The Oscars: 85th Academy Award Nominations

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85th academy awards The Oscars: 85th Academy Award Nominations

Soon-to-be 85th Academy Awards ceremony host (and Family Guy creator) Seth MacFarlane and actress Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man) revealed the nominations for this year’s Oscars at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills this morning.

The Academy Awards for outstanding achievements in film during 2012 will air on ABC on Sunday, February 24th 2013 and be televised around the globe. Scroll on down for both our breakdown of the nominations and the full list.

Director Michael Haneke’s foreign-language drama Amour and Benh Zeitlin’s indie darling Beasts of the Southern Wild are surprise Best Picture contenders; while the pair have been showered with critical praise, there’s been little to no major Oscar buzz for either in recent months (compared to fellow nominees Argo, Lincoln, etc.). Similarly, Haneke and Zeitlin’s directing recognition means favored contenders like Ben Affleck, Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hooper and Quentin Tarantino (all of which have films up for the top prize) aren’t in the running.

Then again, Hooper’s controversial approach to filming Les Misérables (read our review) probably accounts for his exclusion. Similarly, Django Unchained has been very well-received by moviegoers, but there’s been some debate about whether or not it truly represents Tarantino’s finest hour; or, rather, his finest 2 hours and 45 minutes (see: the SR Underground Podcast discussion of that topic).

Lincoln 2012 Review starring Daniel Day Lewis Tomy Lee Jones and Sally Field The Oscars: 85th Academy Award Nominations

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ landed multiple nominations

Some other things worth noting:

  • Wes Anderson’s acclaimed Moonrise Kingdom (read our review) landed a Best Original Screenplay nod, but was otherwise ignored by the Academy.
  • Young Quvenzhané Wallis was recognized for her Beasts performance as Hushpuppy, one of our Most Memorable Movie Characters of 2012.
  • Helen Hunt was nominated for her strong performance in The Sessions (read our review), but costar John Hawkes didn’t make the cut in the competitive Best Actor category.
  • No Best Director nod for Paul Thomas Anderson on The Master, but cast members Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams are all in contention for awards.
  • No Best Picture nods for blockbusters Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises. In fact, Christopher Nolan’s much-debated Batman trilogy finale was even shut out in the technical categories, despite Warner Bros.’ campaign.

Overall, though, the nominations are in line with expectations, as titles like Lincoln, Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook are all poised to walk away with an award or two (or maybe a lot more than that). Kind of boring and predictable, truth be told, but that’s the Academy for you.

Which choices do you agree/disagree with? What films do you felt were unfairly snubbed (or over-recognized)? Let us know in the comments section.


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  1. Reminder: Both ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ were nominated for at least one of the categories.

    That they would snub Christopher Nolan and his crowning achievement- “The Dark Knight Rises”- is absurd.


    • well considering “The Dark Knight Rises” was the lame duck of the trilogy. I agree he shouldve been nominated for both Inception and Dark Knight, but he’ll probably have better luck with his next film

      • Yeah I’m not too surprised TDKR didn’t get nominated for Best Pic; it just wasn’t really Best Pic material. TDK deserved a win on that one. Just because it’s the last, ‘epic’ end to the trilogy doesn’t mean it should be nominated for the sake of it. Sure, Return of the King had that going for it, but that was also overall a better movie in many respects.

    • Stop whining over The Dark Knight Rises, it wasn’t anything special. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were far superior, and weren’t filled with plot holes.

      • Yes they were, 1. A machine that vaporizes water…. But does affect humans even though we are mostly water? 2. How could the Joker actually been able to plan on Dent going insane when he’s (to the Joker’s knowledge) been completely level headed? his transformation is completly out of character. 3. Every phone can be turned into sonar? Bullcrap. 4. Why did they blame Batman for Dent’s murder? Rather than, you know, the Joker who has been murdering peole left and right? 5. So Wayne Enterprises developed the Tumbler as a “bridging” vehicle? How often does the Army need a vehicle that can build a cable bridge with a rocket booster? 6. The Bat-Pod? That’s the ejection system they come up with??
        Begins and Dark Knight weren’t perfect. I don’t get why suddenly now people are trying to tear Nolan’s Batman a new one. You seem capable of willfully ignoring the things Iisted and other plot holes I’ve omitted, but BATMAN healing to quickly from a back injury and Bruce Wayne, billionaire ninja with a fighter jet heictopter thing, needs t o have a shot for shot explination of he he got to Gotnam. Haters gonna hate.

        • I don’t think most of what you mentioned were holes in the plot. And besides, the people who didn’t like TDKR and says it’s filled with plot holes, are just people who didn’t really like it, but instead of saying it, they just blame it on the plot holes. Which you can argue is there, if you need a movie that explains every single little detail, even though you can pretty much guess how it happened. I on the other hand, don’t bother to argue how Batman got from point A to B and how he managed to get a razor to shave while he was traveling from point A to B. I’m sure they could have had a quick 2 minute montage of it, but it’s something I don’t think is necessary.

        • Spot on with everything you say, and I can give you a very good reason why people overlook the plot holes in the first two movies but not the third– the verdict was in on TDKR before it was even released. People WANTED to dislike this movie because they had already decided that nothing could top the Joker.

          The only thing people love more than a monumental success is a monumental failure.

          • Even on its own merits TDKR was a disappointment. It just seemed as if Nolan didn’t put as much work into the third film as he did with the first two. BB and TDK are hardly perfect movies, but he just missed the mark with TDKR. Again, this is merely my opinion. Some people loved the film, but it was a disappointment for me.

            • No one can change your gut visceral reaction to a movie, and I wouldn’t expect to here. But I maintain that nearly everyone who is a fan of BB and TDK and claims to be “let down” by TDKR suffers from the syndrome I described above. All three movies are just too on-par in quality for there to be any other explanation.

        • just a note, it’s common to say the batman begins thing is a plot hole, but you forget, the machine only affects people who have drank the other compound, the one the inmates at arkham were pouring into the water. It doesn’t just evaporate all water, that would be stupid. And while Dent going crazy is a stretch, the joker was at the scene when dent kidnapped one of the joker’s men and went a little crazy, not unlikely the joker might of seen this and formed a new extension of his plan… everyone gives credit to Batman doing cool things cause he’s Batman, but i always thought that one of the great things of the joker as a villain is that he can seemingly plan the impossible and make it happen, kinda how he always did it in the comics. And by blaming Batman, not Dent, the Dent Act would allow criminals to stay locked up and have gotham stay peaceful, the Batman was already a villain in the eyes of the police, and the joker wasn’t at the scene of the crime where Gordon’s family was kidnapped as well. If they were to simply blame the Joker, evidence would be needed, but to say the Batman was just spotted at the scene of the crime which can be corroborated by every cop that chased him, is easier to cover up than planting evidence and risk setting an already obviously guilty man free on account of police misconduct, which is an old Batman comic storyline I think… to me the biggest plot hole was in DARK KNIGHT when Batman jumps of the building to save Not-Katie-Holmes and leaves the Joker alone in the room with a ton of innocent people, then cut to the next day… obviously nothing important to the plot happened, but due to editing it makes it kinda funny… but all jokes aside, this is the best batman story in the movies we will get for some time, flaws and all!

          • and also, if you are calling the cellphone thing from DARK KNIGHT a plot hole just because the technology doesn’t exist, that doesn’t equate to a plot hole. Using that logic, all fake future movie technology could equate as a plot hole. That’s like saying James Bond’s car is a plot hole. Don’t just throw around that word, you make it loose meaning that way.

            • ‘lose’ not ‘loose’ oops

        • The biggest plot hole is a man dressing up as a bat. Just makes absolutely no sense. ;-)

          • “A man who dresses up as a bat clearly has issues”

    • I enjoyed TDKR but I wouldn’t say it’s his “crowning achievement”. By my count, it’s only his 6th best film. Curious to hear how others would rank his films…

      1. Inception
      2. Dark Knight
      3. Memento
      4. Batman Begins
      5. The Presige
      6. TDKR
      7. Insomnia

      • 1. The Dark Knight Rises
        2. The Prestige
        3. Batman Begins
        4. The Dark Knight
        5. Memento
        6. Inception
        7. Insomnia

      • Hmm…I don’t know, I wouldn’t rank Inception as the top of the list. Memento and TDK were far superior to it.

        • Yeah, I could see that. I think I’m giving Inception bonus points because it just seems “harder” to direct and is on such a large scale. That of course doesn’t make it a better movie. But, hey, these things aren’t an exact science.

          • Ah, fair play.

      • what about following? Where’s that on your list? That movie kicked ass!!!!

        • oh yeah his directorial debut! not many know about that one.. I’ve been trying to get my hands on it for awhile.. haven’t seen it yet. I love how this comment thread instantly turned to a TDKR/nolan discussion haha

          • Yeah, it’s like these kids never bothered to look up an IMDB page or something. It’s a great flick, got it on vhs when our local hollywood video bit the dust… back when I could still used video games made before Playstation 2 at a gamestop… or did they used to call it FUNCOLAND!

            • when i could still BUY used video games… god damn it, these type of errors really take away from the quality of my intended statement. ‘Proof read’, my teachers said. ‘f*** you’, I said back.

        • Been meaning to check that one out.

  2. Ang Lee, Joaquin Phoenix, Christoph Waltz, Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman, Jackie Weaver, Naomi Watts, Amy Adams, and Quvenzhané Wallis I was extremely pleased to see nominated here. I’m glad Life of Pi stacked up a shipload of nominations. But Kathryn Bigelow, Ben Afflect, and Quentin Tarantino were screwed. I’m surprised The Dark Knight Rises didn’t grab a nomination for anything, though not exactly sad as I thought it was a flawed.

  3. Really shocked that DiCaprio didn’t get a Best Supporting nomination. The scene when he cut his hand on glass and just kept going was incredible.

    I’m not entirely surprised that TDKR didn’t get any “prestige” nominations like Best Picture or Best Director, but to see it be shut out entirely is head scratching. It doesn’t get nominated for any technical categories? Not even visual effects? Very bizarre.

    And I love how there’s nine Best Picture noms again. They can’t just make it an even ten? Really, would it kill them to make TDKR or Skyfall the token blockbuster just for fun? The AFI names the ten best films of the year, so why not Oscar?

    • How to have a good Academy Awards show: exclusive ad space for film studios to promote their summer movies. Premier a Pacific Rim trailer or Wolverine Trailer instead of 2 dozen car commercials.

      They would make more money, please the audience, and cut down on commercial time giving them a tighter telecast

      • sorry, that wasnt ment to be a reply to your comment, just thinking out loud

    • Exactly. They were totally shut out, and that baffles me.

  4. Glad to see “Beasts of the Southern Wild” get the recognition. But i wouldve also liked to have seen Dwight Henry get a supporting actors nomination. And Judi Dench over Jackie Weaving for supporting actress

  5. What are Hollywood trying to tell PTA here? How can the three main players be nominated but the director is not? Did the actors direct themselves? I may sound a little paranoid and maybe they just didn’t like the film itself, but this is coming across as almost purposeful…

    Anyways, I adore ‘Amour’, so it is very pleasing to see it get so much recognition. Hopefully, Haneke wins and goes on a 5 minute rant dissecting the celebrity culture of award ceremonies, maybe even introducing a short movie that is nothing more than a silent frame of a camera looking out at the audience.

  6. I call Lincoln for Best Picture, and it’s a tie between Brave and Wreck-it Ralph for Best Animated Feature. I would love Christoph Waltz to win Best Supporting Actor again, but I think Tommy Lee Jones might get it this year.

    • wreck it ralph for me. brave was better animation from a technical sstandpoint. but in terms of characters, story, and the movie as a whole ralph wins in spades for me. I think lincoln is going to win everything this year. I still have yet to see it haha but everything I hear is positive.. Maybe this weekend I’ll check it out.

  7. The Imposter gets no nomination for Best Documentary?? Come on, it was one of the best documentaries in years, 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, universally critically acclaimed and highly praised at Sundance, it deserved atleast a nomination, Oh well, atleast the BAFA’S nominated it

  8. Wow the academy always overlooked Dicaprio, I think he is a wonderful actor and deserved to win or at least a nom… TDKR is no surprise that didnt get a nom

  9. Chris Nolan is again snubbed by the Academy… while the rest of the world praises his Dark Knight trilogy… no wonder no one finds the Academy Awards credible anymore.

  10. While it is a good set of films, I was really hoping theyd put a blockbuster in there, I mean Skyfall and TDKR are getting so much love everywhere else but not here. But its the oscars so who gives a crap, makes me think that ecpanding the numbet of nominees isnt doing what people thought it should be doing

    • I enjoyed TDKR but it definitely wasn’t Oscar worthy. I would have enjoyed seeing Skyfall get a nomination though.

      • I agree! TDKR was great but I enjoyed Skyfall more. I liked the villain, the development of bond as a character, how they used M in the movie, the music, the action, it was exceptionally written. I loved it. I hope Adele wins original song too that was the best bond song I’d heard in a while

        • I can see some of these for Best motion picture of the year:

          “Amour”- A great movie. I agree with this one
          “Argo” Great movie, also agree
          “Beasts of the Southern Wild” Agree
          “Django Unchained” A good movie but is it best picture of the year worthy? Don’t really agree
          “Les Misérables” One of the top movies behind Lincoln. Agree with this
          “Life of Pi” The visuals alone should make this a top movie
          “Lincoln” Best movie of the year and should win hands down
          “Silver Linings Playbook” The movie was just eh. It’s not one of those movies I would watch again and again.
          “Zero Dark Thirty” Great movie. I would say this as the 3rd best movie of the year

          I was surprised they didn’t include Skyfall. I think it’s far superior than the likes of Django Unchained. Also the Impossible isn’t on the list. That is a powerful movie and better IMO than Silver Linings Playbook. TDKR was also left out but it wasn’t the best movie of the trilogy so I can understand why it was left out.

          • “Skyfall” has it’s own group thats entirely different to “Django Unchained”. I think they were both marvelous films, but are hardly similar in any way at all.

            That being said, I do agree “Skyfall” should’ve gotten at least a nomination for Best Picture

          • I gotcha man (JaredDAC).. I almost think (and this sentiment is hardly impartial as I haven’t seen Django yet) that they’re just nominating it to nominate it. You know what I mean? like a few years back when they nominated Up and Avatar, they weren’t going to win. Django could just be in there as a filler nomination.

            But yeah Sam Mendes even said (I think it was in an article on SR) that he was going for oscarworthy stuff with Skyfall. In my opinion he totally nailed it. If the committee or whatever doesn’t want to acknowledge that though that’s cool.

            • Jesus stfu if you haven’t seen the movie then. you have noclue what you’re talking about.

  11. If Prometheus doesn’t win visual affects, I call BS on the whole thing.

    • idk man theres hobbit and avengers to think about. both had a TON of CG work that looked pretty exceptional. and the LOTR trilogy won visual effects oscars 3 years in a row.

  12. No DiCaprio? Seriously? I’m not sure who he pissed off in the Academy but someone has it out for him. He turned in arguably his best performance to date and receives no praise from those ignoramuses. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t nominate his character because he dropped so many n-bombs. Political garbage.

    • I agree. Absolutely terrible that he hasn’t received an Oscar yet. It’s long overdue.

  13. I know a lot of people complain about these awards already, but I just want to add to the list of complaints.

    These awards are a complete and utter joke imo because they are not representative of the population’s opinion as a whole, but rather just small population of snide and pretentious aristocrats that have a very poor taste in films.

    Look, TDKR was not as good as TDK, I get that. But you snubbed Nolan with Inception, TDR, and now you wont even give him a nod for TDKR, totally ridiculous. The EPIC Batman trilogy got no recognition at these idiotic awards.

    Also, Avengers not in the running for Best Picture? Give me a break. What was accomplished with the end result of that film was groundbreaking and will change the way movies are made in years to come.

    Also, best director Benh Zeitlin for Beasts of the Southern Wild? Are you freaking kidding me?
    Where the hell is Affleck? He deserves to be here for best director. As does Nolan and most definitely Whedon. Whedon managed to put all the pieces together from different movies and create one great big culmination of a superhero flick. The movie was mint, nearly flawless in every way and none of these snobs seems to care.

    I have not watched these awards for years now and I hope that audience for them will begin to die out so that these ridiculous awards can be nixed from society

    • Being “epic” has nothing to do with the overall quality of a film. I’m glad both weren’t nominated for Best Picture because all in all, they’re good but not great films. They aren’t going by the entire freakin reputation for one movie, thats even stupider than what you consider to be ridiculous. Avengers is FAR from flawless, as is TDKR.

      • Couldn’t disagree with you more and I don’t think that any of my comments were “stupid” as they were just my opinion, and an opinion that I am sure a massive amount of people would agree with. Perhaps your one of the judges for the Academy…..

        • I may not be a professional film expert, but I can at least determine the overall fair quality of a film instead of favoritism for a movie that people were praising before it was even released because they just know it’s going to be perfect and thats all they have to say about it.

          I disagree with a ton of these nominations, but I disagree with your reasoning because a lot of it does not apply to the fact that none of us work for Hollywood, but we can at least sit down and think it over fairly before jumping to conclusions.

          Im by no means saying TDKR and Avengers are terrible films because they aren’t. But I don’t see any solid reasons why they would be considered for a Best Picture Oscar.

          • Its another film snob! if I have to read another comment about how being epic doesnt mean its a good movie, im going to lose it. I mean the Avengers makes billions of dollars and that should count for something as well as being loved all over. Now if someone said Put Amazing Spiderman in there id disagree. Theres this misguided notion that comic book movies cannot tell deep engaging stories and I belive that is false and I thik the genre needs more recognition as it has steadily improved. And as usual innovative film makers like Rain Johnson are snubbed here. This show is just for the “Tour De Force!” crowd. I enjoy movie reviews just like the next person but id much rather prefer to sit back and enjoy the film rather than critique it up one way and down the other. I am happy to see Django up there

  14. Most of those films I’ve never even heard of except for Lincoln, Django & Argo.

  15. Yep…. Skipping this year’s ceremony…

  16. Wow no TDKR for anything? At the very least it should of got nominated for best score. Hans Zimmer is in my ipod like crazy. Good music smh

    • I have the TDKR soundtrack in my ipod as well as other superb soundtracks. (hans zimmer is a fave of mine) but if you remember howard shore won an oscar for best original score for fellowship in 2002 but then didn’t get nominated for two towers or ROTK because theres this wierd rule about sequels not being eligible or something. However, Zimmer wasn’t even nominated for Batman Begins so the comparison isn’t completely similar. I think it kinda explains the reasoning though.

  17. hah for the first time in a long while I’ve seen most of the nominated films :)

  18. Javier Bardem should’ve been nominated for Best Supporting Actor

    • Absolutely

    • I was gonna say that.

  19. How Kathryn Bigelow and Ben affleck both not get a nod for Best Director? Zero Dark Thirty and Argo were considered to be favorites for the Best Picture race.

    Do you think they still have a shot at Best Picture? You have to go back to 1979 (Driving Miss Daisy) since a movie won Best Picture without winning Best Director.

    • Actually you wouldn’t have to go that far back…in 2005, Ang Lee won Best Director for Brokeback Mountain while Crash won Best Picture, and again in 2002 with Roman Polanski for The Pianist and Chicage for Best Picture, and even again in 2000 with Steven Soderbergh for Traffic and Gladiator for Best Picture…so it does happen every so often. Maybe this year will be one of those years.

      • Sorry I meant to say that it has been since 1979 since a film has won Best Picture without getting a Best Director nod

  20. If TDKR should have gotten any nomination, it should have been for Hans Zimmer’s score. I honestly feel like the Oscars will shun anything mainstream just to show the general public how “mature” and “sophisticated” they are, even though it just makes them look pretentious.
    I, for one, won’t be watching this year. Good luck to Django and Argo.

    • Another commenter expressed the same concern… Heres what I wrote

      I have the TDKR soundtrack in my ipod as well as other superb soundtracks. (hans zimmer is a fave of mine) but if you remember howard shore won an oscar for best original score for fellowship in 2002 but then didn’t get nominated for two towers or ROTK because theres this wierd rule about sequels not being eligible or something. However, Zimmer wasn’t even nominated for Batman Begins so the comparison isn’t completely similar. I think it kinda explains the reasoning though.

      • Yes, that might be it. It’s a shame Hans didn’t receive an Oscar for the amount of work he put into the trilogy.
        I have the soundtrack on my iPod too. Listening to it makes everything dramatic.

        • Has Hans Zimmer ever won an oscar or been nominated? He more than deserves it. I love the music for pirates, the theme for sherlock holmes, the batman trilogy, inception, he actually orchestrated the music for the lion king too! I learned that on imdb the other day.. Cuz elton john wrote the stuff but he has no idea when it comes to orchestration, that genious came from hans zimmer :)

          • I think he won an Oscar for The Lion King (I didn’t know that until recently, either) but apart from that, he hasn’t had one for any other films. He’s such a talented musician, though.

            • I’m pretty sure he won for Gladiator too.

              • good to know! yeah I just verified it.. If we trust wikipedia he won for lion king and was nominated for gladiator but lost to crouching tiger hidden dragon, that also a great score.

                • Fair play, The Lion King is an amazing soundtrack. Shame he didn’t win for Gladiator, though. Bad movie, good music.

  21. I could have sworn when I looked at the nominations before Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Django, I was pleased to see both him and Christopher Waltz. I mean he was amazing in his role and I would love to see him win for his role, I think he deserves at least a nomination for it. *sighs*

  22. It’s a shame that LiberalWood wouldn’t recognize 2016: Obama’s America in the nominations for Best Documentary.
    Nevermind that it was the 2nd highest grossing political documentary in 30 years.
    It broke the mold by focusing on something seldom-seen in Hollywood of this generation – a Conservative film.

    In a land where leftist movies get the spotlight:
    An Inconvinient Truth
    Fahrenheit 9/11
    Capitalism: A Love Story

    it was nice to see something with a different focus.

    Typical of the Academy…

    • totally agree about 2016. Or would that not be politically correct to nominate it?

  23. im glad the hobbit got a few nominations

    • I think it should win best visual effects just for the riddles in the dark sequence haha.. that scene was so great!!

  24. ok I totally knew that I need to see Argo, Lincoln, and Zero Dark Thirty but apparently I need to see Beasts of the Southern Wild too.. Adding it to my list…

  25. I also feel an Oscar for Daniel Craig’s performance as James Bond has been long overdue. I don’t think a lot of people realize how committed he is to making the role as close to a modern Ian Fleming 007 as possible.

  26. Yeah, the Academy snubbed movies like TDKR and Skyfall (especially the latter) and threw in a bunch of nominations for things that either aren’t out here yet or have come from nowhere with nobody hearing of these movies before so I’m gonna snub the ceremony.

    Total BS.

    The only Best Picture nomination I agree with is Life Of Pi and despite the hype for Lincoln, I still think Zero Dark Thirty will win.

    • I honestly don’t believe there was much of anything to TDKR for it to be Best Picture. And it has nothing to do with expectation standards. It just has too many obvious flaws that dissapoint many for it to be considered praise worthy of an Oscar, espescially an Oscar for Best Picture

      • Hey, if Avatar can win an Oscar, TDKR can.

  27. I am almost honoured to say that I have seen almost none of the nominees; movie entries that I have, generally, been uninterested in. The selections of the AMPAS are increasingly missing the focus of what interests me — which, I suppose, is why I almost always ignore their television broadcasts now.

  28. Affleck is getting the shaft. I’m pulling for Argo to win Best Picture, but boy, that’s a longshot. But nothing in the Best Director or Best Lead Actor categories? A shame.

  29. Those are the best motion pictures of the year? Really?