels like kind of a brush off, read the full interview; it’s not quite akin to pulling teeth, but del Toro is clearly pretty reluctant to address the query at all. The fact that he even gives away this much after pleading the fifth is something of a gift. That doesn’t make the revelation feel any more robust, mind, but remember that we’re talking about a film that’s in development rather than on the proverbial assembly line, waiting to hit theaters. Permit him his propriety.

After that, deconstructing his response is fair game. If the humans aren’t marching on Kaijuland, what cause, exactly, do we have to return there in the first place? Assuming that del Toro and Penn do indeed have an ace up their sleeves as crazy as what they’ve promised, Pacific Rim 2 likely isn’t just going back to that place just to set off another nuke; del Toro is clearly playing coy, and if he’s not just blowing smoke with his earlier promises, then he likely has a good reason to explore that backdrop further (even if it’s just an artistic reason).

Maybe the reason is ultimately mundane; maybe the film will take us back to the Kaiju dimension to show the monster armies marshaling for a second attack on our planet. But maybe there’s a grander design in place here that we won’t see until Pacific Rim 2 stomps its way into multiplexes.

Pacific Rim 2 is set for an April 7th, 2017 opening date.

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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  1. You guys guessed as much on the podcast.

  2. More kaiju in BROAD DAYLIGHT this time around and NO Charlie “Plank o Wood” Hunnam.

    • their supercomputer will surely crash! I really hate that the kaijus that where all present at night time. the rendering of each kaiju in production would be very easy at night time. less reflection details and lightsand shadow physics. having it set on daylight will probably kill their equipments!

      buddy they’ll still make all the Kaijus sprout at night time
      we can only hope I must say.

      • except for the Kaiju that attacked Australia and the crab kaiju in the dream lol

        • those where just pretty short scenes compared to the night scenes it even went underwater another attempt on escaping daylight. I dare them have all the kaijus present at daytime from start to finish. yeah they wouldn’t do that.

      • You might be showing less at night, but CGI lighting is much cheaper during the day. It’s easy to find the sun and figure out how much light is coming from it. It’s much harder to prioritize the thousands of neon lights and correctly aggregate all of those light sources. Most pathtracers can render an outdoor/daytime scene in a few seconds on a home computer, while indoor or nighttime scenes can take days on a farm because the computer has to “find” the lights. Though your point stands, at night you don’t have to show as much. :)

        • its not just the lights really I’m referring mostly at the rendering of the skin textures you gotta ‘bump’ those s*** correctly for it too look realistic. making it realistic at daytime is much harder way harder than at night. because at daytime you’ll see everything from skin textures to building structures you gotta put a lot of details in everything compared at nightime.

      • I didn’t mind all the night action. It gave the monsters and Jaegers the kind of awesome beauty that Del Toro said he wanted the scenes to have. I liked the neon-lit features of the Kaiju. It made them different from the standard giant monters. They just wouldn’t have the same energy in broad daylight. While I wouldn’t mind seeing more daylight action in the sequel, I also wouldn’t mind if there was the same kind of night time spectacle as there was in the first one.

      • It has nothing to do with computing power. Del Toro wanted to use the lighting to actually reinforce scale, with areas near the ground illuminated by different light sources apart from what was lit with light sources from above. Believe me, Hollywood has no problem with the daylight provided that you find a director to demand it.

    • @fishnets…Right…BROAD DAYLIGHT…..

    • I really like Hunnam, but he’s kinda a two trick pony….he can either pull off a part in a romance film or he’s Jax Teller….Seriously, in my head I was like “So this is what Jax Teller fighting giant monsters.”

  3. Del Toro should direct but, good god man, let there be another screenwriter. The dialogue in the first one was HORRIBLE and the plot was predictable and generic.

    • ^^^What he said^^^
      The plot has never bothered me, just happy for any excuse to watch Monster v Robot fight scenes that are that well done.
      The dialogue however, is fupping painful at best and for a lot of my friends, the main reason they don’t want to re-watch the movie or didn’t enjoy it the first time round.
      I think if they sort the dialogue out, these films (i want there to be 100 of them) go from cult classic to full on blockbuster bohemoths

    • dude i so agree, and while they are at it, find some better actors geez……….

  4. I think pacific rim was good as a stand-alone film. Im interested in how a sequel would work. But i think it was a great movie on it’s own and i think it should be left that way. I would love to see new Jaegers and Kaiju. but i feel like the first movie concluded the story really well

    • I wish they would do a prequel instead. Let the end be the end, and explore the world you already alluded too. I doubt that’ll happen though. :\

  5. Seriously, is there a requirement that to get an article approved on this site the submission has to include either titular or eponymous in the first paragraph? Has anyone else noticed this?

    • No, I haven’t and I don’t mind, but in this case it’s just plain wrong:

      “titular interdimensional rift”

      Well, the movie is called Pacific Rim and not Pacific Rift, and the “pacific rim” is a collective term for all the countries that are lying on the Pacific Ocean, because they form the rim of the Pacific Basin. The title of the movie has nothing to do with interdimensional rifts.

      • Hey, nothing wrong with “titular”! It’s a great piece of shorthand, workaround vocab, so long as it’s used wisely…

        …which is to say that in this article, it wasn’t, as TheLostWinchester points out. So I’ll just say “thanks for the catch”, correct it, and go sit in the corner with my head in my hands for a while.

        • Hehe, don’t feel bad. I like that you managed to keep “titular” in there, despite the correction. :D

          • I’m cool with correcting dumb mistakes – they happen, and I’m glad to have alert readers to catch ‘em. But you would have to pry my “titular” from my cold dead hands.

            • The real problem is that you fellows tend to try to use titular as a synonym for eponymous when it isn’t. Continued misuse like this will eventually result in that being one of the accepted definitions, but we’re not there yet. There’s still time to save the word.

            • Wow. See, now you’re just shoving your titular(s) in people’s faces.

              • +1 to Titular or Eponymous. (I’m pretty sure the reply I wanted to write would cause trouble of some sort, so I’m just going with a good old fashion H/T instead.)

                John – in this case “titular” is actually correctly used (outside of the dumb mistake I’ve cleaned up already). “Titular” can be used to denote the person or thing from whom or which the name of an artistic work is taken. “Titular geographic area” meets that standard, I’d say.

  6. I don’t want to see more of the Kaiju world. In fact, they already showed too much of it in Pacific Rim.

  7. I wan to know how the portal was opened in the first place.

  8. I want to see a rocket powered kick in the baws.

  9. All your base are belong to us.

  10. A want to a massive rocket kick in the nips

  11. Why wouldn’t they just build turrets with the pulse cannon or missiles( they used to finish off kaiju ) around cities ?

  12. Limited resources. Nation vs Nation. Reverse-engineered cheaper but more dangerous Kaiju-tech. Hive-mind acts like a cancer/infection. Jaegers vs Home-grown Kaiju vs Cybernetic mix. Ends on a cliffhanger where humanity ends the hive-mind infection at great cost just in time for the colonists to reopen a portal and send through a Cybernetically enhanced Kaiju reverse-engineered from Gypsy Danger. Cue PR3.

    That’s my guess.

  13. It could involve someone drifting somehow with an alien as del toro alluded to a while ago. that could be how we see more of their world. not sure what the rest of the film would be about though

  14. Jaeger ARMIES?

    Sold. :D

  15. Throw in Godzilla and Robotech and this thing will be the coolest movie ever..lol

  16. I believe the word you are searching for is “monster”.

  17. My guess is the story will follow on another rift opening up with an opening battle. The humans know how to get through the rift this time and instead of sending a nuclear device to close the rift, they will send a group of Jaeger through the rift. The remains of the last kaiju or the captured baby kaiju from the first film will accompany the jaegers and allow them to travel through the rift. Then the rest of the movie will be the jaegers battling it out on the kaiju world.

  18. What if the human leader said “If we cannot defeat these kaiju, what hope do have against the one on earth?” Meaning the big “G”. I know it’s a long shot but just a mention would be amazing!!

  19. Can’t make heads or tails out this report. Are the Kaiju the intelligent (or more intelligent) aliens who bio-engineer the monster/weapons or the monster/weapons?

  20. We’ve already heard hints that the sequel will relate to the drifting of the Kaiju brain. Now the sequel will be more set in the Kaiju world. My guess is a human will figure out how to control a kaiju using the drifting process and hive minds, maybe becoming an unwilling human traitor when kaiju use the same method. It will end with regaining control of a kaiju that will be turned it in to a Jaegar with robot additions.

  21. I think I’d rather see a Monsterpocalypse movie, which Dreamworks hold the rights to.

  22. Pacific Rim 2: Bermuda Triangle

  23. They had the right cast for the movie.Charlie is another good upcoming actor. There a reason why soa is a great show. Idris Elba killed it like he always do.great movie.


  24. Makes me wonder if the human world and the kaiju world will ‘Drift’.

  25. HA, “They set us up the bomb!” GREAT reference!

  26. The first film was simply childish…

    Obviously non waterproofed ROBOTS that weigh more than skyscrapers are the defense choice of whom? The Apache Indians could have defeated those idiotic robots!

  27. How would earth now defend against kaijus with the anti kaiju wall program failing and the last of the Jaegars destroyes

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