‘Ouija’ Trailer & Poster: It’s Not Just a Game

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Remember when board game movie adaptations were going to become a “thing” in Hollywood, a couple years ago (theoretically, they still could one day)? Well, that was before the Battleship adaptation, which had a hefty $200 million production cost alone, under-performed at the box office. However, one board game feature that managed to survive the fallout is Ouija - and today, an official trailer for the flick has released online (weeks after a teaser began showing exclusively at select screenings in theaters).

Ouija was, at one point, going to be a family-friendly, effects-heavy, supernatural adventure (think Jumanji), with McG directing and Michael Bay producing. Universal wound up dropping that iteration of the project, only to late pick up a retooled version – one that was designed to be a low-budget horror/thriller (think on the level of the Paranormal Activity films), with Bay still producing through his Platinum Dunes banner.

The setup for Ouija, as illustrated by the trailer above (which premiered on the Pretty Little Liars FB Page as part of a larger marketing strategy), is pretty basic: a group of young people use a Ouija Board to try and contact their recently-deceased friend, only to discover that it was her messing with the Ouija Board that led to her death in the first place – and now, that all of their lives are at risk, as a result. (And they still claim that video games are the things that will kill you…)


ouija poster 646x1024 Ouija Trailer & Poster: Its Not Just a Game

Ouija, the movie, was co-penned by screenwriting duo Juliet Snowden and Stiles White (Boogeyman, The Possession), and also served as White’s feature-length directorial debut. Unfortunately, it appears as though this is one of those cases where the writers’ previous filmography is a good indicator of what to expect here; namely, a whole lot of horror genre cliches and familiar setups that lack the precision or creativity, in terms of execution, to make them feel fresh or to create atmosphere. Lack of substance aside, though, Ouija might offer easy thrills for those in the mood this Halloween season.

Rounding out the Ouija cast is Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel), Daren Kagasoff (The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Bianca A. Santos (The Fosters), Douglas Smith (Big Love), Matthew Settle (Gossip Girl), and Ana Coto (DisCONNECTED), among others.

Ouija arrives in U.S. theaters on October 24th, 2014.

Source: Pretty Little Liars

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  1. Some of it looks ok, the rest looks kinda boring.

    At this point, jump scares are like that one annoying family member who refuses to leave at Christmas and overstays their welcome, reminding you why you usually avoid them until the holidays come up and you have to congregate as a family.

    • this need improvement at this point i agree!! make it scary

  2. Jesus Christ, horror movies are awful these days. James Wan seems to be the only one with any talent..

    • Really?

      The only James Wan film that wasn’t completely dull and boring was the first Saw movie and that’s purely because of the unusual concept rather than the torture porn. Otherwise, the guy is a hack who relies on jump scares.

      • ..what horror films do you like?

        • You’re both wrong. James Wan IS a talented director, to say he only relies on jump scares is ridiculous. The Conjuring was awesome and the Insidious movies were pretty well done too. However, he’s not the ONLY one good at horror movies. Just last year, Fede Alvarez did awesome with the Evil Dead remake, and Adam Wingard gave an amazing movie with You’re Next. There are a lot of really crappy horror movies out there in recent years, but there’s some gems out there too.

          • First off, this is all opinionated, so neither of us is WRONG. Anyways..I really liked the Evil Dead remake, but I’m not going to praise Alvarez for a single film. Same with Adam Wingard. Wan has consistently made good horror films. We will have to see what Alvarez and Wingard do in the future.

          • I actually thought federal Alvarez butchered evil dead. No charisma, no real scares, just blood and gore (the original at least used it creatively and there were actual scares). The characters are dumb and unlikeable and plot holes abound. I also hated when mia was revived (Major logic problem as the only way to cure possession is death.)

      • Have you even seen Insidious Chapter’s 1 & 2 or The Conjuring?

        I’ll first start by saying that yes, there are “jump scares” but I’d challenge anyone to name a horror movie without them.
        Everything from Nosferatu in the early ages of cinema to The Shining and The Exorcist to more recent horror movies have them.
        There are some movies that rely too heavily on them and in the end even a good movie can suffer because of overuse.
        The Conjuring and the Insidious movies do not.

        With those movies it’s the mood, setting, atmosphere and camera movement that sets the tone and delivers the horror.
        More importantly for those series is the mythology and the fact that the characters actually act like normal people. They don’t lose IQ points every time something frightening happens.

        I’m not a defender of all things James Wan either.
        Saw was OK but Dead Silence and Death Sentence were both god awful from top to bottom.
        So if by chance you have only seen those movies by Wan I can understand why you’d think he was a hack but his 3 movies since have changed the path of his career and he has seemed to learn from prior mistakes.

    • Have you seen Oculus? I used mind F’ing to be scary and not jump scares.

  3. Yeah, This movie is too white for me.

    I’m sick that the only black movies these days are utterly garbage and insulting… I guess it’s the only way the studio executives would greenlight them

    I hope that “dear white people” don’t disappoint tho
    I won’t watch it but “Annie” need to be a hit also so Quvenzhané Wallis can still have a career.
    She and lupita are the only actress young black girls can look up to.
    (Quvenzhané Wallis for her roles on screen and lupita for her demeanor off screen)

    • Too white or not, this movie will flop and probably damage more careers than it helps.

    • Let’s be honest, a horror movie with an majority Black cast would be 30 minutes because they would not be curious enough to investigate anything…..

    • STFU

    • What needs to be done is to find the people who keep letting Tyler Perry make movies and sit down and have a long chat about life and stuff.

  4. I believe! I will never touch a Ouija bored again! Zozo!

  5. Yeah I liked this movie the first time they made it.


    • Because non iconic films of the 80s matter in 2014. STOP POSTING COMMENTS FOREVER.

  6. My first board game movie was Clue and no matter what others say I still enjoy it. So far that is the only one I like.

    • Clue is the awesome Sir! I keep hearing about a remake, but I think that is the day I go postal. :)

  7. So basically, Witchboard.

    • You got it, pretty much exactly Witchboard.

  8. Watch Ghost Adventures this October for some REAL OUIJA horror. The Zozo Phenomena hits TV!

  9. Jumanji is so much better than this nonsense

  10. Thinking back to when we would play with a Ouija board as kids the gimmick was that someone playing was controlling the board so if I had to guess I would think that one of the friends playing in the movie has something to do with what’s taking place.
    Maybe they’ve been possessed or something???

    The one bright side to this is seeing Olivia Cooke. She’s a popular fan favorite on Bates Motel.

  11. It’s so generic it hurts.

  12. oh no having flashbacks of the movie Witchboard……

  13. Looks like an updated version of Witchboard

  14. The one flossing her teeth, then suddenly her mouth is sewed shut….how do you make that happen? because I know a couple big-mouthed broads….!!