Outlander Vikings vs Alien Flick NOT Direct to DVD?

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outlander trailer intl Outlander Vikings vs Alien Flick NOT Direct to DVD?

There’s a movie that hasn’t been getting a whole lot of buzz despite fitting into the sort of niche that we movie site guys love to talk about. All we’ve done is one Weekend Movie News Wrap-Up post where we showed you the poster for… Outlander.

What is Outlander about? As the title of this post says – it pits Vikings against a giant alien.


Tell me this description doesn’t make you want to go see it:

“As an age old battle rages amongst the stars, Kainan’s ship burns brightly as it crashes into the Nordic coast. As his space craft comes to rest in the fjords of ancient Norway, it’s with dismay that Kainan realizes that he wasn’t the only survivor. A second passenger, a Moorwen also emerges from the wreckage. A Fierce and animal-like creature, the Moorwen is intent on causing harm to those it perceives have wronged it. As the Moorwen kills everything in its path, Kainan must work together with the Vikings to destroy the beast before it destroys them all.”

Sound like cheesy fun? It does to me. But wait… there’s more.

Stars appearing in the film include James Caviezel, Ron Perlman and John Hurt!

Dread Central had reported five days ago that although the film was previously slated for a theatrical release, Movies Unlimited made the DVD available for pre-order on Amazon.com for delivery on November 18th. Now obviously with no release date yet announced for the big screen, that left pretty much no time at all for a theatrical release, although supposedly contractually the film HAD to have a theatrical release.

I suppose the Weinsteins (who control the film) could pull a “Midnight Meat Train” and release it in 100 theaters or less, and then shoot it off to DVD land.

Ah, but according to the official Outlander site:

“Dirk Blackman, Producer and Co-writer of Outlander has been looking into the DVD date issue and has informed us that yes the DVD date is completely erroneous. The Weinstein Company has stated that there is absolutely *NO* official DVD Release date and are infact going to be contacting Amazon and Movies Unlimited to hopefull have the listing either taken down or altered. So all you fans out theere that want to see this movie in wide release please do not put on a defeatist attitude. Let people know you want to see it happen. There’s still hope.”

Outlander has generated a fair amount of passion in the hearts of those who have seen it or are familiar with the production. A month ago Moriarity of AICN made a plea for theatrical release and gave a heck of a lot of background about the film.

Apparently it cost close to $50 million and that’s not chump change. Here again is the poster, followed by a couple of trailers for your viewing enjoyment. simple smile Outlander Vikings vs Alien Flick NOT Direct to DVD?

outlander Outlander Vikings vs Alien Flick NOT Direct to DVD?

Here’s the international trailer

And the US trailer

So what do you think? A whole lot of huffing and puffing over nothing? Or a film that deserves a shot at the big screen?

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  1. I think that looks pretty cool :) good cast too !

  2. Wow this thing looks great! And Brian Osborne is an excellent producer!

  3. And I am in it! :-) Background viking…

  4. I think it looks pretty badass too. These trailers make it pretty marketable as well. Although, from the looks of it, I think I want to see way more of the space sci-fi side of this rather than vikings, heh.

  5. Looks awesome.

  6. Definitely looks like a must-see!! It almost has a Predator vibe to it!!

  7. Definitely a big-screen sort of film.
    Can’t wait to see it!

  8. I would definately go see this one on a big screen… as long as the special effects were top notch, and not real cheesey… but from what I’ve seen so far it looks great….

  9. Whoa! This movie looks AWESOME!

  10. What a great concept. Alien, period movie. Just because Vikings couldn’t achieve space travel doesn’t mean that aliens couldn’t!!! Sounds like a fun movie!

  11. BIG SCREEN!!! BIG SCREEN!!! BIG SCREEN!!! nuff said

  12. This is from an interview with Ron Perlman in Venice magazine Aug 2008.

    “Outlanders director, Howard McCain, told me that the film was supposed to have come out last April, but I don’t know what’s happened to it. The movies about a guy on a spaceship who splits from his planet, and dosnt know he has a monster on board with him. He lands on Earth 700 AD, and meets up with some Vikings. The monster gets out and all hell breaks loose. The guy on the spaceship is Jim Caviezel, and I’m a mean-aas Viking.”

    Sounds cool !! 😎

  13. It has Ron Perlman as a mean-ass Viking.
    That’s enough for me. The rest is just icing. 😀

    Interesting watching both trailers. The international one felt more of a fantasy epic, whereas the american trailer seemed intensely focused on the main character, so seemed more a superhero type.
    Personally thought the international one was better, but both look cool.

    To be honest, if this movie was bad, I think I would still have a perverse love for it. Same way I enjoy Krull and the 13th Warrior. (Not Pathfinder though that was although. Waste of Clancy Brown)

  14. although = awful
    In case no one guessed. 😉

  15. Doesn’t look bad. Beowulf meets Predator… Seems like alien ships crashing in past times is the new trend.

  16. Funny you mention that Zipper,,, 😎
    One of the original drafts for Aliens Vs Predator 2, was a prequel that had the Predators landing on earth during the American Civil War. ^
    Sounds like a twist on that script.

  17. Steven the Git,,,
    Pathfinder,,, 18 ppl know what your talking about.

    Lol. 😉 😎 :-)

  18. That’s 18 too many.

  19. LOL,,,!!! STG,,

    Yeah Perlman comes off as a totally cool guy in that interview. He also talked about the Mutant Cronicles and that sounds kinda cool. He plays a monk warrior.
    He also said that Hellboy was his favorite role ever and he’s really counting on a 3rd and final Hellboy film.

  20. Think many of us want a third Hellboy. :)

  21. I really wish this movie comes out. Watching the trailer gives a sort of “epic” feel to it, drawing me into the whole historic world. Kind of like what fantasy movies accomplish for me, and I love watching movies like that. If not, then I’ll buy the DVD, but would love to watch this in the theater. And I’ve been a fan of Jim Caviezel since Frequency.

    But about Ron Pearlman… I have a friend who had a girlfriend that looks like Ron Pearlman… I waited until they broke up, so I could ask him, “What the hell were you thinking????” lol

    I think they will make a third Hellboy.

  22. Ken, what was his answer?! And did he manage to get the smell of cigar smoke out of the upholstery?

  23. The alien speaks in Old Norse. Even without a kickass trailer that would of sold me.

  24. Well it whould be sad to NOT se this on the BIG screen. I know the Scandinavians whould go and se it for SURE!

  25. Well, it appears like it won’t see the big screen… Oh well…

  26. I dont know. Seems kind of Sci-Fi channel-ish to me. The big screen may do it better justice though.

  27. This movie by it’s trailer alone, has peeked my interest. Especially with it’s mix of Old World, which never really gets’ really enough exposure in films. Hell, the last film that I can recall that had Nordic Vikings in it was “The 13th Warrior”, and before that was the epic film with Kirk Douglas & Tony Curtis, “The Vikings”. That time period is intereting enough, then your adding in an Alien Presence to the film. I say, this film, if given enough of promotion, could be a sleeper at the box office. I know I’ll be seeing it, more than once.

  28. This is so worth the BIG Screen, in Canada and Nova Scotia I might add. Cause there are a lot of background extra’s in it from there who should get to see this film on the Big Screen…
    So Bring it!!!!! Cant wait….

  29. You should make sure that you contact your local theater. It looks like a limited release. If you don’t let them know you want it to play, they might overlook it when it is offered! You should direct your inquiries to the highest management level at the theater.