Oscars 2010: Hugh Jackman Out, Neil Patrick Harris In? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 7th, 2013 at 12:10 pm,

Hugh Jackman Neil Patrick Harris Oscars 2010: Hugh Jackman Out, Neil Patrick Harris In? [Updated]

UPDATE: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin have been confirmed as the duo of hosts for the Academy Awards in 2010. Click here for details.

If you’re like me and very much enjoyed the job Hugh Jackman did hosting the Oscars last year, you’ll maybe be a bit disappointed to learn that he probably won’t be hosting the ceremony when that time rolls around again early next year. /Film reports that sources are saying that although he’s not ruling out hosting the Oscars in future years to come, he doesn’t want to do it two years in a row.

Personally, I don’t really see the issue there – Jackman did a great job and whether he repeats that success a few years down the line or the year after doesn’t really matter (Billy Crystal did it four years in a row from ’89-’92). But that’s just me.

Anyway, that now leaves the position open to other entertaining people to step in and pick up the reigns now that Jackman has apparently let go of them for at least a year. So who’s being lined up to fill the position? Well, apparently none other than Neil Patrick Harris. The guys over at WeAreMovieGeeks say they have a tip from “a very good inside source” that NPH will be hosting the Oscars in 2010.

Those of you who tuned into the Emmys in September will know NPH recently did a fantastic job hosting the show. He really held his own by being equal parts competent at keeping the show moving at a pretty swift pace and still finding the time to slip in some hilarious jokes/skits (his song about the different networks, as well as his Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog segment stick out as highlights for me). Since he did such a good job and he’s both a comedian and a movie personality, it’s makes sensel that he would host the Oscars, too. After all, the show is celebrating the world of movies, so I don’t really see why a talk show host, for example, should “present” it.

So if NPH turns out to be the host for the Oscars next year, I’ll be not just content but happy with it. He’s a fine choice, for sure. But to be completely honest he wouldn’t be my first pick. So who would be? Well, I’m glad you asked πŸ˜› . To me, there’s one actor who comes straight to mind when I hear the words “Oscar host”…

… George Clooney. To me he’s one of the few remaining true classic-style movie stars that used to be the norm back in the days of Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. He’s suave, charming, and confident, and added to that he’s a bonafide movie star that will certainly draw in an audience (read: the ladies) – IMO you’ve got the perfect Oscar host. It probably won’t happen for the Oscars in 2010, but they’d be crazy not to use him at least once at some point.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on whether this Neil Patrick Harris hosting news is true or not (I have a feeling it will be). But for now: What do you think of Jackman not hosting again and Harris hosting instead? Do you agree that Clooney would be a good pick to host? If not, who do you have in mind instead?

The Oscars will air as usual around February/March, 2010.

Sources: /Film and WeAreMovieGeeks

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  1. I can’t help but to agree with George Clooney. He definitely has that vibe and I am surprised he hasn’t hosted the Oscars before. Maybe he doesn’t want to?

    I am a huge fan of James Stewart and would love to see a movie that can truly go back to the 30s – 40s. Simple, great script, great actors. Something like “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” or “The Philadelphia Story”. And I could definitely see Clooney in one of those.

  2. I’m disappointed too. Jackman was terrific. Now, there’s no reason for me to watch the Oscars this year…

  3. Yeah, too bad I stopped giving a damn about the Oscars years ago…


  4. I can’t complain. I would rather watch NPH then Hugh.

  5. I love Neil Patrick Harris (for Doogie, for his work in theatre, for Dr. Horrible and now for How I Met Your Mother) and I thought he did a terrific job hosting the Emmys, so I’m very much cool with him hosting the Oscars.

    But in regard to your George Clooney suggestion, I have to say, that’s a pretty cool idea, too. Not only for all the reasons you list, but also because he can be a hilariously snarky guy and he probably knows more than half the actors in that audience, so he’d likely be highly entertaining, mocking and messing with his peers in between award presentations. That could be very fun.

  6. Isn’t the NPH thing just an educated guess? I mean I suggested he do it a few days ago on another article (possibly an open discussion or something where the Oscars came up). I mean, they have “very reliable sources” which really just means “we took a shot in the dark and want it to sound credible”. I’m not saying it won’t be him, he’d make a legendary host (although one does wonder how long we can keep seeing him as host of things before we get tired of him), but I think a grain of salt is needed here.

    As for Jackman… yeah he was good and I wouldn’t mind him hosting again some time, but I won’t lose any sleep over him not doing it this year.

  7. As a hard core Neil stalker I’d have to say that the odds of him doing the Oscars this year are quite low. He almost turned down the Emmy gig in fear of overexposure after the Tony’s and recently admitted in a minor article at a small magic site that after all the work and press he had to go through with two in a row he’s been trying to keep a low profile (something that I have been noticing) exposure wise and go on a hosting gig hiatus. So as much as I’d love him to host, it’s much more likely to happen at next years award season.

  8. @Alex

    That’s good to hear actually. I’d have loved to have seen him as Host this year, but it’s smart for him not to do too much in such a short time. As I said before, if he had, people might have started getting tired of him. And worse, people’d start thinking of him as a Host first and Actor second, which’d be a shame since he’s a really talented actor and singer.

  9. Interesting article Ross,,,
    Neil actually got his start on the “Tv Land Awards 2008.” Watching him perform on that show I knew he was the next big thing in award shows. Its uncanny.
    The kid has a nack for kicking ass hosting award shows!!! I wish him the best!!!

  10. @vic
    How come?

  11. @Vin

    Because the actors who appeared at the Oscars used to be classy and entertaining as opposed to using their soapbox moment to “educate” America about their political views. Same goes with many of the films nominated – agenda driven.

    Remember when movies that were great AND popular used to be nominated?


  12. @ the oscars..

    who cares..

  13. Vic,
    just curious when was the last time you thought The Academy
    got the best picture right ?

  14. I’ll do it.

  15. @Gary

    Oh, I think there have been recent movies that deserved it, but they used to nominate films with broader appeal. I’d say the 1990s was the last decade where they consistently nominated and films that the general movie going audience enjoyed. Probably around 2003 with the win for the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the last time great AND popular films won.

    Since then it’s been more “meaningful” movies that are nominated and win.


  16. Most recent, I think “Slumdog Millionaire” deserved Best Picture…

  17. @Vic

    Save for the obvious ones from last year (since a lot of people thought The Dark Knight and Wall-E should have at least been nominated) are there any particular popular films that in the past few years you think should have won (or been nominated)?

  18. @Joshi

    Really I don’t pay attention to the Oscars any more so I couldn’t tell you, bud. Doesn’t really matter – it’s all a self-congratulatory circle-jerk anyway.


  19. “it’s all a self-congratulatory circle-jerk anyway.”

    Heh, as all of my friends are want to say to me when I mention the Oscars.

    Thing is, I get that it’s an award given to people in the industry by people in the industry and as such, we as people in the public shouldn’t technically care as much about it, but to me it makes sense that that would be the most sought after award from a film-maker’s standpoint. To them, only other film-makers know what these people go through and what they have to do to get the end result.

    Think of it in terms of… oh I don’t know architecture. The average person could look at weird looking building and say “hey, that building looks weird, how cool”, but it’s always going to be another architect that looks at it and admires it in ways that most other people can’t. It’s the same with movies really.

    But again, I get why people don’t much care about the Oscars, as you say, it really is just a self-congratulatory circle-jerk. πŸ˜‰

  20. Breaking news,,,

  21. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will co-host the Oscars..

  22. no way!

  23. Neil Patrick Harris was amazing in the opening number for the Oscars. I truly think he should host next year. His great stage presence, wit and grace would be refreshing!!

  24. Neil Patrick Harris was amazing in the opening number for the Oscars. I truly think he should host next year. His great stage presence, wit and grace would be refreshing!!