Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

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Oscars 2014 Best Moments Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

Let’s face it, the 2014 Academy Awards ceremony was decidedly lacking when it came to surprises. With so many high profile releases vying for Oscar statues it seemed like there would be at least a few upsets or dark horse wins, but alas most of the films, actors, and crew members that we thought would win did. Still, this year’s ceremony was not without its fair share of great moments, many of which centered on host Ellen DeGeneres. Read on for our favorites.


1. The Record-Breaking Selfie

Oscars 2014 Celebrity Selfie Ellen 570x294 Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

While Ellen DeGeneres got off to a somewhat rocky start with a series of mean-spirited jokes, she was able to bounce back and hit her stride about three-fourths of the way through her monologue. DeGeneres’ monologue, however, was but an appetizer when compared to her antics once the show got going in earnest. Perhaps her greatest moment came when she decided to hit up Meryl Streep (a nominee for August Osage County) in the hopes of snapping a selfie worthy of a record-breaking amount of retweets. It was supposed to be a brief gag, but before Ellen knew it her selfie included heavy hitters like Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, and Bradley Cooper. The image eventually did break the record for retweets, and single-handedly crippled Twitter for a brief span, so job well done.


2. Lupita’s Emotional Speech

Lupita Nyongo Wins Best Supporing Actress Oscar Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

With so many awards shows leading up to the Oscars, it’d be hard to blame actors for expecting to hear their name called when the golden envelope eventually opens. Especially, in a year where there were very few surprises. But, when Lupita Nyong’o heard her name called for 12 Years a Slave, there was genuine surprise and emotion in her reaction. Nyong’o’s acceptance speech was a true highlight and quintessential Oscars – a tear-filled attempt to express gratitude while trying to reconcile an amazing achievement. Her award was well deserved, and her speech was perfect.


3. Gravity Dominates

October Movie Preview Gravity Header Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

Regular listeners of the Screen Rant Underground know that we, along with a large portion of America, are huge fans of Gravity. Alfonso Cuarón’s effects-driven thriller was certainly deserving of every technical award, and so we were elated to see the film make a clean sweep in that regard. Cuarón taking home Best Director was merely the icing on the cake, proof that the hard work that goes into bringing a passion project to life can pay off.


4. Ellen Orders Pizza

Oscars 2014 Ellen Orders Pizza Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

If her appearance in full Wizard of Oz garb told us anything it’s that Ellen knows how to commit to a bit. And so, when she floated the idea of ordering pizza, it seemed like a forgone conclusion that the host would eventually show up with a few slices. What we didn’t expect was that DeGeneres would drift around the entire front row offering pizza to everyone from Brad Pitt to Harrison Ford. DeGeneres’ interactions with the audience helped break the tension and allowed viewers to see a playful side of their favorite stars. She even came around a little later to collect money for the pizzas and, again, the celebs were good sports and actually forked over real cash… a surprising amount of cash, in fact.


5. The Tao of McConaughey

Oscars 2014 Matthe McConaughey Wins Best Actor Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

To be fair, Matthew McConaughey was the frontrunner to win Best Actor for Dallas Buyers Club since the Golden Globes, and so he likely had plenty of time to prepare a speech. His Globes speech was a little all over the place – likely due to the shock – but it had some of that signature McConaughey flair, ending with a very appropriate, “Alright, Alright, Alright.” McConaughey’s Oscar speech ended in a similar fashion, but the journey to that destination was much different this time around. His acceptance was anything but stereotypical, and was all the better because of it. In it McConaughey stressed three things: God, family, the future. We don’t know what the future holds for the star, but on Oscar Night 2014 Matthew McConaughey was more than “alright.”


6. Standing Ovations for All

Oscars 2014 Standing Ovation Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

On a night where there can only be one winner out of (typically) five, this year’s Academy Awards show was filled with a surprising amount of support. While one or two standing ovations are typical when preceded by a Hollywood legend or surprising win, this year the standing ovations were a regular occurrence. It felt like there was a general sense that the person most deserving of the award won, and the lack of surprises seemed to reinforce that idea. Sure, standing ovations add to the show’s run time, but it’s always nice to see an audience show a little extra love beyond your average claps and cheers.


7. 12 Years Wins Big Prize

12 Years a Slave Wins Best Picture Oscar 2014 Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

After its debut at the Telluride International Film Festival, 12 Years a Slave emerged as the early frontrunner to take several Academy Awards including Best Picture. Steve McQueen’s powerful adaptation of Solomon Northup’s true story of survival in the face of unspeakable horrors had its fair share of competition, but it always lingered as an Oscar favorite. The film ultimately didn’t take home too many awards on Oscar night, but it did win the biggest prize. McQueen’s reaction to the win says it all – from his inability to pronounce the names of longtime colleagues to the jubilant jump.


What Will Win Next Year?

2014 Oscars Logo Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

What were your favorite moments from this year’s Academy Awards? What did you think of the show as a whole? Also, you can find the full list of winners HERE.

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  1. i think next year interstellar with nolan will win the most oscars:D

  2. This years Oscars was a tad painful to watch. Ellen’s monologue was good, but after that she was rough. She had two seperate times where she wanted to use Twitter and “selfies” the focus of her jokes which is just plain dumb. The pizza thing was a tad funny and then she overused the joke like none other and it became old very quickly. So much for a quick Oscars. Last night was pain stakingly slow. I think you could tell Ellen was beginning to freak out around 11:15 when she realized how slow the production was going. I found the production of the oscars to be a mess this year.

    The shining moments for me:

    - Lupita N’Yongo’s speech.
    - Jared Leto’s speech.
    - Matthew McConaughey’s speech was the best I’ve ever heard.

    And that’s it. Overall last night was incredibly rough to sit through.

    • Oh man, I’m always so surprised at the different tastes of people (not a bad thing!). I thought Leto’s speech was bad, borderline awful. And MM is always arrogant but this speech was over the top even for him (his hero is himself, really?).

      On the other hand, Lupita should give all the speeches. So good.

      • Got to agree with you on McConaughey and Leto’s speech was fine until he plugged in a mention of his band.

        • How come? Not a fan? Didn’t think I’d like them either but while they still sound too commercial for my tastes, they’re still good and he has a great voice.

          • No no, I actually listen to Thirty Seconds to Mars from time to time, I quite enjoyed their first two albums, third one was sub-par and I haven’t listen to their latest yet but I just felt it was unnecessary for him to mention it.

            • Aren’t they supposed to be in a European tour this March?

  3. On top of trying to hard to get in on that record-breaking selfie (he was sitting way over at the other side of the theatre) I think Jared Leto tried to hard on his acceptance speech…

  4. The pacing of the show seemed so off! The presentations were all rushed, people trying to read the prompter super fast to get the awards out and over with. Then you had Ellen and the antics going on with the crowd which was fun to watch but took up quite a bit of time and stretched things out. I was left baffled as to who was directing everything and allowing for all this jumbled mess to transpire?!

    I like when the presenters are given time to say things about the actors and actresses who are up for the awards. Not rushed through whatever they’re supposed to say only to hand the award over in mere moments.

    I’d rather them get rid of the musical numbers for the song category. Bette’s performance seemed to go ON AND ON AND ON! Ugh.

    I think ScreenRant did a nice job highlighting the best parts of the night by far. I also think that Ellen is a terrific host and does a good job overall. (much better than Seth…)

    Here’s to looking forward to the Oscars of 2014!

  5. I’ve watched exactly 0 of this thing in the last 10 years – however, I’ve watched McCougnheys speech several times because he’s from Texas and thanked God. 2 things hollyweird hates the most. My hat is off to Wooderson. Alright alright alright…

  6. My favorite moment? John Travolta butchering a name beyond recognition. Adele Dazim…Who in the hell, is Adele Dazim?

  7. Awright awright awright.

  8. The Bill Murray shout out to Harold Ramis was really nice!

  9. In all my years of watch The Oscars this might have been the worst overall ceremony yet. The acceptance speeches were great. Leto, Nyong’o, McConaughey and so on. So many great emotional moments and I’m mostly happy with the winners.
    Ellen was terrible. The constant Twitter jokes and references got tired fast. Yeah, the “selfie” shot was great but it went way to long and the Pizza and paying for the Pizza bits were uncomfortable and annoying.
    Also, the musical numbers need to be cut out again. There were times that we would go 20 minutes or so without an award being handed out.

  10. Ellen sucked! Who wants pizza, wtf?

    • Is it just me or is the entire ceremony seems unrehearsed ?
      Also Ellen stumbled on the presenters names a couple of times.

  11. another great moment (depends how a fan reads and takes it) was when the orchestra decided to play a track from How To Train Your Dragon score (“Romantic Flight”) to introduce the presenters Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel for Best Original Score. so odd considering i thought this was an honor usually reserved for previous winners. the Academy probably felt so bad not giving the award to John Powell three years ago.

  12. Way too long, but many memorable moments!

    LOVED McConaughey’s speech, and was rooting for ‘Gravity’ to take home Best Pic.

  13. I wonder how much Samsung paid Ellen or the Academy for the Selfie using their phone… Or Coca-Cola for the advertisement on the side of that Pizza box… What pizza comapany was it?

  14. Gone Girl, Inherent Vice or Interstellar will most likely be the top three next year as of now. However, unlike other years, I have no solid picks for next years.

  15. Pretty awesome that Gravity owned the show

  16. I just want to know why in the world so many presenters had issues with their lines? So many mistakes…

  17. I hope Godzilla is good enough for awards! If not the big monster, hopefully Nolan’s Interstellar is a masterpiece. (It will be even more difficult for Nolan because of Gravity and McConaughey’s win.)

    • I doubt it will be more difficult. What nolan does thay cuaron didnt was focus on the story and let the spectacle stem from it. If nolan has a tight thought provoking story about or lack of space exploration and our destiny to be pioneers and explore interstellar could be the first sci fi film to win best picture in a long time

  18. I thought pharrel brought a very lively and enjoyable performance. I wish it wasnt used so early on cause the middle of the show needed some energy. Idena menzel struggled to me and showed how heavily altered her voice in frozen was. She didnt even get in the same area code during that final note, very nervous indeed.

    Next year here is hoping nolan gets a best director nod because he will give a very elequent speech of he wins

  19. Aso sandra bullock looked STUNNING! For me she stole the night from many beautifil actresses

  20. I personally liked Ellen as a host, it was lighthearted fun maybe a bit childish but i was entertained. My favorite moments:

    - The Pizza. A lot of people either hated it or loved and the buying the pizza wasn’t as funny but just seeing Brad Pitt hand out paper plates and napkins was so surreal and hilarious. Also Harrison Ford being his usual grumbly self, just give the man his food!

    - Frank Underwood’s Appearance.

    - Lupita N’Yongo’s Speech. Seemed like the most genuine emotion filled out of all of them.

    - Pink’s Performance. Her music is not my cup of tea but I will acknowledge that she certainly has great vocal abilities and she rocked that tribute to “Oz”.

  21. Something about seeing Brad Pitt hand out paper plates and napkins seemed so surreal and hilarious to me meanwhile Harrison Ford being his usual grumbly self, just give the man his pizza!

    Spacey was just rolling with all the jokes and Ellen’s antics, he seems like a fun guy to be around. Also that little appearance by Congressman Underwood.

  22. Well, I’m glad this article was posted because I missed most of it due to watching episode 2 of True Detective (I’d recorded it Saturday night and hadn’t had time to watch it, also saw Revolution’s return from mid-season break and a British drama called Casualty).

    Caught Leto’s speech in between shows and thought it was nicely done, even if he did look like Jim Carrey’s character in Burt Wonderstone and then I caught the last 45 minutes of the show.

    Loved McConaughey’s speech (even if he did thank God which I always hate at awards shows, it was still a brilliant speech) and was disappointed that Steve Coogan didn’t win the Adapted Screenplay award and that 12 Years won Best Picture. Kinda funny watching Christian Bale’s face when it kept cutting to him, he looked really upset.

    I guess the big news is that a major British production swept the board at the Oscars and that’s alright, alright, alright with me.

  23. I cannot wait to see the Academy Awards. It will be interesting. I’m humbled seeing the action of these Celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Connelly, Brad Pitt, Sally Field, Kevin Costner, Hugh Jackman, and Nicolas Cage get nominated.

    I think when I went to see SON OF GO in theatres this weekend. I think shall be nominated.

    • I’m assuming you typed a comment, put it through Google Translate to a different language then put it back into English?

      All your base are belong to us? A winner is you?

  24. I was craving pizza so bad.

  25. These Oscars were awful (despite several memorable moments). The pizza thing was beyond lame, and the pacing was glacial; all these talented people in Hollywood, and every year they put on a show that almost always runs long and is dull to the point of falling asleep-whoever produced these should be banned from the entertainment industry for life. They could have cut out all those songs, for starters. They could have also given out the technical Oscars at a separate event.

    That said, I’m glad the “right” people/movies won (Lupita and MM, Gravity and 12 Years a Slave), and if I ever need a laugh, I will pull up a video of John Travolta calling her “Adele Dazeem”. Definitely the best part of the show.