The 87th Academy Awards took place yesterday evening at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, bringing the film industry’s glitz and glamoured up stars together to celebrate and honor the best of 2014. Whether or not the best films and talent were actually honored is up to you to decide so be sure to check out the full 2015 Oscar Winners List alongside the five biggest surprises of this year’s show.

But before Neil Patrick Harris took to the stage with his opening number to host the awards ceremony and before Jimmy Kimmel’s after-show brought back a lot of the guests to poke fun at the night and keep the party going, there were, as per usual, lots of moments, some wonderful and emotional, some awkward or downright weird. Let’s take a look at the biggest movies of this year’s Oscars.

Fifty Shades of Awkward


Dakota Johnson and her mom, Melanie Griffith, awkwardly respond to whether or not she’s seen her daughter’s performance in the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey while on the red carpet.

Keeping It Light

There was some fun to be had however, with the sweet and lovable couple Anna Faris and Chris Pratt appearing with smiles and genuine enthusiasm on the red carpet. The two joked about having a young child at home and definitely staying out at Oscar after parties because of it.


“We have a little toddler at home… so we’re not going home.”

Pratt followed up:

“Not going home, not for a week. Going out drinking for a week straight. He’s two and a half, he can take care of himself for a few days.”

Oprah vs. Selma Snub

With the Martin Luther King Jr. feature Selma earning critical recognition at a time when racism is prevalent in news headlines across the U.S., Brit actor David Oyelowo not getting a nomination for playing MLK in a year dominated by white actors earned controversy and a trending hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. That didn’t stop Oprah from loving the praise the film and its star are getting however.

Team Oscar

Channing Tatum explaining the importance of Team Oscar, the next-generation of filmmakers who are in it now to make something cool instead of making money. Although the Samsung sponsorship was too in-your-face for this type of show, the six had a chance to be honored on stage during the presentation.

The Opening Act

NPH’s musical intro, titled “Moving Pictures” featured the performer honoring (and embedding himself) in scenes from classics, along with great guest appearances by Anna Kendrick and Jack Black.

Call Your Parents

J.K. Simmons wins Best Supporting Actor for his powerful performance in Whiplash and when he took to the stage, he earned applause for telling people to call their parents. No emails or texts, use a phone.

Life Is Full of Surprises

Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski overpowered the rude send-off music during his own acceptance speech earning love from social media followers and the live audience.

Everything is Awesome

A live performance from Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island was made even better live with an appearance of Will Arnett suited up as LEGO Batman. And during the performance, Channing Tatum, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Carell all got LEGO Oscars.

Travolta Non-Redemption

John Travolta became an unintentional highlight and source of endless memes during the 86th Academy Awards for completely mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name on stage and that wasn’t lost on social media last night during the big event  

Unfortunately for Travolta… and Menzel’s face, the pair appeared on stage together after Neil Patrick Harris poked fun at him to make amends, but it didn’t play that way. Travolta was called out for being far too touchy-feely with Menzel on stage, like he was with Scarlett Johansson during the red carpet.

Equal Pay

Patricia Arquette won Best Supporting Actress for Boyhood and took to the stage to rally support for equal pay between men and women, earning much love.

“To every woman who gave birth, to every tax payer and citizen of this nation: We have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America!”

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Tighty Whities

Acting out a key scene from Birdman, with a cameo by Miles Teller (Whiplash) on the drums, Neil Patrick Harris came out on stage wearing nothing but underwear. Don’t worry, as he explained on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, the underwear was double-layered.

In Memoriam

This year’s award strangely dropped the playing of clips and footage on industry legends who passed away in favor of artistic renderings. Worse, Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch were missing from the list. Meryl Streep’s introduction was touching and made it work nonetheless.

Sound of Music

Lady Gaga put away her red rubber gloves she sported on the red carpet and threw on a more classical get-up to perform a mix of songs from The Sound of Music to celebrate the film’s 50th anniversary. Julie Andrews, star of the film, then came on stage, praising Gaga, and embracing the moment before beautifully presenting the Best Original Song award.

“Dear Lady Gaga, thank you for that wonderful tribute. It really warmed my heart. It’s hard to believe that 50 years have gone by since that joyous film was released. I blinked and suddenly here I am.”


After charming the red carpet, Common and John Legend took to the stage, backed up by a live chorus to perform “Glory” and flat out won the show, even earning some tears from Selma star David Oyelowo and Chris Pine.  

Common and Legend kept the momentum going after their easy win with one of the best and most heartfelt speeches of the evening.


Lucky, Lucky Man

“I don’t think I’m capable of articulating quite how I feel right now. I’m fully aware that I’m a lucky, lucky man.”

Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor for playing Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything and gave an adorable, passionate and genuine acceptance speech on behalf of families battling ALS around the world. He began with the words above and continued:

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard had Twitter users clamoring for Don Cheadle to replace him on stage (Iron Man 2 burn) when he confusingly got very emotional when on stage to discuss several of the Best Picture nominees, most especially, Selma and The Imitation Game, where the actor kept bumping into the mic.

Stay Weird. Stay Different

Graham Moore took to the stage to accept the award for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game and gave the most inspirational speech of the evening.

Dress Balls

Reactions were mixed to Neil Patrick Harris’ jokes and bits as the host of the 87th Academy Awards but he maintained a calm cool throughout and kept the show moving, even when it was – as always – running behind. That unfortunately made it hard for the audience and viewers to get behind the Prediction Box gag at the end when revealing a list of the funny and weird moments of the evening.

The worst moment for the host however, came after Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1 won the Oscar for best documentary short and Dana Perry, accepting the award, made an announcement regarding her son’s suicide. NPH followed up with a quip about her dress:

“Wow, I like that dress,” he said. “It takes a lot of balls to wear a dress like that.”

Bad timing. This morning, NPH appeared on on Live with Kelly & Michael and said  “I’m glad that it’s done and I’m sorry I read Twitter.”

What moments stood out for you during the 2015 Oscars ceremony? Share your thoughts in the comments!