‘Pacific Rim 2′ Discussions Are Still Happening

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Pacific Rim jaegers Pacific Rim 2 Discussions Are Still Happening

It’s not easy being an original property in Hollywood, where the box office tends to be dominated by reboots, remakes, sequels and adaptations, but last year Guillermo del Toro’s large scale mechs-vs-monsters movie Pacific Rim managed to hold its own in the mid-summer release schedule with an eventual box office gross of over $411 million worldwide.

Del Toro has already confirmed that he’s the process of writing a sequel with screenwriter Travis Beachman and there have been some potential hints about the plot from the cast numbers, such as Robert Kazinsky’s speculation that it could be a prequel and Charlie Day’s reveal that, at one point, his kaiju-loving character Newt was going to become a villain.

All the ideas in the world will amount to very little without a green light from Legendary Pictures, however, and when del Toro last spoke on the subject he made it clear that the studio had not yet guaranteed a sequel. Speaking in an interview with Collider, Legendary CEO and Pacific Rim producer Thomas Tull sounded positive about the idea of Pacific Rim 2 and the possibility of building a franchise from the first movie’s modest success.

“We love being in business with Guillermo and frankly that movie, if you look it up, did I think more business than the first X-Men, did more than Batman Begins, our first movie, did more than Superman Returns, The Fast and the FuriousStar Trek- so for a movie that was an original property that we made up it’s done really well. It did north of 400 million dollars globally and both the home video sales and the merchandise have way over-indexed, so it seems like fans really loved the world. So we’re going to sit down with Guillermo and as long as we think it’s authentic and there’s something to say, we’re certainly open to it.”

Charlie Hunnam and Charlie Day Pacific Rim Pacific Rim 2 Discussions Are Still Happening

Legendary is releasing another big (both figuratively and literally) kaiju movie this summer with Gareth Edwards’ reboot of Godzilla, and the success of that will likely also be a significant factor in whether in not Pacific Rim 2 gets a green light, since it will further test the mainstream appeal of the kaiju genre. As Tull mentions, the first installment did better overall than the opening chapters of major franchises like X-Men and Star Trek, but with a budget of nearly $200 million Pacific Rim was also more expensive than those movies.

At this point Tull’s thoughts on that matter are about as promising as they could be without actually making any promises. If Legendary considers Pacific Rim to be a financial success for the studio then it bodes well for Beacham and del Toro’s planned sequel, but we shouldn’t count our kaiju before they’ve slipped through the underwater trans-dimensional portal. So to speak.

Back when the sequel talk first began, we argued that Pacific Rim doesn’t necessarily even need a sequel. One of the major appeals of the first movie was that it was an original story rather than a reboot or a remake, and it might be more gratifying to see del Toro expend his energies on other original projects and just let Pacific Rim remain as a fun and memorable standalone movie, rather than the start of yet another franchise.


We’ll let you know if Pacific Rim 2 gets any closer to getting off the ground.

Source: Collider

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  1. Isn’t the breach sealed? Wouldn’t a prequel make more sense?

    • In Sci-Fi, a breach is never truly sealed ;) Right? :P I personally want to explore the world that the movie is based in, all the tech and alien knowledge collected by Hannibal Chau is fascinating. I don’t want them just to fill in the blanks though – the first breach happened in…..it led to… [pacific rim 1]. Even if it’s based on the same universe but deals with different characters and circumstances, that would still capture my attention and satisfy my taste for action/aliens etc.

      • True, a breach is never sealed in fiction. Just requires good writing to work around the ending. Honestly, they should have made a trilogy and not compressed so much into one movie. But, hindsight..

      • I didn’t ‘love’ the movie, but it was fun to watch.

        I agree with your statement. Also, if we were the race on the other side of the portal, and our ‘city’ just got nuked and closed the portal, we’d probably just find another location for a new portal.

        So, they could open a new portal, maybe on land this time, or in the arctic, or basically anywhere (a destroyed coastal city might be interesting). It would take them awhile to build a new ‘facility’ and open the portal. Then it would take even more time to ramp up the Kaiju production, but certainly not nearly as long as it took them in the first movie. We’d probably also get to see some cool new kaiju’s (kaiji?) Maybe even some small versions designed to assassinate specific targets. Lots of potential in a sequel…

      • They should just do the second: This time it’s war :)
        They build an little army and go through the gate to bring the war to the other side !
        Would be nice if the second movie is kinda journey movie on that distant alien planet !

  2. I think it will happen 100% because of Godzilla

    • ^^^

  3. It’ll happen… thank you Godzilla… let’s just hope there’s not a “Grown Ups 3″ to steal its thunder again. Which by the way has got to be extremely embarrassing for Del To… for ANY director!
    God that’s like a Family Guy movie beating a/the inevitable Game of Thrones movie. Just sad.

    • It is in no way embarrasing for Del Toro. The people who pays to go see Grown ups instead of just about any movie, that ain’t a Sandler flick, are embarrasing themselves.

  4. I’ll see it at the discount movie theater. Still a really good movie, I saw the first one in the theater and man is that film underrated.

  5. I hate prequels with a passion. Give me a good sequel. The aliens opened the breach to begin with who says they cant again.

    • Yeah exactly! It’s Sci-Fi, not reality lol They might even open a portal in the sky or something crazy, attack from above? Dumb idea I know but there are all sorts of ways in which the movie could go

      • +1000 its a brilliant idea. A randomly appearing portal in space that sends the kaiju to earth with the power to destroy the earth the second they touch the ground. The humans race against time to create flying jaegers to destroy the kaiju before the land. PACIFIC RIM:WINGS OF SALVATION.

        • Sounds more like Space Invaders.

  6. I take it for granted that this will get a follow-up, whether that’s a sequel, a prequel, a spin-off or whatever.

  7. After Gypsy Danger exploded and sealed the breach, wouldn’t it be cool if the Kaiju’s took whatever tech from that and made a hybrid of both worlds. One thing I learned from watching ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Supernatural’ that a seal to another world can ALWAYS be reopened! I really want another great ‘Pacific Rim,’ This time I hope there’s more Jaeger vs. Kaiju’s battles maybe a daytime one in a major city?

    • They might as well make Gundamn Wing a live action movie too. I really want to see more Mech/Yaegar battles period, regardless the movie it is in!

      • Lets be honest, the reason Pacific Rim was awesome was because it meant we are that much closer to getting a good Gundam Wing movie.

        • Oh God I’m praying we get one very soon. Watching the Gundam anime as a kid really opened my eyes. The story/plot in most of the different Gundam series are rich with beautiful storytelling, political topics, environmental issues, the theme of children having to go to war, exct. Gundam for me at least was ahead of its time. I can just picture the awesome robot to robot action.

  8. Just give us Hellboy 3!!! Before Ron gets too old… PR2 can wait.

    • Hellboy 2 was awful, I don’t see how they can make a third one

      • Really? I thought Hellboy2 was way better than 1… I hope they do make a sequel. This movie was just stupid fun… Maybe they will remember they have a sword button…lol…

        • It was good fun (Hellboy 2) in terms of the imagination but it was so linear! Bad guys come on the scene “they cannot be stopped” oh wait, here’s hellboy, bye bye bad guys, end of movie. It didn’t leave anything to the imagination, no cliff hangers, no danger or risk.

          • Agreed it was very straight forward, but what can I say, I like the swashbuckling adventure from time to time…

  9. $200 brought in 411. Nice sum but that’s not a brilliant ratio compared to others.

  10. Just cross over with Godzilla and have two sequels for the price of one.

    • @Jon:

      My thoughts exactly.

      Mix in some Transformers too. :)

      • Hasbro and paramount is in charge of everything Transformers, besides they would just get stomped by the Kaiju.

  11. Just to reference, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 didn’t have anything to do with raining food.
    So Pacific Rim 2 don’t have to specifically re-open the portal; if anything, Kaijuu can drop from any region of the Pacific area in the sky.

  12. It be cool if the nations started fighting with one another, with mechs.
    Or one nation tries to deal with the aliens.
    Or theres new aliens comin from space, evangelion style.

    Or just make an evangelion movie already

    • An evangelion movie that is close to the source material will get bashed by the mainstream audience just like watchmen did.

  13. Remember the Drift goes both ways!

    When Newt & Gottlieb drifted w/ the Kaiju at the end of the movie and learned how the breach really worked – the aliens would have gained a LOT more information about humans, Earth & the Jaeger program from them as well.

    A sequel would be them regrouping and coming back with a more focused plan.

  14. I hope this happens but for the love of god let someone else write the script or at least the dialogue! It’s been a while since I’ve seen acting that bad in a good movie.

    • I agree with you there. The script and some of the acting kept Pacific Rim from being as good as it could have been.

      • +1000

  15. I would love to see another one of these. That movie accomplished exactly what it set out to, and was fun as hell…

  16. The studio and Mr. del Toro must do another one. They have to remove a thorn. So much backlash in the media, “critics” as well as the issues WB and LP had, damage the movie’s success.

    So much hate because the movie wasn’t filmed in the US. The movie was/is great and it has earned another story.

  17. After Newt drifted twice with the Kaiju he starts to have flashes of the cloning process used to create them. He “decides” to clone some, not knowing his actions are influenced by the original creators of the Kaiju. The clones grow rapidly and develops new abilities and threaten the world again!

  18. I want a sequel to Pacific Rim. I want more original projects from del Toro.

    Which do I want more? Yes.

  19. The first movie lays lots of seeds for where you go with a sequel. The one I would be most interested in seeing explored is the one that looks at what happens next. It is implied (could be spelled out implicitly, I only watched the movie once) that the world (or at least the parts of it that touch the pacific rim) were united under one governmental/corporate/military organization to face a common threat. Just because that threat is gone doesn’t mean that those in power are going to want to give it up, and who could make them when they have jaegers? Alternately, you could show the massive war between former allies (the obvious drama that would come from former drifters being on opposite sides is almost irresistible).

    I think any sequel will feature humanity facing it’s real worst enemy: itself.

    I also think anysequel will feature giant jaeger-kaiju cyborg monstrosities being piloted by half mad pilots drifting with semi living kaiju brains, because, Del Toro.

  20. I dunno about this. I seem to be in the minority of geeks who didn’t really “get” Pacific Rim. Sure, it was pretty and featured cool monsters, but the script and acting dragged it down. It’s hard to appreciate a film that takes itself SO SERIOUSLY with silly dialogue and out of place comedy.

    Not to be a downer, but I didn’t really think this movie did well enough to justify a sequel. It made 400 million on a budget of 200+ plus marketing costs. The DVD sold well, though, so I dunno. Why does it need a sequel though? They’ve already saved the world, why bother contriving another reason for a sequel when Del Toro could just move on and film one of the dozens of films he’s previously signed on for (like Frankenstein!).

  21. No, Del Toro. Your cash grab failed. No one was interested in your dumb Power Rangers movie. Try going back and making one of your low budget movies that are actually good.

    • A lot of kids seem to be comparing PR to P…R… (see what I did there). Tell, me, name at least three things they have in common. I’ll give you a free-bee: giant mechs vs giant monsters. What are the other two things they have in common?

    • Also, I wouldn’t call nearly half a billion dollars world wide a failed cash grab. Furthermore, a “cash grab” usually means using an easy or time-tested device for quick earnings (Pirates of the Caribbean 3,4,5/Hugh Jackman’s version of Wolverine/etc).

      Here is a link to the financial gains from Pacific Rim. On a side note, hopefully PR2 will have better acting. Other than that it was a nice little fanboy distraction.


  22. @Mandalore Yes he is going to listen you what he should do with he carrer

  23. FACTS: Domestic gross: $101,802,906, Foreign: $309,200,000 Worldwide: $411,002,906
    Domestic DVD and Blu Ray sales without counting international markets: $35,971,576

    Numbers don’t lie, a great number of people liked PR. Hopefully we will have a sequel any time soon. Good luck and god speed Mr. del Toro.

  24. I’d rather they don’t make a sequel simply because it’s one of those films that’s better off being a stand alone film. kinda of like how Robocop didn’t need sequels, this film doesn’t need a sequel or Avatar doesn’t need a sequel let alone 4, maybe some expanded source material like books or games but not a sequel.

  25. If Legendary can make 300 sequel, they can surely make a Pacific Rim sequel. Although it will cost the studio more.

  26. A more well written sequel would make it worth it. I loved Pacific Rim and all but the story and characters were lacking(even though I loved the sacrifice at the end).