2014 Oscar Nominations & ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ – SR Underground Ep. 127

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sr underground 127 jack ryan 2014 Oscar Nominations & Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – SR Underground Ep. 127

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred twenty-seven of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we discuss 2014 Oscar nominations, the delay of Batman vs. Superman, as well as new Ant-Man and Doctor Strange casting news, plus answer reader mailbags.

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Also, Screen Rant Underground is an EXPLICIT podcast. We don’t go out of our way to say controversial things or use explicit language but it does happen – so use discretion when playing the podcast at work and around young, or sensitive, ears.

Screen Rant Underground: Episode 127 – 2014 Oscar Nominations & Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

We discuss 2014 Oscar nominations, the delay of Batman vs. Superman, as well as new Ant-Man and Doctor Strange casting news, plus answer reader mailbags.

[0:00] News: 2014 Oscar Nominations Announced – Were There Any Surprises?, ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Delayed to 2016; Will Go Up Against Unannounced Marvel MovieThomas Kretschmann Will Play Second ‘Avengers 2′ Villain, and Johnny Depp Meeting With Marvel For ‘Doctor Strange’, and Michael Douglas is Playing Hank Pym in Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’.

[1:23:17] Mailbags: Most underrated/overrated movies, our Mt. Rushmore of directors, favorite fictional characters, The Wolverine Unrated Cut, and manga that would make great movies.

[1:56:45] Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (read our full written Shadow Recruit review).

[2:15:22]  SPOILERS: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

[2:29:52] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

[2:31:12] Game Rant News Brief

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.

Next Week: I, Frankenstein

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Lone Survivor opening): Sal reports that The Prince That Was Promised won a score of 13!

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • I, Frankenstein – 2,700
  • August: Osage County – 2,051

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • 12 Years a Slave – 761 (Rerelease)
  • Captain Phillips – 903 (Rerelease)
  • Gravity – 944 (Rerelease)

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  1. Haha glad I listened to the Oscar podcast from last year while waiting for this one to go up. Kofi, your opening joke of not know what movie was being reviewed did not go unappreciated.

  2. 1 ride along
    2 I Frankenstein
    3 lone survivor
    4 August …
    5 jack Ryan
    10 the wolf of Wall Street

  3. Your Spider-Man rant broke my heart, but to each their own. I still love that movie, not as much as Spider-Man 2 but I still love it. Still has the best ending scene to ANY comic book movie. EVER. I AM SPIDER-MAN and then swings in front of a f*cking American flag!

    • Overall, I think we still all like the film and recognize it’s contributions to the genre. There are just some cheesy elements to it that don’t quite hold-up to how a lot of people talk about it – as if it’s a superhero classic.

      Just my opinion though.

  4. Zack Snyder is one of my favorite directors. He’s just so great at making geek based mindblowing action films. He made one of the best zombie movies ever, one of the best action films of the decade in 300, brought every geeks fantasy to life with Sucker Punch AND made two of the best comic book movies ever made.

  5. Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for answering my question. Much appreciated!

    • I mean specifically the mailbag question about the extended edition of The Wolverine.

    • Sure thing!

  6. Is Rob the only one who’s seen the Unrated cut of the Wolverine? I was really hoping to hear more than a minute on that… Really interesting to listen to the directors commentary, I think there are a lot of things that are worth addressing, especially after re-listening to that podcast.

    Ben – I was thinking the T-rex too, as soon as you brought up the question that was the first thing that entered my brain haha.

    • I picked up the Blu-ray but haven’t seen it. I’m not sure what we’d all really be able to say about it though, you know? I mean, I’m sure we’ll all think it’s better for the same reasons that Rob mentioned.

      T-Rex FTW!

      • I thought it was more than just claws and blood. IMO it was a much more coherent story with the extended and deleted scenes, and that final ninja scene made sense (the cuts they made to the theatrical are distracting, where the unrated flows better, and the final showdown isn’t such a letdown after at least a cool ninja battle) It was a much more rewarding experience for devoted X-Men fan, and I feel really bad that more people haven’t seen it.

        The directors commentary was cool too, first time I’ve ever watched a full movie with that audio before. For me it was really rewarding to hear the reasons for cutting what he did, and also Interesting to hear him talk during the post-credits scene! I thought I had read around the time it was out, that his movie was over with the credits, and that he did not have any part in filming the airport scene. However he gushed over the chance to direct such amazing actors as Stewart and McKellen.

        • I’ll definitely check it out at some point. I’m interested, just haven’t had a chance yet. Sounds like there’s a lot of cool stuff to check out!

      • I think we all started to see trex coming

    • I’d love more than a minute too! But seriously, all you need to know is that it’s worth it and it’s the best superhero movie of 2013 despite its not-so-awesome final set piece. The extended cut solidifies it.

      I’ve written about it in a several of my articles around the home video release.

  7. Weird that Disney was able to use their magic to get Lone Ranger two nominations but couldn’t get any for Saving Mr. Banks…

  8. Pretty much all of my favorite fictional characters are superheroes. Spider-Man, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Deadpool, Kick-Ass etc. Shout out to other miscellaneous: Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Sherlock Holmes, Captain Kirk, Spock. And a couple anime characters like Kamina from Gurren Lagann and Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

  9. Box Office Battle:
    1. Ride Along
    2. Gravity
    3. I, Frankenstein
    4. August: Osage County
    5. Lone Survivor
    10. American Hustle

  10. Ah… finally more moist munching sounds while Kofi is eating during the podcast and talking with his mouth full. Surviving two hours without food must be really hard. 😀

    I’ve watched “Oblivion” three times already. Love that flick. “Elysium” is also much better than people give it credit. They judge it compared to “District 9″ instead of judging it on its own merits.

    I will never watch “Project X” unless I get paid for it or I need to do it in order to save my life, or the lives of loved ones.

    “Contact” is great! Watch it, ffs! “Master & Commander” is fantastic too.

    My most overrated movie is 2001: A Space Odysee. The effects are great for their time, but nothing happens, the dialog fits on a napkin and the story is nowhere near as deep as people make it out to be.

    My most underrated movie is The Rocketeer. I think it’s not only one of the best adventure movies ever made, but also one of the best comic book movies ever made. For me it even beats The Avengers and The Dark Knight. Also, it is one of those movies that show excellent classical effects work at its pinnacle, right before it started getting pushed away by CGI, and it has one of the best musical scores ever.

    My director Mt. Rushmore is almost the same as Ben’s: Steven Spielberg, David Fincher, Ridley Scott and James Cameron.

    Top 6 Characters:

    1. Dean Winchester
    2. Tony Stark
    3. Batman
    4. Captain Malcom “Mal” Reynolds
    5. Wolverine
    6. Indiana Jones

    Interestingly no female characters come even close to that selection, which is a shame. There are lots of good ones, granted, but none of them are all the way up there. Writers really need to up their game in that department. Will we ever get a leading female character that is absolutely awesome?

    • In fairness, the T-Rex is female 😉

    • Much of the time on various episodes, Kofi sounds like he’s clacking around a Halls throat lozenge while he’s talking. It’s a very minor nit-pick for me though, his actual content is great.

  11. I know it is a pretty niche thing but thanks or throwing Kofi my manga question! Love this podcast and made my week!

    • Meant for and oh snap! I can comment again!

    • Sure thing!

  12. 1.Ride Along
    3.Lone Survivor
    4.The Nut Job
    10.Devil’s Due

    • *Box Office Battle

  13. I have a list of mangas/anime thatd be good for tv/movies, interested?

    My fav characters
    1 Batman
    2 Tie-(Light Yagami/L Lawliet) from Death Note
    3 Tyler Durden
    4 Vincent Law(Ergo Proxy)
    5 Randy Marsh(South Park)
    6 Tie-Universal Monsters; Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman
    7 Lucifer (Paradise Lost/Dantes Inferno)

    • I’m interested. I mentioned my own suggestions in the mailbag question I sent but it got kind of long.

  14. Spiderman 1 and 2 were extremely overrated.

  15. I have to comment on something thats really bothering me when I listen to you guys. One of you have a terrible sense of humour. Some of the jokes/comments you throw out randomly are horribly offensive. I realize you are probably just saying it for laughs or to prove a point, but they oftrn come out as ignorant and downright cruel. I enjoy the show and the work you do here, but it’s like a slap in the face when those comments comes out of no where. At least since you don’t seem like the people who would make them. I’m not gonna say who or what, but I hope future podcasts won’t include mean spirited comments towards certain groups of people or historical events that most certainly some people will have a problem with you refrencing.

    • Pull over, PC police, license and registation please…

      Hasn’t humor been neutered enough already by overly politically correct behavior these days? Sometimes humor has to be a bit mean-spirited to pack a punch. There is no real harm done, and if you would prohibit any humor that could offend someone there wouldn’t be much left. So, I say the opposite: I hope the podcast gang stays true to itself and keeps cracking these jokes. If you don’t like what they do you are always free to stop listening. I’m sure there will be a completely neutral and sterile podcast for you out there somewhere. Give smodcast.com a wide berth, though. I don’t think you would like what they do.

      • Guys, don’t change a thing. I appreciate the honesty and fun of the show. Everyone has a right to comment but if some don’t like the podcast then frankly they should listen to something else.

        Rob, thanks for mentioning Master and Commander and Oblivion. Love both of them and wish we’d get another M/C.

        Can’t say I agree with any of you regarding the Oscars, which have become so disconnected from what average moviegoers watch or even find interesting. Had Lincoln, Argo, ZDT, or even Less Miserables premiered in 2013, we’d be talking sweeps. A very thin selection of films this year.

        Keep up the great work with the podcast and the site.

    • You must be one innocent flower.
      Podcast is marked explicit if I recall.

      • Yup. Fourth paragraph of the podcast description:

        “Also, Screen Rant Underground is an EXPLICIT podcast. We don’t go out of our way to say controversial things or use explicit language but it does happen – so use discretion when playing the podcast at work and around young, or sensitive, ears.”

        • I agree with you guys…not everyone has to be politically correct all of the time

    • This is a very post-racial podcast. We don’t tend to be very PC sensitive because we know one another as, you know, HUMAN BEINGS. The humor is in the irony that we’re all actually good peeps.

      EXAMPLE: The ‘Ben is racist’ running gag. SPOILER: Ben is very NOT racist (for the most part). THAT’S THE HUMOR.

      We never go out of our way to offend, we’re not shock-jocks. But we are going to be ourselves. That’s the brand, baby!

    • Hi Joachim,

      Sorry you feel that way! While I’m not sure who or what you’re referring too, we’re not trying to be offensive to hurt people. That’s just the type of humor that person embraces and it may or may not work for you.

    • When we first started out, I actually edited a lot of that stuff out but as time goes on, I’ve adopted the attitude that it’s not my position to censor the rest of the guys. If you want to e-mail me at the underground@screenrant.com address with specific concerns, I’ll pass it along to the respective person. It’s always good to be reminded that we need to (at least) be mindful of the things we choose to say.

  16. Great podcast :) I can totally understand your exasperation, Kofi, with having to write an additional year’s worth of speculation about BvsS.However, I must say that y’all and especially Andrew Dyce do an excellent job of breaking down the pros and cons of both DC and Marvel strategies. All I can say is that this movie better be worth it.

    Shooting all the sequels at once a la The Hobbit, is smart, so here’s hoping DC has that magic hand up their sleeve. I still want them to tie in their tv universe with their movie-verse, especially since they’ll basically be sitting on their hands for the next couple of years while Marvel cranks out tv show and movie one after the other.

  17. Guys, I love your podcast and like comic movies but I just need to say that you talk way too much about every single marvel/dc rumor. I realize this is a popular site but it would be great if you could also shine a light on lesser known movies now and again. The fact that your oscar segment was shorter than another round of marvel/dc news is a shame as it was really interesting to listen to your thoughts on the academy awards. Thanks for all you do, I just hoped you could broaden your scope a bit beyond mainly comic blockbuster.

    • I try to mixup the news topics but the last couple weeks (especially) have had stories that we’d have been remiss not to talk about – things with major implications for stories we cover a lot on the site. Plus, news has been thin the last couple weeks overall.

      I’m not sure we’ll ever be covering especially indie or niche topics in news (we do that more in Rants and Raves) – since that’s not really our focus in the larger site. There’s room to diversify but we also want to make sure we’re not ignoring things that our readership really cares about – just for the sake of mixing it up.

      That said, I’ll try to ensure we’re mixing it up a bit more in the future – so that the podcast doesn’t just become Marvel/DC news every week.

      • I definitely appreciated the Oscar discussion. I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t. Although most everyone on this site especially loves blockbuster type movies a lot of us are just movies fans in general and discussion of other genres is welcome. Keep it up

    • Hey Nik,

      Totally get where you’re coming from. Thing is our site and our voice stems largely from that genre (and action/sci-fi/fantasy) so that’s always going to be the lead for our content and discussions.

      We love watching Oscars but as an example, half of the best pic noms get no traffic or comments from articles.

      • Yes… and my suggestion to take the podcast full-Goldblum was shot down, unfortunately. :-(

        Can you imagine?!

    • I honestly thought they covered the Oscars MORE than enough… they talked for about 45 minutes about that, then about 38 minutes for the rest of the Marvel/DC news, that seems like longer on the OSCARS to me… Personally I don’t care about award shows, they don’t mean s*** to me, but they have they right to talk about it if they want.

  18. Im not sure if it is a good idea to post this here, and not sure if it is relavant, I will go on however because some people might think its intresting.

    When talking about jesus the ‘he who is without sin should cast the first stone’ is inded a very awesome statment and its a good story. The reason this all works out so well because this was added hunderts of years after jesus was dead.

    The idea was to provide a justifcation, ie nobody is without sin. This solved some discussions at the time. I cant remember all the reaons (and much is probebly not known).

    I sadly dont have access to good references on this right now. Sorry.

    • I believe your view would change with a bit of open minded research. Historical evidence puts the writing of the New testament to within decades of Jesus’ lifetime. We have more historical documents backing this then other most other events in history taken as fact with no question such as say, the invasion of Italy by Hannibal.

      • current evidence points to the earliest bits of the Gospels being written 80-100 years after the estimated time of Jesus’ life.

  19. Box office battle

    1. ride along
    2. Lone survivor
    3 . The nut job
    4 jack Ryan shadow recruit
    5.I , Frankenstein
    10 the wolf of Wall Street

  20. Guys…

    Really enjoy the podcasts. It’s like talking with a group of fellow geeks for a couple of hours on long drives. But please…Kofi, stop EATING while you’re talking. You’ve got a nails on the chalk board voice to begin with, that’s exacerbated by a poor audio feed. Get a decent headset. Or add some bass. And I enjoy you’re writing for the most part but you’re oral skills could use some coaching. Count how many times you use “like” in a single sentence. And your insight is often distilled down to comments such as “F*** that f****** sh**.”


    So c’mon…at least lay off the Egg McMuffins while you are “broadcasting!” Geez! I want to throw you out of my car!

    I can’t take you seriously. “Man of (munch!) Schmeel is (mar-marg-marf)the funkling (urp!) smitch!!”

    • The man’s got to eat you know.

      Seriously, perhaps they (or at least Kofi) are busy enough that they don’t have much time and have to multitask?

      • Who doesn’t multi-task these days? I eat in my office all the time. When a call comes in, I swallow before answering the phone and don’t take another bite until the call is over. It’s not that hard.

        And it’s one thing if he takes a bite and someone asks him a question. But he eats during his own segment! Gross.

        If you want to be taken seriously as a journalist/broadcaster…try a little more professionalism.

        End of rant.

    • hahaha

      Yeah, I’ve had all these same thoughts while listening to various episodes. The eating while talking, on an audio-only production, where it’s going right into people’s ears…very baffling to me. Obvious Podcast Rule #1.

      I’ve always taken issue with people who overuse phrases like “yeah…you know….it’s like….whatever….I dunno” which are all words he uses a lot, but it’s hard to change how you talk…not so hard to not eat during a recording.

      but I don’t want to rag on kofi. I love his writing and what he brings to the podcast.

  21. #1 Ride Along
    #2 I, Frankenstein
    #3 Lone Survivor
    #4 Frozen
    #5 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
    #10 Her

  22. I am shocked that only 1 of you guys have seen the DR.Strange animated movie. I have the the six movie marvel set with Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2 Hulk vs,Dr Strange, Ironman, and next Avengers.

    Of course this was back when Marvel made good to decent animation. Now it all kind of sucks. Except Avengers EMH. But all the other stuff sucks.

    The Dr.Strange movie is good I didn’t even like Dr. Strange till I saw this movie. I’m looking forward to seeing a live action movie about him as long as the do it like the animated movie.

  23. 1. Ride Along
    2. Lone Survivor
    3. I, Frankenstein
    4. The Nut Job
    5. Frozen
    10. Devil’s Due

  24. Ben, Rob, and Anthony,

    Please put Kofi under suicide watch. Anyone willing to kill themselves over an Academy Award should be under close supervision.

    • Busted, Mr. Weinstein. I get what you’re saying. 😉

      (Guys, it’s time to stop talking about Mr. Weinstein on the podcast.)

      “suicide watch” – got it.

      • hahahahaha…so we have an understanding then 😉

        (winky emoji indicates that I am joking, but I feel as if I should clarify that I am not a Weinstein and have nothing to do with the creation of this podcast or the statements made within it. I have no opinion on the Weinstein brothers or any of their work…except that it is fantastic. I am not being forced to say that. Please do not “cut” me.)

  25. Kofi I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your description of characters. It was surprisingly deep and I feel like you would be a fun guy to take some classes from!

  26. I just noticed the Kevin Hart image behind Chris Pine in the graphic. Very nice.

  27. Is there something wrong with Kofi’s audio, or is he always clacking around with a throat lozenge? He talks like he’s sucking on a lemon Halls.

  28. I found ScreenRant Underground podcast about two months ago and I really liked it. I have my own podcast and website (don’t bother to listen unless you understand portuguese!) and the information you discuss is really interesting, so I will be coming here to get the podcasts to my cel phone and make my time at the gym more enjoyable :-)
    I would like to ask one thing, though: I noticed that most of podcasts made in USA have just people talking and almost no soundtrack, while the ones I listen here in Brazil always have some low soundtrack during discussions and they tend to have moments like a “breath” during the talks… is there any reason for that or is it just something “cultural”? Would you consider adding some music to Screen Rant? (I’m not complaining, just trying to understand).