Guillermo del Toro Says ‘Pacific Rim 2′ Will Be ‘Very Different’

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Guillermo del Toro talks Pacific Rim 2 and Animated Series Guillermo del Toro Says Pacific Rim 2 Will Be Very Different

Speculation of a sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s hit 2013 science fiction blockbuster, Pacific Rim, has been circulating since before the original movie premiered. In the year since the film’s debut, reports surfaced of a sequel involving Dr. Newton Geiszler (Charlie Day) as a villain or a prequel film that would delve further into the initial Kaiju attack. Meanwhile, del Toro attempted to keep fans in the loop by assuring them that sequel talks were persisting and revealing he and Zak Penn were hard at work on the script for a followup.

After a year of theorizing and discussion, fans were finally abated when Legendary Pictures officially granted Pacific Rim 2 the green light, announcing the sequel would hit theaters in April 2017. Additionally, the studio announced an animated prequel series that would launch before the movie hits theaters as well as the continuation of Travis Beachman’s prequel graphic novel, Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero.

In an interview with WSJ, del Toro talked about what fans can expect from the sequel without giving too much away. Del Toro did say the followup would be “very different” and have an incredibly different tone than Pacific Rim. The director also gave some hints as to what aspects from the first film he and Penn will be exploring in the sequel, including the elements of the world that didn’t get enough attention in Pacific Rim (such as the neural link between pilots and jaegers).

Read his full quote:

It was hard to create a world that did not come from a comic book, that had its own mythology, so we had to sacrifice many aspects to be able to cram everything in the first movie. Namely, for example “the Drift”, which was an interesting concept. [Then there was] this portal that ripped a hole into the fabric of our universe, what were the tools they were using? And we came up with a really, really interesting idea. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think at the end of the second movie, people will find out that the two movies stand on their own. They’re very different from each other, although hopefully bringing the same joyful giant spectacle. But the tenor of the two movies will be quite different.

In terms of the Pacific Rim animated series, del Toro said that they are still talking about possibilities in regard to networks, though he said it should launch approximately a year before the sequel hits theaters. The series will act as a prequel and will follow the stories of pilots working in the Shatterdome and training with jaegers as well as cadets learning to become pilots.

Guillermo del Toro talks Pacific Rim 2 Tales from Year Zero Guillermo del Toro Says Pacific Rim 2 Will Be Very Different

The reasoning behind a prequel series is to expand the world in which Pacific Rim takes place and give fans more insight into the background of some characters who will appear in the sequel. Additionally, del Toro said Beachman’s graphic novel will be continued later this year with a comic book series that will also help to explore the world more.

Read del Toro’s quote:

So by the time the second movie comes out, you will have probably one year of the animation airing, and you will have three years of the comic book series ongoing, so we are trying for all these things to be canon, to be in the same universe, to not wing anything, so that if anyone … a lot of kids, for example, have discovered ‘Pacific Rim’ through the toys. They come in through the toys, and then they watch the movie, and then they learn this, they learn that through the movie or the comic book series, so we’re trying to make it canon so we can expand the universe. And by the time we come into the second movie, you have a good feel for the world, and we can dedicate ourselves to character and ideas and spectacle.

Although Pacific Rim may have suffered from trying to accomplish too many things at once – building an entirely new and unique world, establishing characters with complex relationships and back stories, and drawing viewers into a compelling story arc – it seems del Toro has taken those criticisms into account and will be using multiple forms of media to expand the world before Pacific Rim 2 premieres.

However, the work of crafting the back stories, the original Kaiju invasion, and making sure every story thread from the movie, the animated series, the comic books, and the toys weave together to form a cohesive world won’t be easy. Sci-fi and Pacific Rim fans alike will be playing close attention to continuity and will surely notice when story threads don’t line up.

Whether del Toro, Penn, and Legendary can pull this off has yet to be seen, but if they do, they may open the door to more original big-budget sci-fi franchises.

Pacific Rim 2 will premiere in theaters April 7th, 2017.

Source: WSJ

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  1. I think Del Toro definitely has his work cut out for him on this sequel. I would have liked the idea of a prequel showcasing the early days of the Kaiju invasion and all the Jaegers that fell in battle. Maybe Del Toro will leave that for the animated show that’s also in the works. But whatever idea Del Toro has I’m totally on board. The first one was AMAZING IMO, and I have hopes that this one will be just as good if not better than the first.

  2. The failure of the first film was largely budgetary constraints. Cherno and Crimson were sacrificed way too early. GdT simply didn’t have the $ to give them more fight time and more Kaiju to kill.

    The final fight scene was muddied and a bit convoluted under water. Lack of $.

    You wanna tweak it? Awesome. But give me more of what works. Don’t overthink it and reinvent the wheel…

    • Hey Rob, I never heard that before. Every filmmaker complains about budgetary constraints. They all want more money, and when it doesn’t quite turnout the way they want, in interviews they blame the lack of money. If you are correct about a need for more fighting screen time, the freaking movie would be 3+ hours long. (I’d like that but most people wouldn’t). No, I think the problem, as with most movies, are script problems, not money problems. The fights looked terrific. The problem was the down-time between the fights.

      • Agreed, way too much human interaction, not that character development is a bad thing, but when it got down to the fights we had to watch that in the dark(night scenes and under water), that was what bugged me about this movie.

        • What character development? Oh you mean a sad attempt at adding “depth” to cookie cutter stereotypes? The only character i cared about was Idris and he was a supporting character. There is your problrem. If most people dont care about the main protagonist then it becomes a rather hollow affair and your just left with robots/monster fights. The budjet was massive for the movie, the script itself was the problem.

          • I will say this at least he tried with the characters but Rob, cut anymore out and add more fight scenes and do you know what you end up with? Micheal bay Transformers. Heck watching Charlie Day’s “scientician” run around, overact and be generally anoying or hellboys over the top ridiculous character, I thought i was watching a Bay film.. Thats his idea of “comedy style”.

            • Lazerblazer… the inherent problem is when you run to the Bay comparisons so quickly it devalues your opinion; it doesn’t validate it like many of you all seem to believe. Someone who can’t tell the difference between del Toro and Bay filmmaking has no right to have their opinions on movies posted anywhere. It’d be like hiring someone who was completely color-blind to paint or decorate the interior of my house.

              I also find the criticisms of Day and Perlman’s characters way offbase. They were flamboyant and had their eccentricities, but they were still characters that had purpose, and weren’t “over the top” in any reasonable way compared to even today’s society, much less one that is on the verge of extinction. You see people in crazier get-ups than Hannibal Chau and acting weirder and louder than Dr. Newt just walking down the street of anything remotely resembling a major city. You might as well say modern society is over the top and unrealistic. You’d be making a point I could agree with in that debate, at least.

              Bay, on the other hand, makes one-note characters from and based completely off of stereotypes that never have any more substance than those base stereotypes, then he uses them to excess to drive the plot in too many of his recent films.

              There is really no amount of added fight/SFX sequences or subtracted dialogue/plot could have made PR resemble any of Bay’s TF series in any way that really matters.

          • so don’t watch the sequel, stop complaining about it and just avoid the movie and its fans altogether? or is that to simple a premise in troll land?

      • You proved my point without even realizing it. Cut 20 min of filler from the script give the Kaiju and China/Russia their due, right ? Make Slattern more awesome and invest more so the audience can better see what is happening at the end.

        Problem is that the filler scenes take 4 weeks and 5 million in budget. As opposed to months and 50+ million.

        I loved the movie, but the budgetary constraints were obvious.

        • I’m telling you GdT would have had Cherno and Crimson whip way more tail and had an additional Kaiju. He would have made the Final fight more easy to discern.

          A bad script did not dictate the end results. Budgetary and time constraints imposed limitations on the story GdT wanted to tell and the script was altered to meet those limitations. I will never be convinced those two Jaegers had such a big build/up only to be smashed.

        • Since when are world building and character development considered filler? Del Toro thankfully ain’t no Michael Bay.

          • No, not really. Everything accomplished in terms of character development could have been done in less time, and done more effectively with better writing, directing, and a tighter script. The anime tropes were very familiar and forced and at times very bland.

            This WAS hyped as a spectacle movie with the Drift/Mind Meld concept dropped in as a plot device for quick exposition and character development.

            Decry the “Bayformers” go-to, but the character development needed to be leaner AND a bit more effective. And we needed more International Jaeger love for China and Russia. An additional fight scene where they team up to kill an additional Kaiju or two with 5-10 min of screen time. There are plenty of “character” scenes that I would have cut in a heart beat that were derivative to do that. Also, make the underwater climax a bit more epic and readable, and THAT would have made this a truly awesome movie.

            • Why rush things? IMO, the pace was just fine and more Jaeger showdowns at the detriment of lull moments would have been rather tedious in the long run. This is a movie, not a chain reaction. And I found the underwater climax plenty readable. Then again, I saw it in 3D, it might have helped.

  3. Hopefully next time around they’ll spend a little more time fleshing out the human characters and not create one-dimensional cardboard cutouts. (But I did like the movie, just trying to make a point).

    • Hopefully next time they find the sword button early

      • This time around they find the button that allows the Jaeger to whip out a big@#% cannon and yell “PROTON CANNON!!!”

      • Well, they wanted to refrain from slicing up the Kaiju, because their blood was highly toxic. Hence the blunt force trauma with metal fists as the primary means of causing damage to them. Of course that doesn’t really go along well with the “checking the pulse” scene, in which a Kaiju is getting shot to pieces. Movie logic…

        • @LostWinchester No, just regular logic…

          Concern about Kaiju Blue would be a major concern when you’re piloting one of a dozen or more Jaegers stationed in that city, and somewhat less of one when you’re piloting the last functional Jaeger and there’s still another Kaiju left to fight.

          They had also just blown the thing’s arm off by “emptying the clip” of the proton cannon on the other arm, so whatever damage there was to be done to the environment was almost certainly already done.

          Ironically, that would be the more valid line of objection: why were they wasting their last shots from the cannon when there was another Kaiju to fight, especially since Raleigh didn’t know about the sword?

          Finally, the last time he thought one of those things was dead it came back, wrecked his ride, killed his brother, and almost destroyed his mind, it was also Mako’s first Kaiju kill… so it made sense from a cathartic/validation perspective as well.

  4. Gr

    • Is that Gr good, or Gr bad.

      • Haha, that was actually the beginning of a post I tried to type on my phone that was supposed to go:

        Gr-anted jaeger’s fighting kaiju is a bit different than robot vs robot, Michael Bay could’ve learned a thing or 2 from Del Toro about making giants fighting look completely awesome instead of a jumbled mess of metal with a billion explosions splashed on for good measure. I guess the transformers character designs would have needed to be completely different to begin with.

  5. Making it different is so important. So many sequels and prequels suffer from rehashing of the original parts. Do it dT and do it good.

  6. “Sci-fi and Pacific Rim fans alike will be playing close attention to continuity and will surely notice when story threads don’t line up.”
    So now every story that is made into a movie in the sci-fi realm has to be prepped for the scrutiny of the hard-core base that constantly needs something to rip into? I suppose they are asking for it here with the comic and cartoon (oh, whoops, “animated series”. Jeez.) becoming a part of the world, and del Toro’s own mention of canon. So I just argued against myself here apparently, but my point is, I just like a good story, and I respect Mr. del Toro’s skill and imagination, so I’m just happy to see it continue. There were moments of pure awesome in Pacific Rim, and it’s refreshing to see an attempt at something original, so I hope people cut him a little slack.

    • Your arguement kinda reminds me of the Star Wars expanded universe. So many people digging into that lore, only for Disney to dismiss it for their films. Dealing with nit picky fans is part of expanding a IP’s universe.

  7. Even though I didn’t love the first one, I’m excited to see what they do next, especially if it’s different and they got the first one out of the way to lay the groundwork.

  8. bring Godzilla in the mix.

  9. Thank you Memo.
    I got a feeling I´ll enjoy the sequel.

  10. I know this may be a strange opinion, but I’d love too see them drop the kaiju completely. I’d love too see a civil war erupt between the remainst of humanity and see jaegers from all across the globe fight it out, it would be different and gritty.
    Then again I heard the kaiju sold quite well as toys so that would never happen…

    • That would make sense since they closed the portal and we’ve had a glimpse of social/political tensions in the first movie.

    • This is very plausible. It fits in with hints of Cybernetic monstrosities GdT hinted at; a bio-weapons division is a natural evolution. The climax of the movie could a rift or multiple rifts opening and the “colonists” sending through their own reverse- engineered monstrosity. Cue cliffhanger lead-in for PR3.

      It very much follows along the lines of the Americanized Robotech/Macross Saga from the 80s, which was awesome.

    • So you want to see a live action adaption of G Gundam?

    • I’ve already seen Robot Jox ;)

  11. As much as I love Pacific Rim, and I truly love it! What’s up with Hellboy 3?

    • Stuck in development hell. Ron Perlman wants it, Del Toro wants it but the studio doesn’t seem in a hurry to make it happen.

    • Yeah, I’d like to know what their kid will be up to. It certainly would have an interesting mix of parental traits. :D

  12. Do a well fu***g Evangelion addaptation for once! thats all you hollywood have to do please!

    • That’s Peter Jackson and Weta’s territory ;)
      (granted for almost a decade now… but still)

      • Yes i know, but they haven´t made any advance in their proyect since had been anounced yet. Only a couple of sketch draws that look pretty cool but nothing else. I think that is a dead proyect by now… Hope not by the way.

  13. Now that Legendary Pictures is making the film along with Universal, Mr. del Toro has everything to show how good this movie can be. PR1 was a great film despite the problems between WB AND LP. The best of luck!

  14. Yes, make the movie a prequel the first part of the movie was my favorite . The backstory would have made a even better movie than what we got.

  15. An animated Reckoner would be awesome!!!!!!!

  16. Pacific rim was garbage…

    • Yadda yadda…

    • It was pretty awful IMO. Del Toro’s worst piece of work.

  17. I’m grateful for visionaries like Guillermo Del Toro, they dream BIG! I loved the first movie, but I just wanted to see the other Jaegers such as ‘Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha.’ fight longer. I don’t really want a different film, just more polished here and there. April 7, 2017, can’t come soon enough! :)

  18. The first was a great spectacle made for the Imax screen to grab money. Nothing more than that. Everything seemed so cliche and cheesy as hell. It obviously doesn`t deserve to be spoken about in the same sentence as his other movies. Actually, I don`t understand how anyone who loves Pan`s could love this. Sure I love the fight scenes but I doubt I would return to view it again.

    • Pretty much anyone except monomaniacs can enjoy more than one thing. I don’t see any contradiction between loving Del Toro’s blockbusters and his more intimate output: they serve different purposes. Of course a kaiju movie will be cliché, it’s in the genre’s DNA. Yet Pacific Rim was a damn gorgeous cliché.

    • actually PACIFIC RIM is a mirror image of PANS LABYRINTH , the happy ending version in which the step-daughter is loved & respected by her soldier father

      if you dont believe it watch them both back 2 back & see how many shots are duplicated OR done in mirror image of it , like the wall overseer holding up the red ration books = vidal holding up the ration cards @ dinner & his minion holding up the bread over the villagers heads the next day

      it also explains how LABERINTO is tied to DR STRANGELOVE — via in this case the word MANDRAGORA , & the BLITZ / BATTLE OF BRITAIN symbolism of the underground shelters & blue pilot officer tunics — just the same way HELLBOY is tied to STRANGELOVE

      & THE FREAKIN UMBRELLAS straight outta goyas SLEEP OF REASON

      & THE CLOCKS

      & also its a mirror of DEVILS BACKBONE, where the sons are cared for & taught well , & that is why the drivesuits have exposed metal spines

      & how the connection is made from ESPINZO to HELLBOY 1 w the discarded crucifix & the “band of brothers ” guided by a wise nerd w a cigar box of comic books & toys = the soldiers led by trevor & his cigar box of rosaries under the cross of the ruined abbey = tied to PACIFIC RIM via the wrist rosary symbolism BUT ALSO thru the (agn) DR STRANGELOVE connection w BRITISH WWII SINGER VERA LYNN playing at the moment of the sacrifice of the father


      & the BLUE ROSE OF IMMORTALITY W ITS POISON THORNS — the TRUE one , NOT the false one of the serpent queen of air & darkness envenomed tongue WHICH LOOKS STRIKINGLY LIKE THE TOADS THROAT SACK / TONGUE STRIKE during the battle itself , but like a flower when she is trying to seduce newt ( who wears a skull ring , like any proper necromancer ! ! )

      & the jaegers themselves are THE GOLDEN ARMY from HELLBOY 2 , who there are the SKELETON WARRIORS of harryhausens JASON & THE ARGONAUTS , who have no loyalty & will fight for whoever commands them — but ONE of them is possessed & fights for our heroes — & the inner flame of it is turned to BLUE as well

      all of del toros movies are connected , right back to CRONOS

      & both mako & raleigh are AURORA qv the orange juice just for one recurring symbol

  19. Can’t wait

  20. I loved Pacific Rim 1, so what ever Guillermo del Toro decides to do with this new franchise I’m sure it will be something not to miss. Bring on the spring of 2017.

  21. I was digging Pacific Rim until the credits scene where that clown cuts his way out and spews a mindless one-liner. Ruined everything that came before it :(

  22. I didn’t like the 1st one at all. It was just silly and I got the feeling that it just tried to bank out on the recent wave of superCGI movies. It was kinda pointless and when doing scifi I am one of those viewers who can’t get over complete disregard of logic and science. I expected so much more from Toro.

    • For*, bad engrish

  23. Pacific Rim cost $190m to make and grossed slightly over $100m, so in what twisted universe is that a HIT? Pathetic hype before the next bomb even begins production. Predicting more of the same in #2.

  24. Guillermo del Toro ripped us off. He personally urged everyone to see his flick in 3D. Oh yeah! Check out the giant Godzilla-like monsters fighting. In the dark. In the rain. Not! Just let us know now, del Toro; Will this not cheap spectacle also be hard to view?

  25. I already know the plot and here it is. They send an email to Godzilla and the rest of his crew on Monster Island if they can help. While they are waiting for a reply a team of scientist find Mecha-Godzilla in deep water off the coast of Japan. They bring him back to headquarters and reactivate him. Bye, bye Kaiju.